Play-by-Post: Match 09 Round 03 PINBALL WIZARD

Bob McKenzie, The Master, Celine Dion, The Doctor, Last Centurion, Jack Harkness, William Shatner, Alex Trebek
The pace has picked up entering into the 3rd round, now that the team of Voidsoul Genasi has ended up back in play and on the board.

A number of confusions have arisen  from the Combo Shot and likewise terrain powers. One of the ideals we strive for is to make the terrain powers behave in a manner that feels right. Intuitive design, designing effects that make logical sense with little explanation of forethought, is key to having a deathmatch run at lightning fast pace.

Hence, the Combo Shot and Bumper terrain powers have become No Actions, which take place the moment they are triggered, and force the dungeoneer to use them and to use them to maximum distance. Similarly with Respawn, Drain, and Flipper. The map's page has been updated so you can see all the nitty gritty, but in summary: all forced movement terrain effects happen instantly and must be used to maximum effect. Dungeoneers are encouraged to look at blocking terrain if they want to slow down their "movement" around the map.

With that, GAME ON!


  1. Bob McKenzie Respawns with a generous push from the Plunger, (4)+(5) squares!

  2. Just realized, since it was Shatner doing the killing, Slam Tilt does not trigger from the end of Round 02. Map updated accordingly!

    1. Slam Tilt is a free action, so could Shatner use the terrain power on my turn? The compendium states "you can take as many free actions as you want during your or another combatant's turn."

    2. fffffffuuuuuuu

      Totally correct. I'll update the map in a second back to where it was.

      Dan - let me know if you want to keep your post or revise due to the new/old positions of everyone.

  3. Bob returns from draining lizards into snow banks with a freshly opened +5 Molson Canadian of ass-kickery.

    Question before I act, when the drop target deals 10 damage to all enemies, is it to the enemies of the person doing the sliding or the person being slid?

  4. Enemies of the creature sliding into the Drop Target.

  5. push to F6, collide with Jack, push him to I4 and myself to E9.

    Standard action: Freezing burst centered on H5. If I hit slide Jack down 2, Shatner down 1 and up 1, triggering the drop target. (If I miss Jack, Shatner will bump him and push him down 2 and Shatner back to the drop target). If I miss both, I'll Action point to cast a magic missile at Jack.

    Minor action: Magic missile vs Jack if still alive, or else Centurion if possible, or the master if not.(wizard's Fury in effect)

    Drain: to E10, hit bumper, push to D7, collide with Trebek, push him to E5 and myself to E9. Trebek on the telethrower will collide with centurion. push centurion to A3 and Trebek to F2.
    Move Action(minor): Void Assumption

    1. Although the Drain still happens at the Start of Turn, so you have to do the pull either immediately before or after the Respawn push.

    2. Ok, I'll have to start over...

      Push to E5. Too bad about no combos on dying creatures...
      Drain to E8.

      Standard action: Freezing Burst on Shatner, slide down one and back up one.
      Minor Action: Magic Missile to Jack.
      Move action: Void Assumption

  6. Can't get to E5 because of blocking terrain, so I just got you to F5, then push up against Blocking terrain, then drop gently to E8. Just mentioning for bookkeeping.

    FREEZING BURST!!!! (13)+6 vs. Reflex 15 -5; HIT!
    for (2)+5 damage! Billy is down to 14 HP, but pounds into another Drop Target! The Master is GIBBED!!! Jack is plinked down to -8 HP from the magic missile and then GIBBED!!! from Drop Target. Finally The Centurion is dropped to -6 HP, and Bob disappears! Talk about some blood splatter!

    Excuse me, talk aboot some blood splatter.


    The Master Respawns and gets pushed out (3)+(6) squares, BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!

  7. Fluff
    Reappearing from the far-away Island of Sala-Ma-Sond, The MASTER is clutching the DREADED SONG BOOK OF THEODOR OF GEISEL. “Hated…Fated…Lies…I have acquired the Anti-Canadian Book of my dreams. All my dreams—They will all come true and they aren’t as empty as my conscience seems to be!” he screams exploding into frenetic action!

    Plunger-Push 9

    Drain-Pull 3
    A:04 -> A:07
    Stopping in B:06

    Bumper-Push 2
    B:06 -> D:07

    Cutting Words VS WILLIAM SHATNER
    +8 vs. 15 Will
    1d8+5 Psychic damage
    Hit Pull 3 to F:07.

    if I miss here I will Action Point my Standard

    Lure of Enchantment VS WILLIAM SHATNER
    You slide the enemy up to 3 squares
    The enemy grants combat advantage until the end of your next turn.
    F:07-> D:08
    Collide with MASTER

    Combo Shot-Push 2

    Telethrow- Slide 4
    Collide with ALEX TRABECK

    Combo Shot-Push 2

    Bumper-Push 2

    Skalds Aura on CENTURIAN
    D6+6 Healing

    Buy down to Minor
    Song of Serendipity


  8. (For bookkeeping, I think you had to Drain back to B6, not A6, before the Bumper, but your end position is good to go. And that last Bumper push, I think you meant B10, not E10.)

    Cutting Words: (17)+8 vs. Will 15; HIT!
    for (1)+5 psychic damage! Shatner is bloodied at 8 HP!

    The Centurion is brought back from the brink and healed (6)+6 to 12 HP!

    These Combo Shots happening during the turn is wayyyy easier to figure out, and more visceral.

    The Centurion is up! Or shoudl I say down? Down the Drain you go....

    1. Shouldn't, the Master be in D3, not D4?

    2. Correct! Slip of the finger there. I'll have that right the next time I update the image.

    3. Also, it's Celine's turn.

  9. Sorry, I keep seeing all of the Who characters as "non-descript White guy #1, #2, #3, #4".

    Celine Dion pops out of the Plunger with a push (1)+(6)

    1. Would it help if I got you a token of the Doctor in 3D glasses?

  10. Banshee appears and unleashes another ear-piercing blast of sonic fury.

    Plunger: to C6

    Drain: to B8 triggering Bumper

    Bumper: to D6

    Standard Action: Howling Wall (D6, D5, D4, C4, C3, C2)
    +6 vs. Fortitude (vs. Celine, Centurian, and Master)
    Hit: Slide 3

    (I'll wait to know whom I have hit before I finish my turn)

    1. Quick note, the Master is in D3 not D4.

    2. I'll change the wall to hit him in D3 then (D6,D5,D4,D3,C3,C4); it otherwise doesn't change my turn.


    (8)+6 vs. Fortitude 11 -5; HIT THYSELF!
    (17)+6 vs. Fortitude 16; HIT CENTURION!
    (1) HUMILIATION!!! Pull thyself 5 squares toward the Drain!

  12. Humiliation: Celine is Pulled to E10, triggering bumper.

    Bumper: Celine is pushed to G7.

    Howling Wall: Slide Centurion to C6 (slide 3 reduced to 2 by dwarfiness)

    Howling Wall: Slide Celine to I4, triggering drop target.

    Minor action: Void Assumption.

  13. Another Drop Target to light up the board, dropping The Master down to 18 HP and The Centurion at a mere 2 HP!

    The Doctor is in! Respawning with a push (4)+(1)

  14. Fluff:
    The Doctor crawls back on the board shivering, gasping for air and clutching the sonic screwdriver tightly. “Luckily I opened that other air lock and got back in just in time. Okay so there’s an air lock jammed open, a temporal storm, killer Canadians, the T.A.R.D.I.S. is missing, and I can’t find my glasses. Oh, wait they’re on top of my head. No worries then.”

    The Doctor launches himself to the other side of the board. Landing next to the Centurion and says to him, “Rory, we’re going to need more help, see if you can find anyone else here.”

    He then turns to Alex Trebek and pulls out his psychic paper. “Mr. Trebek, I need you to find the over ride for the air lock.”

    “Minister Harper,” Mr. Trebek, “Did you get a facelift?”

    “Um, yes… “ The Doctor says looking quickly at the paper. “I needed to um… hide from the American hit squads.”

    “But Mr. Prime Minister, I’m not sure if any American knows who you are.”

    “Um… well… Canadian who defect and become American citizens… like… you.”

    Plunger: push E7

    Drain: Into the bumper at E10 leaving me in D9. Push from the bumper to B7.

    Minor: Use Skald Aura to heal the Centurion 1d6+6

    Standard: Charm of Misplaced Wrath on Mr. Trebek +8 (CA from the Master) vs. Will (14); using Heroic Effort if needed. Hit Mr. Trebek is dazed (save ends) and slid up to 6 squares (slide 3, +1 feat, +2 class) slide him to B6 then into me at B7 (combo shot – 1).
    1. Mr. Trebek to D4, the Doctor into the bumper (2) at A8 staying in B7
    2. The Doctor hits the Centurion staying in B7 (combo shot -3)
    3. The Centurion to E5 (telethrower -4), the Doctor hits the bumper again (5)
    4. The Centurion collides with Mr. Trebek (combo shot – 6)
    5. The Doctor is pushed to D6
    6. The Centurion goes to G3 (Extra Ball – 7) and Mr. Trebek collides with the Master (combo shot - 8)
    7. Ms. Dion respawns and is pushed from the plunger (may need to change after this if Ms. Dion does major changes to the board)

    I'm not sure about when the plunger goes off. Should I pause here for Ms. Dion to move or continue with my turn?

    Trash Talk:
    Yeah, that’s right in 1998 Trebek decided he didn’t want to be a Canadian:

    1. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this would be the 3rd time using Skald aura healing, and you only get 2 per encounter do you not? or does it reset when the bard dies?

    2. All encounter power refresh when you respawn, including heals.

    3. oh ok, I thought the healing was a twice daily thing, but encounter would make more sense I guess.

  15. The Centurion heals (5)+6 hp to get back up to 13 HP and just on the edge of bloodied.
    Misplaced Wrath: KKKHHHAAAANNN!!!!!!!!!!
    (8)+6+2 vs. Will 14; HIT!

    Celine Dion Respawns back into play, a clever way to bring her back onto the board, and she pushes herself (1)+(5) squares from the Plunger!

    After she posts her push, we still have the Centurion v. Trebel Combo Shot to resolve via Kurt's direction.

  16. Okay then, here's the rest of my turn.

    8. Mr. Trebek collides with the Doctor stopping in D5 (combo shot – 9) and the Master is pushed to F1 and Drop Target.
    9. Mr. Trebek moves to C3 and extra point (Damn you Trebek) and the Doctor moves into the wall.
    Effect: Mr. Trebek makes a melee basic attack with a +2 bonus to damage and the +5 for bonus point. Well no one’s there so punch yourself in the face for being an American traitor in the Eh Team (if that’s legal).

    Move -> Minor: Sustain the Temporal Storm and shift the Master to D1.

    1. Oh, the effect is still from the Charm of Misplaced Wraith which there were far too many free actions in the middle of.

  17. The Drop Target drops Shatner unconscious at -2 HP! I checked this ruling a few times, and a creature can indeed be forced to attack itself via Charm of Misplaced Wrath. I had ruled it that way in my home games before, but this is the first time I've seen it in deathmatch; a killer tactic!

    Seppuku: (6)+2+2 vs. AC 15; MISS!

    The Last Centurion is up!

  18. "This man..." the Last Centurion begins, as he rolls down to the arrow and is flung upward!

    "...spent aeons protecting..." as he ping-pongs up and across the board...

    "...the universe's last hope. And he didn't even exist at the time!" He brings his mighty polearm down on Trebek's dazed form. "You don't know the question? Who am I? Who is Rory Williams!?" His flurry of swings reduces the CanAmerican host to a bloody pulp.

    "Now. Where is Amy?" (evidently, I'm playing Chris Nolan's Rory)

    Drain: Rory to E-5. Trigger telethrower.
    Telethrower: Rory to D-4. Trigger Combo Shot.
    Combo Shot: Rory to E-5 (Trigger telethrower). Trebek to D-1, stopping in C-2 (Trigger Combo Shot)
    Telethrower: Rory to A-1. Collect Bonus Points. (still have one from last turn)
    Combo Shot: Master to F-1 (Trigger Drop Target). Trebek to A-3.
    Healing Strike vs Trebek
      • Attack: +12 vs AC (+8, +2 CA, +2 healing word)
      • Hit: 2d10 (reroll first 1) +15 (+5, +10 from bonus points) damage. The Master gets a healing surge, and +2 to hit until the end of my next turn.
      • Critical: free MBA against Trebek

    In the extremely unlikely event that Trebek's still conscious (!!) use my AP for Savage Reach.
      • Attack: +12 vs AC (+8, +2 CA, +2 healing word)
      • Hit: 1d10 (reroll first 1) +15 (+5, +10 from bonus points) damage. Slide Trebek to C-5.

  19. Quite the clever little move! The Drop Target gets both Trebek and Celine down to 3 HP (very bloodied), and Shatner is GIBBED!!!


    Healing Strike: (9)+12 vs. AC 15; HIT!
    for (9)+(6)+10 = 25 damage! (Trebek got hit down to -) and The Master is up to 25 HP.
    We were in error before, the Bonus Points are 1/turn, hence only +5 damage from last turn and +5 damage from this turn. Not that you need it.
    Trebek is not only unconscious, but he is GIBBED!!!

    Jack Harkness then Respawns to join the bloodshed with a push (4)+(1).

  20. I was checking out my nerd portals tonight and made a shocking discovery. Apparently Dr. Who has been making sex toys in between respawns... http://www.toplessrobot.com/2012/04/time_and_relative_dimensions_in_vaginas.php

    1. Ha, I saw that too. See, I always thought the opening credits were supposed to be a wormhole or something. This product proves me wrong.

  21. Ouch. Well, that hadn't gone well. One second he'd been after a girl, the next he'd been gunned down faster than the time he ran into those Daleks. And he'd lost his clothes. Celine, he'd gotten that at some point, let's try this again.

    "Hi! I'm Jack Harkness." The foul creature responds with a sneer. Jack shrugs, frowning at being snubbed a second time, and pulls out his glaive.

    "But... You're naked! Where were you hiding that?"

    "You really don't want to know."

    Spawn, push to F7.
    Fall to F10, stopped in F9 by bumper, push to H7.
    MBA: +7 vs AC, on hit 2d4+5 damage. If I hit, I'll use the effect from my daily to teleport to I4 and cover up the drop target. If I miss, Fey Step there instead.

    1. The mystical tools (these guys use tools on the show, right?) of Jack Harness strike true, opening up the jugular on Celine Dion!

      (10)+7 vs. AC 15; HIT!
      for (3)+(4)+5 = 12 damage! Celine Dion is knocked out a -9 HP!

      The Shat is back! William Shatner Respawns with a Push (2)+(3)

  22. This is the scene I'm referencing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bilZMfsIgLY

  23. Shatner bounces back as he always does

    Respawn Push to E7
    Drain to D8,D9,E10 stopped by Bumper
    Bumper push C8, B8
    Standard: Charm of Misplaced Wrath targeting Jack Harkness +6 vs will on hit slide 6(3+2 Enchantment Apprentice+1 Orb Mastery) to C6 and make a basic attack against the doctor with a +2 power bonus to the damage roll
    Move: Wizard's Fury Magic Missile Centurion for 7 Damage
    Minor: Voidsoul Assumption

    1. That is a crazy amount of sliding!

      (11)+6 vs. Will 14; HIT!
      Team Kill: (8)+7 vs. AC 17; MISS!
      I'm pretty sure Jack is now dazed. This certainly isn't the first time we've seen this spell in use at FTDM!

      The Centurion is dropped down to a mere 6 HP, and TREBEK respawns to finish the round for us, with a push (1)+(5)!

  24. if I miss Jack attacks himself (putting the halberd back wherever he got it from)

  25. OOC: Yes, he would be dazed.

    Trebek gears up for the triple jeopardy round, and takes his place on his new set. If only the podium would stop flying around all over the place when he steps on.

    "Gentlemen, we have a new category this round, Canadian Popular Culture and no, that isn't an oxymoron. This one is open to any of you."

    "This phrase coined by Jim Lahey refers to finding oneself in difficult situation."

    "What is sailing into a shit typhoon?"


    Plunger push to D7
    Drain to E10.
    Bumper to C7

    Standard: Howling Wall vs The Master and Centurion.
    + 6 vs fort
    Hit: slide The Master to D3, Centurion to B3. Use heroic effort if necessary, starting with Master.

    Action Point: Arcane Whirlwind centered in D4
    +6 vs ref
    Hit: 2d6+ 5 damage, +
    5 bonus points (1 roll vs all targets)
    Slide each target hit 2 squares.

    I'll see how this plays out, but I won't be able to post again until later on

    1. The shitstorms howls, covering everyone in top-quality northern manure.

      vs. Master: (16)+6 vs. Fortitude 13; HIT!
      vs. Centurion: (20)+6 vs. Fortitude 16; CRITICAL HIT! The Centurion, though, only goes to B2 since he is a Dwarf (the best race) and reduces forced movement.

      vs. Centurion: (1)+6 vs. Reflex 11; HUMILIATION! Pull thyself 5 squares.
      vs. Master: (15)+6 vs. Reflex 11; HIT!
      vs. Jack: (2)+6 vs. Reflex 15; MISS!
      vs. Doctor: (6)+6 +4 {heroic effort} vs. Reflex 16; HIT!
      for (3)+(1)+5+5 = 14 damage!

      The Master is bloodied again at 11 HP.
      The Doctor is bloodied at 10 HP.

      Slide away and expect map updates in the morning!

    2. Also, per a previous email, Trebek pushed himself to C8 instead of C7 via Drain dropping straight onto The Bumper.

  26. OOC: I think this is all okay, but apologies if there are any errors.

    Whirlwind slide the Doctor D6->C7->B8.
    Whirlwind slide Master D3->C3, triggering bonus points and a shake of my fist.
    Humiliation Pull Trebek C8->D9->E10, stopping in D9 and triggering Bumper.
    Bumper push Trebek D9->C8->B8, stopping in C8 and triggering Combo Shot.
    Combo Shot Trebek C8->D7->D6, and the Doctor B8->B9->B10.

    Minor: Whirlwind Slide Trebek D6->E5, triggering Telethrower.

    Telethrower push E5->D4->C3, stopping in D4 and triggering Combo Shot.
    Combo Shot Trebek D4->E3->F2 and the Master C3->B4->B5.

    Move Action (trade to minor): Whirlwind Slide myself onto the Drop Target, knocking the Doctor and Centurion below 0.

    Free Action: Shadow Warp.
    Close Burst 5
    Target: One creature in burst.
    Trigger: You reduce a creature to 0hp.
    Effect: You slide the target up to three squares.

    Slide Jack to G7.

  27. It was mentioned that Bonus POints is an end of turn kind of effect, hence removed on Respawn. Thusly, The Master and The Doctor are at 16 and 15 HP respectively. Which narrowly avoids a Killing Spree from the Drop Target! Arggg!

    I'm surprised you didn't go for the Extra Ball. I guess Rob's life means that little to you.

    The Who Team Blue Team is hurting real bad, after all that bouncing coming out at The Master (6 HP), The Doctor (5 HP), The Centurion (-4 HP), and Jack (19 HP).

    1. What's one life (even a super fantastic mega-awesome life like mine) compared to the eternal glory of the slaughter?


    The teams are breaking out their big guns and getting a real feel for how to manipulate this tactically complex map. Whose team will reign supreme? Find out in Round 04: