Play-by-Post: Match 04 Round 01

=== Screen Actors Guild vs. Venture Bros === 01

Hank(4) - Dean (7) - George Clooney (13) - Brock (14) - Christian Bale (15) - Val Kilmer (19) - Dr Venture (20) - Adam West (20)

Hank Venture is the first unlucky soul pulled into the Feywild by the Unseelie Fey, and spawns in Location 1. He quickly grabs the ice scepter, and takes a seat in the Prince of Frost's throne
Dean Venture follows in his brother's footsteps, and spawns in Location 1, before running through the Vale of Long Night, only to take the relic of the amulet!
George Clooney spawns in Location 2, and in an odd moment of gender-bending flashes his brilliant smile before sending Hank next to a Lullaby Bush!
Brock spawns in Location 3, and dashes into the Feydark to grab the Scourge of the Spider Queen before turning its poisonous barbs against George Clooney
George Clooney is knocked UNCONSCIOUS!
Christian Bale spawns in Location 2, and with curses springing from his lips, sends a blast of fire towards Brock
Brock Venture is knocked UNCONSCIOUS!
The Baba Yaga's hut runs across the stage on its chicken legs, and lands atop of Hank.
Hank Venture is GIBBED!

Val Kilmer spawns in Location 1 and sends an arrow flying wide.
Dr. Venture spawns in Location 3, grabs the mask of the Dryad, and dominates Val Kilmer!
Adam West spawns in Location 3, and sends a pair of arrows towards Dr. Venture.

Dr. Venture is knocked UNCONSCIOUS!
The Court of Stars issues a Proclamation, and summons a Diakkas Swarm!


  1. Appearing from the mist, Hank looks around. "I was told Batman would be here.....where is he?"

    He wanders through the snow towards a weird pedestal. "Well this looks interesting." Picking up an icy scepter, he pockets it quickly. "If Batman isn't gonna be here, then I'm leaving."

    He keeps walking and finds an Icy chair. "Well, maybe I can wait a bit and see if he shows up." He plops right down and keeps a keen eye out for his hero.

    Move: Walk (south route) to square A6
    Minor: Pick up Ice Scepter Wand
    Standard (trade down to Move): Move to Ice Throne
    Free Action: Wait for Batman, expectantly.

  2. Hank nabs the ice scepter, before plopping down in an exceptionally cold chair.

    Dean Venture joins his brother, and spawns in Location (1)

  3. Ah, can't believe I already forgot. The Hut moves towards square (1d17=11),(1d16=8) = K8. It moves (1d8=8) squares. (Map update will come shortly)

  4. Dean: "I am the bat."


  5. A) it's Hank
    B) it's: "I am the night"

    Learn your Venture Brothers!

  6. You got me on that it's Hank, but ... I AM THE BAT.


    "The night is mine."

  7. As Dean materializes he looks around and notices he looks alot like his father. Seeing his brother he says "Hey Hank. I look a lot like pop."

    He decides to explore his new surroundings and wanders north, avoiding them giant monster to his left and into the Murkendraw. Noticing a necklace he thinks to himself, "maybe Triana would like this".

    He calls to helper and gets him to teleport in a weapon so he can defend himself if that monster chases after him.


    Move Action: Move to G5 -> G1 -> F16
    Minor Action: Pick up amulet
    Standard (Minor Action): Create Shadow-Wrought Heavy Flail (+1 atk/dmg/+1d8 crit)

  8. Also please move Hut towards portal 3 and change my icon from Dr. Venture to Dean venture. Thanks

  9. After that odd sensation of being in his father's skin, Dean runs around the map and grabs the Periapt of Animal Charming, before removing his own shadow to create a magical flail.

    The Hut Moves 1d8 (4) squares towards Teleporter Square 3.

    George Clooney appears in Location (2)!

  10. "Batman?!? Wait a minute. You suck as Batman." Hank disregards the false Batman and continues waiting for Batman.

  11. An elevator rises out of the floor, and opens. *Ding* The elevator opens, and a bellhop says "You're floor sir. They're expecting you" as George Clooney steps out in a high end tux holding a drink.

    "Man, they really went all out with this Screen Actors Guild party. Everything is so real looking, am I the first here?

    He hears voices behind him, and turns expecting to see his good friends. Instead he sees Hank and Dean.

    "Wait, who let kids in to this event? Venture's no less. One thing I learned from One Fine Day, and ER, kids are not for me. I'll never have kids. Hell, I'll get a vasectomy just to avoid kids. Lets see what we can do to get rid of the riff raff"

    Cloony moves over and smiles with his celebrity charm gaining the attention that any celebrity should, and waving his hand to shoo away the two brats. "This is an exclusive event boys, isn't it past your bed time?"

    Move to G3
    Minor: Use Hamadryad Aspects - Spellbinding Beauty: Every enemy that can see me grants combat advantage to me until EoNT.
    Standard: Beguiling Strands vs Hank and Dean
    Close blast 5 (F3 ->B15) Each enemy in blast
    +7 (5+2CA) vs Will
    5 psychic damage, and push 3 squares

    If I hit Hank, push Hank to P3
    If I hit Dean, push Dean to G15

    If I miss either one, I may choose to do something else, so I'll wait to see results before ending my turn.

    Free Action: Sip my champagne and wait for my fellow actors.

  12. Beguiling Strands
    vs Hank 1d20(20)+7 = 27 vs Will 15 [CRITICAL HIT!]
    vs Dean 1d20(9)+7 = 16 vs Will 15 [HIT]
    Hank - 5 damage & pushed to P3
    Dean - 5 damage & pushed to G15

    End of Turn for George?

  13. That ends my turn

    Send Baba Yaga towards Hank via A6

  14. BTW: to really appreciate my turn, you should watch the following video


  15. Baba Yaga moves 1d8(7) squares. Also, I double checked the rules for Push, and even though I believe that the backwards push out of the zone into the quicksand isn't RAI for how that push effect is supposed to work, is it RAW; and therefore legal. Map updates will be coming

  16. Oops, my mistake: Saving Throws to avoid Hazardous Terrain:
    Dean: 1d20(16) - PASS - prone in F16
    Hank: 1d20(5) - FAIL

  17. Map is updated, Brock Spawns in Location (3)!

    Dean - 22 HP & Prone
    Hank - 16 HP

    Sorry about all the posts.

  18. Brendan's post isn't showing up, so he asked me to post for him:


    Brock materializes with a look of bewilderment on his face. Seeing the Venture boys, he shouts "Hank, Dean! What are you two doing here? Is that George Clooney? That guy sucked as Batman." Seeing Dean on the ground, and a nice flail within reach, he grabs it and charges Clooney, entering a fit of neon rage.

    move action: move to O12
    minor action: pick up Scourge of the Spider Queen
    standard action: charge to H4 (with swift charge).
    Use Howling Strike power
    +11 (5/+3prof/+2enh/+1charge) vs AC
    Hit: d12+d6+7 damage (+10 ongoing poison damage, save ends)
    Action point:
    Savage Juggernaut Rage
    +10 vs AC
    Hit: 2d12+7 damage (+10 ongoing poison damage, save ends)
    Effect: Until the rage ends, gain a power bonus to attack roles equal to the number of nonminion creatures you have reduced to 0 hit points since I entered the rage.

    Move Hut towards K6
    Note: My AC would drop by one as I'm not using my light shield.


    Howling Strike Attack: 1d20(12)+11 = 23 vs AC 15 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d12(2)+1d6(5)+7 = 14 damage +10 ongoing poison
    Savage Juggernaut Rage: 1d20(17)+10 = 27 vs AC 15 [HIT]
    Damage: 2d12(6)(5)+7 = 18 damage + 10 ongoing

    Total: George Takes 32 damage + 10 ongoing poison (save ends). Drops Unconscious at -8

    Stormhawk's Vengence (triggers on dropping George below 0 HP) - Brock takes 10 Thunder Damage
    Brock is down to 15 HP

    Hut moves 1d8(4) squares.

    Christian Bale spawns in Location (2)!

    - Map update incoming -

  19. Ian is also having trouble posting, and sent me the following email:

    "What the fuck? What is this? Kids on the set? I'm gonna kick your fucking ass! I want you off the fucking set, you pricks!" He spots something that looks like he might be able to trash later and goes to grab it, before letting loose with a blistering volley of cursing at the nearest kid.

    Move action: Move to I10
    Minor: Walock's Curse
    Standard: Hellish Rebuke against Brock +6 vs Ref (Unless unconscious allies don't count against Prime Shot, in which case +7)
    On hit: 1d6+5 damage, +1d6 for curse and the first time I take damage before the end of my next turn he takes 1d6+5 damage

    Send the hut towards P3


    Hellish Rebuke: 1d20(14)+6=20 vs Reflex 14 [HIT]
    Damage: 2d6(5)(6)+5 = 17 damage

    Brock is Unconscious at -2 HP!

    The Hut Moves 1d8(5) squares towards P3 and CRUSHES HANK VENTURE!

    Hank is Gibbed!

    Val Kilmer respawns at Location 1!

  20. Ian and Brendan should make sure they have registered as Members to the site (see the sidebar to the right). That should alleviate some of the troubles.

  21. Val Kilmer steps out of his trailer and looks around. 'George, Christian, whats up?' he asks before eyeing up the young Dean Venture 'I'll be your Huckleberry.'

    Standard: Clever Shot +12 v ac, 1d10+5 dmg.
    (Starting at +9, -2 for prone, +2 for Pouncing Lynx, +2 for Cunning Stalker's CA, +1 for Bow Exp, total of +12)
    Use Clever Shot for slide 2.
    Will use Heroic Effort if I need it to hit.

    On a hit, slide Dean to G16.

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  24. Val aimes and sends a shot north attempting to loop the arrow around and hit Dean in the back!
    (You're only at a +11 to hit, because Bow Exp is included in the base +9)

    1d20(2)+11=13 vs AC 19 [MISS]!

    (Since you aren't within 4, I'm assuming you won't be using Heroic Effort. Also, I'm supposed to make a comment about "Hooch" when a 2 is rolled. Not sure why.)

    Dancing Hut moves 1d8(6) squares

    Dr. Venture spawns in location 3!

  25. Matt, I saw your move and minor actions in my email inbox, but they look removed here.


    I just don't want you standing on a teleport square.

  26. (Val moved somewhere, but the post was deleted before I updated the map. I'll keep the Hut direction as N1, but which square were you wanting to move towards?)

  27. Just verified that Val will be moving to F2, avoiding the yeti. Map will be updated momentarily.

  28. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3B8Nrw19qEM&feature=related

    Materializing out of thin air, Dr. Venture looks about quizzically “What the hell? Oh, way to go, dad; thanks a lot! You can’t even build a lousy transdimensional transporter that works for crap! Well, maybe I can sell it for scrap.” venturing forth, the super scientist takes heed of all the spurious batmen and attempts to use his animal magnetism to seduce Val. “Hey there, Handsome… up for a rusty venture?”
    Move Action: move to J16
    Minor Action: retrieve the Mask of the Dryad Queen
    Standard Action: Fey Beauty vs. Val (+6 vs. will)

  29. you can't get the mask from J16. Did you mean K1?

  30. Dr Venture grabs the mask and uses its alluring beauty on Val Kilmer!

    1d20(17)+6=23 vs Will 11 [HIT]
    Val Kilmer is dominated until the end of Dr Vanture's next turn!

    Hut moves in a random direction!
    Moving to 2d16(4)(8) = D8
    Moves 1d8(8) squares, sliding Christian Bale adjacent to a spider!

    Adam West spawns in Location 3!

  31. “Stop making kissy faces with Dr. Venture, you moron! Find the rest of my Lite Brite pieces! My name isn’t “Adam We”

    . . . or is it?

    Who am I?

    What number did you call? Don’t ever call here again!”

    Minor: Go into the Aspect of the Dancing Serpent stance.

    Move: Spent as a Minor Action; activate Hellfire Touch.

    Standard: Attack Dr. Venture with Disruptive Shot
    Attack: +12 vs. AC 16 (+9 base +2 cunning stalker combat advantage +1 stance)
    Hit: 1d10+10 (+5 Dex +1 Bow Expertise +5 Hellfire Touch), immobilized (save ends) and slide to square K6. Do NOT activate forced teleport.
    Miss: If the attack roll gets within 4, use Heroic Effort to make the hit.
    Super Miss: Half damage and slowed until end of my next turn.

    Action Point: Attack Dr. Venture with Clever Shot.
    Attack: +12 vs. AC 16 (+9 base +2 cunning stalker combat advantage +1 stance)
    Hit: 1d10+6 damage (+5 Dex +1 Bow Expertise) and slowed (save ends).
    Miss: If Heroic Effort is unspent and the attack roll gets within 4, use Heroic Effort to make the hit.

    End of Turn: Free Action shift to L10. Send Baba Yaga's Hut straight up north, wrapping around the world to E13, in an effort to crush Dean.

    “I guess I told him! Nobody messes with Adam We.”

  32. I don't believe Adam West has line-of-fire to Dr Venture. The Sparkling Walls/Trees block line of effect.

  33. I forgot to mention I have concealment due to Shadow Walk

  34. Well, shucks! How about this (I'm essentially moving into position rather than changing stances, which, in hindsight, probably better anyway):

    Minor: Activate Hellfire Touch.

    Move: Move to J16.

    Standard: Attack Dr. Venture with Disruptive Shot. Provokes an opportunity attack from his unarmed attack.
    Attack: +13 vs. AC 16 (+9 base +2 cunning stalker combat advantage +2 Stance of the Pouncing Lynx)
    Hit: 1d10+10 (+5 Dex +5 Hellfire Touch), dazed (save ends) and slide to square K6. Don't bother activating teleport.
    Miss: If the attack roll gets within 4, use Heroic Effort to make the hit.
    Super Miss: Half damage and slowed until end of my next turn.

    Action Point: Attack Dr. Venture with Clever Shot.
    Attack: +13 vs. AC 16 (+9 base +2 cunning stalker combat advantage +2 stance)
    Hit: 1d10+5 damage and slowed (save ends).
    Miss: If Heroic Effort is unspent and the attack roll gets within 4, use Heroic Effort to make the hit.

    End of Turn: Send Baba Yaga's Hut straight up north, wrapping around the world to E13, in an effort to crush Dean.

  35. I'll take the -2 concealment penalty to my rolls.

  36. Adam We lines up a shot, and fires two quick arrows at the good doctor!

    Disruptive Shot: 1d20(14)+11=25 vs AC 16 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d10(8)+10=18 Damage & Dazed!

    Dr Venture is Bloodied!

    Clever Shot 1d20(3)+11=14 vs AC 16 [MISS]
    - Using Heroic Effort: 14+4=18 vs AC 16 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d10(7)+5 = 12 Damage & Slowed!

    Dr Venture is Unconscious at -7!

    The Hut moves 1d8(8) squares

  37. Perhaps it was the Noid who should have avoided me."

    Have fun in the sand trap, Dean!

  38. ahhhhh fuck. I mistyped and wanted to use the immobilized (save ends) option of Disruptive Shot as per my first pots.

    Guess I can't get any slack there?

    Also: sorry for the multiple posts guys!

  39. Oops, forgot the Opportunity Attack:

    1d20(13)+0=13 vs AC 17 [MISS]

    1d8(8) - Diakkas Swarm!

    Diakkas appear in squares:
    2d16(4)(1) = D1
    2d16(5)(14) = E14
    2d16(5)(7) = E7
    2d16(13)(7) = M7

    - Updated Map will Be posted in the ROUND 2 THREAD! -

  40. The Hut will be sliding Dean into the Sandtrap, and Val next to the Ice Monster

  41. Round 2 has started, you can find it Here: http://fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.blogspot.com/2012/01/play-by-post-match-04-round-02.html

    Hank Venture spawns in Location 4! Fight!