Play-by-Post: Match 04 Round 02

02 === Screen Actors Guild vs. Venture Bros === 05

Hank (4) - Dean (7) - George Clooney (13) - Brock (14) - Christian Bale (15) - Val Kilmer (19) - Dr Venture (20) - Adam West (20)

Hank Venture spawns in Location 4, and grabs the ice scepter again, charming Adam West into attacking Christian Bale!
Dean Venture starts his turn knee-deep in quicksand, but manages to roll out and charges Christian Bale!
Christian Bale is knocked UNCONSCIOUS!
Dean Venture is BLOODIED!
George Clooney is GIBBED!
George Clooney spawns in Location 1, and quickly takes a seat on the Ice throne, sending the Ice Monster after Hank Venture
Hank Venture is GIBBED!
Brock self-GIBBS!
Brock respawns in Location 4 and charges Adam West.
Adam West is BLOODIED!
Christian Bale is SPIDER-GIBBED!
Christian Bale respawns in Location 1, grabs the whip, and is HUMILIATED!
Dean Venture is crushed under the dancing hut. HUT-GIBBED!
Val Kilmer starts his turn dominated and charges a diakka, taking an attack of opportunity in the process!
Val Kilmer is knocked UNCONSCIOUS!
Dr. Venture starts his turn dazed and at negative hitpoints, but still conscious. He attacks George Clooney, and follows up with an attack against nearly all of the S.A.G.
George Clooney is BLOODIED!
Dr. Venture suffers HUMILIATION!
Dr. Venture is GIBBED!
Adam West starts the final turn of the round, the Hut just inches away from stamping on his head! He catches his breath before the hut stomps south, sending Brock and Christian into the Yeti's reach
Christian Bale is DISARMED and BLOODIED!
The Court of Stars issues a Proclamation that the Ley Lines shall be re-oriented!


  1. Round 2, FIGHT!

    Hank Venture Spawns in Location 4!

  2. Can you move Mayor Adam West to J1 please.

    Also, no love on the dazed-to-immobilized takebacks?

    BTW, the wheelchair for slowed is HILARIOUS!!!

  3. Adam West's location is updated. And considering the amount of posts that turn took, I'll forgo any more changes, which means no luck on the dazed to immobilized. But given how many effects are currently on Dr. Venture, I don't think it'll make much of a difference.

  4. Quick note: If you're having any difficulty seeing the map, you can right-click and choose "View Image" to see the high-resolution version of it.

  5. "Wowwy Zowwy, Dean. Did somebody get the name of that truck!" Hank stumbles across the swampy ground back to icy pedestal. He goes and picks up the same old icy scepter. "Oh yah, I remember this. Shiny." Then he looks around and sees his dad and Brock injured on the ground.

    "WHAAAAAT?!?!?! Dad, Dad! Who hurt my dad? Time for some of that J.U.D.O. Hey you, old Batman. You're up! Take out that mean old potty mouth Batman!"

    Move action: move to B8
    Minor action: pick up Ice Scepter
    Standard action: Charm of Misplaced Wrath on Adam West, +7 vs. Will (+5 naturally, +2 from scepter) on hit slide him to F3 and he makes a basic attack against Christian Bale with a +2 bonus to the damage roll.

    Free action: get ready to do the hand gesture with Dean and shout "GO TEAM VENTURE!"

  6. Hank darts into the Vale of Long Night and grabs the scepter before blasting Mayor Adam West!

    Charm of Misplaced Wrath
    Attack: 1d20(7)+7-2(cover)= 12 vs Will 11 [HIT]

    Adam West slides to F3 and attacks Christian Bale!

    Ranged Basic Attack
    Attack: 1d20(12)+9=21 vs AC 15
    Damage: 1d10(8)+5+2=15 damage.

    Christian Bale is down to 17HP!

    Hellish Rebuke triggers, and Brock takes 1d6(3)+5=8 Damage!

    Brock is down to -10HP

    Hut moves randomly towards 2d16(3)(8) = C8
    Hut moves 1d8(3) squares!

    Dean Venture starts his turn in the Quicksand!

    -note- I forgot to send the updated layered version of the map to my home PC, so the map won't be updated until tomorrow


  8. "You've got to be kidding me. What pop do to piss off Batman?" Dean struggles to get out of the sand. He rolls to the side and hopes his experience with jungle hazards will get him out of this. "This has got to be against guild regulations."


    Move Action: Escape Acrobatics +9 vs DC 18. On success will shift to I15 as a free shift and use below actions. If not I'm not sure what options I have.

    Minor Action: Swear oath of Enmity on Christian Bale.

    Standard Action: Charge to H13
    Attack: +4 against AC. (Roll twice, use highest result)
    Hit: 2d6+1 dmg. 1d8 extra dmg on crit.

    Action Point: Aspect of Might.
    Attack: +7 vs AC. (Roll twice. Use highest result)
    Hit: 6d6 +5
    Miss: Half dmg.
    Effect: Until the end of the encounter you gain +5 power bonus to Athletics checks, +2 power bonus to speed, and a +2 power bonus to damage rolls of melee attacks.

  9. Looks like Dean is both restrained AND prone. Not moving too far with that one!

  10. Escape: 1d20(14)+9=23 vs DC 18. [SUCCESS]

    Dean struggles and pulls himself out of the quicksand, and is prone in I13, before swearing at the swearmaster himself!

    Technically, you have the speed that you can charge while prone (half-speed is 3 squares, which is enough, but you'll take the -2 to hit), & I believe charge rules will out you in I15

    CHARGE ATTACK: 2d20(12)(9)+4-2(prone) = (14)(11) vs AC 15 [MISS]

    ACTION POINT: 2d20(13)(9)+7-2(prone) =(18)(14) vs AC 15 [HIT]

    DAMAGE: 6D6(5)(4)(3)(4)(5)(6)+5=32 DAMAGE!


    Dean ends his turn next to a spider and takes ongoing 5 damage.

    -map updates to come-

  11. Baba Yaga's hut moves towards 2d16(14)(7) = N7 and moves 1d8(1) square!

    George Clooney starts his turn and is immediately GIBBED by ongoing damage! George Clooney respawns in Location 1!

  12. I believe a charge specifically ends your turn...preventing taking other actions afterwards. (Action pointing)

  13. action point is a free action and can be taken after a charge (this was specifically addressed in errata)

  14. If I remember the rules offhand (I'll check once I'm in front of a book), the charge rules actually state explicitly that you can use an Actionpoint to take an additional action after a charge. I'll verify, but I believe this came up & was verified in an earlier FTDM match. Continue the game for now, and I'll post an update here if I need to rewind time or change something.

  15. Ahh...forgot about the errata.
    Also...don't forget SHV when you dropped bale :)

  16. Yeah, he takes ten damage for his unprofessional behavior.

  17. Ah yes, Dean takes 10 Thunder Damage for dropping Christian Bale below 0 HP from StormHawk's Vengeance!

    Dean is bloodied at 12 HP!

    (map & score updates will be up in an hour or so)

  18. George Clooney appears back on the field, this time in army fatigues. Looking around the field, he assess the best way to win the war through peace and love. Using his dazzling eye's technique, he walks past Hank.
    "It's ok, you can "hit" me"
    As his dazzling gaze prevents some (or all!) of the damage he continues his way to the throne
    "Ahh, a proper throne for the Jedi Warrior"
    Sitting down, he notices the hulking Yeti, and mutters to himself "It's not a goat, but it'll work". He begins to stare intently at the yeti, bending it to George Clooney's will.

    Minor: Hamadryad Aspects - Wooden Form: I gain resist 5 all until EoNT
    Move Action: move to A6 take OA from Hank
    Standard -> Move: Move to C3
    Action Point: Activate Yeti, and slide him to C7, and then back to E6 attacking Hank as the Yeti slides past.
    I am trained in Arcana
    If I Miss, and within numerical range, I will use Adept's Insight (augmented) to add 1d4+1 to the attack roll.

    Free Action: Look to the sky and cloudburst.

    Move the Hut towards A8.

  19. George runs past Hank, drawing at quick swipe from the loudmouthed venture brother.

    Melee Basic Attack: 1d20(5)+0=5 vs AC 15 [MISS!]

    George takes a seat on the Frigid chair, and bends the Ice Monster to his Will!

    The Snow Monster gives a roar, and moves towards Hank Venture

    Claw Attack1d20(11)+8=19 vs AC 15 [HIT]
    Damage: 3d12(10)(10)(9)+4 = 33 Damage!

    The Yeti rips out Hank's arm and beats him to death with it, before raising it overhead and pumping it up and down like a Sandperson with a gaffi stick.


    The Hut moves 1d8(3) squares!

    (Note, if unconscious, I'm assuming you'll be self-gibbing and respawning at the start of your turn. If that's not the case, please let me know.)

    Brock Venture SELF-GIBBS and spawns in Location 4!

  20. Also, George Clooney took 10 ongoing poison damage at the start of his turn.

    George is at 14 HP!

    Saving Throw 1d20(8) [FAILURE] - George continues taking ongoing damage!

  21. Free Action, Adept's Insight Augmented (minimum of +2) 1d4+1 to a save, attack, or skill check

  22. Adept's Insight: 1d4(2)+1 - George Saves against the ongoing poison damage!

    I'll remove the ongoing damage marker after the next turn when I update the map

  23. Brock's angry world of neon reappears, and all he can think of is vengeance against the batman who felled him. Looking up, he heads towards his flail on the ground. Before he can get there, he sees Adam West, possibly the worst batman ever, and charges.


    Move action: move to H6
    Minor action: activate defender aura

    You activate an aura 1 that lasts until you end it as a minor action or until you fall unconscious. While in the aura, any enemy takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls when it makes an attack that cloes not include among its targets either you or an ally of yours who has this aura active. Marked enemies are not subject to this aura.

    If anyone shifts or makes an attack against an ally of mine without targeting me, I can use the vengeful guardian power to make a basic attack with a bonus to damage (1d8).

    I also get +2 AC (and an extra +1 for using my shield this round, total 19)

    Standard Action: charge Adam West (G4)
    Use Howling Strike Power (longsword)
    +10 (5+3 proficiency+1 juggernaut+1 charge)vs AC
    Hit: d8+d6+7 (5+2 for Temperate Land class feature)

    I should have received 5 temporary hit points the first time I was bloodied. Can I still have those? I've been away from a computer.

    Move Hut towards F11.

  24. Hmm...a couple of problems with this post.

    Email is coming your way, Brendan

  25. It's been pointed out that my beserker fury would still be active, and I can't use Howling Strike with my shield, so instead I will create a shadow-wrought longsword as a minor action, and use a basic attack on the charge.

    +11 vs AC
    2d8+5 damage on a hit (extra d8 for Beserker Fury).

    My AC is still at 17.

    Sorry about the confusion. I'm done my vacation now, so I'll be more careful with my posts.

  26. Brock charges forward, shadow-y blade in hand!

    Basic Attack: 1d20(4)+11+2(CA from Adam's Dazedness)=17 vs AC 17 [HIT]

    Damage 2d8(4)(2)+8 = 14 damage!
    (the +2 from Temporate Lands still applies, and a +1 damage from the shadowsword)

    Adam West is bloodied at 12 HP!

    The hut moves 1d8(3) squares towards F11

    Christian Bale starts his turn taking poison damage from the spider and is SPIDER-GIBBED!

    Christian Bale respawns at Location 1 next to the Ice Monster!

    Yeti Attack! 1d20(4)+8=12 vs AC 15 [MISS]

    The Yeti's swing goes wide! All that training in the himalayas with Ra's Al-ghul seems to have paid off, as Christian easily dodges the furry arm!

  27. When Brock self-gibbs I use dark reaping (I can still take actions as per unnatural vitality).

  28. What the fuck, man, this is fucking amateur. Fucking kids on set, and then they fucking stab him?


    He shifts away from the annoying unprofessional yeti and sees the same jerk as before. Man, this guy. Time to trash his lights. He roars, as a batman costume suddenly appears on him, and goes over to the jerk, grabbing something to beat the guy with. Hey, that yeti was a jerk too, maybe they should get introduced.


    Standard: Armor of Agathys. I gain 12 THP and until the end of the encounter any enemy that starts its turn adjacent to me takes 1d6+5 cold damage.

    Move: Shift to G5, bring it

    Minor: Pick up scourge of the spider queen

    Action point: Eldritch Strike against Brock

    +10 vs AC, on hit 1d12+7 and ongoing 10 poison and I slide him 1 square to F5 to meet Mr. Yeti. If I miss and I'm within 4 I'll pop Heroic Effort.

    Send hut towards I13

  29. Christian Bale summons a set of icy armor around him, and picks up the scourge to flay Brock

    1d20(1)+10=11 vs AC17 [HUMILIATION]


    The Dancing Hut moves 1d8(4) squares, and stops on top of Dean Venture.


    Val Kilmer starts his turn, still under the influence of the Mask of the Dryad Queen!

    If Rwaluchow would be so kind as to dictate Val Kilmer's action for the round... He counts as dazed, and can only use at-will's

  30. Isn't the dominating creature unconscious at this point, and thus unable to issue commands? Thus, Val Kilmer just stands there with a dumb (dumber?) look on his face?

  31. You're using the GitP forum roller for this, aren't you, Hzurr? ;P

  32. Since the dominating creature is a Revanent, he's still conscious even when below 0hp. He's got the skull icon because he's at <0, (which would be unconscious for everyone else) but he is the exception to the rule. I'll clarify the skull symbols meaning when I update the map to mean "Less than 0 HP"

  33. Val Kilmer charges the diakkas at E7 (moving to F5 then to F6 to do so)

  34. Val Kilmer charges towards the Diakkas!

    The Yeti takes a swipe at him as he passes by!

    1d20(6)+8+2(dazed)=16 vs AC 17 [MISS]

    Brock makes an attack of opportunity as Val leaves his threatened area!
    1d20(6)+9 +2 (dazed)=17 vs AC 17 [HIT]
    Damage: 2d8(3)(6)+8 = 17 damage

    Val Kilmer is bloodied at 9 HP!

    Val Attacks the small diakka, severing the large head from the tiny bird legs!
    1d20(14)+1=15 vs AC 9 [HIT]

    The Bird explodes in a burst of feathers, dealing 10 damage to Val!

    Val Kilmer is knocked unconscious!

    The Dancing Hut moves towards square 2d16(8)(15)=F15 and moves 1d8(6) squares

  35. A problem was recently pointed out to me, that given the looping nature of the map, it's possible to be in a location where someone is 8 squares away from you regardless of which direction you go (left/right, or up/down). If that's the case, and you have a power that pushes or pulls, you can choose which way you want to count as being "away" from you or "towards" you. Sorry if this causes any confusion.

  36. …mother…


    Free Action: Dark Reaping from Val Kilmer

    Standard Action: Hound of Dark Omen Vs. George Clooney
    +7 vs. will (+6 +1 from Shadow Twist)
    Hit: 2d8+5 psychic damage +1d8+5 necrotic damage push 2 to E5
    The target takes 5 psychic damage if it doesn't move before the end of its next turn.

    If this hits then I spend my Action Point to use Argent Rain on F6
    +6 vs. reflex
    Hit: 1d10+5 fire damage
    Effect: creates a zone that lasts until the end of my next turn. Creatures that enter or start their turn in the zone take 5 fire damage.

    Hut moves toward F3

  37. As the Dr clings to death, he pulls out part of Val Kilmer's dying spirit as he curses George Clooney

    Hound of Dark Omen: 1d20(15)+8=23 vs Will 13 [HIT]
    Damage: 3d8(8)(3)(4)+10-5(resistance)=20 damage

    George Clooney is bloodied at 4HP!

    The Yeti attacks the passing George Clooney!
    1d20(2)+8=10 vs AC15 [MISS]

    Action Point
    Ardent Rain
    1d20(1)+6=7 vs George's Reflex 15 [HUMILIATION!]
    1d20(7)+6=13 vs Christian's Reflex 15 [MISS!]
    1d20(8)+6=14 vs Val's reflex 12(17-5 unconscious) [HIT]
    Damage: 1d10(3)+5=8 fire damage

    Dr. Venture suffers from HUMILIATION!
    Val Kilmer is knocked to -9 HP!

    The Dancing Hut moves 1d8(1) square

    Dr. Venture Death Saving Throw: 1d20(5) [FAILURE!]

    Dr. Venture fall UNCONSCIOUS!

    Mayor Adam West is up!

  38. Do I make my saves against slowed and dazed?

  39. Ah, my mistake:

    Slowed: 1d20(16) [SUCCESS!]
    Dazed: 1d20(19) [SUCCESS!]

    Dang...those rolls could have been useful a little bit sooner.

  40. SHV triggers when Val is hit :)

  41. Val was knocked below 0HP by the Diakka, not by an attack. Val was already at -1.

  42. "A bee just flew in through the window, don't move!"

    Standard Action: Second Wind, gaining 6 HP and a +2 to defenses.

    Send Baba Yaga's Hut north-ish to wrap around the world, shooting for Teleprt #3 (square K11).

  43. Val Kilmer was knocked to -9 HP from Ardent Rain after the Dikkas attack.

    SHV triggers at 0 or fewer.

  44. Hmm...not sure that this was the intention of SHV, but technically that is RAW. It would also take place after the Humiliation, so Dr. Venture is vulnerable 5

    Dr. Venture takes 15 Thunder Damage and is GIBBED!

    Adam West takes a moment to catch his breath (Current at 18 HP & no longer bloodied)

    The Hut runs south 1d8(4) squares, pushing both Dean and Pig-Christian into the reach of the Ice Monster!

    1d20(10)+8=18 vs Brock's AC: 17 [HIT]
    3d12(6)(8)(10)= 24 damage
    Brock's arm is ripped off, and he is BLOODIED!
    Brock is at 1 HP

    1d20(8)+8=16 vs Christian's AC: 15 [HIT]
    3d12(10)(3)(11)=24 +5 (vulnerable) damage = 29 damage
    Christian Bale's pig arm is ripped off, and he's BLOODIED!
    Christian Bale is at 3 HP

    1d8(4) Ley Lines disorientation!

    - Updated map will be posted in the ROUND 3 THREAD!

  45. Text for SHV: Benefit: If an enemy reduces you to 0 or fewer hit points with an attack, it takes 10 thunder damage. This damage increases to 20 at 11th level and 30 at 21st level.

    So I would say the good Dr. takes 10dmg.

  46. Round 3 is up! You can see it here! http://fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.blogspot.com/2012/01/play-by-post-match-04-round-03.html

    Hank starts things off by spawning in Location 3! (Which may not be where you remember it...)