WetwORCs have managed to catch up a bit, but luck still isn't on their side. Will Spamalot be able to maintain their lead in the second half of the match? 

Stay tuned to find out: same Smash time, same Smash channel.


  1. The Minstrel appears in location 1, ready to sing! once more.

  2. Standard Action: Blunder vs. Urk
    +6 vs. Will
    Hit: 1d6+5 damage, Lancelot gets a MBA against him with a +2 bonus, and then slide him to H6.

    Move Action: (if Urk has fallen) fly to H5, (if Urk has not fallen) fly to H3

    1. The Minstrel returns, hoping to trip up the wise Orc and send him off the ledge. Urk disbelieves in his alleged clumsiness, though, and holds his ground.


      Blunder: 6+(8)=14 Will 15. So close.

      Minstrel goes to H3, and Teddy-Sin reappears in location 2.

  3. As Teddy respawns, a loud "GGGOOONNNNGGGG" sound follows. The Minstrel and Sir Snoreslot soon see Teddy overhead, the steel of his orcish blades flying towards their pink fleshy throats.

    Move to G10
    Charge to G4 (provoking OA from Sir Lancelot) and attack The Minstrel using Ninja-To Rush:
    +11 vs AC, 1d6+10 +1d8 from attack finesse and +1d6 furious assault if necessary and assassin's trike (+1d10 damage) if really necessary.

    Free Action (as per ninja): Stow Short Sword, Draw Kusari-gama.

    Action Point:
    Attack Sir Lancelot with Whirling Kusari-gama:
    Primary attack +10 vs Reflex, 10 damage on a hit and Lancelot falls prone.
    Secondary attack: +10 vs AC, 1d8+5 damage on a hit and add Asn strike if not used prior.

    1. Teddy flies murderously at The Minstrel, clearing Lancelot's head by a hair. Lancelot stops him with his giant hammer, and throws him away from his friend.


      OA: 6+(12)=18 vs AC 18! Lancelot deals (6)+(2 rerolled to 5)+6=17 damage. Teddy is bloodied at 7 damage, and Lancelot may push him 2 squares (Teddy is in G5). As he is flying already, the push can happen in any direction (see "Forced Movement: Two-Dimensional").

      Lancelot please declare the push, and Teddy please revise the rest of your turn.

  4. Lancelot the pious pushes the stuffed animal to E2.

  5. You stopped his movement in G5 so E2 won't work.

  6. E6 will be the target square then.

    1. Grumble grumble grumble...an orc brother can't catch a break on a Japanese game board, can he?

      Then, I will still spend the AP, but beforehand, instead of switching out for the kusari-gama, Teddy draws three poisonous shurikens and sends them flying towards the Minstrel and Lancelot...and for fun's sake, the unconscious rabbit as well.

      +8 vs AC on all, 1d4+1d8 (attack finesse..applies to each attack)+(3d8+5 poison damage)+ 5 ongoing acid damage. Apply furious assault and assassins strike as necessary.

      Class feature allows me to allow the poison to both attack ;)

    2. OOC: Teddy would have taken 2 extra damage from the Dirge of the Damned. Also, poison works as a secondary attack after the primary attack hits and does damage, and is Dex vs Reflex.

      Teddy-the Animal-Sin draws back and lets fly at the three enemies below him.

      Tech, in the order listed above:

      vs Minstrel: 8+(16)=24 vs AC 16. He takes (2)+(5)+(1 FA)+(7 AS)=15
      Poison: 3+(12)= 15 vs 12 Ref for (7)+(1)+(6)+3=17 poison damage and ongoing 5. Minstrel drops to -6 and falls unconscious where he stands, but not before dealing Teddy 10 thunder damage from SHV leaving him at -5. His attacks happen simultaneously, though.

      vs Lancelot: 8+(11)=19 vs AC 16. He takes (3)+(8)=11 damage.
      Poison: 3+(9)=12 vs Ref 14 is a miss, but still deals 17/2=8 poison damage and 5 ongoing. Lancelot is at bloodied at 9hp.

      vs Rabbit: 8-2 (long range)+5=11 vs AC 15-5 unconscious=10. Rabbit is hit for (4)+(8)=12 (Ghetto Crit!), leaving his poisoned corpse dead at -13.

      So close to a Killing Spree, but both Furious Assault and Assassin's Strike were needed to bring down Minstrel.

      Teddy-Sin then drops unconscious and falls out of the sky, taking 19 damage and killing himself.

      Gaarish starts his turn, less defensible than before but with a giant hammer in his square.

      Map updated.

  7. Sent the DM an e-mail for a ruling before may action. I'll post the move once I get a response.

  8. Gaarish stands around, picking her nose.

    Standard - Total Defense
    Minor - Pick up the hammer.

    Gaarish is now *dazed* and can't fly.

    Goddamn "dazed".

    1. OOC: Sorry guys, I was on the road a lot this weekend.

      Fortress Gaarish digs in for the long haul.

      Ugarth spawns in location 1.

  9. Ugarth appears in a mist of gore and stares down at the burly knight below him.

    "heh, silly knight. think he can hide from Ugarth. Ugarth is very perceptive."

    With a sadistic smile and a chuckle of violent glee, Ugarth drops rapidly. Axe first.


    move action: fly to G4

    standard action: Escalating Violence against Lancelot, +9 vs. AC, 2d12 (brutal 2) + 10 damage and if I take any damage before the start of my next turn, I gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls of my next attack.

    1. Ugarth reappears, takes a look around and thinks that it's just not violent enough around here.


      Escalating Violence: 9+(8)=17 vs AC is a hit! Lancelot takes (6)+(2 rerolled to 8)+10=24 damage, leaving him at -15 for the gib!

      Ugarth falls into the now vacant square beside the unconscious Minstrel.

      The Rabbit returns to the fray in location 1.

      Map updated.

  10. Oh, crap ninjaing this.

    Minor: aspect of charging ram.
    Standard: charge to G4 and hit Urgth. Duel attack and power strike.

    Numbers in a minute.

    1. Charge would be +11 vs. AC w/ damage 1d8+5+2(charging ram)+1d8(power strike). On a hit, dual weapon attack +9 vs. AC w/ damage 1d6+5

    2. Ninja-indeed! 2 minutes to spare!

    3. The Rabbit just can't get enough of Ugarth's face...


      MBA: 11+(18)= a definite hit. Ugarth takes (3)+5+5(DFA)+2(Charging Ram)+(1)(Power Strike)=16 damage, and is pushed straight down as The Rabbit is wont to do.

      Dual Weapon Attack: 9+(18 again)=27. Ugarth takes another (2)+10= 12 damage, leaving him at -4. There no legal push, so The Rabbit falls in his square harmlessly, and Lancelot reappears in the ever-popular location 1.

      Map updates to come later, after I get some actual work done ;)

  11. Lancelot shows up in the space provided for his return, looks at Urk and knocks his hammer on his armour and charges him swinging his huge weapon over his head to strike at him.

    Minor - Hunter's Quarry Urk
    Standard - Precise Assault (move to G4)(+8 vs Ac, 4d6+6 (brutal 1 weapon) +1d6 Hunter's quarry)
    Move - Shift into Urk's square if he perishes or if he does not I will shift and stand over the fallen minstrel H3.

    1. OOC: Sorry I neglected the map update. I'll get it in the morning.

      Lancelot drops down and rips into the Orc who brought a rod to a giant hammer fight.


      Precise Assault: 8+(17)=25 vs AC 16. Urk is smashed for (3)+(2)+(1 rerolled to 5)+(1 rerolled to 3)+6+5(DFA)+4(HQ)=28 damage, leaving him at -3 hp. He is then pushed to L10 and takes a massive 18 falling damage for the gib.

      Lancelot lands in Urk's former space, and Sir Robin returns in location 1. That platform is getting a bit tight with two conscious and two unconscious creatures piled on it. Score 7 to 9 Spamalot.

  12. Looking at the body strewn battle field and his companions for the most part up, Robin says, "Well it looks like you have everything covered. I'll go and make sure that no one comes from that way," as he gestures as far away as he can (and possibly in the 12th dimension as well).

    Move: move the Whirlwind so that center is at F6.
    Minor: sustain the Whirlwind and toss the broken body of Ugrath over to H2.
    Standard->minor: RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY (void assumption).

    1. "Sir Robin, was that you?"

      Robin clears away Ugarth's unconscious form, and widens the gap in scores before disappearing from existence.

      Urk returns in location 1.

      Map updated.

  13. Urk steps over the ledge and assaults the group. As he does, a mote of brilliant light appears to hover over the rabbit's head, reacting to their every mode.

    Minor: Summon Angel of Fire at G4 ... It's a summoned creature and has fly 6 (hover)
    Angel's opportunity attack, when applicable: +4 vs Reflex, 1d8 +4 fire damage

    Move: Move to G3

    Free: Shroud on Minstrel

    Standard: Visions of Blood against all 3 on the platform
    +4 vs Will, 1d6 +4 psychic damage and take -1 penalty to defenses until EoNT
    Will use Furious Assault (+1d8 damage) on Minstrel, Lancelot or Rabbit ... Whoever is hit first in that order.
    Will activate shroud on minstrel for +1d6 damage if I hit.

    Free: Drop to H3

    1. With a mighty conjure, Urk summons a fiery angel to buzz around Spamalot before overkilling the poor whipping boy.


      Visions of Blood

      vs Minstrel: 4+(14)=18 vs Will 17-5=12. Minstrel is hit for (3)+(8)+(2)+4=17 damage, finishing him off at -23.

      vs Lancelot: 4+(18)=22 vs 11. He takes (3)+4=7 damage (1 damage roll), leaving him at 21 hp.

      vs Rabbit: 4+(16)=20 vs 12. Rabbit is at 18 hp.

      Urk drops to the vacant square, and the Fire Angel is unable to deny the gravity of the situation. It falls on Rabbit who fails his save to shift (5). Both are prone and squeezing in H4.

      So ends Round 4.

      Round 5 is posted here: