Play--by-Post Match 10: Round 1 E7M1 Danger Room

The Justice League wins initiative!  

Wonder Woman appears at spawn point #1, wearing the Iron Arms bands of Cyttorak!  Diana has become the amazonian JUGGERNAUT!  
Longshot spawns at location #2, doesn't need any luck, and drops the Amazonian Juggernaut on the first date!
The Martian Manhunter spawns at location 2 next, rushing to Diana's aid...bringing her back from the brink of doom!
The Maniac Omega Red appears, clad in carbonadium; bringing nothing but pain to the Justice Leaguers...
Nightcrawler appears, the powers of Nathaniel Summers coursing through his veins...the uncontrolled power unleashing the legacy virus unto himself!
Batman appears under cloak of darkness at location 2, can he stop the tyrannical Omega Red
Superman, the man of steel, the RED SON, flies in to save the day!  
But just to complicate matters...Deadpool appears...the only man that can punch you in the back of the face!
Cannonball goes BOOM!  
To end the Round, Green Arrow fires away at Deadpool, who responds in kind...with a grenade of infernal wrath!  

The terrible master of this room reveals himself, and a Shi'ar Deathtrap appears, threatening Deadpool!  He always has to be the center of attention, doesn't he?

THUS ENDS THE FIRST ROUND OF MATCH 10!  eXiles 0, Justice League 2! 


  1. Wonder woman appears in the strange room, a sinister cackling greeting her from an yet unrevealed source. The room appears to have strange proportions, before she realizes she has doubled in size! Blood red bands wrap her wrist, and she immediately feels even stronger than her Amazonian self!

    OOC: you have drawn the juggernaut card: gain size large, resist all 10, vulnerable 15 psychic, and +5 to all melee damage rolls. Also gain the "I'm the juggernaut, bitch!" power.

  2. Wonder woman is an old hat at being randomly teleported to dangerous death rooms so she sidles up to a control panel and waits to see what happens next.

    Move: (Top Left Corner) from E5 to B7
    Standard: Total Defense

    1. Total defense taken!

      Longshot respawns at location 2, mullet in tack and worried, is this a new game of Mojo's?

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    3. Oh, and longshot appears with the POWERS OF MAGNETISM AT HIS COMMAND! , which gives him immunity to all attacks with the weapon keyword and the "master of magnetism" power.

  3. "Large Busty woman, me in my evening armor?, what sort of game is this Mojo?". Seeing as the lady isn't very friendly looking, longshot does what he does best....enjoy himself!

    Tech: hunters quarry on wonder woman,
    Move to D8
    Attack with aspect of might, +7 vs AC, 3d10+4+1d6 damage. I gain +2 speed and +2 to melee damage until the end of the encounter.

    Gotta crack that resist 10 all, almost as crazy as the magneto power, dude!

    1. The power of chance is with you, longshot!

      Tech: aspect of might = (20!)+7: CRITICAL HIT!
      34 base damage + (6)! From quarry! The juggernaut goes down! That's 40 damage vs 26 hp and resist 10! What a great start! Wonder woman at -4!!!!!!

      Martian Manhunter spawns at location 2 as well, Martian bone claws out and ready to go! He gains mutant healing and the "berserker barrage" power!!

  4. A green figure appears in the arena, and looks at the master of magnetism. "Well...this won't do much good" the martian shrugs, looking at the sword in his hand.

    J'onn steps over, and begins humming a low tune, bringing vitality back into Wonder Woman.

    Move: to C9
    Minor: Disruptive words, all enemies within my Skald's aura grant CA. This last til the end of the encounter.
    Minor: Use Skaldiness to heal Wonder Woman. Healing Surge + 1d6

    1. You also need a minor action to activate the skald's aura Jon...wanna re-think your actions?

    2. Character Creation has been revised to say: A dungeoneer with an At-Will stance or aura starts with one of each active at the start of combat, when initiative is rolled.

    3. While the text of Skald's Aura effectively makes it an at-will, the power is still marked as an encounter.

  5. I'll go ahead and hold off using the daily power so I can activate the skald aura. Also, Wonder Woman should be one square to the right (top left corner in B7).

    1. ok, now that things have been settled:
      Wonder woman is healed for 6 (surge value) +1d6 (3)= 9 hp. The Amazonian juggernaut is awake, but prone at 9 hp.

      The Maniac Omega Red appears at location 4, blasting laser beams from his eyes! He has drawn the cyclops x-gene card, his eye beams hit nothing but the left wall ( at J1), and he gains the "Red Team Leader" ability as well. Have at them comrade!

  6. So sorry J'onny boy

    Move: Shift to i9
    Standard: Charge the Manhunter (ending in D9) using Flesh Rend (+7 +1 for charge Vs. Ac, 1d10+8)
    Minor: Nothing

    *Action Point* Standard: Spirit Flay against the girl and green guy (+7 Vs. Ref, 1d10+8)

    1. Tech:
      Charge (20!)+8 = 28 vs AC 17 Critical hit for 18 damage! The Manhunter is bloodied at 5 hp!

      Action point:
      Spirit Flay vs WW: (11)+7+2 (CA from prone) = 20 vs Ref 17, hit!
      Damage: (10)+8-10=8 damage. WW is at 1 hp, ghetto crit ain't enough to stop the juggernaut!
      Spirit Flay vs WW: (13)+7 = 20 vs Ref 15, hit!
      Damage: (2)=8 = 10 damage, J'onn is down @ -5 hp!

      These dice are on fire!!!

      Based on the Cyclops x-gene card, one ally can make a basic melee attack when Omega Red spends an AP...but there is only one on the board, longshot! Trent, which one shall you swing at, WW or MM?

    2. I think I have a better shot to hit J'onn...with my measly +3 vs AC, 1d10 damage on a hit...

    3. Tech: (13)+3 = 16 vs AC 17-5 (unconscious) =12.....hit! 10 damage, the Manhunter is GIBBED!


      Night crawler spawns at location 3, with a sparkle in his eye and the powers of cable at his command. He gains the infrared sight ability and psionic apoptosis power!

  7. Nightcrawler teleports into the Danger Room and surveys his enemies before him. "Mein Gott, ze Justice League? I've never heard of you." Blade in hand, the demonic looking Nightcrawler moves swiftly towards his quarry, the gigantic Wonder Woman, and makes an attack only to immediately disappear after.


    *Move: Nightcrawler moves to d6

    *Standard: Nightcrawler uses Vanishing Blade against Wonder Woman (+7 vs AC, +9 vs AC with CA from Prone - Hit: 2d8+4 damage and Wonder Woman is marked until the end of my next turn - Miss: 1/2 Damage - Effect: Nightcrawler Teleports 5 squares and is invisible until the end of his next turn. Also, until the end of the Encounter whenever Nightcrawler hits an enemy with a melee attack he can teleport 3 squares after as a free action.

    *Teleport effect from Vanishing Blade (5 squares) to B6

    1. Tech:
      Vanishing Blade vs WW: (1!)+9= 10, miss and night crawler contracts the legacy virus! Five points of damage at the start of his turns until the end of the encounter. This cannot be reduced in anyway. Luckily, he is invisible, so no one can see the shame on his face as he teleports away!

      Damage: (2+6)+4= 12/2= 6 damage to WW, not enough to get past the resistance! WW stays at 1 hp!

      The Batman spawns at location 2, sporting a Cajun accent...good thing he is already a master thief, but he also gains the "first we charge da card..." power! Map update coming soon.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. No, it took. I can see it above. Here was the response the DM posted:

      DeuceDM May 10, 2012 1:23:00 PM

      Vanishing Blade vs WW: (1!)+9= 10, miss and night crawler contracts the legacy virus! Five points of damage at the start of his turns until the end of the encounter. This cannot be reduced in anyway. Luckily, he is invisible, so no one can see the shame on his face as he teleports away!

      Damage: (2+6)+4= 12/2= 6 damage to WW, not enough to get past the resistance! WW stays at 1 hp!

      The Batman spawns at location 2, sporting a Cajun accent...good thing he is already a master thief, but he also gains the "first we charge da card..." power! Map update coming soon.

  9. "I am da batman, mon cheri."


    Minor: Activate First we charge da Card...

    Standard: MBA vs Omega Red
    +10 (8 + flank) vs AC 16
    Hit: d8 + 2d6 (Sneak attack) + 17 dmg, and 5 force to all adjacent creatures (myself included).

    If Omega Red drops to zero:

    Move: Move to G14

    If Omega Red doesn't drop:

    Move: Unbalancing Trick
    Shift 2 squares to C12

    1. Tech: (3)+10 =13 vs AC 16...MISS!

      5 force damage to all adjacent. I'll have updated hp totals coming up soon. Sorry, had to work late tonight fellows.

      Batman shifts away in a dash.

      Superman appears at location 4, Taller than all others, a literal man of steel! He gains steel skin and the "fastball special" power. HE IS SUPER COLOSSUS!!!!

    2. My bad, no force splash damage on a miss...

  10. "I'll save you Diana!"


    Standard: Accelerating Strike to Omega Red(move to e9-e10 front); +8 due to CA vs AC, 2d12+4 dmg

    If miss by 4: use heroic effort

    Minor: Battlemind's Demand (use power point, target Omega Red and Longshot)
    ACTION POINT: Fastball Special on Longshot, +8 vs fort
    If hit: slide to d9, hitting omega red and pushing him to b11
    If fast ball special misses: shift to e8-e9
    If FB Spec. hits: shift to c10-c11

    1. Ok, lots of moving parts here! Literally!

      Accelerating strike: (11)+8= 19 vs AC 16...hit! (4+1)+4= 9 damage: Omega Red is at 14 hp!
      Battleminds deman: longshot and Omega Red are marked!

      AP: Fastball special vs longshot: (12)+8=20 vs Fort 12...hit! Longshot takes 15 damage, is at 12 hp! Everyone is pushed! Omega Red is down to 9 hp and bloodied!

  11. Deadpool appears at location 2, right in the thick of things! He is a DARK PHOENIX of sarcasm! How can this man die? He gains the Phoenix rising power and a whole lot of resistances..fire, necrotic, psychic 10.

  12. Fluff:
    Deadpool appears with what looks like 100 pounds of weapons and holding a card. “Hey look I’m card carrying member of the X-men. I am…” Deadpool scribbles on the card, “Firefox, with the power to be an alternative to Explorer.”

    “Hi there Superfreak. I hear that you are fast. Have you ever played double-dutch with katanas?” Deadpool draws his katanas and start spinning them. “I call this rhyme ‘Majestic Halo’.
    Hitting Superman with a plus eight attack,
    Verses the armor on Superman’s back,
    How much damage does it do?
    One d eight plus one d eight plus one d eight plus five,
    On a miss by two the damage I must divide.
    Start by me until this encounter comes to pass,
    And I’ll stick a divine sanctum up your …
    What’s the ESRB rating on this game?”

    Deadpool slaps a stim pac on Longshot back. “Hey Luck Boy, there’s no crying in deathmatch. Get your head back in the game.”

    “Hey Justice League,” Deadpool shouts attacking Superman one more time. “Aquaman could beat all of you. And do you know who else could; let’s see… Plasticman, and Jubilee, and Wasp, …” this goes on for around 15 minutes… “and Spider Jerusalem, and …” a divine slap knocks him in the head. “Oop sorry about the delay, DM Deuce. I’m out of here, bitches.”

    Standard: Majestic Halo against Superman. +8 vs. AC. 3d8+5 Radiant damage. Miss half damage. Effect until the end of the encounter enemies that start their turn next to Deadpool is subject to a Divine Sanctum until the end of their turn.

    Minor: Lay on Hands to Longshot giving him a healing surge.

    Action Point: Valorous Smite against Superman. +8 (9 if he’s bloodied) vs. AC. On a hit 2d8+5 and all enemies within 3 squares of me are subject to my Divine Sanctum.

    Move: If Superman’s still kicking, shift to F11. If Superman is down, I move to J6.

    1. Tech:
      Majestic halo: (15)+8= 23 vs AC 17...hit!
      (6+6+4)+5 = 21 radiant damage! Minus 5 from resist all...16 damage and sup's at 17.

      Longshot heals 6 hp...no more uses of lay on hands left!

      AP: Valorous Strike
      (3)+8= 11 vs AC 17...MISS!!!! The dice can be cruel sometimes!

      Deadpool now at F11.


  13. Cannonball appears at location 4, sporting techno-organic wings of Death! No need for a cannon here, welcome to the world of self-propulsion!

  14. Flexing his techno-organic wings of death, Sam Guthrie's malevolent eyes survey the battlefield. This is not his home world, but if he must destroy every living thing in this room to restore his reality rest assured that he will.

    A loud roaring sound erupts from the now airborne mutant as a living jet of flame blasts from behind Cannonball as his wings guide him across the battlefield he lands with a slashing flourish next to the enormous Man of Steel. He lashes outward without a sound towards the prone Amazonian Juggernaut trying to slide her in close so he can deliver a lethal killing blow to both.

    "All will die, in the face of DEATH."


    Minor Action: Form of the Fearsome Ram, +2 to speed, +2 to attack rolls of charge attacks, at-will attacks may push target 1 square and access to relevant encounter of same name. Lasts until end of the encounter.

    Move Action: Techno-organic Wings, fly 6 squares (J10-I9-I8-H7-G6-F6-E7) dealing 10 damage to Superman at end of my movement.

    Standard Action: Thorn Strike against Wonderwoman (attack has reach), +9 (7+prone) vs AC, 1d10+7 damage and target is pulled into square adjacent to me.

    If that attack hits and Wonderwoman is pulled into place, then...

    ACTION POINT: Wildblood Frenzy against Wonderwoman and Superman. Two attack rolls at +7 (+9 vs. Wonderwoman) vs AC, 1d10+10 damage on hit.

    If Wonderwoman is killed by first attack, then use action point and both attacks from Wildblood Frenzy against Superman. If Thorn Strike does not hit Wonderwoman, save action point.

  15. Tech: this is a wild one....

    OA from super colossus, who has reach 2!
    (2)+6= 8 vs AC...MISS!
    Superman takes 10-5 damage...is at 12 hp.

    Thorn strike vs WW: (18)+9= 27! hit!!!...she is also pulled adjacent to cannonball and superman in the most direct route.
    Damage: (8)+7-10= 5...WW is at -4

    AP: wildblood strike vs WW then Superman..

    WW (3)+9= 12 vs AC 18-5 (unconscious)...MISS!!!!
    Superman: (19)+7=26 vs AC 17...hit!!!
    Damage: (1)+10-5=6...superman at 6 hp.

    1. If I brought Wonderwoman to -HP, wouldn't she just die. :) It's good to be death.

    2. Pardon my recon, but WW is dead, as per the horseman of death ability. Both wildblood frenzy attacks go after superman; one miss and one hit.

  16. And now for the final combatant, Green Arrow! He spawns at location #1, a BEAST of a man, bow in hand!

    Finish us up strong! And, seeing that we're heading into the weekend, GA has until Monday morning to post.

  17. "This blue does not go well with the rest of my uniform." Quickly taking in the situation, Green Arrow moves to give himself some room. "Superman! You can't let them gang up on you like that! Pull yourself together!"

    Minor: Inspiring Word on Superman: Healing Surge +1d6 HP

    Move: to J5 then to K6

    Standard: Paint the Bulls-eye on Deadpool
    +8 vs AC 20 (Heroic Effort if needed)
    1d10 and allies gain +2 damage rolls on Deadpool until start of my next turn

    If PtB-e hits:
    Action Point: Race the Arrow on Deadpool
    +8 vs AC 20 (Heroic Effort if needed and unused)
    1d10 +5 and Superman makes a MBA (thanks to having reach) with a +2 to attack and damage (does not stack with +2 from previous attack)

    Come on Wade, finish off round 1 with a pretty explosion :)

    1. "Don't worry Robin Hood, I have more then enough explosives to take care of you. Smiley face."

    2. Tech
      Inspiring word: 8 (surge value) +(2) = 10 hp...Superman is @ 16 hp.

      Paint the bull's eye: (10)+8+4(heroic effort)=22 vs AC 20...hit!
      Damage: (7) to deadpool...allies gain +2 to damage against Deadpool for the next round.

      Retort from Deadpool:
      Deadpool looks at the Errol Flynn rip-off and says, "Hey, that hurt. But it went through the red part of my suit, the blood won't show." Looking behind him he say, "Oh, but the exit wound is in the black part. I'll never get that stain out! Now you die... Okay who painted 'Infernal Wraith 1d6+5 fire' on my grenade."
      Green Arrow takes (6)+5=11 fire damage

      AP: Race the Arrow
      (4)=8 =12 vs AC 20..MISS...

  18. DM's turn:

    A small window appears above the north wall in the Danger Room, followed by a deep cackle...a tall, pale-skinned creature with ruby red lips and a red diamond marking on his forehead lords over you all. "What an excellent collection of DNA we have here... If any of you make it out of this crucible alive, I promise to add your genes to my next great experiment. So go on, prove your worth to me, and just to adds some incentive, let me introduce some chaos into the fold..." With that he presses a button, and weapons made of pure light appear, whipping around Deadpool, threatening to cut his very soul if he moves...

    Hazard draw: (2) = Shi'ar Deathtrap!
    Destination of hazard (11)+1 =12; (6)+1=7...so that's G12!

    THUS ENDS THE FIRST ROUND OF MATCH 10! eXiles 0, Justice League 2!