Play-by-Post: Match 05 Round 05

Raiden - Colonel Wendy Zeus Thor Caesar Set Ronald


A message from Team Riders on the Storm


  1. The Funnel Cloud moves (8) squares. Whippin' right through!

  2. @Jonathan Green: Yes, that would be how a Miss: entry would be interpreted; if either attacks miss, then you die. A part of me wanted to see you miss with both attacks solely for the experience of telling a dungeoneer that they have died twice.
    With combat advantage (which I had not previously considered) you're within Adept's Insight limits, thus:

    (3)+6+2+d4(1)+1 vs. Reflex 15; MISS!!!

  3. Drat, I was reading it as if it were multiple enemies within a burst instead of as two separate attacks. *Shakes Fist at the Sky* "You win this time Sky Gods, but you'll never escape the diabetes you'll get from my delicious foods!"

  4. Hold up. Since Ronald attacked Thor first and missed, shouldn't he have died immediately before making the attack roll against Raiden?

  5. Casey said the attacks are simultaneous.

    Blinded once more, Raiden expends a minor effort to maintain the holy radiance that bathes the central pillar while he considers his options. The wilden meditates upon the meaning of blindness and is confronted by the countless failures of previous incarnations. In each case they had attempted to control their fate.

    Then... Enlightenment and Rebirth.

    As a Wilden, Radien had never considered the virtue of martyrdom. His nature was always one with all--a sentient sentinel that embodied the natural order over all. Even its--his?--service to the God of Storms required no reflection, no sacrifice. With the fresh memory of his past lives and the sins of ages blazing within, Raden hobbles unerringly to the nearest pillar to give it all up to Kord.


    Maintain (minor)
    Move to M13
    Slap a twiggy hand to the obelisk and call the lighting down against The Colonel & Wendy. +6 (blind) vs 14 and 17 respectively.

  6. Call Lightning (The Colonel): (5)+6 -5 [blind] vs. Reflex 14; MISS!!!
    Call Lightning (Wendy): (12)+6 -5 [blind] -2 [prone] vs. Reflex 12 [unconscious]; MISS!!!


    More importantly, he has unlocked Achievement: Witchalok Death Laser.

    Death Laser Witchalok Attack 1
    As lasers go, this one is pretty good.
    At-Will ✦ Arcane, Implement
    Standard Action Ranged 10
    Target: One creature
    Attack: Charisma vs. Reflex
    Hit: Target is pushed 2 squares and dies until the end of your next turn.
    Level 21: Aftereffect: The target dies twice.

    The Colonel's turn is up.
    Map and score updates in the morning.

  7. You may think it's all a joke, but there really are hidden Easter egg achievements in FTDM play-by-post.

    Match 07 (E1M1: Slaughterhouse) is recruiting right now just with people who are not actively playing at this moment. For this achievement, Stephen Chast gets first dibs on joining that match at the conclusion to Match 05. Coincidentally, he also gets last dibs on the match as well, as we currently have seven dungeoneers signed up, five of which are brand spanking new.

  8. You see a look of grim determination set into the Colonel's eyes. He looks at the blind Norse godling, then back to his square-patty-producing prone protege, and hatches an unlikely plan.

    Again leaping over the icy slicks, Sanders douses the poor girl in life-giving mashed potatoes and gravy, then calls to Thor. "Marco!"

    Confused and shaken, Thor waves his arms around as he calls "Polo!" and stumbles north, giving Wendy an opportunity to slip in an attack!

    Move: Run to N-4, +9 Athletics over the ice
    Minor: Inspiring Word on Wendy: surge +1d6 healing
    Standard: Lamb to the Slaughter (reliable)
       Attack: +6 vs Will 11 (+9, -5 run, +2 CA for blind), with Heroic Effort if necessary
       Hit: Pull to L-4, Wendy makes a charge attack for free

    Wendy: crawls to K-5 for the charge (can only do so if Thor fails save)
       Attack: +0 vs AC 18 (+0, +2 CA, -2 prone)
       Hit: 1d4 damage

  9. Athletics: (8)+9 vs. DC 15; SUCCESS!!!

    Wendy gains (1)+5 HP! She's alive! ... but prone.

    Lambs to the Slaughter: (15)+6 =1 [charge] vs. Will 11; HIT!!!

    Thor is tricked, but will he catch himself before being impaled on the poisoned spike pit?

    (12); SAVE!!!

    Wendy cannot charge, she is in the dreaded "doughnut hole" of charging. Charge requires a movement of at least two squares, and the movement must always be closer to the target.

    Wendy's turn is up!

    She takes 7 falling damage, and is briefly poisoned, but the damage is just enough to send her back to dying. Hence, Out to Lunch gets a death and Wendy Respawns at Sigil (4).

    Please proceed without maps updates for now; I'll get to it when able.


  10. Fluff
    …we began. A booming voice emerges from cacophony of the wind & storm—the voice of DAVE THOMSON!

    “Announcing the new desert menu—featuring Donut Holes! For a limited time Free & NO CHARGE! An offer that cannot miss!”

    Wendy skips up the stairs and introduces Zeus to this Electrifying New Item!


    Hunter's Quarry vs ZEUS

    Call Lightening vs. ZEUS
    +6 vs. 15 REF
    3d8+1d6+5 & Blind
    Miss I die

    Isn’t this where…

  11. One of the downsides to hybrids, their class features tend to be much more limited.

    This class feature functions as the ranger class feature, except that you can deal the extra damage only when you hit your quarry with a ranger power or a ranger paragon path power."

    Hence, no extra damage on the attack.

    Call Lightning: (14)+6 vs. Reflex 15; HIT!!!
    for (4)+(8)+(2)+5= 19 damage and permanent blindness!

    Zeus is badly hurt and bloodied at 9 HP! It is now his turn, and he is standing on top of the cloak of the winter witch.

  12. OOC: Sorry guys, but this has to be done sooner or later...

    Zeus moves his hand across the ground and picks up the cloak, donning it.

    "We may have been defeated this time, but if I'm going down by the gods I'm TAKING YOU ALL WITH ME!"

    As he moves, he calls upon the power of the cloak and makes the vicious winds blow.


    Minor: Grab and don cloak

    Standard: Use the cloak's daily ... Everyone takes 3d10 +5 damage. I have resist 5, FWIW.

    Move: If I'm somehow still alive, I will move to E5. Trained in Acrobatics (+9) and Athletics (+10, roll twice to jump or climb), I'm jumping down to the NE and walking across. And, yes, I'm taking the cloak with me.

  13. The speed of posting and the attitude of carnage and mayhem are both getting two thumbs way up!

    Cloak of the Winter Witch: (3)+(7)+(7)+5= 23 cold damage to all!

    Both Thor and Zeus actually resist 5 cold right now. It's enough to knock Zeus unconscious (but not gibbed), and Thor's turn is up!

  14. That really was a remarkable attack, absolutely the enemy. Almost a triple kill, Zeus is awarded a KILLING SPREE!!!

  15. Hmm...since the spiked pit deals falling damage at the start of your turn, I can only assume that characters slid into the pit hover there for a moment, and are only subject to the laws of gravity when they look down.

    E4M1: Home of Wile E. Coyote physics.

  16. Since I'm unconscious not a whole lot I can do with it now, but I'll reserve the AP until next round.

  17. Thor is staggered by the cold winds, but still standing. Golden mead of the Halls of Valhalla fills his cup and he drinks deep of that delicious goodness. Wiping the froth from his mouth he looks about him in the thick foggy mists of cold winter winds. "What bewitchery is this? Frost Giants?! Here?!?! I SAY THEE NAY!!!" He storms up the stairs and not seeing any frost giants, he turns toward the Colonel and barrels towards him with his hammer outstretched.

    Minor Action: Healing Infusion, regain 7 hit points.

    Move Action: Move up the stairs to N3.

    Standard Action: Thundering Armor +8 vs. Fortitude, 1d10+6 thunder damage, +3 cold damage. I also maintain my AC bonus.

  18. HAVE AT THEE, BRO!!! The lord of THUNDA!!! brings the pain

    Thundering Armor: (11)+8 +2 [CA] vs. Fortitude 16; HIT!!!
    for (1)+6+3= 10 damage!

    The Colonel is down! Buckets of chicken drop to the floor! MADNESS!!!

    Little Caesar self-gibbs and Respawns at Sigil (3).

  19. I'll try my luck and use teleport sigils.

  20. Caesar travels to Sigil (1), eyeing up his hated enemy, Zeus. A GRECO-ROMAN SHOWDOWN!!!

  21. "Et tu, Zeus?"

    What insolence!

    Caesar summons his pizza-wheel, scampers up the wall and charges murderously towards the contemptuous Greek.


    Minor Action: Summon shadow-wrought shortsword

    Move action: Use Acrobat's Trick to climb up to A4

    Standard Action: Charge Zeus

    +11 vs. AC (+8, +1 charge, +2 CA) - use heroic effort if necessary

    Hit: 3d6+9 (+2d6 sneak attack, +2 acrobat's trick)

  22. Caesar knows a thing or two about repeated stabbings to helpless men wearing nothing but a toga.

    Charge: (19)+11= 30 vs. AC 11 [unconscious]; HIT!!!
    for (1)+(6)+(4)+9= 20 damage!!!
    Zeus if THOROUGHLY gibbed.

    Set Respawns at Sigil (2).

  23. Set respawns, Sight restored! Also, he has informed the authorities of Ronald's pink slime usage, so let the investigation begin!

    Let's play teleport roulette:
    if I land on 1: Fey step to B1 and , warlocks curse & diabolic grasp Caesar.
    +1 vs Fortitude 13 (+1 from prime shot). Slide to C6, off the ledge.
    hit: 2d8+1d6

    Then use my AP to lightning strike him.

    2: Fey Step to H9, curse & then use diabolic grasp on Caesar (see above).
    Use AP to eldritch blast Wendy (+7 vs reflex, 1d10+5 damage).

    3: Same as "2"

    4: Fey Step to A13, curse Caesar, lightning strike Wendy and Caesar.
    If I survive, use AP to eldritch blast Caesar again.

  24. Scooted in the nick of time! Set has indeed been gibbed via the Howling Winds, and is not blind.

    Teleport to Sigil (2)!
    Fey Step: to H9
    Warlock's Curse: Caesar, thou art cursed!
    Diabolic Grasp: (4)+1 vs. Fortitude 13; MISS!!!
    Damn you, dual-ability score classes!
    Eldritch Blast: (6)+7 vs. Reflex 12 [unconscious]; HIT!!!
    for (10)+5= 15 damage!
    GHETTO CRIT!!! Wedny is gibbed, score is 11:7

    Ronald McDonald awakes from his undead torpor. His phylactery remains hidden.
    Respawn at Sigil (4). Map updates in the morning.

  25. As Ronald appears, he looks up in the sky towards the gods that oversee the match. "My phylactery, singular? No, no, no. Phylacteries. You honestly thought that we were giving away toys in all those happy meals? I've got phylacteries scattered from here to Beijing. That Voldemort bitch ain't got nothing on me!"

    Ronald runs up the stairs on top of the body of the fallen Wendy and lines up a shot. "Hope you enjoyed your sight, Setty, because it won't do you any good!"

    move: walk to B14
    standard: Clever Shot vs Set
    Attack: +9 vs AC 14 (using augmented Adept's Insight if I miss for an additional 1d4+1)
    Damage: 1d10+6 (5+1 Bow Expertise)
    Slide off the ledge & into the pit.
    Minor: Mime.

  26. I got that lich a phylactery. Liches love phylacteries.

    Clever Shot: (10)+9 vs. AC 14; HIT!!!
    for (10)+6= 16 damage, another Ghetto Crit!
    Saving Throw: (14); SUCCESS!!!, Set is merely knocked prone.


    Riders on the Storm are gaining momentum and poised to make an amazing comeback. Can they do it? Hell yes they can do it! Join us as the saga continues into the FINAL ROUND at http://fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.blogspot.com/2012/02/play-by-post-match-05-final-round.html