Play--by-Post Match 10: Round 4 E7M1 Danger Room

Wonder Woman, keeping her wits as gas canisters fall from the ceiling again, starts us off!
Longshot rolls the dice, and Green Arrow suffers for it!  Superman, however, glides swiftly out of the way!
Martian Phoenix, assassinates Omega Red, only to have him respawn immediately as Comrade Wolverine!
Apparently, Omega Red is busy.  Nightcrawler, we all know you will make up for the lack of enthusiasm!   
Batman finishes off Cannonball in fine fashion...BAM! BOOF! POW!
What does the future hold for the Man of Steel?  A boulder of Kryptonite, it seems!
Deadpool is all cheers and geers, but Cannonball isn't laughing...or moving for that matter...but then a STORM hits, and Cannonball rejoins the fight!

A riddle to finish up the round:  What Blue, Green, and Shoots arrows all over? A: A super intelligent beast/green arrow hybrid!  He bolsters J'onn, and has the computer add another voidsoul pit under Longshot.  But Longshot was waiting for it!
 And right after Longshot dodges the pit, the ground under Batman, J'onn, and Deadpools feets springs them towards teh ceiling, smacking them flat like pancakes! 

Thus ends Round 4 of Match!  


  1. Wonder Woman feels a weird energy coursing through her and focuses onto her bracers. They start glowing and she feels the intensity increasing. "Aw crap this isn't going to end well but who do I take with me?"

    Move: Shift to J5
    Minor: First we charge da Card
    Standard: Charge Nightcrawler at G4 using Heroic effort if necessary and power attack on a hit +9 vs AC 2d10 (re-roll 1-3) + 9 (7+2 from aspect of charging ram) + 10 force damage & knock Nighcrawler prone. On hit:
    Free Action: Dual Weapon Strike +8 vs Ac D10 (re-roll 1-4) +7 damage.

    1. Charge attack, aspect of the charging ram prevents any OAs (leaves WW in square G5):
      (6)+9=15...miss...+HE=19: hit!...for (4+3)+9+10=26-10=16 damage...NC @ -7 hp and prone!

      (10)+8=18 vs AC (19-5=14)..an unconscious hit!...for (7+7)=14-10=4 damage...NC @ -10 hp! Not GIBBED yet!

      Hey, Mister Superstar, its your turn! How many of your our own team will die this turn?

  2. "the risk isnt worth the reward...yet"

    Move to M8
    Move action to drop a hazard on E10, spawn point 2

    AP: use master of magnetism to perform a coup de grace on green arrow.
    Let's see if I can keep getting these action points!

    1. E10 hazard:
      (4)!= voidsoul pit!
      Supermans saving throw to avoid: (11!)...he is slid to F8 to avoid the hazard!

      AP: Focusing his magnetism, Longshot tears the hemoglobin from Green Arrows body! Green arrow, more like anemic arrow!
      (13)+8=21 vs Ref (13-5)=8..hit! CRIT! 30-10=20 damage..which is still over GA's bloodied value. GA IS GIBBED! It's 8 to 11 right now!

      J'onn Phoenix, you rise again in location 4! Map update later this afternoon.

  3. Long day, so quick fluffless post

    Move to H9
    Minor: Blostering Speech
    Standard: Melee Basic on Omega Red +10 vs. AC 18 Damage 2d8+5 (using practiced killer). If I hit, also using Lesser Flash of Distraction to daze him until the end of my next turn.

    1. MBA vs OR:
      (10)+10=20 vs AC 18...hit! for (1+8)+5=14 damage. OR is @ -5 hp and dazed!

      To whom do you want to give the 5 temp hp?

      While we await your answer, I assume Omega Red will respawn at location 1, ...he is now Omega Wolverine!

  4. Looks like a second delay from Omega Red....so this GIB, coupled with Nightcrawlers respawn = eXiles have lost the lead!

    Nightcrawler respawns at location 4, Red laser eyes blasting in the direction of N14..missing everyone and everything (again, the cyclops card damages no-one). Hey Cyke, stay on the board for more than one round, ok?

    FYI, I am traveling tomorrow during the day, will respond with rolls and updates as soon as I can. Map updates will happen at night for Th and Fri, usual weekend extensions apply.

  5. With his eyes glowing even redder and more demonic than usual, Nightcrawler appears in the Danger Room. "Vunder Voman und Zupermann? Ve vill zee who is zo zuper!" (Man, I suck at bad fake German accents. In person it's killer!)

    *Move: Fey Step to H5 - Free Action MBA vs Wonder Woman (+5 vs AC, 1d8+2 damage)

    *Free Action teleport from successful Melee attack from Vanishing Blade power - Teleport up to 3 squares to F7

    *Minor: Mark Martian Manhunter

    *Standard: Greenflame Blade vs Superman (+7 vs AC, 1d8+4 fire damage

    *Free Action teleport from successful Melee attack from Vanishing Blade power - Teleport up to 3 squares to C8

  6. H5 MBA:13+5=18 vs AC 18...hit! For 2+2=4 damage. WW at 8 hp.

    Greenflame Blade vs Superman: 10+7=17 vs AC 17...hit for 4+4=8 fire damage, minus 3 from iron fist=5 damage total. Superman at 2 hp!

  7. Batman respawns at location 4, from the future! He controls the powers of Bishop, an x-gene we haven't seen yet!

    Map updates coming tomorrow.

  8. I should have known better than to play poker with an assassin.

    Batman shakes his head, trying to clear the visions of a future in ruins from his mind. Seeing a hulking colossus attacking his friends, he charges in once more.


    Minor: Predatory Eye

    Standard: Charge to H8.
    MBA vs Cannonball
    Free: Backstab
    +14 vs AC 18
    Hit: 2d8+4d6+7 damage.

  9. (16)+14=30 vs AC...hit for 36-5=31 damage! Cannonball at -3 hp!!!

    Good job bugbat!!!

    Superman, make the most outta those 2 hp!!!!

  10. Sorry, quick note, did the damage against WW take into account the THP?

    1. Ah yes, thanks for the reminder Jon. WW at 12 hp and now 1 temp hp left, of the five MM gave her.

      Also, a reminder to superman, your marked by deadpools divine challenge.

  11. A kryptonite boulder falls out of the sky and crushes Superman underneath!

    OOC: Ok, its been more than past the usual weekend extension, so Superman is GIBBED for delaying! Come on now, lets not get the Round 4 blues! The Justice League has lost the lead!

    Deadpool, take it away! Map update later tonight, with Superman gone. Everyone else's positions are up to date.

  12. Fluff:
    With katana twirling madly trying to get a good hit on Wonder Woman, Deadpool yells out to the other side of the battlefield, “Batboy, I was reading the National Enquirer and hear congratulations are in order. I’m glad to hear you accepted Lindsey Lohan’s proposal after you found out she was pregnant. I hear the wedding will be wonderful, especially with Marvin being the first Martian maid of honor ever. Sorry Wonder Bra, you aren’t invited,” he concludes with a final swing at Wonder Woman.

    Deadpool gives Cannonball a quick kick, “Hey Human Cannonball, get up, you’re embarrassing us.” Deadpool then rockets away.

    Standard: Valorous Smite vs. Wonder Woman +9 (+8, +1 due to Bloodhunt) vs. AC. On a hit 2d8+5 and all enemies within 3 squares are under my Divine Sanctum until the end of my next turn.

    Minor: (not sure if this works, but what the hell) Divine Mettle on Cannonball, make a save (the death save) with a +5 modifier. On 20+ he can use a healing surge.

    If I haven’t dropped Wonder Woman:
    Move: Use Techno-Organic Wings to fly to F4 and do 10 points of damage to Wonder Woman (yes, yes, I take the OA).

    If I have dropped Wonder Woman:
    Move: Use Techno-Organic Wings to fly G6->H6->I6->J7->J8->I9 and do 10 points of damage to Batman and Martian Manhunter.

  13. VS vs WW:
    (11)+9=20 vs AC 18..hit! for (7+7)+5=19 damage! WW is knocked unconscious and is @ -6 hp! The entire JL (except for GA) is under the divine sanction of Deadpool!

    Divine Mettle:
    (I'll allow it, grants saving throw, and death IS a saving throw)...(4)+5=9...FAIL!

    Move to I9...10 damage to Batman (@ 16hp) and MM (now @ 13 hp)...

    Cannonball respawns at location 1...this time, lightning and thunder clash in his wake, for his is the STORMball!

    1. I believe Wonder Woman is dead due to the Horseman of Death.

    2. You believe right! You'd think I'd remember that! WW is dead, score is 12 v 13 in favor of the eXiles!

  14. In a burst of lightning and a peal of thunder, Sam Guthrie appears on the field of battle once more.

    "Will you look at that! I went and got me some storming powers. I always knew my way around a twister, but dang this is something else! Well no worry to me, I still just love when I'm blasting!"

    With that he rockets across the arena in a mocking zigzag towards the already injured Bat and Martian and begins to pummel them mercilessly.


    Move action: move to square G9 w/o provoking OAs

    Standard action: Wildblood Frenzy against both Bats (+7 vs AC) and J'onn (+9 with CA vs AC), 1d10+10 damage on hit.

    If I am bloodied by this point (since Phoenix does like I burst a bit) then

    Minor action: Longtooth Shifting and gain a +2 to all damage rolls until the end of the encounter and while bloodied I gain regen 2 hp.

    1. From my phone in Hawaii I'll have you know. :)

    2. WF vs Bats: (8)+7= 15 vs AC 17...MISS
      WF vs MM: (1!)+9=10 vs AC 17....MISS and You've contracted the Hawaii 5-0 virus!

      No need for longtooth shifting.

      Green Arrow, or should I say Beast arrow, spawns at location 1.

  15. No time for fluff, sorry

    Minor: Inspiring Word on MM - HS + 1d6

    Move: Move to A6

    Standard: Activate Console - Voidsoul Pit centered on Longshot

  16. No fluff, no worries!

    Inspiring word for MM: (6)+5=11 hp gained...MM is full at 23 hp!

    Using his innate knowledge of the danger room computer, another voidsoul pit appears right under Longshot...this time, however, Mr. Bigshot is prepared...saving throw to avoid the terrain= (11)!

    DMs turn and a new hazard coming riiiight up!

  17. DMs turn:

    Terrain hazard = piston platform centered on (8+1)=I, (7+1)=8...I8!
    That hits batman, MM, and Deadpool! Good thing Green Arrow healed him up just now!

    Each takes (2+3+2+3)=10 damage!

    Thus ends round 4! Looks to the main page for the start of Round 5, posting this from my phone, can't post links this way!