Play-by-Post: Match 04 Round 05

14 === Screen Actors Guild vs. Venture Bros === 13

Hank (4) - Dean (7) - George Clooney (13) - Brock (14) - Christian Bale (15) - Val Kilmer (19) - Dr Venture (20) - Adam West (20)

The Court of Stars has proclaimed that the Wild Rumpus Shall begin! Dailies may be used as At-Wills!

Hank Venture spawns in Location 2, steals a kiss before attacking his enemies!
Adam West is BLOODIED!
Val Kilmer is BLOODIED!
Dean Venture spawns in location 4, and lashes Christian Bale.
Christian Bale is BLOODIED!
Val Kilmer is HUT-GIBBED!
Dr. Venture is TELEFRAGGED!
George Clooney spawns in Location 3, and blasts Dean Venture with the ice scepter!
Dean Venture is BLOODIED!
Brock spawns in Location 1, and grabs a sword from the hut before turning his attention on his enemies!
Christian Bale is UNCONSCIOUS!
George Clooney is GIBBED!
Brock is BLOODIED!
Christian Bale is GIBBED!
Christian Bale spawns in Location 2, and lets loose with a double attack.
Dean Venture is TELEFRAGGED!
Val Kilmer spawns in Location 1 and shoots Brock.
Dr. Venture spawns in location one before sending two evil shadow spirits towards his enemies.
Val Kilmer is UNCONSCIOUS!
Adam West is GIBBED!
Dr. Venture is UNCONSCIOUS!
Adam West spawns in Location 4, and after two quick arrows and a hut,
Brock Venture is HUT-GIBBED!


  1. I propose a truce and say we all join forces to kill the DM for his terrible blasphemy. Kirk is way better than Picard. ;P

  2. Dr. Thadeus Venture should still be immobilized (save ends).

  3. Yep, I've got that in my notes, but missed it in the most recent map update. it'll be added back in. on the next map update

  4. "Alrighty, gang. Operation Kiss A Girl is underway!" Hank rings his hands and proceeds to smoothly walk over to the pretty lady in his sector.

    "Don't worry my sweet. The Hankinator will protect you. Oh what's that, you want to see me flex my muscles? Well of course I can."

    He pulls out his holographic projector and starts shining it all over the map, "Whoa, this is souped up! Thanks pretty lady!"

    Move: Move to square L15 (avoiding sleepy bushes)

    Minor: Dryad's Favor power, lose 2 healing surges and gain +2 to speed and resist 10 all damage until end of next turn.

    Free: Lose 3 surges for +6 to attack and damage rolls until end of next turn. (I am trained in Diplomacy)

    Standard: Phantom Chasm centered on M10, +11 vs. Will, 2d6+11 psychic damage target is immobilized and knocked prone on hit. Miss: Half damage and target falls prone.

    ACTION POINT: Phantom Chasm on D6, +11 vs. Will, 2d6+11 psychic damage and target is immobilized and knocked prone on hit. Miss: Half damage and target falls prone.


  5. Hank Venture is invigorated by the quick kiss he stole from the Dryad, and turns his projector against the Screen Actor's Guild!

    Phantom Chasm vs. Val Kilmer
    1d20(4)+11=15 vs Will 11
    2d6(1)(1)+11=13 damage

    Val Kilmer is bloodied at 8 HP!

    Pig-Adam West
    1d20(18)+11 vs Will 11
    Damage: 2d6(4)(2)+11+5(Vulnerability)=22 Damage

    Val Kilmer is bloodied at 4HP!

    Hut moves 1d8(4) towards 2d16(4)(14)=D14

    Dean Venture manages to avoid telefragging his teammate, as he spawns in Location 4!

  6. "These Batman's keep coming Hank. Now what would a Giant boy Detective do? I'm taking out that mean english guy. Go Team Venture!!!"


    Move Action: Move to H4
    Minor Action: Pick up Scourge of the Spider Queen
    Standard Action: Aspect of Might on Christian Bale
    Attack: +9 (+3 Prof/+2 Mag) vs AC
    Damage: 3d12+8 (+2Mag/+2 Aspect of Might) +10 on going poison damage
    Miss: Half Damage

  7. Hut moves south west towards val

  8. Hank attempts to Flay Christian Bale.

    1d20(6)+9=15 vs AC 15 [HIT]

    Damage: 3d12(8)(1)(9)+8=26 damage + 10 ongoing

    Christian Bale is BLOODIED at 6hp!

    The Hut moves 1d8(6) squares.

    Val Kilmer is HUT-GIBBED!!

    George Clooney spawns in location 3! Dr. Venture is TELEFRAGGED!

  9. Map update will be late tonight

  10. Map is updated. Also, George Clooney is still cursed by the unseelie fey (save ends!)

  11. "These kids just don't know when to quit! It's the reason I got rid of Robin. Whiney punk kid!"

    Move to O1
    Minor: Pick up Ice Scepter
    Standard: Phantom Chasm centered on I4
    +7 vs Will (5+2); 2d6+5 damage, and target falls prone, and Immobilized until EoNT

    (Does the wand score a critical hit on a ROLL of 17-20? It doesn't specify a roll is required, just that it happens on a 17-20. If you rule that it's a result, and I'm within range, I'd like to use Adept's Insight (Augmented) to add 1d4+1)

    If I miss, and within range, use Adept's Insight (augmented) to add 1d4+1

    Miss: Half Damage, and he falls prone.

    Move the Hut south towards L15

  12. George Clooney runs over to the Vale of Long night to attack Dean Venture
    1d20(5)+7=12 vs Will 15 [MISS]
    Adept's Insight 12+1d4(3)+1=16 vs Will 15 [HIT]

    Damage: 2d6(6)(4)+5+2(enh)=17 damage

    Dean is Bloodied at 10HP!

    The Hut moves 1d8(8) squares!

    Brock spawns in Location 1!

  13. George Clooney Saving Throw vs Curse: 1d20(18) [SUCCESS]

    And yes, the wand crits on a *Roll* of 17-20, not having the total being between 17-20. Didn't realize I had to spell that out verbatim.

  14. Alright Sailor Moon, you may be the best-looking batman here, but if you want to pick on the venture brats, you'll have to go through me. And why won't that Clooney guy stay dead.

    But first, where's that shiny sword I just had...


    Minor: enter hut and grab Sunsword
    Free action: exit hut at K1

    Standard: Savage Juggernaut Rage vs Christian Bale
    +12 vs AC
    2d8+9 dmg
    Miss for half damage.
    Effect: already in the same rage, so no effect.
    On a hit, teleport Bale to K4 using Sunsword.

    Move action: move to N1

    Action point: Savage Cut vs Clooney
    +12 vs AC(+13 if Bale drops below 0)
    3d8+9 dmg
    On a hit, use Furious Assault for an extra d8
    and teleport Clooney to L4.

    Move hut towards K4 (unless I fail to teleport either Clooney or Bale, in which case, move hut towards I1).

  15. Brock Ducks inide the Hut to grab the sword, before stepping out to take a swing at Christian Bale
    1d20(2)+12=14 vs AC 15 [MISS]
    Damage: 2d8(4)(2)+9=15/2 = 7 damage.

    Christian Bale is Unconscious at -1HP!

    Brock takes 10 damage from Stormhawk's Vengance!
    Action Point
    Brock attacks George Clooney
    1d20(15)+13=28 vs AC 15 [HIT]
    3d8(5)(8)(7)+1d8(8)+9=37 damage

    George Clooney is GIBBED!

    Brock takes 10 damage from Stormhawk's Vengance and is bloodied at 5HP

    Brock gains an Action Point!

    The Hut moves 1d8(6) squares and pushes Christian next to a spider!

    Christian Bale takes 10 ongoing damage from the whip and is at -11HP
    Christian Bale takes 5 ongoing damage from the Spider and is GIBBED!


    Christian Bale spawns at Location 2!

  16. I forget if this came up earlier or not, but shouldn't Brock have been attacked by the Ice Monster for entering and/or starting in it's Aura on respawn?

  17. The hut was on top of the ice monster during his turn, rendering it impotent.

  18. It just says that terrain features are inaccessible, The Ice Monster also has an aura 1 and is a terrain hazard.

  19. Isn't it like the forced movement issue? I did not actively enter that square; I was randomly placed there.

  20. I think someone was attacked by spawning next to it earlier in the Match.

    Also, not sure if it matters or not, but Brock was also slowed this turn, though depending on placement of things, might not have been an issue.

  21. ok, so when spawning in Location 1, it doesn't trigger the aura because it isn't considered entering (this is how we've treated it for Christian Bale the last couple rounds). After that, it looks like Brock stayed on Row 1 & never triggered it.

    But Graham, you are correct, the wording is such that had he entered the aura while the Hut was on top of the Ice Monster, he would have triggered it.

  22. But hasn't he started his turn in the aura, thus triggering it?

  23. The fact that respawn is a power implies that my turn starts before I respawn, doesn't it? The trigger is "You start your turn dead..."

    He would be right about the slowed condition, though. I could charge and use a basic attack, with +14 to hit and d8 less damage vs Clooney.

  24. Respawning doesn't count as entering, else (as mentioned before) Christian Bale would have spent his last couple of respawns armless and prone.

    For the movement issue (Gods I can't wait til the next match when we're using revised spawn rules), we'll consider Brock as running so that we don't have reroll/res George. The -5 to attack doesn't change anything, but now he grants CA til the start of his next turn.

  25. Come now, it's D&D, ruleslawyering is the most time-honored thing of all, of course you have to spell everything out. XD


    That was unacceptable. That jerk kid had trashed his best Sailor Venus costume! UNFUCKINGPROFESSIONAL.



    Move to H6

    Minor: Curse Dean

    Standard: Diabolic Grasp on Dean
    +7 vs Fort, on hit 2d8+5+1d6 damage and I slide him to K3. If I get within 4, Heroic Effort.

    Action point: Hellish Rebuke on Brock
    +7 vs Ref, on hit 1d6+5 fire damage and the first time I take damage before the end of my next turn he takes 1d6+5 more fire damage. If I didn't use Heroic Effort on Dean and I'm within 4, use it here.

    Hut towards L14

  26. Diabolic Grasp on Dean:
    1d20(19)+7 vs Fort: 12 [HIT]

    Damage: 2d8(5)(2)+5+1d6(2)=14 Damage

    Dean is Unconscious at -4HP!

    Hellish Rebuke on Brock:
    1d20(20)+7 vs Ref 14 [CRITICAL HIT]
    Damage: 11

    Brock is Unconscious at -9HP!

    Save vs Ongoing damage: 1d20(12) [SUCCESS!]

    The Hut moves 1d8(5) squares!

    Val Kilmer spawns in Location 1.

    Dean Venture is TELEFRAGGED!

  27. Tech:
    Move: to M16, going diagonal through L1 to avoid Brock's body.
    I should already be in the Dancing Serpent, but if not I minor to do so.
    Standard: Clever Shot v Hank. +9 (basic) + 2(magic bow) + 2(Cunning Stalker if the Dryad doesn't count as a creature) +1 (Aspect). I'm wagering that will be a +12 v AC, for 1d10 + 6. If hit Hank is Immobilized (Save ends)

    And I send the hut to F11.

  28. Val doesn't have the magic bow anymore, he lost it on death.

    attack vs AC: 1d20(12)+9 vs AC 15 [HIT]

    damage: 1d20(5)+6 -10(resistance)= 1 Damage!

    Hank is immobilized!

    Hut moves 1d8(5) squares

  29. Dr. Venture spawns in Location 3!

    (sorry, was flying all day and didn't have my phone on)

  30. Holy Dammit Christmas!


    Standard Action: Hateful shade vs. Adam West
    +7 vs. will (+6 +1 for shadow twist)
    Hit: 3d8+5 force damage and ongoing 5 force damage (save ends). The target can use a move action to make an opposed athletics or acrobatics check against me. If they succeed, the ongoing damage ends.

    If Adam West is reduced to 0 hp, I use shadow warp to slide myself to F16 and also use dark reaping.

    I will wait to use my action point until I learn the result of this attack.

  31. Dr. Venture attacks the pig!

    1d20(19)+7=26 vs Will 11 [HIT]

    Damage: 3d8(2)(2)(2)+5+5(vulnerable)=16 damage+5 ongoing

    Adam West is unconscious at -12

    Dr Venture takes 10 damage from Stormhawks Vengance!

    (map update will happen after Dr Ventures AP)

  32. Dr. Venture uses his AP to repeat the same attack against Val Kilmer, dealing an extra 1d8+5 necrotic damage on a hit from Dark Reaping.

    Send the hut south towards H6.

  33. Dr. Venture turns his attention to the recently spawned Val Kilmer

    4d8(3)(4)(7)(5)+5+5(necro)=29 damage

    Val Kilmer is UNCONSCIOUS at -3HP

    Dr. Venture takes 10 Damage from SHV!

    The Hut moves id8(6) squares

    Adam West takes 5 ongoing damage and is GIBBED!

    Dr. Venture takes ANOTHER 10 damage from SHV and is unconscious!

    Adam West spawns in location 4

  34. Map is updated, & should reflect the last couple of turns. If there are any questions or anything I missed, please let me know.

  35. If I enter Connecticut, I'm entering every state that Connecticut's ever been with. Good luck, brave travelers.

    MINOR ACTION: Enter the Stance of the Dancing Serpent. (Stances tend to end after unconsciousness)

    MOVE ACTION: Stand up.

    STANDARD ACTION: Attack Hank Venture with Disruptive Strike.
    Attack: +12 vs AC 15 (+9 base +2 cunning stalker +1 stance)
    Hit: 1d10+7 damage (+5 base +1 bow expertise +1 stance) and immobilized (save ends).
    Miss: Use Heroic Effort to make it a hit.
    Humiliation: Half damage and slowed until end of next turn.

    ACTION POINT: Attack Hank Venture with Clever Shot.
    Attack: +12 vs AC 15 (+9 base +2 cunning stalker +1 stance)
    Hit: 1d10+7 damage (+5 base +1 bow expertise +1 stance) and knocked prone.
    Miss: Use Heroic Effort to make it a hit.

    FREE ACTION: Shift to square G12 (due to stance).

  36. At the end of my turn, if I still have it unspent and need it for a success, use Heroic Effort to succeed on any save ends effects I'm suffering from.

  37. Adam West fires two quick shots towards Hank Venture:

    Disruptive Strike:
    1d20(18)+12=30 vs AC 15 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d10(10)+7-10(resistance)=7 damage

    Clever Shot:
    1d20(20)+12=32 vs AC 15 [CRITICAL HIT]
    Damage: 17-10(resistance)=7 damage.

    Hank Venture is bloodied at 6HP!

    The Hut moves 1d8(6) squares. Hank Venture is HUT-GIBBED!


    The Court of Stars makes the following Proclamation:
    1d8(3) The Prince of Hearts!

    Two Dungeoneers shall switch teams!
    (done in order of initiative)
    From the Blue Team 1d4(4) - Adam West!
    From the Red Team 1d4(2) - Dean Venture!


    We have a tied game going into the final round!

  38. Saving throw for Adam West's ongoing damage: 1d20(11) SUCCESS!

  39. Link to Round 6: http://fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.blogspot.com/2012/01/play-by-post-match-04-final-round.html

    Hank Venture spawns in Location 3!