Play-by-Post: Match 04 FINAL ROUND

=== Screen Actors Guild vs. Venture Bros === 18
Brock - Adam West - Dean Venture - Val Kilmer - Dr. Venture - George Clooney - Christian Bale - Hank Venture

The Court of Stars makes the following Proclamation: The Prince of Hearts!
Adam West and Dean Venture switch teams!
Hank Venture spawns in Location 3, and enchants Christian Bale into attacking the Unconscious Val Kilmer.
Dean Venture spawns in location 4 and attacks his former brother.
Hank Venture is BLOODIED!
George Clooney spawns in location 3.
Hank Venture is TELEFRAGGED!
George Clooney summons a ton'o'fire, before jumping into the Dancing Hut!
Brock spawns in location 3, and attacks his former brother
Dean Venture is GIBBED!
Christian Bale starts his turn dazed & prone, but attacks Adam West
Brock is HUT-GIBBED!
Val Kilmer SELF-GIBS!
Val Kilmer spawns in location 1, and attacks Adam West.
Christian Bale is TELEFRAGGED!
Adam West is GIBBED!
Dr. Venture starts his turn dazed, but manages to attack Val Kilmer twice!
Val Kilmer is UNCONSCIOUS!
Dr. Venture is GIBBED!
Adam West spawns in Location 3, and attacks Val Kilmer.
Val Kilmer is GIBBED
Brock spawns in Location 1, and jumps in the Dancing Hut!
Adam West jumps in the Dancing Hut!
Dean Venture Spawns in Location 3 and jumps into the dancing hut!
Val Kilmer spawns in Location 1, slowed and prone. He takes total defense.
Dr. Venture attacks Val Kilmer before following the Conga Line into the Dancing Hut

Val Kilmer is BLOODIED!
Christian Bale spawns in Location 2 and jumps into the hut.
The goblin'd Hank Venture spawns in location 1

Val Kilmer is TELEFRAGGED!


  1. Final Round, FIGHT!

    Hank Venture spawns in location 3, proned & immobilized by his former enemy, now teammate!

  2. Also, I should point out that no team has yet garnered the favor of the Baba Yaga... Doing so will allow you to choose the map for part 2!

  3. "Where's my brother? What's going on?! DEEEEEEAAAAAAN!!!!" Hank comes screaming out of the teleporter and sobs pitifully. He looks over at Christian Bale and says, "Batman, you have to help me find my brother or at least finish off that awful cowboy batman."

    Minor Action: Mage hand to grab scepter
    Minor Action: Bring scepter to hank
    Standard Action: Charm of Misplaced Wrath, +13 vs. Will (just have to not crit fail!), on hit, Christian Bale is dazed until the end of my next turn and slides to square K3 and (if able) makes a ranged basic attack against Val Kilmer.
    on Critical (17-20), TURN HIM TO ICE!!!!

  4. I triggered a killing spree, correct? Also, please tell me I saved against immobilized!

  5. Can't pick up reset magic items via mage hand....i already asked at the start of the match.

  6. I just double checked the wording of picking up items from alters, and Graham is correct. Worded as is, you can't pick up items via mage hand.

  7. My actions still stand. +11 to attack roll instead.

  8. Dean tries to enlist the aid of another Batman!

    1d20(14)+11=25 vs Will 12 [HIT]

    Christian Bale darts up towards the teleport square next to the hulking ice monster and throws a dagger towards Val Kilmer!

    1d20(19)+0=19 vs AC 17 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d4(4)+0=4 damage

    Val Kilmer is still unconscious at -7HP!

    (I'm assuming that Val will be choosing to not use SHV on Christian?)

    The Dancing Hut moves 1d8(7) squares towards 2d16(3)(13)=C13

    Dean Venture, now a member of the S.A.G., spawns in location 4 next to his old enemy Adam West!

  9. Not that it will really matter, but saving throw vs Immobilized: 1d20(4) [FAILURE]

  10. Sorry, that saving throw was for Hank.

    Dr. Venture DID gain a killing spree last round, and his saving throw vs immobilized is: 1d20(2) [FAILURE]

  11. Did I? I dropped two guys below 0 on my turn, pretty sure.

  12. Yep, you are correct. Christian Bale has an AP as well. Man...I was off my game last round...

  13. You were also out of town and worried about more important things. ;) No worries. :)

  14. "Hey hank, who's the Bat now? From what I've learned from brock, I've watched, I've listened, I'm the shadow in the night. Pop! Who's a super scientist now? Go team Batman."

    Nega-Dean turns his head with an evil smirk and runs towards Hank.

    Hut moves towards Adam West

    Move action: Move to F5
    Minor Action: Pick up Scourge of the Spider Queen
    Standard: Shielded by Faith on Hank
    Attack: +9 vs AC (+3 Prof/+2 Magic)
    Damage: 2d12+8 (+4 wis/+2 Magic/+2 from Aspect of Might)
    Effect: I gain +2 power bonus to all defences to attacks made by creatures other than the target until the end of my next turn.

  15. Nega-Dean attacks his former brother!

    Move to F5

    Opportunity Attack from Adam West: 1d20(9)+1 vs AC 19 [MISS]

    Attacking Hank: 1d20(7)+9+2(CA from Prone)=18 vs AC 15. Hit!

    Damage: 2d12(12)(10)+8=20 damage + 10 ongoing!

    Hank Venture is Bloodied at 1HP!

    The Hut moves 1d8(5) squares towards Adam West. Saving Throw vs Going into the Quicksand: 1d20(17) [SUCCESS]

    Christian Bale starts his turn dazed!

  16. Oops, sorry, let's try this again: George Clooney spawns in Location 3. Hank Venture is TELEFRAGGED!

  17. George Clooney spawns on the location just finishing pulling his cowl over his head. "Hey guys, lets not forget who actually earned their living by doing quality movie making, just look at one of my better movies!"

    With that he pulls another orb out of his utility belt, and hurls it across the field, before it expands and incinerates the area.

    Orbmasters Incendiary Flames centered on I14
    Orb of Imposition - Increases to Burst 3
    Attack Dr Venture, and Adam West +5 vs Reflex
    Hit: 1d6+5, and Knock the Target Prone (both prone already so w/e)
    If I miss, and within range, use Adept's Insight (augmented) for 1d4+1 to the attack. Priority on Adam West.

    Creates a zone that lasts until Eo2T. Entering or starting their turn deals 2 fire damage.

    Move Action: (Running) Move to J9 avoiding the Phantom Chasm
    Minor: Jump in the hut "To the Batcave!"

    Move Hut west.....ADAM WEST!!

  18. George summons flames to burn across the Murkendaw and the Maze of Fathaghn, catching Adam West and Dr. Venture in the blaze!

    1d20(10)+5=15 vs Adam West's Reflex 17 [MISS]
    Adept's Insight: 15+1d4(2)+1=18 vs Reflex 17 [HIT]
    1d20(3)+5=8 vs Dr. Venture's Reflex 10 (15-5 Unconscious) [MISS]

    Damage: 1d6(3)+5=8 damage.

    Adam West is at 18 HP!

    George jumps into the Batcave, and the Hut moves 1d8(7) squares towards 2d16(6)(12)= F12.

    Adam West Saving Throw vs Quicksand: 1d20(14) [SUCCESS]

    Brock spawns in Location 3!

  19. "Alright Dean, I don't want to hurt you, so just give me the big stick..."


    Move to E6, cutting diagonally across Fomorian King's square, if possible. If not, move to E5.

    Use Savage Cut on Dean
    +12 vs AC
    3d8+7 dmg

    On a hit, use Furious Assault for extra d8 damage.

    If this drops him, I'd like to pick up the Scourge with a minor action.

    I'll wait until this is resolved before using my action point.

  20. Brock attacks Nega-Dean!

    1d20(14)+12=26 vs AC 19 [HIT]
    DAMAGE: 4d8(1)(4)(5)(8)+7=25 damage!

    Dean Venture is bloodied at 2HP!

  21. Minor action (if I still can): make Dean my Hunter's Quarry
    Action point: Foe-to-Foe vs Dean
    +12 vs AC
    d8+d10+d6+7 dmg

    Send hut west and south towards M14.

  22. Brock attacks again!

    1d20(18)+12=30 vs AC 19 [HIT]

    Damage: 1d8(4)+1d10(5)+1d6(3)+7=19 damage

    Dean Venture is GIBBED!

    The Hut moves 1d8(8) squares!

    Christian Bale starts his turn, and is attacked by the ice monster!
    Ice Monster Attack: 1d20(1)+8=9 vs AC 15 [HUMILIATION!]

    The Ice Monster is cursed by the Baba Yaga, and turns into an Ice Pig!
    (I'm not going to lie, I didn't see that coming)

    The Dazed Christian Bale falls prone from starting in the Phantom Chasm!

  23. That fucking traitor! How dare he join up with those unprofessional kids! Bale focuses his wrath on his former teammate, growling in rage.

    Color Orb on Adam West:

    +4 vs Will (Already taking prone into account) on hit: 1d8+5 and he's dazed until the end of my next turn

    If I miss within 4, Heroic Effort.

    Action Point: Hellish Rebuke on Adam West

    +4 vs REF, or if he's dazed +6, on hit 1d6+5 and the first time I take damage before the end of my next turn, he takes another 1d6+5

    If HE not expended and within 4, use it.

    Hut towards E5, southwest.

  24. Christian Bale turns his wrath on his former teammate!

    1d20(19)+4=23 vs Will 11 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d8(5)+5=10 damage

    Adam West is bloodied at 8HP!

    Action Point:
    1d20(19)+6=25 vs Ref 17 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d6(4)+5 = 9 damage

    Adam West is Unconscious at -1 HP!

    Christian Bale takes 10 damage from SHV!

    Hellish Rebuke Triggers, and Adam West takes 1d6(4)+5 damage and is at -10HP!

    The Dancing Hut moves 1d8(7) squares!

    Brock is HUT-GIBBED!

    Val Kilmer self-Gibbes and spawns in location 1.

    Christian Bale is TELEFRAGGED!

  25. Standard: Basic attack v Adam West: +9, -2 for Prone, +7 v AC, 1d10+6.
    Move: I 1
    Minor: Hellfire Touch
    Standard (AP): Basic attack v Dr. Venture +9, -2 for Prone, +7 v AC, 1d10+6. +5dmg for Hellfire and slide to G2.

  26. Attack vs Adam West!

    1d20(7)+7=14 vs AC 17-5(Unconscious)=12[HIT]
    Damage: 1d10(5)+6=11

    Adam West is GIBBED!

    Action Point!
    Attack vs Dr. Venture: 1d20(3)+7=10 vs AC 16 [MISS]

    The Hut moves 1d8(2) squares towards 2d16(2)(8)=B8

    The Revanent Dr. Venture starts his final turn dazed!

  27. I love the smell of napalm in the morning; smells like...victory

    Standard Action:
    Hateful Shade vs. Val Kilmer
    +5 vs. will (+6, +1 shadow twist, -2 prone)
    Hit: 3d8+5 force damage and irrelevant damage (save ends).

    Action Point:
    Hound of Dark Omen vs. Val Kilmer
    +5 vs. Will (+6, +1 shadow twist, -2 prone)
    Hit: 2d8+5 psychic damage. (If the previous attack dropped him to 0 hp, I'll activate dark reaping and use it here for an additional 1d8+5 necrotic damage.

  28. and if hound of dark omen hits, push him to K3

  29. Does Dr Venture have line of effect to Val from where he is? It looks like there's a bush, and void squares blocking it if he targets south, and a log if he's targeting north

  30. From the glossary entry for cover: "A line isn't blocked if it runs along the edge of an obstacle's or an enemy's square."

    Val might have cover, but there should still be line of effect.

  31. Dr. venture does have Line of Effect, but Val has cover, so Doc will be taking an additional -2 to hit.

    Hate Shade:
    1d20(15)+3=18 vs Will 11 [HIT]
    Damage: 3d8(2)(2)(1)+5 = 10 damage

    Action Point:
    1d20(10)+3=13 vs Will 11 [HIT]
    2d8(4)(6)+5=15 damage.

    Val Kilmer is bloodied at 1 HP and pushed to K3!

    The Hut moves 1d8(2) squares.

    Adam West spawns in Location 4!

  32. Adam West is still dazed & prone.

  33. It looks like Val Kilmer deserves a taste of his own medicine. Upon his recent gibbing of Mayor Adam West, he takes a face-full of thunder damage: Stormhawk's Vengeance!!!

    I do believe that will knock him to unconsciousness for my turn.

    Well, well, well. Val Kilmer. We meet again. I thought I knew you. I thought I had you figured out. You used to be on the winning team ...

    STANDARD ACTION: Attack Val Kilmer with Clever Shot.
    Attack: +7 vs. unconscious AC 12(+9 base +2 cunning stalker -2 prone -2 ranged vs. prone)
    Hit: 1d10+6 damage and slowed (save ends).
    Miss: If within 4, use Heroic Effort to make the attack hit.

    ACTION POINT: Attack Val Kilmer with Disruptive Shot.
    Attack: +7 vs. unconscious AC 12(+9 base +2 cunning stalker -2 prone -2 ranged vs. prone)
    Hit: 1d10+6 damage and dazed (save ends).
    Miss: If within 4 and unused, use Heroic Effort to make the attack hit.
    Super Miss: Half damage and slowed until end of next turn.


  34. Send Baba Yaga's Hut towards Val Kilmer's broken body.

  35. Ok, here's where things get nuts.

    Val Kilmer takes 10 damage from Adam West's SHV, which means that Dr. Venture's second attack drops Val Kilmer to -9 HP!

    Val Kilmer is Unconscious!

    Dr. Venture takes 10 damage from Stormhawk's Vengance, and is GIBBED!

    Team SAG has the lead!

    Adam West shoots Val Kilmer

    1d20(17)+7=24 vs AC 12 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d10(10)+6=16 Damage.

    Val Kilmer is GIBBED!

    Adam West takes 10 damage from SHV

    The Baba Yaga's Hut moves id8(7) squares!



    First team that dies loses!

    Re-rolling Initiative:
    Val Kilmer: 1d20(11)+5=16
    Dean Venture: 1d20(13)+4=17
    George Clooney: 1d20(4)+0=4
    Christian Bale: 1d20(2)+0=2
    Adam West: 1d20(13)+5=18
    Dr. Venture: 1d20(6)+3=9
    Hank Venture: 1d20(1)+0=1
    Brock: 1d20(19)+3=22

    New Initiative is:
    Brock - Adam West - Dean Venture - Val Kilmer - Dr. Venture - George Clooney - Christian Bale - Hank Venture

    Brock spawns in Location 1

  36. Since Adam West's first attack did the gibbing, can I at least crawl off the teleport square to C11?

  37. Adam West spends his Action Point to crawl off of the teleport square!

    The Court of Stars makes the following Proclamation:

    1d8(5): The Babe with the Power of Voodoo
    Rolling for a random Dungeoneer from the new Initiative Order: 1d8(8)

    Hank Venture is turned into a Goblin!

  38. "Hey pretty lady... How's you doin'?"

    move to L15 (take 2 damage)
    minor: Dryad's Favor terrain power
    minor: jump in the hut, grab and use Naiad's kiss.

  39. Brock takes the cowards approach, and steals a kiss before jumping in the dancing hut!

    The hut moves 1d8(6) squares.

    Adam West's turn begins prone in C11


    If the Hut ends adjacent to Mayor Adam West (which I think it is), he goes in and grabs...I dunno...Goblin King's Package.

    Else; Second Wind.

  41. I'm assuming you'll do both second wind and jump in the hut.


    Adam West regains 6 HP, putting him at 20HP total

    Dean Venture spawns in Location 3

    The Hut moves 1d8(7) squares towards location 2d16(15)(11) = O11

  42. By the way, Dean, Brock is actually in the Hut and not on the map proper.

    Mmmm, it's warm inside the hut. Why don't you join us in here, little boy?


  43. Looks like the party is in hut. Hopefully they're reciting Lady Windermere. Off to the hut I fly, like a bat in the night. Lols being in team batman is fun

  44. I guess I'll take the sword if it's available and move hut wherever it may wander

  45. I had such high hopes for you, Dean...and you've disappointed me again.

    Dean Venture jumps in the Dancing Hut!

    The Hut moves 1d8(1) square towards 2d16(1)(7) = A7

    Val Kilmer spawns prone in location 1!

  46. Val Kilmer is also still slowed!

  47. (It's not his turn yet, but saving throw for Dr. Venture's immobilized condition, since we didn't do it at the end of his turn: 1d20(19) [SUCCESS])

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. Oops, sorry, Val Kilmer still has 2 more hours to post (the webpage logs post in a different time zone, and I thought 24 hours had passed. M'bad.)

  50. Val Kilmer takes full defense!

    The Hut moves towards 2d16(1)(9)=A9 1d8(6) squares

    Dr. Venture spawns in Location 3!

  51. Dean, I started it years ago in a moment of passion,and I'll end it the same way, right here, in front of Brock H.E.L.P.E.R. and God!

    Standard Action:
    Hound of Dark Omen vs. Val
    +7 vs. Will
    3d8+5 psychic damage.
    5 psychic damage if he doesn't move before the end of his next turn.

    Move Action: move to F8

    Minor Action: enter hut.

    Send hut toward K3.

  52. Dr. Venture attacks Val Kilmer!

    1d20(17)+7=24 vs Will 14 [HIT]

    Damage: 3d8(6)(2)(3)+5 = 16 damage

    Val Kilmer is bloodied!

    Dr. Venture hops in the Dancing Hut!

    The Hut moves 1d8(5) squares

    Christian Bale spawns in Location 2!

  53. Oops, I started my post, left, and forgot an important middle step when I came back.

    George Clooney starts his turn and takes 25 ongoing damage in the Hut!

    George Clooney is UNCONSCIOUS at -1 HP!!

    The Dancing Hut moves 1d8(3) squares towards 2d16(2)(7)=B7

    Now it's Christian Bale in location 2

  54. Man, what was up with that hut? Drugs? Women? Whatever. There was a fucking party going on, and all those stupid kids were in there. He'd have to go see about kicking them out.


    Move to K6, join the rest of the cowards in the hut.
    Hut towards D6

  55. Christian Bale joins the rest of the cowards in the Hut.

    The hut moves 1d8(5) squares towards D6

    The newly goblin'd Hank Venture spawns in location 1

    Val Kilmer is TELEFRAGGED!!


    Thus ends the most dull Sudden Death round of all time after an exciting match! But who will be victorious in Part 2?



  57. I should have grabbed the scourge and Eldritch Striked Val off the teleport. :p

  58. Well dang, wish someone had let me know we hit sudden death, I was in OC for a retreat all weekend.

  59. With everyone crammed in the hut, it was only a matter of time before Clooney died (assuming we went to a second round of Sudden Death).

  60. I was hoping we'd cram enough in there to manage to kill someone else first. Alas, not to be. ;)

    Also, obviously Baba Yaga is a Time Lord, and the hut is her TARDIS.

  61. I would have died, but Adam West would have taken at least 40 damage with everyone in the hut and gibbed.... :)

    Oh well...

  62. We'll just kill them deader next time.