Play-by-Post: Match 06 Round 05


Macho Man SELF-GIBS and respawns in location 4, before leaping across the webs and healing Sgt. Slaughter!
Keith Richards starts his turn prone and marked by El Santo. He heals himself, and tries to sneak past, but El Santo grabs hold of him! Keith deploys a turret!
Sgt. Slaughter attacks Joey and teleports down, only to be blasted to bits by a turret! The Blue Flag goes into the Trench
Joey starts his turn on the rickety stairs, and quickly runs down and dives into the trench!
El Santo starts his turn ducking bullets from Turrets, and with a Keith Richards in his grasp. El Santo runs through a turret, and jumps into the trench to attack Joey, but lands on his back instead.
Dave Matthew slides Macho Man out of the way, before running away with the flag!
Kurt Angle is up, flying in the Blue team sniper tower, before diving in and grabbing the blue team flag!
Les Claypool starts his turn in the blue base!


  1. Round 5 starts with both flags taken!


  2. Hmm...I got an email notification that Ross has posted here, but I'm not seeing it showing up, so he may need to repost.

    Also, don't forget that entering into either of the Web-of-Shadows will immediately immobilize you. You can end that immobilization as a free action by giving the other team an action point.

  3. Revision:

    D11, E11, Jump (Athletics +10) to E10, F9, G9, H8

    Move I8, J7, K6, L6

    Rune of Mending (Protection) on Sgt Slaughter. He spends a healing surge, and then Macho Man, Sgt Slaughter, El Santo, AND Kurt Angle gain a + 1 bonus to all defenses until end of my next turn.

    My apologies for any confusion.

  4. The Macho Man takes a step back to get a running start, and attempts to leap over the webs!

    Athletics: 1d20(15)+10 = 25 vs DC 10 [SUCCESS!]

    Randy Savage sprints to the bridge before healing his ally with the flag!

    Sgt. Slaughter heals 6 Hp, bringing him to 12 HP!

    Keith Richards starts his turn grabbed by El Santo!

  5. Correction: Marked by El Santo, not grabbed.

  6. Ok, retconning!

    Macho Man doesn't have line of sight to Sgt. Slaughter, so there will be a distinct lack of healing. Instead, Macho will run over, grab his enchanted mace, and move to B8!

    Keith Richards is up! If he grabs a backpack, it'll be 1d10(7) - Medpack

    Map update will come a bit later.

  7. "Uhh, ol' uncle Keith ain't feelin' so good. Lucho, ya don't smell too saintly."

    Minor: Majestic Word on myself. Spend surge and regain 11 HP, then slide to square O6 and grab the medpak.
    Move: Shift to O7.
    Standard: Build Attack Turret in P8 (trained in Thievery)

  8. Keeping it simple:
    Standard: Twin Strike on Joey +8 v AC, 1d8dmg and if I hit on the first one I port to N4.
    My second swing goes against Keith's lady friend, same stats as above and if I hit I port to L2.
    Move: through the tunnel to A1.

    I'm not sending any alternatives because I am going to hit.

  9. Keith Richards attempts to crawl away from El Santo, but El Santo grabs at the fleeing rocker.

    Opportunity attack on a shift from the Combat Challenge Feature:
    1d20(13)+8+3(wis)+2(CA)=26 vs AC 17 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d8(6)+5=11 damage and grabbed!

    Keith Richards is back to 8 HP, and unable to grab the medpack.

    Instead of a shift, I'll assume that Keith is going to use his move action to escape and grab the backpack.
    Escape: Acrobatics 1d20(4)+1+10 (cloak) = 15 vs Escape DC 19 [FAILURE]

    Keith deploys a turret next to him.


    From a position on the ground, Sgt. Slaughter attacks Joey!

    1d20(18)+8-2 (prone) = 24 vs AC 16 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d8(1)+0 - 5 (ablative field) = 0 Damage!

    Sgt. Slaughter teleports down, and is immediately attacked by both attack turrets!
    1d20(2)+6=8 vs AC 14 [MISS]
    1d20(13)+8=21 vs AC 14 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d8(2)+6=8 damage

    Sgt. Slaughter is knocked unconscious at -2 HP!

    The DM uses throw, and sends the Blue Flag into the pit at M2!

    Joey starts his turn on the stairs with a pixie floating in front of him.

  10. *Correction: Flag is in M9, because getting thrown to the empty side of the map is more interesting.

  11. Didn't I have 12hp?, which means I should be at 4, and able to make my 2nd attack.

  12. If Joey grabs a backpack item, it'll be 1d10(3) - Attack Turret

  13. You were at 6 HP, because Macho Man didn't have line of sight to be able to heal you. See the posts above

  14. I would argue that, he only needed line of effect and I'm pretty sure he would've had it on a 3D plane from there.

  15. not with a height difference of 25' and Sgt. slaughter prone. Same reason that the turrets didn't have line of sight/effect to those squares on the tower.

  16. The bridge is lower than the basic floor? And while I'm prone, he only had to have a line to one of the corners of my square.

    More importantly, the non-standard heights on this map are a nightmare to keep track of.

  17. I've now stated it 3 times. There was no line of sight/line of effect. The Courtyard (and bridge) are 5' below the rest of the Fort Floor, as outlined in the map rules. At this point, I'd like to refer back to a post made in round 2, by Ross. Specifically this portion of it: "Any rules-questioning should really be done PRIVATELY via email. Comments are NOT the forum for that sort of thing, as tone and meaning can often get lost and misinterpreted badly. Rules arguments that go out in public delay the game and are grounds for a solid gibbing."

    Consider this a friendly reminder.

    On a side note, it was pointed out that Combat challenge triggers on a shift, not a slide, so Keith Richards would have been able to make his initial slide to the medpack, and would have then been attacked on the shift. So both he & the turret are 1 square south/southeast. I'll include this on the next map update.

    Now, Joey is up.

  18. Wait, how did Keith slide, but not shift? I missed that part.

  19. He used the Majestic Word power, which heals and slides the target (himself) one square. After he slid, he attempted to shift, at which point he was grabbed by El Santo. So he's still grabbed, just in a slightly different place with slightly more hitpoints.

  20. Joey sees the goods from back stage floating in the water. He runs off in chase to retrieve what is rightfully his.


    Minor: Ladder of Nails

    Move/Standard: Double Move to the flag and jump in the water through following route

    S1-S4, T5, U6, T7, S8, R9-M9

  21. Joey sprints away, making a ladder of nails to speed his decent down the rickety stairs. Kurt Angle makes an attack as the drummer speeds away:

    1d20(19)+7=26 vs AC 16 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d8(5)+4-5(Ablative Shielding)=4 damage!

    Joey is down to 2 THP

    The drummer runs around the back of his base, and takes a leap into the chasm!


    Joey takes 1d10(10) Falling Damage

    Joey is bloodied at 6 HP!

    ELLLLL SAAAANTOOOO starts his turn with Keith Richards in his hand, and is immediately shot by two attack turrets!

    Turret A: 1d20(8)+6=14 vs AC 18 [MISS!]
    Turret B: 1d20(4)+8=12 vs AC 18 [MISS!]

  22. If it's not too late can I also move my pet to W4?

  23. Since El Santo hasn't started his turn yet, yeah, you can go ahead and move the groupie. I'll include it in the next map update.

  24. Dando vueltas a su enemigo, El Santo ve Jordison de ejecuciĆ³n en Persuit de la bandera. Dejar ir a su enemigo, El Santo descuidadamente salta del acantilado en el cuerpo de agua golpeando Joey!

    Move: N6, O7 (should destroy turret), N8, M8
    Standard: Grappling Strike vs Joey Jordison
    Melee Touch (not weapon so shouldn't get resisted)
    +9 Vs AC Hit: 1d6+5, and Grabbed
    Hit or Miss: Jordison is marked until EoNT.

  25. Sorry, revision
    Move: N6, O7 (should destroy turret), N8, N9, M10

  26. Also, I still would resist 5 from the fall into the moldy canal.

  27. Grappling strike does have the weapon key word so I think I'd still get the resistance but I'm not sure

  28. El Santo runs past Keith Richards, and over the turret!

    OA from Keith: 1d20(2)+2=4 vs AC 14 [MISS]

    The Turret is Destroyed, as El Santo jumps into the trench!
    Falling damage: 1d10(9)-5 resistance = 4 damage, and El Santo is Prone!

    Grappling Strike: 1d20(3)+9-2(prone)=10 vs AC 14 (16 -2 prone) [MISS!]
    Joey is marked!

    Dave Matthews starts his turn in the Red base with the Flag, staring down Macho Man Randy Savage!

  29. How do I fall prone by jumping in? Is that on the power somewhere?

  30. That's included in the rules for falling.

    "Prone: You fall prone when you land, unless you take no damage from the fall.

    Jumping Down: If you are trained in Acrobatics, you can make a check to reduce the amount of damage you take from a fall."

    Since El Santo isn't trained in Acrobatics he can't reduce the damage, and since he took damage he fell prone.

  31. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmC3kpM3C_k

    Dave Matthews sees the Macho Man rush forward and a little tear wells up in his left eye. He pulls a little iron flask out of his pocket and takes a swig.

    "Sorry about your lady, man. I know how it feels to lose someone special."

    He offers the flask to the slim jim soaked wrestler and with that he starts playing a mournful song on his guitar-flail. As the song rises into the air it lashes out at the Macho Man with the raw essence of grief and Macho is shaken to his core. oh yah.

    Standard Action: Flesh Rend, +8 vs. AC, (use Heroic Effort if I'm close enough) 1d10+7 necrotic damage and Macho is slid back into the Spirit of Athas (also takes a -2 to attack rolls until the end of my next turn as part of attack).
    No Action: If attack hits, Convocation of Shadows. I gain insubstantial and phasing until the end of my next turn.
    Move Action: Run 7 squares following path C10, D11, E11, F11, G10, H9, I9.

    IF I miss...
    Move Action: Shift to C10 and cry over the loss of love as a free action.

  32. Dave Matthews takes a swing at the cowboy hatted wrestler in front of him.

    Roll: 1d20(15)+8=23 vs AC 18 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d10(3)+7=10 necrotic damage and is slid backwards!

    Macho Man is down to 15 HP!

    Dave Matthews, now translucent, dashes through the wall with the Flag, and grabs 1d10(1) - Rocket Launcher!

    Kurt Angle starts his turn flying in the sniper tower!

    (Map update will occur in the morning)

  33. Oops, misread, that was an overwhelming hit an no need for Heroic Effort.

  34. I'd like to amend my actions because I got confused in regards to my ability (cause sometimes I get so excited.)

    I'd like to slide Macho into square B9 and then proceed to run through squares, B8, B7, C6, D7, E7, F7, G6.

    That all presumes that the OA from Macho misses though. So I might still be singing that song about lost love pretty soon.

  35. Slide macho to A9. DANG IT! I'm struggling this morning. Monday morning!!!! (shouted like KHAAAAAAAAAN!)

  36. Macho Man is slid to A9, and makes an opportunity attack as Dave runs past:
    1d20(5)+7=12 vs AC 19 (17 + 2 personal shielding) [MISS!]

    Dave Matthews runs up and around!

    I'm assuming that you meant to say G8 instead of G6, because G6 doesn't make a lot of sense based on what you said, and is impossible to get to. Map Update will happen momentarily, as will the removal of that stupid gif that SOMEONE added, abusing his admin privileges.

    1. AAAAAAAGH! yah. that's exactly what i meant. apparently i don't do too good on axis based grid systems. or being an awake and productive member of my team.

  37. Kurt tries to stop the cowardly Joey from running away, but the jobber manages to get away and return the flag. Well it's not gonna be that easy. His gold medal may not have been for sprinting, but he's still gonna run for it.

    Minor: Pop Shroud of Shadow, the partial concealment is about to be useless but the 5 temp HP is less so.
    Move: To W3, running.
    Move: Up to W2, reversing direction, back to T6, still running.

  38. Assuming that you'll be flying over people:

    Kurt Angle flies through the air, only to be briefly shot at by the turret
    1d20(11)+6=17 vs AC 22 (20 + 2 concealment) [MISS]

    Opportunity Attack from the Groupie:
    1d20(6)+6=12 vs AC 22 [MISS]


    Les Claypool starts his turn, both flags taken!

  39. "Hold up there, Twinkle-Toes! Just where in the hell do you think you're going?"

    Claypool crawls over to Kurt Angle and grabs him, a vice-like grip (honed from decades of bass-playing virtuosity) clutching the medals about his neck.

    "It occurss to me that you have too much dignity for your own good, boy!"



    Move Action: crawl to T5

    Standard Action: Grab vs. Kurt Angle
    +4 vs. Reflex (+4 str, +2 CA, -2 prone)
    Use heroic effort if necessary.

    Free Action: Curse the machine gun gods!

  40. Les Claypool crawls across the ground, and tries to grab the pixie olympian!

    1d20(5)+4=9 vs Reflex 14 [MISS]
    Just out of range of Heroic effort =(

    Round 5 ends with both flags captured, and a members of both teams weak or unconscious!

  41. The Final Round has been posted: