Play-by-Post: Match 09 Round 04 PINBALL WIZARD

Bob McKenzie, The Master, Celine Dion, The Doctor, Last Centurion, Jack Harkness, William Shatner, Alex Trebek
Entering into the second half of the match, we're seeing a tight race to victory. Both teams have gotten beaten down and come back from the brink, and both have shown some absolutely excellent mastery of ricocheting dungeoneer tactics. The kill count is ratcheting up and getting into halfway respectable numbers.



  1. Bob McKenzie returns from the blinding snows of the yukon!

  2. With a poof of smoke, Bob emerges from his extra dimensional beer fridge to urinate all over team Who...

    appear in G6
    Drain to F7, combo shot-push bob to I4 (drop target)and push Jack to D9
    This will gib Doc and Master I think, which triggers slam tilt.
    Slide Trebek to G1 and back to F1(another drop target)
    Slide Jack to C11
    Slide Celine to H4
    If Jack is still alive, I'll hit him with 2 magic missiles (standard and a minor)
    Free Action: do a little dance

    1. Wow, team Canada that was a brilliantly orchestrated series of moves. I tip my fez to you. Of course, our retribution will be coming...

    2. A well calculated move straight out of Sun Tzu's ancient text 'the Art of War'... or my own master work, 'Zapp Brannigan's Big Book of War'

    3. I guess we're now quoting parodies of characters played by famous Canadians?

    4. Let's be clear: Zapp is not a parody of Kirk... he's a parody of Shatner!

  3. That was pretty amazing! Bob McKenzie succeeds on wiping the board completely empty!



    The Master comes back onto the board, gunning for revenge witha push (2)+(3)!

  4. David won’t be able to get online before the deadline, so this is the plan we discussed.
    The Master looks around and says, “The drumming still continues in my head. Da, da, da, da. What good is turning defeat into my ultimate victory if I don’t have an audience?” The Master then attempts to pull William Shatner out of the Void.

    Plunger: Move to E7

    Drain: D8 -> D9 -> E10, bumper stopping at D9. Bumper up to D7.

    Standard: Use cutting words on Alex Trebek +6 vs Will (14). On a hit 1d8+5 and pull 3 to E4, and activate Lure of Enchantment for CA on Trebek a slide of 3, F4->G3 (Extra Ball)->F4. Use Disruptive Words effect to Daze him (save ends). Respaw William Shatner.

    Finish the turn after Shatner’s push from the plunger.

    1. (18)+7 vs. Will 14; HIT!
      for (1)+5 damage pulled and slid

      Shatner comes back from the final frontier with a Push (3)+(2)


    2. Oh wait, got ahead of ourselves a bit, eh?

      Trebek went into Extra Ball, meaning he chooses the Respawn. Via email, he has chosen Celine Dion. Redoing the push, we end with the same net result; (4)+(1).

    3. "They love me, they really love me!" The hideous creature known as Banshee grips a bouquet of roses, her lip trembling, as she bounces around the board.


      Plunger to F7

    4. Map updated, GAME ON!
      The Master has a Move and Minor Action left.

    5. If its my plunger I will slide to F10 triggering the bumper and then bounce to I9

    6. Whew, I think we finally got this sorted out.

      The Master, continue thy turn!

  5. David was thinking about using his action point after Shatner's respawn, but hasn't been able to get online today, so unless he can post something soonish, the Master will Song of Serendipity as a minor and be done with his turn.

    Oh and he should be in D7.

  6. Alright, we're back on track and moving along! The Master enhances his powers with lovely tales of happenstance and fortune.

    Celine Dion dies and, unfortunately, comes back to life. She has a meager push (2)+(3) from the Plunger. A lot of 5's on the push, weird.

    The big break away that the Eh Team grabbed is closing down, only 2 points apart!

  7. "Every night in my dreams
    I see you, I feel you
    That is how I know you go on

    Far across the distance
    And spaces between us
    You have come to show you go on

    Near, far, wherever you are
    I believe that the heart does go on
    Once more you open the door
    And you're here in my heart


    Banshee reappears belting out her horrid ballad. Outclassed by the sheer power of this musical monstrosity, the Master is sent fleeing for his very life.


    Plunger to F7

    Drain into bumper at E9.

    Bumper into the Master at E8.

    Comboshot: Celine to G6, Master to B9.

    Minor Action: Magic missle vs. the Master (7 damage)

    Standard Action: Hypnotism vs. the Master.
    +6 vs. Will
    Hit: slide to E15.

    If I miss, use my action point to repeat the same attack.

    Move action: Void Assumption.

    OOC: I considered linking to her video, but that is a fate I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.

  8. A blast of force knocks the Master down to 21 HP, and then a solid hit by Celine to send him down into the drain!

    (19)+6 vs. Will 16; HIT!

    The Doctor comes rocketing into the map with a pretty hefty push (6)+(3)!

  9. Fluff:
    The Doctor pulls the Master away from going into a Celine Dion concert at just the last second.

    Plunger: Push into the bumper at A7 stopping in B7, bumper up to D5
    Drain: Pull to E8
    Minor: Sustain the Temporal Storm to slide Mr. Trebek G3->F4, respawing the Master.
    Move -> Minor: Use the Temporal Storm to slide Mr. Trebek E4->D5.
    Waiting on the standard for the Master’s push.

    1. Map updated and The Master gets pushed (2)+(5)

    2. Sorry, it appears that David is out for the weekend, so the Master is pushed J11->J10->J9->I8->I7->I6->J5, which slams him into a wall and stops him in I6.

      The Doctor looks at the Canadian’s continual advance, almost zombie like in persistence. Without any other option, the Doctor looks strait in their eyes and sternly says, “Go to your room! Go to your room! I mean it. I'm very very angry with you. I'm very very cross! GO TO YOUR ROOM!”

      Standard: Use Charm of Misplaced Wraith on Mr. McKensie, +8 (with CA from the Master’s aura) vs. Will (15), using Heroic Effort if necessary. On a hit Mr. McKensie is Dazed and slides 6 squares. The slide takes him to H5->H6->H7->the Master in I6 for a combo shot (1).
      1. The Master into the Drop Target, Mr. McKensie H8->Mr. Shatner in I9 (combo shot -2)
      2. Mr. Shatner I10->I11, Mr. McKensie G9->bumper (3) in F10
      3. Mr. McKensie H10 ->Mr. Shatner in I11 (combo shot - 4)
      4. Mr. Shatner J12 and into the wall, Mr. McKensie G11->bumper in F11 (bumper-5)
      5. Mr. McKensie H12 -> H13
      Effect: “Bob why are you punching yourself in the face? Quit punching yourself.”

  10. Charm of Misplaced Wrath: (6)+6 +2 {CA} +4 {heroic effort} vs. Will 15; HIT!

    Bob's MBA: (16)+0 +2 {dazed} vs. AC 15; HIT!
    for (4)+0 damage, GHETTO CRIT!!!
    Bob is bloodied at 9 HP!

    Oh man, some wicked hardcore strategery coming out of The Doctor. This corner of the map is rarely used. One might say that we're boldly going where no one has gone before ... as The Centurion TELEFRAG!!! 's William Shatner!

    and then gets a push (2)+(4)

    1. The Doctor smiles and says “I'm really glad that worked. Those would have been terrible last words.”


  11. Bzzt-ing out of a vortex in time and space, Rory (still in Roman regalia, but it seems to be made of modern materials now) spins past the Doctor, bouncing like crazy. "'ullo, Doctor - look! I'm not plastic any more! I thought those Canadians were never going to kill me!"

    Seeing the tight-lipped Trebek just to the north, he remembers his unanswered question. "Oi! Alex! There's a certain matter of your timely death we need to discuss!"

    Plunger: to D-7
    Drain: to E-8, stopped by Doctor in D-7, trigger Combo Shot 1.
    Combo Shot 1: Centurion to D-5, stopped by Trebek in D-6, trigger Combo Shot 2. Doctor to E-10, stopped by Bumper in E-9, triggering Bumper.
    Combo Shot 2: Centurion to C-7, stopped by Stand Your Ground. Trebek to D-3.
    Bumper: Doctor to C-7, stopped by Centurion in D-8, triggering Combo Shot 3.
    Combo Shot 3: Doctor to F-8, Centurion to D-5, triggering Telethrower.
    Telethrower: Centurion to B-2, stopped by Stand Your Ground, and passing through Extra Points.

    *deep breath*

    Standard: Savage Reach vs Trebek
      • Attack: +10 vs AC (normal +8, +CA for dazed)
      • Hit: 1d10 (reroll first 1) +10 (normal +5, +5 bonus points), and slide Trebek to B-2, stopped by Centurion in C-2, triggering Combo Shot 4

    Combo Shot 3: Centurion to A-1, Trebek to E-4.

    1. Well I must say, you're doing an excellent job with formatting to make this as easy to read as possible. Hell of a lot of bouncing around! It also seems as though the Fates appreciate it, too ...

      (20) CRITICAL HIT!
      for (10)+5+5 = 20 damage!

      Unconscious, Trebek doesn't block up terrain, so I'll go ahead and not do the slide, but do trigger the Rampage!

      (19)+10 +2 {CA} vs. AC 15 -5; HIT! COUPE DE GRACE!
      for (10)+5 damage

      YOU HAVE LOST THE LEAD!!! What a comeback!

      Jack Harkness pushes into the game with a (5)+(4)!

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  13. (OOC: May need to be re-revised, but in the interest of posting before the deadline...)

    The immortal Captain Jack Harkness reappears none the worse for wear and sets his sights on an adjacent Canadian. A bit beneath him, but nothing's worse than Celene Dion.

    "Hi, I'm Captain Jack Harkness. Nice to me-"

    "Stop it," interrupts the Doctor.

    "I was just saying hello! Oh well, he's a Canadian anyway..." Jack pulls out his Squareness Gun and shoots a couple of holes in the nearest floors for the Canadian to plummet through. "Don't forget to write!"



    Push: to A10, stopped in G11 by bumper
    Bumper: To I13, stopped in H12 by Bob
    Combot Shot 1: Bob to G14, Jack to J11
    Drain: G14, stopped in H13 by Bob
    Combo Shot 2: Bob to E16, Jack to G11
    Move: Fey Step to C6
    Standard: Total Defense
    Minor: Wink suggestively at Rory

    1. You can't get to G11 from the Respawn push.

      Push effects need to move you further from the source with each square. The origin square, in this case, is J13 (the Plunger). Starting at J12 (adjacent), your first square of push has to be further away, ie. not adjacent, leaving you with the options of; into the wall, J11, or I11. You just can't bank that sharp, you've got a 45-degree angle at most.

      You could get out to G9, stop to Combo Shot with The Doctor, and then bounce back to Row 11, but none of that directly impacts Bob.

    2. Alright, this madness I think *should* work, assuming I have the timing stuff correct:

      Plunger: Diagonal towards A3, stopped by The Doctor in G9.
      Combo Shot 1: Jack to G11, Doctor to D7
      Drain: In direction of J14, stopped by Bob in H12
      Combo Shot 2: Bob to G14, Jack to F11, stopped by Bumper in G12
      Bumper: Jack to G14, stopped in G13 by Bob
      Combo Shot 3: Bob to E16, Jack to G11
      Move: Fey Step to C6
      Minor: Kiss The Doctor
      Standard: Total Defense

      If it doesn't, I will simply go to F6 and be generally in the way of things.

    3. Madness, huzzah!

      I checked the original map, which is a bit clearer (to me anyway) on what squares are occupy-able or not, and that all seems legit.


      That was a neat kill, really interesting to me as it was an exercise entirely in player skill and dynamics. Any class or race or any kind of character whatsoever could have pulled that off. Jack could have been stunned and still made that happen.

      Kirk comes rocketing onto the scene with a push (6)+(3).
      He's a rocket maaaaaaannnnnn!

  14. Shatner comes back revitalized by his former glory. "I won't let Who get the best of me like Lucas!"

    Plunger: J12-I11-H10-G9-F9-E8-D8-C7-B6-A5
    Drain: A5-B6-A7 stopping B6 and trigger Bumper 1
    Bumper 1: B6-C6 stopping in B6 triggering Combo Shot 1 with Jack
    Combo Shot 1
    Jack C6-D7 stopping in C6 triggering Combo Shot 2 with Doctor
    Shatner B6 to A7 stopping in B6 triggering Bumper 2
    Combo Shot 2
    Doctor D7-D8-D9
    Jack C6-B6 stopping in C6 triggering Combo Shot 3 with Shatner
    Bumper 2
    Shatner B6-C6 stopping in B6 triggering Combo Shot 4 with Jack (and cancelling combo shot 3?)
    Combo Shot 4
    Jack C6-D7-D8
    Shatner B6-A7 trigger Bumper 3
    Bumper 3
    Shatner B6-C5-D4

    Standard: Howling Wall D4-D5-D6-D7-D8 targeting Shatner and Jack +6 vs Fortitude slide target 3 squares and slowed.
    Hit on Shatner – slide 3 D4-E3-E2-F1 triggering Drop Target
    Hit on Jack – slide 3 D8-C8-D9 stopping in C8 and trigger Combo Shot 5
    Combo Shot 5
    Doctor D9-D10-E11 stopping in D10 triggering Bumper 4
    Jack C8-B8-A7 stopping in B8 triggering Bumper 5
    Bumper 4
    Doctor D10-C10-B10
    Bumper 5
    Jack B8-B9-B10 stopping in B9 triggering Combo Shot 6
    Combo Shot 6
    Doctor B10-B11-A12
    Jack B9-B8 stopping in B9 triggering Bumper 6
    Bumper 6
    Jack B9-B10-B11

    Minor: Magic Missile Centurion

    1. Every square of a push must more you further away from the origin than the square you had previously been in.

      When Shatner is pushed by the Plunger to G9, he is 3 squares away from the origin of the push (at square J13). Moving to F9 would keep him at 3 squares distant; hence, not a legal push.

      This fact is the entirety of why there is a black, impassable line at the corner of DE,67; so that starting pushes had to end up either going over the top or in the first area and bounce out to where the majority of powerups are located.

    2. F9 puts him 4 squares away; its a legal push.

    3. Not from J13. I think we were all assuming the origin square was J12.

    4. "The Plunger" is the origin, which could be argued to be J13, 14 or 15. In any of those cases, though, Kory's initial post wasn't valid.

    5. Hoo boy. Is this image accurate?

      As BFlat said, I think we've all been using J12 as origin.

  15. aren't the Doctor's plunge to A7 and Centurion's plunge to D7 earlier this round also illegal by this same standard?

    1. I think we've been fudging the push the entire game so far.

    2. And I was thinking, rules as written, if J12 was the origin square then you could never push anywhere away from it. You'd start the push adjacent, and every square around it is also adjacent; hence, no push.

  16. re-do!
    Plunger: push to H4
    Drain: slide to H7
    Standard: Howling wall I4-I5-H5-H6-H7 targeting Shatner and The Master +6 vs Fort slide target 3 squares and slowed

    Hit: Shatner slide H-7-H6-H5
    Hit: The Master slide I4-I5-H6-H5 stopping in H6 triggering Combo Shot
    Combo Shot
    Shatner pushed H5-I4 triggering Drop Target
    The Master Pushed H6-G7-F8

    Minor: Magic Missile the Doctor

  17. OK everyone, here's the deal.

    Round 04 (and to an extent, this whole map) has been a clusterfuck.

    Cluster. Fuck.

    I've dug out where we were at the end of Round 03, and we're restarting all the way back there. I've made a bunch of notes on this new post (Round 04 Redux) pertaining to how everything was intended to be played out, so that hopefully we have less confusions from here on out.

    My humblest apologies for this map being kind of a pain in the ass.

    Here is Round 04 Redux: http://www.fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.com/2012/05/play-by-post-match-09-round-04-redux.html

    1. Well, yeah, but this is exactly what the PbP is for, right? Iron out the bugs before the manic chaos of liveplay? All for it.

      Do I still get my 20? *grin*