Play-by-Post: Match 04 Round 03

06 === Screen Actors Guild vs. Venture Bros === 07

Hank (4) - Dean (7) - George Clooney (13) - Brock (14) - Christian Bale (15) - Val Kilmer (19) - Dr Venture (20) - Adam West (20)

Hank Venture spawns in Location 3, and makes a bargain with the Fomorian King to attack team S.A.G, before following it up with his own attack!
George Clooney is GIBBED!
Val Kilmer is GIBBED!
Christian Bale is knocked UNCONSCIOUS!
Brock is knocked UNCONSCIOUS!
Adam West is HUT-GIBBED!
Hank Venture is knocked UNCONSCIOUS!
Dean Venture spawns in Location 2, and takes a drink from the Hag's potion!
George Clooney spawns in Location 2, makes a deal with the gods to loosen the Fomorian's grip, and creates an inferno blazing across the Feywild!
Brock is GIBBED!
Brock spawns in Location 4, still restrained, and jumps into the Baba Yaga's hut!
Christian Bale is HUT-GIBBED!
Christian Bale spawns in location 1, no longer cursed by the Baba Yaga! He in turn, curses and attacks the unconscious Hank Venture
Hank Venture is GIBBED!
Val Kilmer spawns in Location 2, still restrained, but soon escapes and jumps into the Dancing Hut.
Dr. Venture spawns in Location 4, and attacks Christian Bale with a laser pistol!
Christian Bale is BLOODIED!
Adam West Spawns in Location 3, and attacks Dr. Venture in retaliation!
Dr. Venture is BLOODIED!
The Court of Stars proclaims that the next year shall be a year of song!
End of Round 3!


  1. Round 3! Fight!

    Hank Venture spawns in Location 3!

  2. Christian Bale had temporary hit points that I forgot to account for. He's currently at 15 HP, and still bloodied!

  3. And the forced movement not triggering the ice monster's aura issue?

  4. Ooh...didn't see that that question had been raised.

    Technically, forced movement doesn't count as "entering," does it? Damn you 4e minutiae! *Shakes fist at the sky*

    Ok, since that erroneous ruling was doled out pretty equally to both teams, I'm not going to award any team a bonus for my mistake, but starting from this point forward: forced movement into the aura does not trigger the ice monster's claw attack

    My apologies for the confusion.

  5. Not to harp, but did the SHV damage count or no?

  6. @Borhdumb - yep, look directly above the comment in the previous match where you asked about it =) SHV gibbed Dr. Venture.

  7. Thanks! I have to say, I would never want to DM this map. Too much craziness going on!

  8. Ah, the craziness is exactly why I enjoy DMing this map. Keeps things interesting for me =)

  9. Yeah, he likes crazy, or he wouldn't put up with me and the the other crazies from his PbP game. ;P (PCs: Never doing what you expect.)

  10. Just asked Jon whether I'd be able to take my turn if the Ice Monster gibs me. The answer was "yes."

  11. "Double Dammit, that smarts!"

    Hank stumbles about and bumps into something large and scary.

    "Wowy, Baron VonUnterbite, what are you doing here? Hey, want to help us out? No one is supposed to beat up my dad, but you right?"

    The hulking creature summons it's minions to grab hold of the feeble Batman wannabes, unfortunately Brock is in the way!

    "Sorry, Brock! I gotta make sure these guys stay down." He mutters under his breath, "Now where did I put that illusory holographic projector, Dad made me? Aha!"

    He draws a small device from his pocket and shines it on the floor at the feet of his foes. A holographic image of a gaping pit appears at their feet and they all jump as if falling!

    Move Action: Walk to D5
    Standard Action: Fomorian King Terrain Power centered on L3. +6 vs. Reflex, 1d10+7 damage on hit and targets are restrained. DC 21 (I am trained in dungeoneering).
    ACTION POINT: Standard Action, Phantom Chasm area burst 1 centered on L3: +5 vs. Will, 2d6 +5 damage on hit, knocked prone and immobilized until end of its next turn. Miss: Half damage and knocked prone. Creates Zone in burst that lasts until end of the encounter, any enemy that enters zone is knocked prone.

  12. ALSO, because I have forgotten every....single......turn. The hut moves towards K6.


  13. Also, if I my first attack roll against Clooney misses and is within 6, I want to use Memory of A Thousand Liftimes and add 1d6 to attack roll.

  14. From out of the ground, the evil-eyed monsters reach up through the ice, trying to grab you!

    1d20(2)+6=8 vs Christian's Ref 15 [MISS]
    1d20(7)+6=13 vs Val's Unconscious Ref 12 [HIT]
    id20(12)+6=18 vs Brock's Ref 14 [HIT]
    1d20(20)+6=26 vs George's Ref 24 [CRITICAL HIT]
    Damage: 1d10(3)+7=10

    Val Kilmer is GIBBED!
    Brock is knocked unconscious at -9 HP and restrained!
    George Clooney is critically hit for 17 damage
    and is GIBBED

    Hank takes 10 damage from StormHawk's Vengences and is Bloodied at 11HP!

    Action Point:
    1d20(15)+5=8 vs Christian's Will 12 [HIT]
    id20(8)+5 vs Brock's Will 10 [HIT]
    2d6(2)(4)+5 =11 damage
    Christian Bale takes 16 damage (vulnerability) and is UNCONSCIOUS at -1 HP!


    Hank takes 10 damage from Stormhawk's Vengences and is at 1HP!

    The Hut moves 1d20(4) squares and lands on top of Val Kilmer!


    Map update won't come until later this afternoon, since we've got a bad lightning storm and I'm about to lose power

  15. Hank would have taken Stormhawk's Vengenace damage twice for his first attack, once for gibbing Val Kilmer, once for gibbing George Clooney. Then a thrid time after the Action Point to drop to (looks like) -9 HP.

  16. Ok, I'm going to need to re-read Stormhawks because if it kicks off every time someone hits/attacks you while you're less than 0 (which isn't how we've been treating it every other match so far), that's going to need a bit of a nerfing. I don't have time to take a look at it right now, so I'll get back to everyone.

    In the meantime, Dean Venture spawns at Location 2.

  17. Despite the triple Stormhawk's Vengeance, my hat off to you, Joe. That attack really hit us hard in the balls. It hurt! What are you going to do next, announce a new edition of D&D?!

  18. That is EXACTLY how it works and how we've been historically treating it since you personally saw SHV in action in August of 2011. That's how it has been handled in all our other PbP matches as well. It is tempered by FTDM terrain powers/hazards/etc. that either kill by not doing damage, or have the Dungeon Master effectively as the attacker.

    No nerfing will occur, unless you are putting in something specific to your map.

  19. ah, sorry, I should hesitate before I say something as if it were universal for all FTDM. Sometimes I just go mad with power. it happens to the best of DMs sometimes.

    But as I said before, give me a chance to reread it & think before I say anything definite.

  20. @Jon: It's all good, and I may have overreacted there a bit. I sent you a direct message on Twitter, too. We'll talk and compare notes. PbP exists (for me) as a way to test out new ideas for FTDM (Fifthcore Team Deathmatch) outside of the panic of Live Events; crazy ideas like an all-SHV team.

  21. Ok, I got a chance to reread SHV, and while I think I know how this power is intended to work, because of how its written, it would indeed trigger again, putting Hank at -9 HP and UNCONSCIOUS!

    On a side note, I wished I'd used this looser interpretation of SHV when my team was using it at GenCon :P

    On another side note, I would like to assure people that I'm not a big enough douche to make a non-RAW ruling like that during the middle of a round without warning, especially something that 4/8 players are currently using. There *may* be a ruling when we switch maps and rebuild, but if so you'll have plenty of warning and (as I said before) the option to rebuild.

  22. Dean finds himself in a weird forrest. "Did anyone see that? I feel like I just got trampled by pop's walking eye." He looks around and sees all the downed batmans "Nice shot hank. Go Team Venture!! I wish I knew what pop did to cause all the batmans to come after us. I feel a mystery is afoot." He runs towards adam west hoping to unmask him.

    Move: Move to K7
    Minor: Swear oath of enmity against Adam West
    Standard: Shielded by Faith
    Attack: +6 vs AC (Roll twice. Use higher result)
    Damage: 4d6+6 (+4 wis/+2 from Aspect of Might)
    Effect: I gain +2 power bonus to all defences to attacks made by creatures other than the target until the end of my next turn.

  23. Sorry, I still haven't updated the map yet. Adam West was Gibbed by the Dancing Hut. The only member of the S.A.G. still on the field is the unconscious Christian Bale next to the Yeti

  24. Ok thanks. Can I please change my move to move next to the cauldron. If I can get there in 1 move I'll activate it with my +5 bonus as well as summon my shadow weapon. If I have to double move I'll just activate it. Aspect of might gives me a move of 8.

  25. phantom chasm only affects enemies; Brock should still be at -9 and not immobilized.

  26. Would George and Val be restrained after respawning?

  27. @Casey: Yes, but for me too!

  28. Dean Venture takes a sip out of the bubbling Hag Couldron.
    Saving Throw: 1d20(5)+5=10 [SUCCESS]
    Hag's Favor: 1d6(2) - Essence of spider: Your attacks deal +2d8 poison damage until you die

    Dean still has a standard Action Remaining.

  29. Also, the earlier comment about Brock not being affected by Phantom Zone is correct. Brock is unconscious with -9 HP (a popular HP value for Team Venture!)

  30. Map is updated.

    Also, Correction: Essence of Spider is only for Weapon attacks. I meant to make it apply to all attacks, but forgot to make that change on the site, so it's not fair to do it now. I'll update the E6M1 page to reflect that it should be for all attacks, but that change won't go into effect until the start of the next round. So Dean has Essence of Spider, but it's only for weapons attacks.

  31. Note: The Hut's location was left off this version of the map update. It's currently in squares K6,L6,K7,L7. It will be included in the next map update.

  32. I'll take a minor to summon my shadow wrought weapon and move the hut west.

  33. The Hut moves 1d8(3) squares to the West.

    George Clooney spawns in Location 2, still restrained by the grasping Fomorians (Escape DC 21)!

  34. George Clooney appears again on the field, covered in loving fans clawing for his autograph. Pulling out a small device from his belt, he fires off a bat shaped grapple to pull him to safety. Once in a safe position, he lobs an incendiary device in the direction of the ice monster. "Hey Mr. Freeze! The heat's on!"

    End Restrained as a free action - enjoy the AP.
    Move to J6
    Standard Action: Orbmasters Incendiary Fire (Free Action using Orb of Imposition to increase it to a Area Burst 3, ignores allies, and lasts Eo2 turns) centered on N1
    Attacks vs Brock, and Dean +5 vs Reflex If I miss Dean use Adept's Insight (augmented to add 1d4+1 to the attack)
    Minor Action: Jump in the hut and grab Goblin King's Package.

    Free Action: Ride in style in my Baba the Hutt

    Onward Baba Yaga! towards A14

  35. Action Point given! 1d4(4) - Dr. Venture gains an Action Point!

    Attack vs Brock 1d20(8)+5 = 13 vs Reflex 14-5(unconscious)=9 [HIT]
    Attack vs Dean 1d20(16)+5=21 vs Ref 15
    Damage: 1d6(6)+5= 11 damage

    Brock is GIBBED!
    Dean is Bloodied at 11HP!

    The female George Clooney jumps in the Baba Yaga's hut, and now has a very attractive package!

    The Hut moves 1d8(3) squares towards A14!

    Brock Spawns in Location 4!

  36. Also, just so there's no confusion, while inside the Hut I won't show you on the map, since no one has line of sight/effect to you. So if there seems to be a distinct lack of George Clooney on the map, that's why.

  37. Clooney is still immobilized from Phantom Chasm

  38. George was killed By the first attack, and wasn't alive to be hit by the phantom chasm.

  39. also, I looked up the wrong HP value for Dean earlier. Dean took 11 damage which puts him at 16 HP and NOT bloodied.

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. you can neither curse, nor attack George. creatures in the hut don't have line of sight or line of effect to each other.

  42. Escape from a grab is normally a move action. Did you roll on my behalf as such?

  43. yeah, state the action you want to take, the modifier (athletics or acrobatics), and the if-then conditions of making / failing the text. If you're still going into the hut, I don't believe It requires you to escape the Restrained.

  44. Okay, new post:

    "Hank, seriously: when I get my license back I'm allowed to kill you."

    Disoriented by the world flashing in an out of his awareness, Brock searches hungrily for a batman to slay. Seeing none, he sniffs the air and catches the scent of his nemesis, George Clooney. With a roar of triumphant rage, he ignores his restraints and enters the hut.

    Minor action: enter hut and grab Unseelie Curse.

    Can I grab more items with more minor actions?

    If so, I'll grab the Wand of Senaliesse and the Sunblade.

    Move the hut towards L2.

  45. Hmm...while the rules state that you can only enter the hut to get an item 1/turn as a minor action, it isn't clear on grabbing more items while in the hut. Ah, the wonderful things we learn through Playtesting...

    Brock enters the Dancing Hut, and arms himself to the teeth with the Wand, the Sunblade, and a curse to bestow!

    The Dancing Hut moves 1d8(7) squares towards L2, Landing on top of Christian Bale

    Pig-Christian is HUT-GIBBED!

    Christian Bale starts his turn prone and immobilized (both end at the end of his turn) in Location 1!

  46. If exiting the hut is a free action, I could leave and enter two more times. If you wanted to limit this next time, you could have exiting be a minor action as well.

  47. Or stick to 1/round minor enter and grab like it's written :)

  48. As written, you can only enter the hut to grab an item once/turn. It's a minor action, & exiting is a free action. The intent was to limit it to only getting one item a turn, however there's currently no listing on grabbing once you're inside. So for now (and I'll correct this once the match is done), while inside the hut you can pick up items as a minor action.

  49. Ah, crap. Sorry again for my hastiness, and kudos to you Jon for handling all of this insanity.

  50. Map is updated, and I swapped around some of the status symbols to what I feel is more appropriate.

    But yes, somewhere under the fire/warning sign/handicap sign/Phantom Mask is a non-pigified Christian Bale!

  51. Would the Scourge of the Spider Queen be back on its altar, or does someone have it?

  52. Scourge of the Spider Queen was in the possesion of Christian Bale when he was pig-ified, which means it transformed with the rest of the equipment. It's currently in square L2 Underneath the Baba Yaga's Hut.

  53. What the hell, man? A pig? That hadn't made any damn sense. The movie star life style must be getting to him. And all these damned lights. What the hell, man, how was he supposed to get into character?!


    Move: Twiddle thumbs.
    Minor: Warlock's Curse... Uh. Good question. I think Dean is actually closer to me, but I don't think I have LoE to him to be able to curse him? So Hank I guess if that's allowable. I'm pretty sure I have LoE to him.
    Diabolic Grasp on Hank
    +4 vs Fortitude. If I come within 4, use Heroic Effort.
    On hit: 2d8+5 and slide him to C3 (I'm not sure if he has cover, but I know I've got -2 from prone, which is already accounted for) If I come within 4 use heroic effort.
    Send hut Northeast towards A13. I think that works. The wrapping is confusing me a bit. If not, just east towards C3, or D5 if I missed.

  54. +1d6 for curse if I was able to curse him. Herp.

  55. From his position on the ground, Christian Bale curses and sends a clawed spectral hand towards Hank Venture!

    1d20(7)+4 - 5 (Superior Cover)= 6 vs Fort 10 [MISS]
    Using Heroic Effort: 6+4=10 vs Fort 10 [HIT]

    Damage 2d8(2)(1)+1d6(4)+5=12 damage!


    The Hut moves 1d8(7) squares, pushing Dean into the quicksand!

    Val Kilmer spawns in Location 2!

  56. The Scourge of the Spider Queen should be in square L2. I'll include it in the next map update. Val Kilmer starts his turn restrained, escape DC 21

  57. Aww yeah. Behold the awesome power of thumb-twiddling! >:D

  58. So can I use a move to escape my restrained or is it an end of turn save?

    Either way, here goes.
    Val steps onto the grass, confused at its presence and rubs his belly. Looking around seeing almost no one he attempts to step forward.

    Move: Escape grab (If withing 4, use Heroic Effort). If successful:
    Standard to run to the hut
    Minor to grab Maiden of the Moon's bow.

    If Unsuccessful, downgrade standard to move to attempt an escape(if within 4 use Heroic Effort).
    Minor: take up stance of Stance of the Dancing Serpent and use the free action at the end of my turn to shift to J12

    If both fail, take up Stance of the Dancing Serpent and drop prone.

    Move hut toward C3.

  59. Val quickly attempts to escape his Fomorian captors.

    1d20(10)+10(acrobatics)=20 vs DC 21 [FAILURE]
    Heroic Effort: 20+4=24 vs DC 21 [SUCCESS]

    Val dashes across the Feywild, and leaps into the Dancing Hut to grab the bow! It's starting to get crowded in that Hut!

    The Hut moves 1d8(1) square!

    Dr. Venture spawns in Location 4!

  60. Transporting into the feywild again, Dr. Venture speaks into his 2-way communicator wristwatch “Brock? Brock? Are you screening me, Brock?” Spotting a disgruntled batman twiddling his thumbs, the good doctor opens fire with his laser pistol. “Eat laser, Guild Scum!”


    Standard Action:
    Hound of Dark Omen vs. Christian Bale +5 vs. Will (+6 -2 for prone +1 for shadow twist)
    Hit: 2d8+5 psychic damage (I’ll forgo pushing him)
    If he doesn’t move before the end of his next turn he takes 5 psychic damage.

    Move Action: move to K7 , gaining concealment from shadow walk.

    Free Action: Pop some “diet” pills and grumble about not being able to go ten freaking minutes without some loser in a costume trying to kill him.

    Move hut towards K3.

  61. Dr. Venture blasts away with his laser pistol!
    1d20(13)+5=18 vs Will 12 [SUCCESS!]
    Damage 2d8(7)(7)+5=19 damage

    Christian Bale is at 13 HP & BLOODIED!

    The Hut moves 1d8(2) squares!

    Adam West Spawns in Location 3!

    (Man, both teams have been very lucky with the Telefrags...)

  62. "I love this job more than I love taffy. And I'm a man who loves his taffy."

    Move: Walk to E6.

    Minor: Activate Hellfire Touch.

    Standard: Attack Dr. Venture with Disruptive Shot
    Attack: +9 vs. AC 16 (+9 base +2 cunning stalker -2 ranged vs. concealment)
    Hit: 1d10+11 damage (+5 Dex +1 Bow Expertise +5 Hellfire Touch), IMMOBILIZED

    (save ends) and slide to square M10.

    Smell the pretty flowers, Rusty.

    Miss within 4: If the attack roll gets within 4, use Heroic Effort to make the

    Super Miss: Half damage and slowed until end of my next turn, and I take 5 fire

    & necrotic damage from hellfire touch.

    End of Turn: Send Baba Yaga's Hut south and a little west, trying to stomp on

    Dean and/or cover up the cauldron.

    "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I'm trying to get all the A's out of my body. AAAAAAAAAH!!!"

  63. Adam West takes a break from his taffy to fire a shot towards Dr. Venture!

    1d20(17)+11=28 vs Rusty's AC 16 [HIT]

    1d10(9)+11=20 damage!

    Dr. Venture is bloodied at 3HP!

    The Hut moves 1d8(8) squares southwest!


    1d8(2) A Year of Song!

    At the beginning of each dungeoneer’s turn, he or she must recite a limerick or song. Recitations deemed worthy by the Court of Stars grant the dungeoneer an action point, but recitations deemed to be in poor taste deal 15 damage to the dungeoneer!

  65. Round 4 starts here: