Snikt!: Recruitment for Play-by-Post E7M1: Danger Room (PbP Match 10) Now Open!

After seeing the polls results after Match 8, I am delighted to see that a bunch of people were interested in seeing E7M1: Danger Room as one of the next matches!
So let’s make this happen!  

 I am looking for 8-12 brave souls to join the fight and test this maps muster!  There is no hiding from the hazards in this room, they come to you!  Seeing that you won't be able to sleep at night until your in, email me, hit me up on twitter (@DeuceDM), or comment below to secure your place in this our grand experiment.   
Once the rosters have been filled, or as filled as they are going to get, teams will have the standard seven days to create PCs, discuss strategy, and generally prepare themselves for the challenges ahead.  Once game day hits, the adamantium hits the fan!  The match will start no sooner than May 8st, with teams hopefully filled out by April 24th.  This will be a standard six round match, following all of the new rules clarifications for Spring 2012.  

As per usual, the Dungeon Master wishes to emphasize the quickness and frantic pace of the match.

Happy hunting, mutants!


  1. Bam, sign me up for this one. hzurr314@gmail.com

  2. Are the people in Match 9 allowed to sign up? :P If so add me to the list, if not bah. ;P

    1. Sure! Send me an email, I don' think I have yours!

  3. I would like to join, but as I'm in match 9, feel free to kick me if someone not in a match wants to join and the match fills up.