Play-by-Post: Match 09 Round 04 (redux) PINBALL WIZARD

Bob McKenzie, The Master, Celine Dion, The Doctor, Last Centurion, Jack Harkness, William Shatner, Alex Trebek

Entering into the second half of the match, we're seeing a tight race to victory. Both teams have gotten beaten down and come back from the brink, and both have shown some absolutely excellent mastery of ricocheting dungeoneer tactics. The kill count is ratcheting up and getting into halfway respectable numbers.


CLARIFICATIONS TO RULES: Since many have been confused by some of the map's terrain powers, I wanted to take a second to clarify.

Respawn Push - When a dungeoneer respawns, they are also pushed away from The Plunger. This is part of respawning and not a seperate effect. The push origin are the squares J13, J14, and J15.

Drop Target - A dungeoneer entering the Drop Target from forced movement deals damage to HIS OR HER enemies, not the dungeoneer making all the forced movement.

Extra Ball - Similarly, a dungeoneer entering Extra Ball from forced movement makes the respawn decision, not the dungeoneer making all the forced movement.

The hit point totals of the dungeoneers at the start of this match are as follows:

Bob McKenzie 23
Celine Dion -9
Bill Shatner 23
Alex Trebek 23

The Master 6
The Doctor 5
The Centurion -4
Jack Harkness 19



  1. right then. since I killed everyone last time, I'll go ahead and kill everyone again...

    appear in G6
    Drain to F7, combo shot-push bob to I4 (drop target)and push Jack to D9
    This will gib Doc and Master I think, which triggers slam tilt.
    Slide Trebek to G1 and back to F1(another drop target)
    Slide Jack to C11
    Slide Celine to H4
    If Jack is still alive, I'll hit him with magic missiles (minor)
    standard action: missile Jack if he's still alive, full defense if he's not.
    Free Action: do a little dance

    1. Again, a thanks to everyone for their patience in helping me make this not only a fun map, but a fun ass MATCH! The sacrifices we must make for perfection in the fine art of killing.

      Bob treats us to a repeat cleaning out of the board, with ZERO dice rolling! Craziness!


      The Master comes back onto the board with an exciting push (6)+(5) from the Respawn power, our biggest Plunger Push yet!

  2. Posting for David:

    The Master, used to weird time loops, just rolls with starting over.

    Plunger to E7 (stopped by the wall)

    Drain to E10, the bumper stopping in E9. The bumper pushes the Master up to D7.

    Standard: Cutting words vs. Trebek. +6 vs. Will (14). On a hit 1d8+5 damage and pull him 3 spaces to D4.

    Action point: Cutting words vs. Bob. +8 (CA due to aura) vs. Will (15). On a hit 1d8+5 damage and pull him 3 spaces to F7. Use Lure of enchantment to have Bob grant CA and slide him 3 to E8->D8->D7 which makes a combo shot (1) with the Master.
    1. Bob to D9 then into the bumper at E10 (2). The Master D6->E5, (telethrower-3).
    2. Bob bounces to B11.
    3. If the Master missed Trebek, then the Master goes to A1 and gets a Bonus Point. If the Master hit Trebek, then no movement due to the combo shot (4).
    4. Trebek goes to B5. The Master goes to G3, respawning William Shatner.

    Minor: song of serendipity

    1. Oh, I just noticed the time stamp. Sorry about that, it was 4:16 on the west coast when I posted. It appears the time stamp is the time zone of the original poster. I will keep that in mind in the future. Is it possible to run the timer from game 7?

    2. I'm willing to let things slide just a bit this time, especially since things have been so chaotic recently, what with the redux and all. That said, Schwarm, you ever gonna post your own turns again?

      Cutting Words v. Trebek: (16)+6 vs. Will 14; HIT!
      for (8)+5 damage, ghetto crit!, and a pull. Trebek is bloodied.

      Cutting Words v. Bob: (4)+6+2 vs. Will 14; MISS!

      Celine Dion then Respawns with a push (2)+(3)!

  3. The undying siren respawns and echoes her previous dirge against the Master, her discordant shriek sending the hapless Time Lord fleeing back to the dimension from whence he came.


    plunger push to F7.

    Drain into bumper at F9.

    Bumper push to F7.

    Standard Action: Hypnotism vs. the Master
    +6 vs. will
    Hit: slide to J12.

    If I miss, I'll use an AP to repeat the attack.

    Minor Action: Magic missle vs. the Master for 7 damage.

    Move Action: void assumption

  4. Hypnotism:
    (1) HUMILIATION!!!
    Pull 5 squares!

    Hypnotism via AP:
    (9)+6 vs. Will 16; MISS!
    , but the Masteris pegged down to 21 HP.

    I'll post The Doctor's Respawn Push after the Humiliation Pull.

    1. Damn!

      Humiliation Pull into bumper at D9

      Bumper push to B7

  5. Alright, Doctor! Luck saved you guys with a double miss to the Canadians. Show us what you got with a portentous roll of double 4's on the Respawn Push, (4)+(4) !

    1. Just checking before I go. Trebek is in D4 and Celine's not existing in B7, correct?

    2. Correct, I forgot to jot down about Celine's Voidsoul power; she does not exist right now! and Trebek's pull! Doh!

    3. Map updated for your convenience.

  6. Okay quickly the start of my turn.

    Plunger: to E7 (stopped by the wall)

    Drain: to E9 and the bumper(1)
    1. Bumper to D8 then combo shot with the Master (2)
    2. Doctor E9 and then bumper (3), the Master to E5 (telethrower-4)
    3. Doctor to E7
    4. Master collides with Mr. Trebek (5)
    5. Mr. Trebek to B5, the Master to G3, respawing Ms. Dion.

    Waiting for Ms. Dion's respawn. Yeah, Rwaluchow this is the 3rd time you needed to act this morning.

    1. Oh, no.

      The tides may be turned here, as Celine Dion gets an astounding Push (5)+(6)!

  7. Celine will plunger push to I1.

  8. Fluff:
    The Doctor looks at the zombie like advancing of the Canadians and says, “Go to your room! Go to your room! I mean it. I'm very very angry with you. I'm very very cross! GO TO YOUR ROOM!”

    The Doctor pauses for a moment and then says, “Wait, I remember doing this before, it must not have worked. Ok, in that case… German air raid! Get to the bomb shelter NOW!”

    Standard: Charm of Misplaced Wraith on Mr. McKensie. +6 vs Will, use Heroic Effort if necessary. On a hit, he’s dazed, slides 6 to D8. He’ll hit himself as well in any case, with +2 to damage.

    Minor: Sustain the Temporal Storm and slide Mr. Trebek to B6 and into the bumper (1)
    1. Bumper to C7->D8. If Mr. McKensie is there, then combo shot (2) and the fun begins (otherwise I feel great sadness).
    2. Mr. McKensie is pushed D9 and into the bumper (3). Mr. Trebek is pushed B8 and into the bumper (6)
    3. Mr. McKensie is pushed C9->B8, which is another combo (4)
    4. Mr. McKensie is pushed D10 into the bumper (5). Mr. Trebek is pushed back into the bumper (7)
    5. Mr. McKensie is pushed to C11->B12
    6. Mr. Trebek is pushed C9->D10
    7. Continuing the bumper, Mr. Trebek is pushed into the other bumper (8)
    8. Mr. Trebek is pushed C11 into Mr. McKensie (combo shot – 9)
    9. Mr. McKensie is pushed C13->D14. Mr. Trebek is pushed D12 and back into the bumper (10)
    10. Mr. Trebek is pushed D13 and into Mr. McKensie (combo shot – 11)
    11. Mr. McKinsie is pushed E15->Drain. Mr. Trebek is pushed E12 and back into the bumper (12)
    12. Mr. Trebek is pushed E13->E14.

    Move: Move the Temporal Storm so the center goes D4->D5->D6->D7->E8->F9

    Free: Do a happy dance if I hit.

    1. Oh my god, this is a 12-pt combo shot. You know it's funny; when we did the initial "proof of concept" playtest for this map, Steven Samorodin (the blonde guy on the FTDM videos) told me that Pinball Wizard should never be played on PbP for this very reason. IT'S MARBLE MADNESS!!!

      Charm of Misplaced Wrath: (20)+6 vs. Will 15; CRITICAL HIT!
      He then attacks himself with .. back bacon? ... (13)+0 +2 vs. AC 15; HIT!
      for (3)+0 +2 damage, woo! Every bit counts!

      Wow, what a ton of bouncing around to get Bob McKenzie GIBBED!!!

      Eh Team: I think all that is legit, double check me!
      Assuming we're good, The Centurion pops out with a Push (3)+(3)!

  9. If I was gibbed, half of those combo shots didn't happen...

    1. the comboshots are what gibbed you.

    2. not the standard action before the comboshots?

  10. Bzzt-ing out of a vortex in time and space, Rory (still in Roman regalia, but it seems to be made of modern materials now) spins face-to-face with the Doctor, looking a little excitable. "'ullo, Doctor - look! I'm not plastic any more! I thought those Canadians were never going to kill me!" He looks around for a moment, then remarks, "Wait a tic... weren't we already...?"

    The Doctor grabs Rory by the shoulders, looks him in the eyes, and says, "Look. You've got to trust me. Hit me. Hit me with that axe. I'll be all right! You'll see!"

    Plunger: to F-6
    Drain: to E-7, stopped by the Doctor in F-6, triggering Combo Shot 1.
    Combo Shot 1: Centurion to G-5 (stopped by Stand Your Ground). Doctor to D-6, stopped in E-7 by the wall.
    Standard: Savage Reach vs the Doctor
      • Attack: +8 vs AC 12 (17-5 voluntary helpless)
      • Hit: 1d10+5 damage, slide to G-5, stopped in F-6 by Centurion, triggering Combo Shot 2. Keep the 1 if it's rolled.
    Combo Shot 2: (only if attack hit) Centurion to I-4, triggering Drop Target. Doctor to D-6, stopped by the wall in E-7.
    Minor: (only if attack hit) Healing Word on the Doctor. Surge +1d6, and +2 on attacks until the end of my next turn.

  11. Sorry I was a bit slow on the email responses, I've been wrapped up playing D&D all morning!

    (7)+8 vs. AC 17 -5; HIT!
    for (1)+5 damage (Doctor is at 18 HP), but then is healed (d6)+6 to be up to full HP 24!

    The drop target hurt the Eh Team something fierce! Trebek 0 HP, Shatner 13 HP, Dion 13 HP, and Bob bloodied at 8 HP.

    Jack Harkness warps time to get a push (4)+(2)!

  12. Oh, excuse me, Shatner is currently outr of play and is not damaged by the Drop Target.

  13. Jack shakes off the deja-vu of the Round That Never Was and spies Celine. Well this wasn't going to do.

    "Hello again! You look a bit disoriented, here, let me help, this happens to me a lot."


    Respawn: J6
    Drain: J9
    Move: Fey Step to J4
    Standard: Lightning Lure, +7 vs Fort due to CA from the Master's aura. On hit 1d6+5 damage and pull her to J3.
    Minor: Mark for gits and shiggles.
    AP: MBA, +7 vs AC, on hit 2d4+5 damage and use the effect of my Daily earlier to teleport to I2.

    1. Oh, snap! Clever use of lightning lure and fey step to get up in Celine Dion's grille! Also, something I'm a big proponent of: position yourself to go after the enemy's weak point! Almost every build has at least one, and in this case, it is certainly Fortitude.

      (17)+5+2 vs. Fortitude 11; HIT!
      for (6)+5 GHETTO CRIT! lightning damage and pull

      SHATNER! Boldy go to where no man has gone be before! Namely, ending Round 04 of Pinball Wizard.

    2. The lightniing lure bloodied Celine as she hangs on with a mere 2 HP.

    3. What about Jack's action point?

    4. YES OF COURSE!!!

      Basic Attack: (12)+7 vs. AC 15; HIT!
      for (3)+(1)+5 damage!

      Celine Dion is DYING at -7 HP!
      Jack has skipped away to the top of the world at I2.

  14. Shatner feels somehow he is in some kind of repetitive storyline
    "Ah a sequel I'm used to these"

    Appear in B4
    Drain: B5-B6-A7 stopping in B6 and activating Bumper
    Bumper: Push to D4
    Minor: Wizard's Fury Magic Missile the Master
    Standard: Howling Wall +6 vs Fort slide 3 from D4-E4-F4-G4-G3 targeting myself and hopefully the Master
    If Shatner is hit Slide to F1 activating Drop Target
    If Master is Hit slide him to D4

    1. (Side Note: I think you appeared too far from your origin point. NOt that it matters, since you were just Draining back down, but I don't want people to think that I missed that and was inattentive.)

      Shatner let's loose a volley. Set phasers to frag! and bloodies the Master! {14 hp}

      With an epic scream KKKKHHHHHAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!!, Shatner shouts a howling wall to send everyone flying!
      vs. The Master: (15)+6 vs. Fortitude 13; HIT!
      vs. Shatner: (3)+6 vs. Fortitude 11 -5; HIT!

      Drop Target pings everyone; Master 4 HP, Doctor 14 HP, Centurion 17 HP, and Jack 19 HP.

      Trebek is up! Last I checked he was at exactly 0 HP, so we get a Respawn and a push (1)+(6)!


    2. I just checked the records, this will be the first time Trebek has taken a turn in THIRTEEN DAYS!!!

  15. Trebek swaggers back onto the set, happy to be rolling again. "My old home at the CBC may have dropped us, but I'm glad we're still on here." He sees his four contestants, and falls right back into his all-important work: bringing enlightenment to the American masses.

    "Alright, we're live in Quadruple Jeopardy. The categories are still the same. It's best that I just choose for you, though. Let's go with The War of 1812 for $10,000 (fortunately our new producers are a little loose with the funds).

    "Near the start of the war, the American forces surrendered this fort after hardly any shots were fired, despite outnumbering the attacking British and Natives."


    "The question is: What is Fort Detroit?"


    Plunger to G5.
    Drain to F6, triggering Combo Shot (1)

    (1) Push Trebek to I4, stopping in H4 and triggering Combo Shot (2)
    Push The Doctor to D8

    (2) Push Trebek into the wall on the left (i.e. nowhere)
    Push Centurion to I6.

    Move Action: Move the center of the two-week old Shit Tornado to G3.

    Minor Action: Sustain the Tornado and slide Shatner E1, then F1 (off then on the Drop Target).

    Minor Action: Slide Trebek to I4 onto the other Drop Target.

  16. Back in the game with some real "in your face, USA!" categories.

    Combo Shot #2 can't actually move The Centurion at all. All legal spaces are still adjacent to the push origin. The Dwarf holes up on the Drop Target. NEVER SURRENDER! ... not like those guys in Detroit ...

    With that in mind, Trebek can choose a different use of that last Action of his. The first Drop Target is a James T. Kirk special and hits the blue team for 10 damage, dropping The Master unconscious and bloodying the whole rest of the team.

  17. In that case Trebek will use Combo Shot (2) to push himself to G5, then into the wall on his left.

    Instead of the second minor action, he'll use a Standard to target himself and Centurion with Howling Wall.

    I'll use Heroic Effort only if I need to hit Centurion.

    If I hit both targets: slide Centurion to H7, Slide Trebek H4, I4, I5.

    If I hit only Centurion: slide him H5, G6, G5, triggering Combo Shot (3)

    (3) Push Trebek to the Drop Target, and Centurion to F8.

  18. Howling Wall is +6 vs Fort 16.

    1. vs. The Centurion: (12)+6 vs. Fortitude 16; HIT!
      vs. Trebek: (14)+6 vs. Fortitude 12 -5; HIT!

      I'll go ahead and assume The Centurion wants to resist as much of your forced as possible, sliding only 2 squares.

      Drop Target wrecks the Who's, killing The Master, dropping The Centurion, The Doctor and Jack, triggering a Slam Tilt.

      I'll take slide everyone 2 squares for $100, Alex! (Map is updated.)

      NOTE: Being as everyone is immune to prone, unconscious characters should really still occupy a square until gibbed.

  19. Slide Centurion to G7 (accounting for Dwarfiness).
    Slide The Doctor to G10
    Slide Jack to J2.
    Slide Trebek to I6.
    Slide Celine to I2 then J2, triggering Combo Shot (4)

    (4) Celine to Extra Ball, respawning herself.

    The Eternal Captain (always a captain, never an admiral) can stay where he is.

  20. Celine cheats death and Respawns with a push (6)+(1) to end the Round!

  21. Plunger: push to G7 (from G8) triggering comboshot 1

    comboshot 1: push Centurion to G6 (accounting for dwarven stubborness)

    push Celine to G10 (from G9) triggering comboshot2

    comboshot 2: push Doctor to G12

    push Celine to H7

  22. A viscious struggle trying to claw their way to the top, it's a "king of the mountain" situation trying to get out of the deadly bottom drain and into the whirling lights of the top terrain powers.


    We made it! We got past Round 04! Huzzah!

    The slaughter continues in Round 05: http://www.fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.com/2012/05/play-by-post-match-09-round-05-pinball.html