Play-by-Post: Match 08 Round 01 MORTAL KOMBAT

Round 1 - FIGHT!!!


  1. Mario and Link draw the (4) and (5) Kombat Kards, respectively.

  2. "It's-a-me!"

    Mario leaps onto the stage and looks around, before pulling out a mushroom and munching thoughtfully...

    Spawn onto the warrior shrine stage
    Standard Action - total defense
    Move action - swing my arms from side to side #ObscureReference

    minor question - could we either get the Kombat Kards numbered, or could you specify which card we get so I don't have to try and match up a tiny face picture with a card?

    1. Sure thing, Mario got Jonny Cage, allowing you to slide 1 square either before or after each attack, and you gain the Nutbreaker encounter power. You also wear sunglasses and happen to be my favorite character in the series.

      Link will have the Kano Kombat Kard, granting him the Chokehold encounter power, immunity to OA's from creatures he has grabbed, and the ability to slide around creatures he has grabbed when he moves.

      Lastly, please indicate which square on your Arena you want to appear in. For most round, you can just say "adjacent to that guy" or some such, but being as we have an empty board, it would be best to indiacte where you want to go. For simplicity sake, we can say that the #1 Column is to the far left and the #12 Column is to the far right.

    2. Square 6! Middle domination!

  3. Link spawns and looks around silently. Wait, how'd he get here? And where'd that strange woman he'd been chasing go? He readies his weapon warily.

    Spawn onto the bridge stage, in square 7.
    Standard: Total defense
    Move: Toss a demon cat-thing off the bridge
    Minor: Use Summon Shadow-Wrought Weapon

  4. Now the fun starts, gentlemen.
    Catwoman Respawns into the match at an unoccupied square of her choosing.

    Choose Your Destiny!
    (3) Scorpion - Catwoman is immune to fire and gains the Get Over Here! encounter power.

  5. Catwoman leaps up on to the stage next to the fiery little plumber. "You really need to cool down little man." She pulls a little bottle off of her utility belt and sprays a cold substance on the mustached, little Italian. As ice crystals form over his body, bits of cold cling to Catwoman's jumpsuit granting her greater protection from harm.

    No Action: Spawn on Warrior Shrine in square to left of Mario (square 5 I believe)

    Standard Action: Armor of Winter's Grasp on Mario, +6 vs Fortitude. 2d6+8 cold damage on a hit, Miss: half damage. Effect: I gain +2 to AC and Fort until end of encounter.

    On Hit

    Free Action: Takedown Strike: Target also takes 5 additonal damage and is knocked prone.

    If dropped to 0 hp or less.

    No Action: Convocation of Shadows: I gain insubstantial and phasing until the end of my next turn.

    Minor Action: Smile really pretty for the camera.

  6. (3)+6 vs. Fortitude 14; MISS!!!
    Ohhh , sorry about the garbage roll!
    Mario still takes 1/2x (5)+(6)+8= 9 damage! to be at 17 HP.
    Catwoman's defenses updated to reflect end of encounter changes.

    The Joker comes in whereever ... it ... likes and has gained the (5) Kombat Kard: Kano.

  7. A poof of pink smoke, and the joker appears on stage, "Wait a second, this isn't gotham city hall! I had a lovely evening planned playing go fish with commisioner Gordon...well now you've gone and ruined my fun, so we're gonna have to play a new game, aren't we fatso? What are you supposed to be anyway, a pizza delivery boy?". "I go first, and if you win, I'll grow a mustache just like you!!! Ahahahahahahaha!

    Tech: spawn next to Mario, flanking with catwoman.
    Standard action: Opening move (encounter power) +10 vs AC, 4d6+5 damage on a hit. Effect: gain +4 to my AC and REFLEX until EoNT.
    Will wait for next actions following the attack roll!

  8. (19) BRUTALITY!!!

    Mario takes (6)+(6)+(6)+(6)+5= 29 damage!
    Mario is unconscious at -10 HP!

    Mario is slid to the unoccupied square immediately above him on the Bridge Stage. Joker gives pursuit into the only available adjacent square.

    Joker has a Move Action and a Minor Action remaining.

  9. "oh well, you lose!". Thanks for playing. See you next slaughter! Without Mario to play with, the Joker ninja-jumps up, sees the little girl there, and tries the old "nail gun hidden in the rosebush trick. A classic!

    Minor action: ninja-jump up to bridge level, next to Zelda. That's right, I went there.
    Take OA vs AC 21.

    Minor action: razor storm vs link, +7 vs reflex, 1d6+5 damage and use takedown strike to add 5 damage to that (total 1d6+10) and knock him prone.

    1. Because of the Uppercut, you're actually on the Bridge Stage already, adjacent to Mario, directly above Catwoman.

    2. Since Mario is unconscious, I will take the bull by the horns, interpret your post as best the rules will allow, and rule that you are moving into his square and using Razor Storm, attacking both targets.

      Mario: (13)+7 vs. Reflex 8; HIT!!!
      for 6 damage minimum; Mario is gibbed when he hits -13 HP


      Link: (19) BRUTALITY!!!

      With Takedown Strike and being knocked off of the Bridge, Link takes (6)+5+5+10= 26 damage!
      Link is exactly at 0 HP!

      FINISH HIM!!!

      I'll put The Joker to the left of Link, but chime in if you would prefer the right.

      Nihil begins the debut of The Immortals, taking the (3) Scorpion Kombat Kard.

  10. this won't matter, but Mario was not unconscious. Revanent, and all that.

  11. Almost forgot, Joker has also achieved a FLAWLESS VICTORY!!!, gaining 10 temporary hit points.

  12. Oh shit, yikes!, rewind!

    Mario was never unconscious, he was dazed. Hence, the movement into his space should never have happened.

    Mario gets gibbed and FATALITY!! and all, but Link remains untouched.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Quite!

      (16)+10 vs. Reflex 16; HIT!!!
      for (1)+(3)+(1)+5= 10 damage!

      Link is still standing at 16 HP; no Killing Spree.

    2. Just to clarify, I deleted this comment b/c of the rewind. Reposted for completeness:

      Sure, keep me on the sinister side.

      "this must be destiny, you look exactly like the boy wonder, after I clipped his wings and tried to see if he could still fly!

      But while I am on a roll, let's spend an action point here and attack link with precision incision.
      +10 vs reflex 16, 3d6+5 damage on a hit. Nothing on a miss, it's a reliable daily power. That would gain me a killing spree, no? THEN MY TURN WILL BE DONE.

  14. With a sudden *pop*, Nihil springs into being. "Wait, what? Oh, things to kill!" He leers at the strange being in front of him. "Be very afraid..."

    Spawn onto topmost level, space #8 (immediately to the right of Link).
    Minor: Use Evil Eye of the Vistani on Link (+6 vs. Will, Hit: EonT target provides ME with CA and cannot move closer.

    Will determine other actions after that attack.

    1. The dungeoneers are starting to cluster together!

      Eye of the Vistani is a Ranged attack, provoking an OA from Link:
      (17)+3 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
      Nihil takes (2) damage to be at 23 HP

      (16)+6 vs. Will 17; HIT!!!
      Link is now granting combat advantage and cannot move closer to Nihil.

    2. "Excellent.Already it learns to submit."

      Standard: Melee basic attack vs Link (+9 vs AC due to CA, 1d8+4 damage)
      If this attack hits, trigger Strike from the Shadows (Encounter: Eont Weaken and shift 2) and shift to square 10 (two to the right) and end turn.
      If this attack misses, shift to square 9 (one to the right)and end turn.

      Reactions: If I am hit by any attack while bloodied, trigger Firedeath. If I am hit by any encounter or daily attack that deals damage, trigger Firedeath.

  15. (18)+9 vs. AC 18; HIT!!!
    for (8)+4+ UPPERCUT!!! (8)= 20 damage!!!

    Link is uppercutted off the top Bridge and dropped through the floor to land, dying and unconscious (-4 HP), in the bubbling Dead Pool.

    FYI, I'm using the blood drop to indicate unconscious characters who are just begging for a Fatality.


    Red Hook jumps into the arena with the Liu Kang Kombat Kard; dealing 5 extra damage with fire attacks and gaining the Bicycle Kick encounter power. I don't know about you guys, but I'm sitting at my desk making Mortal Kombat / ninja sounds. Wha wha wha wha wha!

  16. The Red Hood enters the arena looking excited for an easy (and permanent) kill against the fallen Link. Drawing his blade from its sheath he moves forward towards his alone opponent ready to strike.

    Move: Ambush Trick to move up to the alone opponent, Link, ensuring Combat Advantage for the strike.
    Standard: MBA vs Link (+10 vs AC due to CA, 1d6+7 damage +2d8 Sneak Attack damage)
    If the attack misses: Red Hood will use Heroic Effort to attempt the strike again.

    1. Red Hood jumps into battle!
      (7)+10 vs. AC 13 [unconscious]; HIT!!!
      Link is gibbed at -13 HP

      Excel makes her way into Mortal Kombat, summoning the spirit of the necromancer Shang Tsung, Kombat Kard (9). She may steal Kombat Kards from those she has slain with You're Soul Is Mine, and is immune to attacks with the weapon keyword.

      Yeah, that just happened. Team Arkham, prepare for a beatdown!

  17. Mario's death would have triggered my Convocation of Shadows as well. Insubstantial and Phasing until end of my next turn.

  18. Excel appears in a loud explosion. After coughing this smoke from her lungs she whips off a smart salute. "Hail Ilpalazzo-samma, Excel has arrived to complete her mission. First secure emergency rations."

    Excel Appears in a square adjacent to Red Hood.
    Excel uses Thunder Hooves Rage against Red Hood (+8 vs. AC 3d8+6 damage on a hit half damage on a miss).
    If I miss by 4 or less use heroic effort.
    Trigger Disciple of Destruction feat if it applies.

    Will determine other actions after that attack.

    1. The hooves thunder away!
      (16)+8 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
      for (8)+(2)+(4)+6 damage! Red Hood is bloodied by that attack at 2 HP, so here comes the fun part; Excel's Disciple of Destruction deals an extra 5 HP to Red Hood, dropping him to -3 HP. This triggers both Red Hood's Stormhawk's Vengenace as well as FLAWLESS VICTORY!!!, for zero net effect. Lastly, this also trigger's YOUR SOUL IS MINE, stealing the Liu Kang Kombat Kard.
      Excel has her Move Action and Minor Action unspent. Map updates will be in the morning.

      FINISH HIM!!!

    2. Excel quickly checks Red Hoods pockets for food, then jumps in the air laughing happily. On the way back down she slips and lands in the dead pool stage.

      Minor action check pockets
      Move action Ninja Leap to dead pool stage.

    3. As quick heads up for effects on Excel. Utilizing Thunder Hooves Rage has caused me to enter the Bersekers Fury state which causes my melee basic attacks to do an additional 1d8 damage it will also make both of my at wills do and additional 1d8 as well.
      Also here is the text for the effect on Thunder Hooves Rage.

      Effect: You enter the rage of the thunder hooves. Until the rage ends, you can move through one or two enemies’ spaces during each of your turns. When you move through an enemy’s space, your next attack against that enemy during the same turn deals 1[W] extra damage.

      Barbarian Rages last until the end of the encounter.

    4. I have been informed that this post may have sounded a bit braggy which was not my intention. I only wished to inform. If I offended anyone I apologize.

  19. I don't think that was at all bragging, I always prefer more information to less.

    As a clarification, Shang Tsung's Kombat Kard grants immunity to only untyped damage with the weapon keyword. So everyone with, I don't know, a lightsaber or something would be good to go.

    Young Link springs onto the board, ready to avenge the pounding his team has gotten this round. He draws the Liu Kang Kombat Kard, dealing 5 extra damage on fire attacks and getting Bicycle Kick, an encounter attack power with no keywords whatsoever.

    1. Excel jumped down onto the bottom level with me as his last action.

    2. Right my bad! I'll have it on the next map update.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Link approaches the pedestal with the glowing sword stuck into it. He grabs the handle and pulls the blade free as a bright light surrounds him, filling him with energy. When his vision returns, he sees a strange woman staring at him. He doesn't know where he is, but he can sense she is a villain. He gives the Master Sword a swing, firing a beam of energy at her, then lets out a yell as he charges straight for her, sword held high.

    Appear on Warrior Shrine Stage, somewhere between 2 and 5 squares to the right of Catwoman

    Minor: Create Shadow-Wrought Weapon (Carrikal)

    Standard: Armor of Agathys - gain 10 THP and any enemy that starts their turn next to me takes 1d6 +5 cold damage until EoE

    Minor: Warlock's Curse on Catwoman

    Free: Holy Smite on Catwoman - She takes 4 radiant damage

    Action Point: Charge Catwoman with Eldritch Strike (should be in column 6)
    +9 (base 7, 1 shadow-wrought, 1 charge) vs AC 19
    On hit: 1d8 (brutal 2) +1d6 +6 and is dazed (+1d8 on crit) (no sliding)
    Heroic Effort if miss within 4

    1. As a side note, we generally allow Auras and an At-Will stance to be active during the first round of combat, as design for normal play encounters assumes so. I'm assuming you want your Defender Auar active. Correct me if I'm wrong here.

      Link spin-jumps in and charges Catwoman!
      (14)+9 vs. AC 17: HIT!!!
      for 1/2x (4)+(1)+6= a mere 5 damage! Catwoman is at 18 HP and, as a Halfling, can choose to have me reroll that attack. For future, I'll automatically reroll attacks that deal a net of 10+ damage if second chance is unused, or as Joe designates.

      Red Shirt wraps up the round coming in with Kombat Kard (6): Goro.
      Imagine a Red Shirt stomping on your face with four arms ... forever!!!

    2. Oooh, did not know that but will remember from here on, and yes, have it active.

      Also, don't forget the 4 (so I guess 2) damage from Holy Smite

    3. Right, holy smite adds in a net of 2 more, dropping Catwoman down to 16 HP

  21. Question: If I drew and equipped another two-handed weapon, would I only be able to make two attacks, or could I do four?

    1. Four-Armed Beatdown allows for up to four basic attacks, regardless of how many weapons you have in your hands.

  22. Thanks. Just needed to work out some contingencies.

    Ensign Carlisle's log, stardate 3451.9: I've just arrived on the Enterprise, and the captain already chose me for an important mission. I get to escort some weird artificial intelligence as it inspects the ship. As long as it doesn't try to go anywhere it shouldn't, everything will be fine...

    Free: Spawn next to Young Link with Unfettered Fury Stance active. Gain and draw a Halberd.

    Standard: Four-Armed Beatdown vs Young Link and Catwoman.
    Attack Link with Fullblade until he drops, and Catwoman with Halberd with any remaining attacks.

    Vs. Link.
    Fullblade: +7 (5, +3 prof, +1 class, -2 stance) vs AC, d12+11 per attack.
    Use Heroic Effort if needed on any attack vs Young Link.

    Vs. Catwoman
    +6 vs AC; d10+11 per attack.
    Use Heroic Effort if available/needed, and Power Strike on the first attack that hits.

    I'll declare the rest of my turn after this resolves.

    1. You'll be attacking with a fullblade the whole time; Goro's Kombat Kard is restricted to shields and one-handed weapons. Maybe for PAX East we'll change it?

      (7)+7 vs. AC 20; MISS!!!
      (5)+7 vs. AC 20; MISS!!!
      for (12)+11+(12)+ high crit weapon (4)= 36 damage!!!
      (8)+7 vs. AC 20; MISS!!!

      Link is knocked down to the Spiked Pit stage, Red Shirt following. Young Link (due to his Armor of Agathys temp HP) survives the brutal thrashing, but is bloodied and prone at 7 HP.

      Red Shirt has a Move and Minor action left.

  23. Young Link would be impaled and take 5 damag, correct? Also, I'm counting 39 damage on the attack.

    1. You're correct, 39 damage, putting Young Link at a mere 4 HP! Ripe for the killing!

      The 5 damage from the Spiked Pit Stage applies only when a dungeoneer slides a target. Think of it like sliding your enemy into the paper, impaled on the background spikes.

    2. Oh wait ... I see what you're doing there, now. YOUNG LINK IS IMPALED!!! This drops him to -1 HP and restrained (escape DC 21).


  24. In which case I will take a free action to rejoice and end the round.


    The sage continues in Round 2: http://www.fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.com/2012/03/play-by-post-match-08-round-02-mortal.html