Play-By-Post: Match 05 Round 02

Raiden - Colonel Wendy Zeus Thor Caesar Set Ronald

Rules Changes & Clarifications:
+ The center "square" of the Funnel Cloud is located at the central vertex point of the hazard.
+ Respawn triggers when a dungeoneer starts his turn dead or dying (as per most maps nowadays), and not by simply starting a turn on a sigil. However, as a Once per Turn Free Action after any "start of turn" effects a dungeoneer may teleport to a random Teleportation Sigil after he uses Respawn.
+ This rule changes takes place immediately and will be updated in the official map description at the author's convenience.


  1. [nitpick]
    You can't take immediate actions on your own turn.
    Might want to word it as a "free action once per turn, on your own turn".

  2. Oh shit, good point. Keep the nitpicks coming.

    Let's go with:

    Free Action (1/turn).
    Trigger: You use Respawn and are not in a square covered by the Funnel Cloud.

  3. Tiny crackling sparks of light drift through the air like falling snow, increasing in intensity until the swirl and coalesce on the sigil. Raiden is reborn!

    The Wilden appears aged and hard of sight and must use its spear as a walking stick to hobble eastward. As old an infirm as it appears to be, there is no mistaking the spirit of the fey. The ageless quality of mischief fairly radiates forth as the tree-like being suddenly whips around as is blow by a hidden breeze.

    The breeze is all too real as the scent of turned leaves and summer storms fills the air and a sudden gust of hurricane force pitches the clown ass-over-tea-kettle up the stair.


    Move to F4
    Astral Wind against Mayor Cheese (+5 vs Fort; d6+5, push 1, and if the target moves nearer to me on its next turn, it takes extra 3 damage)

    IF I HIT:

    Teleport to G7 per Voyage of the Ancients (free action) AND I gain combat advantage against McD until the end of my next turn.
    Grab the ring (minor action)

    ACTION POINT (still contingent on hitting with Astral Wind)

    Thunder of Judgement against Wendy, Ronald, and Ceasar (+5 vs Fort; d6+9 thunder, dazed until the end of my next turn, and push 5)

    OK. That *looks* impossible for a blind man, but we're overdue for good /die/ rolls!

  4. Raiden moves like the rolling thunder!

    I assume you're attacked Ronald? Mayor McCheese ispart of his crew right?

    (4)+5 vs. Fortitude 14; MISS!!!


    The Colonel self-GIBBS!!! and Respawns at Sigil (2), making a tie game 1:1 and leaving the Dwarven Girdle at square A-11.

    Map updates in the morning.

  5. @Casey Raiden is going by its nose, being blind & all.

    Apparently, its depth perception is also non-existent as I misjudged the teleport. I failed to account for the height of the column and the teleport would have been illegal.

    Damn, but I wish I hit anyway!

  6. [nitpick]
    Is the cyclone in the right place? As per the "Maps" area, the cyclone doesn't touch the outer ring. I think it should be one line of squares West (columns J-M).

  7. Map updated!

    Thanks to David Flor for pointing out the error in the Funnel Cloud placement!

  8. "Sufferin' succotash! The shindig's way the hell over there, and all I have is this stupid sword!"

    The Colonel draws his sword from its sheath, and then marvels briefly at it - it's not the same sword he missed Raiden with. "Why, this is mah Confederate heirloom! Well, this'll beat the snot out of those razzafrazzin' storm kids!"

    He straightens his tie, and steps gentlemanly over to the chest on the stairs, and reaches inside to find...

    Minor: summon Shadow-wrought longsword
    Move: to K-2, avoiding the spikes
    Minor: retrieve item from L-2

    (it's boring I know... shoulda packed some javelins or something)

  9. You are delighted to open the chest and find, d14(10), a +1 ORB OF DRIVING RAIN!!!

    Wendy: Go!

    ...but I must warn you.

    Willingly leaving an adjacent square to the Shadow Beast of Set will subject you to an attack against your Reflex which deals 10 damage on a hit; and yet staying where you are, you grant combat advantage to all enemies due to the power of that very same summoned Shadow.

  10. Wendy has had more than enough time to post and is at risk of doing the unthinkable, delaying the game!

    Wendy takes a Total Defense.

    Zeus dies and Respawns at Sigil (1)! Score is now 2:1.

    Graphic update as soon as Leeb or I can, he's out running some Live Events tonight.

  11. Zeus reappears and turns his attention to the stupid looking clown at the base of the stairs.

    "Do you think this is a game? Time to fry by my hand!" He screams as he releases a barrage of lightning at the clown.

    Minor: Hunter's Quarry on Ronald

    Standard: Guardian Arrow (Daily power) vs Ronald ...
    +7 vs AC, 2d10+5 damage on a hit, Half Damage on a miss
    If it hits, add Hunter's Quarry damage (+1d6).
    If I crit, add +1d8 (shadow-wrought weapon).
    Effect: Until the end of the encounter, if Ronald attacks Thor I can make an RBA against Ronald as an Immediate Interrupt.

    Move: Move to B6

    If Ronald doesn't go down because of that... ACTION POINT

    Disruptive Shot (Encounter power) vs Ronald ... +7 vs AC
    Hit: 1d10 +5 damage, and Ronald is immobilized (save ends). If first attack missed, add Hunter's Quarry (+1d6) to the damage.
    Miss: Half damage, and Ronald is slowed until EONT.

  12. Well I guess I'm updating everything...

    Guardian Arrow:
    (19)+7 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
    for (6)+(6)+5+(5)= 22 damage!!!

    Ronald is at 6 HP and not dropped.


    Disruptive Shot:
    (8)+7 vs. AC 17; MISS!!!
    for 1/2 x (1)+5 = 3 damage!

    Ronald is hanging on at 3 HP!

    As an immediate interrupt, he may choose to activate Second Wind (waiting on Jon's input on that).

    THOR self-gibbs Respawns at Sigil (2)!!!

  13. Ronald uses his second wind as an immediate interupt on disruptive shot.

  14. Second Wind interruption! HP updated.

  15. As lightning clashes down again, Thor rises again! Lightning continues to crackle over him again and again and he is invigorated by the strength of the elements. He launches into the air and floats to the top of the column as lightning washes over him to no effect.

    "Villains! Cretins! None shall stand against the might of Asgard! HAVE AT THEE!"

    With a mighty throw, he lobs his hammer Mjolnir at Ronald!

    Minor Action: Healing Infusion of Shielding on myself, Resist 5 Lightning and then expend it to give me immunity to lightning damage until the end of my next turn.
    Move Action: Windwalker, fly 8 squares to G8.
    Standard Action: Magic Weapon on Ronald, +4 vs. AC, 16. On hit, 1d10+6 damage and Set gains +1 to attack rolls and +3 to damage rolls (on a crit, 1d8 extra damage from shadow wrought weapon).

  16. and crit on 15-20 btw.

    and the bonus to Set only goes off if I hit and lasts until end of my next turn.

  17. I don't think Thor has enough movement to get to G8 (it's 60 feet up)

  18. I absolutely love the bizarre and underused game elements that get brought into play in FTDM. All you Stormhawk's Vengeance haters: here is your solution!

    Immune to lightning damage, Thor sails through the air and uses the power of storms. I double-checked, and the listed +4 bonus is correct and includes the blindness penalty of -5.

    Thor does indeed NOT have enough flying movement to cover the gap. Thus, he will fly as far as possible, clinging to the easily climbable surface of the tower at a height of 40 ft. (8 squares).

    The attack with Magic Weapon stands, albeit without the enhanced critical range.

    (19)+4 vs. AC 19 (second wind); HIT!!

    if ONLY it were a crit ...

    for (8)+6= 14 damage!!!

    Ronald, being a hideous undead monstrosity covered in clown paint, is dazed and not unconscious.

    Ave, Imperator! Little Caesar's turn is up.

  19. Lame, but probably true. I hate flying movement rules. If that's the case, then I'd like to alter my move and simply walk to square K3.

    Then I'd like to use my minor action, Icebound Sigil to gain +3 cold damage with my warhammer until the end of the encounter.

    Then I'd like to use Thundering Armor centered on myself towards Ronald. +6 vs. Fort, on hit, 1d8+6 thunder damage and 3 cold damage. No penalty to hit since it's a burst. Also hit or miss, I gain a +1 to AC until the end of my next turn.

    "Thus the fate of all villains!"

  20. Very well, I will gladly redo your still AWESOME attack for something with the potential for utter failure!

    Please keep track of icebound sigil on your attacks from here on out so I can keep your conditions summary a little clear.

    (15)+6 vs. Fortitude 14; HIT!!!
    No blindness penalties due to this being a close attack
    for (1)+6+3= 10 damage!!! and Ronald is pushed 1 square.

  21. my new target is the Colonel, sorry. :( It's against someone next to me. sorrow.

  22. Oh jeez, I see what you're saying. We both flubbed it!

    The secondary target, the one attacked, must be Colonel Sanders and his delicious bucket of greasy chicken that makes me vomit every time I eat that shit, I swear. It's so good going down, but so bad coming back up...

    ... being as he is the only legal target.

    Ronald is NOT dazed and is at 10 HP.
    The Colonel is solidly hit by a 21 vs. Fortitude 16; he takes 10 damage to be at 16 HP. He is up against the wall and cannot be pushed.

    Little Caesar, now it's really your turn.

  23. "To win by strategy is no less the role of a general than to win by arms."


    Move Action: move to G3

    Minor Action: open chest

    Move Action: Acrobat's Trick to climb down to H4

    Free Action: activate Acid Trap

  24. The chest is opened to reveal d13(13): The Vorpal Axe! Heads are gonna roll!

    Stepping on the triggering mechanism, acid spews out from the column, burning Set to bloodied!

    The Dark God then starts his turn on the ground and burns a little more.

  25. Set stands tall, his eyes full of rage at the pale worshipper of Osiris dares to strike at him. These mortals do not deserve to be in our presence, and they most be taught a lesson!

    Stand up (move action)
    Warlocks Curse on Ronald (minor) (+1d6 damage on a hit)
    Eldritch Blast against Ronald (+6 vs Reflex, 1d10+10+1d6 damage; adding in Thors bonus' and adding in arcane prodigy bonus damage as well ).

    If I drop Ronald below , use misty Step to teleport 3 sq C9.

  26. Tech:
    Eldritch Blast vs Ronald (15)+6= 21 vs Reflex 16 HIT!
    Ronald is burned by the god Osiris for (8)+(2)+10 20 DAMAGE!!

    Ronald is unconscious at -10 HP

    Set attempts to save vs the burning acid: (17) SUCCESS! He is spared an agonizing, miserable death.

    Ronald is up! If he chooses to respawn he will appear on Sigil(4)

  27. Ronald is dazed, but clowns don't give up so easily. He quickly absorbs some of his own life force as he attacks Set, before sliding up the stairs and sending another arrow towards Raiden.

    Free Action: Use Dark Reaping as a Free Action when I drop below 0 HP.
    Not Unconscious, only dazed because I'm a revenant.
    Action Point: Attack Set with Disruptive Shot
    +11 vs AC [Base +9 +2 for Aspect of the Lone Wolf]
    Damage: 1d10+6 and the target is dazed (save ends). Miss: Half damage & slowed

    Use the Skirmishing Presence feature of the Colonel to shift 2 squares after I use an action point, and shift to C2

    Standard Action: Attack Raiden with Clever Shot
    +11 vs AC [Base +9 +2 Aspect of the Lone Wolf +2 CA -2 partial cover]
    Damage: 1d10+6 damage + 1d8+3 Necrotic damage from Dark Reaping. Raiden is slid 2 squares into the Pit at E5

    Death Saving Throw...

  28. By the way, teleport successful!

    Dark Reaping: Gain (8)+3 to next damage roll before end of next turn.

    Disruptive Shot: (2)+11 vs. AC 14; MISS!!!, the humanity, that was SO CLOSE
    Next time remind me about that BALLER Adept's Insight power that you have and we'll throw it on top for a hit.

    for 1/2x (5)+6= 5 damage!!!
    Set is unconscious at -4 HP!

    Clever Shot: (14)+11 vs. AC 16; HIT!!!
    for (7)+6+(8)+3= 24 damage!
    Raiden is hanging on by a thread at 2 HP!

    So, Raiden, I've got good news and I've got bad news...

    The good news is that you are no longer blind...

    The bad news is that you rolled a save to avoid the pit an ... (1) HUMILIATION!!!

    Death Saving Throw: (1) DOUBLE HUMILIATION!!!


    Out To Lunch has leaped forward with a 3-point lead, hammering away at Riders on the Storm. It's still early on the match and anyone's game. Let the blood flow like wine!

    Match 05 continues: http://fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.blogspot.com/2012/01/play-by-post-match-05-round-03