Play--by-Post Match 10: Round 3 E7M1 Danger Room

With most of her enemies and allies unconscious, what does the now-cajun seasoned Wonder Woman do?  Destroy Deadpool, of course!
Longshot reappears, the luck of the gene-pool favoring him AGAIN.  What mayhem will he create this time?  He's the greatest show on TV, PG-13...where no one ever dies!  130 points of damage spread out and he still cannot bring his team even!
J'onn, you wake up with a pounding headache!  But only one foe on the board! Wow, Martian shoulders just aren't what they used to be...
Omega Red...redeems himself, with a killing spree!  Game not tied yet, though!  
Nightcrawler seems to have discovered the Iron Bands of Cyttorak, A Bamf-ing Juggernaut is a dangerous thing!  
No doubt Batman wants revenge on Nightcrawler, sporting a stare that kills! 
Straight from the frozen fortress of Solitude...comes Jor-the Iceman-El!   
Deadpools plans to send Wonder Woman to the great beyond are foiled, he is trapped under ice!
Rejoining the action, the Cannonball Colossus spawns at location 2, bowling Superman into Batman, and knocking him into oblivion!
Green Arrow, take us to the dndnext round!



  1. Wonder Woman spawns at location 4, gone are the hairy arms, but gained is a Cajun-accent only Rogue could love! (The Gambit x-gene, for those playing along at home)

    Tell me, do they have gumbo in Themyscira?

    Only Nightcrawler stands conscious to oppose her...

  2. Quick errata, I forgot the make the OA against Green Arrow for Juggerball before the last turn, so here it is:

    OA: (15)+7=22 vs AC 15..hit! For (2)=12 damage...Green Arrow is at 11 hp and bloodied! Then he pulls juggerball to the voidsoul pit, etc.

    1. I mean (2)+12=14 damage. GA @ 9 hp...

  3. Wonder Woman comes back and sees the despicable deadpool lying helpless almost at her feet a roguish streak takes over and she decides to off him before he can do anymore damage.


    Move: I9-H8-H7-I6
    Standard: Coup de Grace (with Melee Basic Attack) on Deadpool +8 vs AC D10+7 using heroic effort if necessary (17 damage should kill him outright)
    Action Point: Melee Basic Attack on Nightcrawler D10+7 damage (re-roll 1-3) use heroic effort in necessary and available and use power strike for an extra d10 (re-roll 1-3) on hit
    Free Action: use dual weapon attack on Nightcrawler if the first attack hit using heroic effort if available and necessary +8 vs AC d10+7 (re-roll 1-3)
    Minor: Use Skald's auro to give Superman a healing surge

    1. Tech:
      As per emails, no usage of Skald's aura while J'onn is napping...the rest looks legit though!
      Movement avoids OAs from Nightcrawler...

      Coup de deadpool:
      (8)+10 (CA)=15 vs AC 20-5=15..hit! Crit! 17 damage, which is above deadpool's bloodied value, so HE IS GIBBED! Being slain outright, do not pass 0 hp, do not activate stormhawk's vengeance!

      AP for MBA vs Nightcrawler:
      (3)+8=11 vs AC 19...miss! Heroic effort won't help, and is saved...

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    3. "Zzz... what, don't let the monkeys take my guns... zzz... Use Hellish Rebuke... zzz... 1d6 + 5 fire damage... zzz..."

    4. I hemmed and hawed over this, as DP is unconscious, but logic wins out. This is a racial ability, free action, and is a devilish response to being hit.

      (4)+5=9 fire damage to WW...shes @ 17hp!

  4. Quick Errata note: Rogue's resist all is 10, so upon review, and with the inspiration from Green Arrow, Batman/Rogue is all healed up on hp @ 26...again, my apologies again!

    Longshot respawns at location 3...as...wait for it...MAGNETO! Seriously, you are a lucky SOB Trent. Fits your character well...release the magnets of war!

  5. The chant of the crowd thundering in his ears still...longshot feels like a god on TV for the first time. American idol: lame. Sunday night football: lame. American Gladiators? That's my style BA-BY!!!!!

    Longshot moves away from wonder woman, no need to hit on her again...can't get all that hair outta my head. He reaches the optimal spot, and unleashes his magnetism! Assuming any foes stand, Longshot moves swiftly to strike them down!

    Seeing hat is this gonna get confused, here's my plan...move to H9
    Std action to use master of magnetism...elven accuracy against the first person I miss that isn't night crawler.
    If I hit and don't kill, slid dungeoneers to the following locations:
    Bats, superman, GA...into the void soul pit.
    MM five squares diagonal to H11 and into the death trap.
    WW: to M3.
    Nightcrawler: M7...

    If anyone is left, oath of enmity on the lowest hp total, use my latest AP to shift via angelic alacrity and swing away...if I don't clear the board, I will be VERY UPSET.

  6. Tech:

    Move action:
    From J5 (location 3) -->H9...whats that? An unarmed OA from WW?
    (2)+5=7..she kicks, shes elbows..nothing!

    Standard action:
    Green Arrow: (3)+8=11 vs Ref 13-5 (uncon)..hit!...for (7+1+1)=8 damage and slid to F12...saving throw vs voidsoul pit: 15! GA @ 15 hp and prone!
    Batman: (8)+8=16 vs Ref 17-5 (uncon)..hit!..for (1+8+4)-10=3 damage and slid to F10...saving throw to avoid voidsoul pit: 20! Bats @ 23hp and prone!
    Superman: (6)+8=14 vs Ref 12-5 (uncon)..hit!...for (9+8+9)-5=21 damage....GIBBED!
    Wonder Woman: (3)+8=11 vs Ref 17..miss!...Elven accuracy: (5)+8=13..no go!
    Nightcrawler: (11)+8=19 vs Ref 14..hit!...for (8+8+8)=24...nightcrawler @ -13...GIBBED!
    Martian Manhunter: (5)+8=13 vs Ref 15-5..hit!...for (4+6+8)=18..MM @5hp and slid to H13

    ...looks like the dice fell in the right places for the Justice League!

    ...no killing spree, you only managed to kill Superman (who was already below 0 hp!) and nightcrawler!...so far!

    Minor action:
    Oath of enemy on MM...what, afraid of bats, Mr. Bigshot?

    for angelic alacrity...shift up to 5 squares then attack from I12:
    (19,20!) Critical hit for Longshot! 26 damage to MM...he is at -15 and his phoenix power activates! 10 fire and psychic damage to WW (@ 16 hp), GA (@ 5 hp), and Longshot (@ 17 hp)...MM is back with 11 hp!

    Holy PG-13 show longshot...Killing spree activated, and it blows up in your face!

    I don't think that turned out like ANYONE was expecting! 130 points of damage dealt out, and only TWO DEATHS!

    Martian Manhunter your turn starts with a POUNDING HEADACHE...he takes 5 damage for starting in the Shi'ar Deathtrap,is prone, and is @ 6 hp! Go!

  7. J'onn stands, and looks at the flaming allies and enemies around him in horror. "You...this is your fault!" He enters into a low chant, but rather than raising his sword against the master of magnetism, the Martian Manhunter spies the telepad behind him, and shoves the creature back a square.

    Move: Stand
    Minor: Disruptive Words - creatures in my Skald Aura grant CA
    Standard: Bull Rush, pushing Longshot into J10 +2 (CA) vs. Fortitude

    1. Stand, check.
      DW activated, check.
      Martian Bull rush: (6)+2=8 vs Fort 12.

      Any for anyone asking, RAW, in the compendium, you can bull rush to the diagonal. IT IS KNOWN.

  8. Omega Red spawns in location 1...still whipping up a STORM.

    Getting a lot of repeats, only the storm and bishop cards have not seen play yet! Either way, Omega Storm has 24 hours to post!


    Move: from E5 to G10
    Standard:Spirit Flay on Green Arrow and the ugly Martain, +7 Vs. Ref, 1d10+8 Damage. (additional +2 for CA on Green Arrow because it's a melee attack)

    If Martian drops to 0 I gain phasing and insubstantial

    If I drop both GA and Martian then I spend my AP Armor of Winter's Grasp +5 Vs. Fort, 2d6+8 (+2 to hit on Martain from CA and it's an auto crit)
    Half Damage on a miss, and I gain a +2 to AC and FORT until the end of the encounter.

    1. Spirit Flay vs MM:
      (11)+7=18 vs Ref 15..hit! for (9)+8=17 damage! MM @-11 hp! MM is GIBBED!

      Spirit Flay vs GA:
      (17)+9=26 vs Ref 13-5...hit! for (6)+8=14 damage. GA @ -9 hp!

      Omega Storm is insubstantial and gains phasing!

      AP: You already spent one in Rd 1! But you just got a KILLING SPREE!

      AoWG vs Batman, as he's the only one in range, and I assume you mean your using this as a coup de grace:
      (13)+5=18 vs Fort 13..hit! 20-10(from rogue's resist) = 10 damage..not enough to kill the Batman outright! Batman @ 13hp!

      AoWG activated, see stats above!

  10. Nightcrawler respawns at location 4...as a very devout, bamf!-ing JUGGERNUAT!

  11. Nightcrawler appears in the midst of the carnage before him looking big and angry with some shiny gauntlets strapped to his massive wrists. "DIE DIE DIE! You vill taste my wraths, Justice League!!" (For full immersive effects, read this in a very bad stereotypical German accent.)

    *MOVE - Teleport to E12 (with bottom left corner in this square - Large size teleporting is confusing!) - As a result of my Eladrin Swordmage Advance feat I get to make a free MBA vs Green Arrow
    *FREE MBA - MBA vs Green Arrow (+5 vs AC, +10 vs AC due to GA being unconscious - 1d8+2 damage, +5 damage due to Juggernaut power - Due to unconscious on a hit, Coup De Grace!)
    *From VANISHING BLADE (used in Round 1) after a successful melee attack I can teleport 3 squares as a free action - TELEPORT TO E9 (with the bottom right corner in this square - again, Large size teleporting, sheesh!)
    *STANDARD - I'm the Juggernaut, Bitch! vs BatRogue (+8 vs Fortitude, +13 vs Fortitude due to unconscious - 3d8+10 damage and the target is pushed 10 squares, +5 damage from Juggernaut power - on a MISS: 1/2 damage and pushed 5 squares)
    *From VANISHING BLADE (used in Round 1) after a successful melee attack I can teleport 3 squares as a free action - TELEPORT TO H6 (with bottom right corner in this square)
    *Blazing Pursuit vs Wonder Woman (+7 vs AC, 1d8+4 damage, +5 damage from Juggernaut power - On a hit if the target is w/in 5 squares of me by the end of it's turn I can, as a free action, teleport to a square adjacent to the target.)
    *MINOR - Mark Wonder Woman with my Aegis of Assualt

    1. OH! More:

      *From VANISHING BLADE (used in Round 1) after a successful melee attack (this time vs WW) I can teleport 3 squares as a free action - TELEPORT TO E3

    2. Nightcrawler, really what's the point of yelling "THE, THE, THE!"... oh, English not German.

    3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrTGyGSdrtI

    4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2FN7Am3Rsg

  12. Darmok and Jalad on Youtube.

  13. In light of trying to NOT teleport into a pit... (Thanks Anthony for the heads up!)

    Here is my updated movement/teleportations. The attacks will remain the same!

    *Teleport from Fey Step goes to G12 with the upper right corner in that square. (Instead of E12)

    *Teleport from successful melee to G9 with the upper right corner in that square (instead of E9)

    The rest of my movement/teleportation should be as written above. Pit successfully avoided!

    1. eldarin sword age advance MBA vs GA:(8)+5+2=15 vs AC15-5=10...hit! For (7)+7=14 damage! GA is GIBBED!
      A coup is a std action, cannot be done with a free MBA....not that it technically mattered!

      Showing BatRogue your the Juggernaut:
      (2)+8+2=12 vs Fort 12-5=7....hit! Roll a two, drink the Helles!
      (3+5+7)+15=30-10 damage! BatRogue goes down! @ -7 hp!

      Teleport (again)

      Her Juggernauts blazing pursuit of WW:
      (4)+9=13 damage! WW @ 3 hp!

      What does this all mean? MTHE JUSTICE LEAGUE HAS LOST THE LEAD!!!! It's 8 vs 9 as Batman respawns at location 1 as the CABLEman!!!!

  14. "Apocalypse Now, or bust."

    Batman finds himself upright and on the ground, trying to figure out why he was no longer flying. A part of him thinks to have Alfred inspect his gas mask next time he sees him.

    Seeing his stealthy, but large, counterpart in front of him, he knows just how to bring him down.


    Standard: Psionic Apoptosis vs the Juggernaut, Bitch.
    Save and die; it should bring him down to zero regardless, methinks.

    Move: Ambush Trick, no movement

    Minor: Predatory Eye

    Action Point: Charge vs Omega Storm
    Move to G9.
    Free: Backstab
    +14 (8 + backstab + CA + charge) vs AC 18 (roll another two and I'll be drinking more than just hooch)
    Hit: 2d8 (surprising charge) + 4d6 (sneak attack, backstab, predatory eye) + 8 (7 + 1 vs undead for Restless Dead background feature [finally a chance to use it])

    1. Sorry for the delay gents, I was out to dinner and a movie with the wife and friends.

      Psionic Apoptosis:
      (Aladeen!)...I mean (18!)...saved! The Juggs takes 10 (psy vul)+15(psy)-10(resist all) = 15 psychic damage. Nightcrawler/Juggernaut @ 9 hp and bloodied! Funny how the resist and vulnerability cancel each other out...its like it was planned that way!

      AP Charge vs Omega Storm:
      (6)+14=20 vs AC 18(16+2 from AoWG)...hit! (5+6)+(2+1+2+1)+8=25...half damage from Omega Storm being insubstantial (see above turn)...12 damage. OS @ 11 hp and bloodied!

  15. Superman respawns at location 2...on the edge of the soon to be gone voidsoul pit...and what sort of name is Superman, especially when your made of ice? You should be ICEMAN. Yes, that name fits wonderfully.

    1. Just a reminder about location 2...that square is safe from the voidsoul pit. However, none of the other blackened squares are.

  16. "Time to take a chill pill, monkey boy"


    MOVE: Ice Bridge to F6
    STANDARD: Iron Fist (+8 vs AC; 1d12+4 dmg, brutal 2 high crit)
    MINOR: Battlemind's Demand on Nightcrawler

    1. Iron Fist:
      (15)+8=23 vs AC 19...hit!
      (7)+4=11-10=1 damage to nightcrawler! NC @ 8 hp!

      Battle has been demanded!

    2. And for the record, IF grants SuperIceman resist 3 all...don't want anyone forgettin about that!

    3. Juabe, you forgot to mention you ice powers! An extra 5 cold damage to Nightcrawler and immobilized (save ends)! NC @ 3 hp!

  17. Deadpool respawns at location 1, as the Angel of Death...and sarcasm! Hit it!

  18. Fluff:
    Deadpool reappears with a sputtering jet pack on his back. “Woh, I had the weirdest dream… I was Santa’s ice skating helper and then some monkey in a Wonder Woman costume tried to steal my guns. That can’t be correct as I am the Rocketman!” And as if on cue, Elton John starts blasting into the Danger Room.

    He notices that Superman is right next to him. “Gawd! Superfreak, I know you loved that Green Lantern movie, but for the love of all that is holy, wear your Green Lantern underoos UNDER you tights!” Deadpool glances at Superman long enough to plunge a katana into him.

    Then noticing the only female on the board, he jets over to her. “Hey baby, wana’ go back to my place and use that lasso in a crazy way?” After Wonder Woman drops dead as the jet pack backfires. “No, nothing like that, I just want to pull motorcycle riders off their bikes.”

    Minor: Divine Challenge Superman (maybe that should be Insulting Challenge).

    Standard: Virtuous Strike against Superman, +8 vs. AC. on a hit 1d8+5 damage and I gain a +2 bonus to saving throws until the start of my next turn.

    Move: Techno-organic wings to J6 (if Superman’s OA hits, he takes 1d6+5 from Infernal Wrath). Wonder Woman takes 10 damage, dropping her down below 0 which instantly kills her.

    Query: shouldn’t Bats be down 5 due to the attack on JuggerNight?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Wait on the Move, I don't think I can get to J6 w/o taking an OA from Wonder Woman. I'll move F5->G4->H4->I5 instead. If Superman freezes me in F5, would he take the 10 from the flying instead? And for those of you who saw the last post, there's a possibility that I might be indecisive.

    3. And....now that Kurt has decided on movement...

      Virtuous strike vs Superman:
      (16)+8=24 vs AC 17...hit! For (1)+5=6-3 (iron fist resist 3)=3 damage..supermans @ 30 hp

      OA from Superman during the movement:
      (18)+6=24 vs AC 20...hit! For (6)+2=8 damage. DP @ 23 hp....And your immobilized!

      Infernal earth goes off: (2)+5=7-3=4 damage to supes. Superman @ 26 hp.

      WW is safe. Well, at least until the Colossus Cannon spawns at location 2. Bat-her up?!?

    4. 2 questions:

      Shouldn't Superman take 10-3 damage as I ended my move adjacent to him?
      Can I have my saving throw vs. being frozen?

    5. Yup, both of those things happen...

      Damage covered in my last post (below)

      Save vs immobilized: (13)! You were only cooled, not frozen.

    6. So as Deadpool flies away, Superman hits his rocket pack causing an explosion. For damaging his new toy, Deadpool fires a few bullets into Superman.

  19. OOC: After my last attack on Wonder Woman I had posted as a Free Action that I would teleport to E3 as per my Vanishing Blade ability but I was never teleported. I just now realized that!

  20. Forgot the angel wings clipping superman for 10-3=7 damage. Supes @ 19 hp

  21. "Come now, comrades, this is no way to be fighting. Let us bring vengeance! Good thing I am always invulnerable while blahsting! Especially now. HAHA!"

    Comrade Cannonball goes zooming through the air and settles right next to Wonderwoman. Drawing the attention of the Amazonian and the Bat, he reachs out with a long arm towards the the Man of Steel and flings him towards the Batman.

    "Let us see how well you like this trick. Is new."


    move action: move so bottom left corner of Cannonball is in H7 (drawing OA from Bat)

    free action: mark wonderwoman and batman

    standard action: Fastball Special +8 vs. Superman's fortitude, Superman is slid (E6,E7,F8,G9,F9) and takes 15 damage. Batman takes 5 damage and is pushed 2 squares (E10,D11) into pit.

    1. OA from Batman:
      (10)+8=18 vs AC 18...just enough to hit!...for (3)+7= 10-10=0 damage!

      Fastball Special...(This is actually a Curveball Special!):
      (14)+8=22 vs Fort 15..hit!...Superman takes 15-3=12 damage, is @7 hp!
      Batman takes 5 damage, is @ 16 hp....slide to D11 and...(6!)..Batman falls in the voidsoul pit and is GIBBED!

      Green Rogue spawns at location 4! Take us home! Deuce-y needs a new hazard!

  22. OMG, I missed the OA from WW on cannonball as he moved by....

    Also, b/c the cannonball moved in and had himself flanked for a moment, batman deals an extra (5+1)=6 damage +10 from the earlier roll...also, colossus resist was 5, not 10...16-5=11 damage...cannonball @17 hp!

    I swear, the last three rounds won't include so many fuckups on the DMs part!

  23. OOC: Coming in close, I know, but I made it!

    "Oh, flight! I've always wanted to do this." Oliver hovers in the air, glad to not have something blocking his view for once. A strange attraction comes over him when he glances in Diana's direction, and an epic love ballad comes forth, undecipherable to any that didn't grow up in the south.

    Declaration of love gone, he flies over to one of the consoles. "Blasted machine! Never again shall you curse us!" He drives an arrow into what looks like a weak point, only to realize it's just one large button. He quickly picks a set of coordinates away from his team members.

    Minor: Inspiring word on WW: HS +1d6

    Move: Fly to N8 (hovering just above the console)

    Standard: Activate console on square F5

  24. IW: 6+(3)=9 hp...WW @ 12!

    Your flight provokes an OA from Longshot:
    (5)+3=8 vs AC 15...miss!

    Console on F5: (6)= N'Garai seal! Nothing to harm the group of eXiles...but it lasts until the EoE.

    DMs Turn Hazard (the voidsoul pit disappears):
    (3)+1=4; (9)+1=10...so in J4...(10!)...Knockout gas again for the whole board!

    Saves in Init order:
    WW: (19)...safe!
    Longshot: (17)...safe!
    Omega: (11)...safe!
    Nightcrawler: (18)...safe!
    Superman: (10)...safe!
    Deadpool: (17+2)...safe!
    Cannonball: (11)...safe!
    GA: (1!)...The Green Rogue falls down onto the console and is prone!

    I gotta pick new dice, not enough carnage!

  25. New Round starts here:

    I know its the holiday weekend, so the countdown for WW to post will be extended to Tuesday morning, 9am EST. Enjoy everyone!