Play-by-Post: Match 5 Round 1

Raiden - Colonel - Wendy - Zeus - Thor - Caesar - Set - Ronald

Ronald wins Initiative!  He can choose to keep it as-is, or reverse!
Initiative is reversed!
Raiden spawns on sigil 1!  He teleports to sigil 4, and moves over to a chest to unlock it's treasure:  The Cloak of the Winter Wich!
The Colonel spawns on sigil 3, teleports to sigil 4, and retrieves the Dwarven Girdle and charges Raiden, but misses
Wendy spawns on sigil 4, skips to the obelisk, and calls lightening down on the Mortal Kombat lightening god!
Raiden is unconscious!


  1. When do the treasure chests get placed?

  2. Reverse Initiative! Ronald shall wait to unleash his French Fried Destruction!

  3. Random Chests:
    (1)(9)= A9
    (14)(3)= N3
    (8)(3)= H3
    (9)(12)= I12
    (4)(14)= D14
    (10)(11)= J11
    (9)(1)= I1

    Initiative Reversed!
    Raiden is up first, and spawns on location 2!

  4. Lightning flashes and a humanoid figure flickers to life within the scalding brightness. Raiden steps into the court of the Storm Lord and takes in the scene.

    Raiden closes its eyes for a moment and feels kinship with the surging tempest that inhabits the court. It touches its hand to the right breast where the sigil of Kord is embroidered upon the loose robes belted over steel and bark.

    The Wildens'form melts into electric light and seeps into the stone below, only to re-emerge across the court. The sleek form of The Hunter takes off and corners the stair, making for the treasure chest on the level above.

    Teleport to sigil 4 (free)
    Double-move to A10 and loot the trunk (move-move-minor)

  5. Aha! The Teleportation Sigil power is pretty clever. It can be triggered by starting your turn on it; thus, Raiden uses Teleportation Sigil infinitely as a No Action until he ends up where he wants to be. This allows everyone more mobility about the map, but also keeps the threat of telefrags. Nice work!

    Raiden opens the chest to reveal a d16(3); Cloak of the Winter Witch.

    Colonel Sanders Respawns at Sigil #3.

  6. Using the same rulesploitation as Raiden, the Colonel eventually (all in the blink of an eye) appears on sigil 4. It's like changing channels in rapid succession, and every station is playing a KFC ad.

    "Well Ah say, well Ah say, what have we here?" he mutters as he bounds up the stairs and pulls a huge chicken leg out of a fryer. The flesh rips from the thigh bone, revealing a...

    Free: 'Port to 4.
    Move: Move to D-14.
    Minor: Retrieve item.

    Will complete turn upon item reveal.

  7. d15(3);

    You retrieve the Dwarven Girdle.

  8. The Colonel, decked out in his brand new cummerbund of "Don't push me, son", leaps across to skewer the strange planty thunder being!

    Standard: Charge Raiden. (Athletics to get from C-13 to A-11: +8)
       Attack: +9 vs AC
       Hit: 1d8+4

  9. Sialing through the air ...

    Athletics (18)+8= 26; Success!

    the Colonel unleashes the extra crispy!

    (2)+9= 11 vs. AC 16; Miss!

    Wendy comes into play at Sigil (4).

  10. Ho ho! As a reaction to the charge, Raiden (as a Wilden) invokes his Pursuit of the Hunter racial power, skittering to square A-7.

    Stephen emailed me about that one, but tried to shift to A13, which would involv either falling off the platform or moving through an unoccupied square. I have decided to move him an equal number of squares in a rules-legal direction instead.

  11. Casey, my PHB (p 268) says that the one thin an immediate reaction does pre-empt is movement. Raiden gets his action after the Colonel has moved one sq and then Colonel finishes.

    I don't see any revision in the compiled errata (2011-10-03).

    It is an odd exception. It seems to me that Pursuit of the Hunter should have been an Immediate Interrupt which would have prevented the misunderstanding altogether.

    Holy shit, I'm starting to sound like a god-forsaken Magic:TG card flipper again.

    I'll happily shift to C9 instead if anything sounds out of whack to you or Graham.

  12. So, lemme see if I've got this straight - the shift triggers when the Colonel is in the air at B-12. He hangs suspended in a Matrix moment as Raiden shifts to A-13. Landing inevitably at A-11, the Colonel, with movement remaining in his charge ends at A-12 and misses.

    Man, I love this game!

  13. Fluff
    Skipping up the steps, wind blowing in her hair, Wendy wonders if Raiden has had a health lunch.

    Wendy has a long-standing commitment to fairness and equal opportunity. It is evident in how she does business, how she interacts with others and how she develops her most important asset — people. Wendy’s policies, practices and core values have always promoted inclusion. While she celebrates her unique personal qualities and talents, she is united in her dedication to delighting customers!

    Span at spawn 4 C:11
    B:14 [6]
    Hunters Quarry RAIDEN
    Call Lightening against RAIDEN
    +6 vs. 12 REF

  14. Tech:
    (12)+6= 18 vs 12 Ref HIT!
    (5)+(8)+(6)+(3)+5= 27 damage!

    Raiden is unconscious at -1HP

    Zeus spawns in Location 1

  15. The skies part for a brief second, and in a flash the great and powerful Zeus appears on the battlefield. As he steps up to the higher platform bolts of lightning appear in his hands, and with a flick sends both bolts hurtling towards the Colonel.


    Free: Start at spawn point 1
    Move: Move up stairs to B1
    Minor: Create Shadow-Wrought weapon ... Longbow
    Standard: Twin Strike vs Colonel ... Two attacks, +7 vs AC, 1d10+1 damage each attack
    For the record, shadow-wrought longbow causes +1d8 damage on a critical hit

    NOTE: Since Prime Shot does not make a distinction on whether the closer ally is conscious or not, I'm going to assume it's not in effect. If you interpret it differently, it's an additional +1 to the attack.

  16. Shika shika shika KAPOW!!!

    (18)+7 vs AC 16; HIT!!!
    (17)+7 vs AC 16; HIT!!!

    I say, I say, you take (2)+(8)+2= 12 damage! (14 HP)

    What's the matter Colonel Sanders? Chicken?

    Thor Respawns at Sigil (1).

  17. As lightning cracks down on the ground of this hallowed temple of storm deity, a burly and thoroughly naked blond man stands before you where the lightning struck. His chiseled features are rapidly covered in an armor of brilliant discs which appear in place and he stands with one hand outstretched.


    Flying through the ceiling of the structure comes a brilliant and glistening warhammer covered in eldritch runes of power.

    "Behold, you stand in the presence of the Odinson, Thor! Tremble in fear at my awesome might as my allies stand from their fallen state! Fear the god of who brings the thunder and the lightning! FEAR ME!"

    Extending his hand, lightning strikes his ally Raiden who is recharged and reinvigorated and Thor rallies up the steps toward his brother Zeus, extending a triumph fist to his fellow deity.

    Minor Action: Summon Shadow-Wrought Warhammer +1, +1 to attack and damage rolls, +1d8 on crits
    Minor Action: Healing Infusion on Raiden who may spend a healing surge (no bonuses)
    Move Action: Move to square D1.

  18. Shazam! Ceasar the Lesser appears at Sigil (4).

  19. Hey guys,

    I no longer seem able to access the blog from work, so in the interest
    of keeping this thing moving I'd like one of you to post my turn for
    me. Here it is:

    Little Caesar appears in the Court of the Storm Lord and looking
    defiantly up at the broiling heavens, shouts "Exaudi me, domine
    tempestatis! Sum Rex omnium! Dii delebuntur!"

    Summoning a shadow-wrought pizza wheel, the pint-sized tyrant then
    rushes in for the kill, eager to portion out his enemies into perfect

    He places a hand on the obelisk and looks at Zeus with a wry smile.
    “You have miscalculated, Olympian. I love the name of honour, more
    than I fear death. Pizza pizza!”


    Free actions: use teleport sigils until I spawn at C4.

    Minor Action: Summon Shadow-wrought shortsword.

    Move Action: use ambush trick to move up to A2 (provoking OA)

    Standard Action: make a melee basic attack vs. Zeus. +14 vs. AC (+8,
    +1 magic weapon, +2 CA from ambush trick, +3 from backstab) Hit:
    4d6+1d8+8 (sneak attack, backstab, and practiced killer)

    Action point: Call lightning vs. Raiden and Thor, +8 vs. Reflex (+2 CA
    from Ambush trick) use heroic effort if I miss and am within 4.

  20. Zues strikes back at the ambushing roman!

    (3)+4 vs. AC 17; MISS!!!

    but then the God of Thunder gets a gladius to the face!

    (19)+14 vs. AC 16; HIT!!!
    for (3)+(5)+(3)+(2)+(5)+8= 26 DAMAGE!!!

    Zeus is bloodied at 2 HP!!!

    Filled with the power of the badly hurt thunder-god, the Master of Peperroni calls down his own shocking bolts:

    (20) CRITICAL HIT!!!
    for 29 lightning damage and blinded until end of encounter (or die in a whirlwind).


    (8)+8 vs. Reflex 15; HIT!!!
    for (4)+(8)+(4)+5= 21 lightning damage and blinded until end of encounter (or die in a whirlwind).



    Set Respawns at Sigil (3).

  21. Whoa whoa whoa....backup. I made a mistake.

  22. Zeus is at 2 HP.

    Thor takes the 21 lightning damage to be bloodied at 7 HP.

    Score is 0:1.

    No Killing Spree.


  23. The wail of the wind dies suddenly, as The Typhon-headed Set appears in resplendent robes, adorned with jewels and gold weaved together with the finest of Egyptian silks. "Who dares summon Set, lord of chaos, slayer of Apep, swallower of the Moon?". The lighting of the chamber dims as he moves, each step taking him to an different corner until he appears near the pillar of Djinn. In the confusion, a Spirit of darkness coalesces near the Colonel, ready to consume the soft belly of a western fool and yet despising the foul smell of 11 herbs and spices radiating from him.

    Teleport (no action) 8 times around the board, ending on pad 4.
    Fey Step (move action) to teleport to F9.
    Warlock's Curse on the Colonel (minor action): +1d6 damage on a hit.
    Summon Malicious Shadow (Standard Action): +6 vs Reflex (+5 base, +1 prime shot)
    Hit: 3d8+5 cold and necrotic damage (+1d6 from curse)
    Miss: Half damage

    Effect: Summons shadow in sq adjacent (A12). All enemies adjacent grant CA.

    Free Action: Hidden Strike (Roll a bluff check (+10) vs all creatures passive insight. If I succeed, that creature treats me as invisible and believes the attack came from elsewhere). Lasts until the start of my next turn.


  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BK2CTBYz4xw

    (8)+6 vs. Reflex 14; HIT!!!
    for (5)+(4)+(4)+(5)+5= 23 cold and necrotic damage

    The Colonel is unconscious at -7 HP!

    Little Caesar: (9)+10 vs. Insight 15; HIT!!!
    The Colonel: (10)+10 vs. Insight 13; HIT!!!
    Wendy: (18)+10 vs. Insight 11; HIT!!!

    Ronald! End this round strong for us at Sigil (4)!

  25. ...and sorry, this one was sent in last night:

    IIRC, Little Ceasar is within 5 sq of Raiden when he brought the thunder.

    "As the bolt stikes home, Raiden lifts one of its burning limbs in a gesture that seems to redirect a portion of that divine energy against
    his attacker.

    Armor of Wrath, Covenant of Wrath Power
    As your foe strikes, you invoke the god's power to encase yourself in a burning aura of radiant energy.
    Encounter * Divine, Radiant
    Immediate Reaction * Close burst 5
    Channel Divinity: You can only use one channel divinity power per encounter.
    Trigger: An enemy within 5 squares of you hits you.
    Target: The triggering enemy in burst.
    Effect: The target takes damage equal to you Constitution modifier (+3), and you push the target 2 squares.

    Little Caesar is at 23 HP.

  26. "Bah dah dah da daaaaaa..."Ronald appears in the fray, and taps a large red shoe impatiently while he waits for the teleport sigils to take him where he actually wanted to go.

    Eventually, he comes out where he wants to and fires a pair of French Fries at the Greek & Norse gods above.

    "I'm lovin' it..." The clown whispers as he steps of the sigil, and turns his sights towards the remaining lightning "god"

    Teleport (no action) to Sigil 1
    (Minor) Aspect of the Lone Wolf stance
    (standard) Rapid Shot centered on C1. Ranged basic attack vs Zeus & Thor, +9 to hit (+9 base -2 rapid shot +2 Aspect of the Lone Wolf) vs AC 16, 17
    If within 4, use Augmented Adept's Insight for an extra 1d4+1 to hit.
    Damage: 1d10+5 (+1 vs Thor from Bow expertise)

    If I miss both, use an AP to repeat the attack, then move to E2
    If I hit with either, Move to E2 (or wherever I've got a clear shot) & use an Action Point to use Clever Shot vs Set
    +9 vs AC 14, damage 1d10+6 & slide 2 off the ledge at E9
    If I still have Adept's Insight, use it here if I miss.

  27. The greasy fries fly!

    ZEUS: (14)+9 vs. AC 16; HIT!!!
    for (10)+5= 15 damage!
    Zeus is dying at -8 HP!

    THOR: (15)+9 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
    for (9)+6= 15 damage!
    Thor is dying at -13 HP!

    Two characters dropped;

    SET: (8)+9 vs. AC 14; HIT!!!
    for (1)+6= 7 damage!

    Set is sent sliding off of the ledge. He tumbles, grasping for something to hold on to ...

    (13); SUCCESS!!!
    Set is merely knocked prone.

    The Funnel Cloud moves (7) squares. I'll be posting Round 02 in about an hour or so, and will have a link here in the Comments.

    BTW, no one in this match has objections to heavy strategy-talk emails. Have at thee!


    Out To Lunch has taken an early lead right off the bat, can they hold on to that advantage? A lot of cunning and surprising builds in play this match, including the first ever Eladrin in play.

    The struggle continues! Join us for Match 05 Round 02 at http://fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.blogspot.com/2012/01/raiden-colonel-wendy-zeus-thor-caesar.html

  29. Additionally, a few changes/tweaks/clarifications to the rules:

    + The center "square" of the Funnel Cloud is located at the central vertex point of the hazard.

    + Respawn triggers when a dungeoneer starts his turn dead or dying (as per most maps nowadays), and not by simply starting a turn on a Sigil. However, as an immediate reaction (and thus after any "start of turn" effects and also thereby limited to once per turn) a dungeoneer may teleport to a random Teleportation Sigil after he uses Respawn.

    + This rule changes takes place immediately and will be updated in the official map description at the author's convenience.