Play-By-Post: Match 05 Round 04

Raiden - Colonel Wendy Zeus Thor Caesar Set Ronald



  1. The Funnel Cloud moves (1) square.


  2. Technically, Humiliation only affects attack rolls on this map.

  3. EEP! Sorry, I got excited.

    Ronald is at Sigil (4).

  4. No problem. that's something I'm likely to address when I revise the map; the more Humiliation the better!


  6. Raiden spins around to view corporate construct that flails in the pit below. It was a flesh & blood child but it is more (corporate) machine now than man, twisted and evil.

    The ancient invoker draws its hands together toward it's center of mass and a globe of divine radiance pools between it's twig-like fingers. When the brilliance becomes intolerable to behold, Raiden thrusts it out and over Wendy's head!


    OK. I looked at the pit trap hazard and it has no depth. Truly! It is treated as floor level, difficult terrain with the illusion of depth through narrative and flavorful damage. (I think this was to avoid Athletics checks)

    So, Brilliant Beacon is centered one square above L8, where the burst radius catches Wendy (prone), but not Raiden. +5 vs Will. Ongoing 10 radiant damage (save ends) if I hit and 5 radiant damage if I miss.

    Effect: The burst creats a zone of brilliant light that lasts until the end of your next turn. As part of a move action, you can move the zone up to 6 squares. Enemies in the zone take a −2 penalty to attack rolls, defenses, and saving throws. The zone ends at the end of your turn if you are within the zone.
    Sustain Minor: The zone persists.

    Under the cover of the light, Raiden hustles south to K11, drawing an OA from Wendy (but not the dazed clown). As part of the move, the zone moves diagonally upward to H7 (ending at +35 ft, because of the starting position).

    Open the adjacent chest.

  7. I forgot Ronald is actually at sigil 4!


    Raiden hobbles to sigil 3 and rolls the die. *cackle*

    As part of that movement, the zone moves further up the lightning rod (column) and centers at +55 ft, which should put Little Ceasar within the upper reaches of the zone and with no-where to go but down.

  8. Raiden started his turn prone, so (to speed up play) I will say that Raiden spent the Action Point to be able to do all of the above, except the potential telefrag.

    (7)+5 -2 [prone] vs. Will 13; MISS!!!
    Wendy gets burned for 5 radiant damage.

    Opportunity Attack: (14)+0 vs. AC 16; MISS!!!

    Opening the bejeweled stone chest, the Thunder God is awarded d8(6); THE JAVELIN OF STORMS!

    The Colonel GIBBS!, Respawning at Sigil (4).


    Team TELEFRAG!!!

  9. Before the chicken gets fried... before the roleplay... before the tech...

    Colonel Sanders uses the once-per-turn Teleportation Sigil.

  10. Ugggh, the dice have failed you. Back to Sigil (4).

  11. Seeing nobody around, but hearing Wendy's cries of stabby-poisony distress, the ever-chivalrous Colonel belies his high-calorie food by racing across the southern catwalk, skidding to a halt next to the obelisk.

    "Mah dear sweet child, what mess have you gotten yourself into this time!? Whah don't you pick yourself back up, and make Dave proud!" he shouts with his pleasing Southern baritone.

    Double Move: Run (yes, run) to N-12. Athletics +8 to avoid treating the ice as difficult terrain (should be DC 10 to clear 2 squares?)
    Minor: Inspiring Word on Wendy. Surge +1d6 healing.

    note: Team Telefrag would be a great name for playing on BrainClouds' map!

  12. I just looked at it seems as though the stairs are more meant to be ramps, as there is no mention of them being difficult terrain in the map description. I guess you can make it!

    Athletics: (19)+8 vs. DC 15 [3 squares]; SUCCESS!!!

    Wendy spends a surge and gains an additional (2) Hit Points, but then takes 7 falling damage and is poisoned by the jagged pit spikes.

    She starts her turn prone.

  13. Fluff
    My guiding mission is to deliver superior quality products and services for my customers and communities through leadership, innovation and partnerships.


    Start of Turn
    Takes 7 falling damage and is poisoned by the jagged pit spikes. Back to 5 HP.

    Stand UP!

    Majestic Word
    Regain 7HP at 12HP
    SLIDE L:07-:>L:06

    Split the Tree vs. SET & THOR
    +8 vs. 14AC SET
    +8 vs. 17AC THOR
    Make two attack rolls, take the higher result, and apply it to both targets.
    2d10+5 damage


    Due to the heroics of The Colonel coming to your rescue, you're actually a bit higher up in the hit point department at 18 HP.

    Dropping the hammer with...
    Split the Tree:(3) or (9)+8 vs. AC 14; HIT!!!
    (9)+8 vs. AC 17+1 [thundering armor]; MISS!!!

    for (7)+(9)+5= 21 damage!!!
    [Zeus, being dead, cannot make the Guardian Arrow attack to help out Thor]

    Set is badly, BADLY wounded, but not out of the fight just yet!

    Saving Throw: (14); SUCCESS!!!

    Zeus Respawns at Sigil (1). Two of Riders on the Storm coming back-to-back, it's your chance to tighten up the gap!

  15. As soon as Zeus appears, he fires two bolts upwards towards the top of the column.

    With a hearty leap, he attempts to scale the Western wall and moves towards the cloak lying on the ground.


    NOTE: Because of the altitude, I'm having a hard time deciding whether any ally is closer to Caesar; if not, I get +1 due to Prime Shot.
    I'm also having issues deciding whether he's the nearest target so I can quarry him; arguably others are nearer, but I don't have line of sight to them.

    If Caesar is the nearest target, Hunter's Quarry on Caesar
    If I cannot quarry him, use Stone's Endurance ... resist 5 all until EONT

    Standard: Twin Strike vs Caesar ... +5 vs AC (+7 base, -2 prone), two attacks, 1d10 +1 each attack
    If he's quarried, Hunter's Quarry damage (+1d6) on whichever attack hits first.

    Move: Move to A7, climbing the 10' wall ... Athletics +10, roll twice and take best (Powerful Athlete)
    I'm also trained in Acrobatics, so I do not fall prone.

    ... and I'm out of actions to pick up the cloak. :(

  16. Zeus gets prime shot and quarry against Caesar, but Caesar also get cover.

  17. I don't see how you're prone, being as you just Respawned ....

    Twin Strike:
    (10)+7 +1 [prime shot] -2 [cover] vs. AC 17; MISS!!!
    (3)+7 +1 [prime shot] -2 [cover] vs. AC 17; MISS!!!

    Interesting that you chose NOT to step on the auto-damaging sun switch...

    Athletics: (3) or (20)+10; SUCCESS!!!

    THOR is up!

  18. 1) I'm not prone; Caesar is.

    2) The acid trap says "all creatures climbing or adjacent" ... I assumed that meant that you weren't at risk standing ON it.

  19. 1). Ah, right! Doesn't change the overall results, though.

    2). That's a good point. I had assumed that adjacent including the 2x2 area on top of the column, but I can see how it could be interpreted as the 1 square area surrounding the column.

    Any insights here, Robert?

  20. The intention was that the acid trap does not affect the squares atop the column.

  21. Ceasar is -2 defenses because of the zone! Steve used my action point to stand me up, which is a move action and would have allowed me to bring the zone to the top of the pillar. Zeus' first bolt would have hit.

  22. Correct; Caeser's AC is dropped by 2 for the zone, however he is also prone, increasing his AC by 2 against ranged attacks.

    Game on!

  23. Thor turns to his ally Set and boldly proclaims, "Harken friend, be hail and hearty! Tonight we dine in Valhalla's Halls!" He then hurls him a stein of beer and launches himself into the air with a mighty "HOOOOOOO!"

    He throws him hammer ahead of him launching himself through the air and nimbly floats to the ground at the feet of his foul enemy, the vile Wendy.

    "For the glory that awaits BEGONE KNAVE!!" Thor shouts as he slams his mighty hammer to the ground echoes of force flying forward in an arc blowing Wendy's little pigtails back.

    Minor Action: Use healing infusion on Set. He may spend a healing surge (no plus)
    Move Action: Windwalker to fly KEEPING SAME ALTITUDE to the space above K5 at which point he floats gently to the ground (thus HOPEFULLY preventing the Call Lightning attack)
    Standard Action: Thundering Armor against Wendy, +6 vs. Fort, 1d8+6 thunder damage + 3 cold damage and target is pushed to K7. Thor also maintains his +1 to AC.

  24. Well, turns out the Storm Lord is rather precise in his wrath, and does not call lightning on those who maintain their altitude.

    Set heals, Thor floats.

    Thundering Armor: (20) CRITICAL HIT!!!

    Wendy takes 17+d8(3) damage! Pushing to K7 seems somewhat impossible; Dungeon Master changes push destination to L7.

    Pushed towards danger, she stumbles for something to stop her plummet (7); FAIL!!!

    Little Caeser starts his turn high above, prone, and in the zone of light (-2 attacks, defenses, saving throws).

  25. Little Caesar stands up and points his newly acquired ring in the direction of the battered god, Set.

    “Lunch is served!”


    Move action: Stand up.

    Standard Action: Use the ring of the ram on Set.
    +6 vs. Fortitude (+6, +2 CA, -2 Beacon of Light)
    Hit: 4d8+5 force damage and push 2d10 squares.
    (crit on a 15+)

    Minor Action: drop prone.

  26. Ring of the Ram: (12)+6 vs. Fortitude 10; HIT!!!
    for (5)+(8)+(5)+(3)+5= 26 damage!!!

    Set is GIBBED!!! and Respawns at Sigil (1).

  27. "..."

    use random teleporter
    If I end up @ 3, use fey step to teleport to N13, and warlocks curse @ the colonel (minor action; +1d6 damage), lightning strike the Colonel and Wendy (+2 vs the colonel (prime shot & blind), +1 vs Wendy (but she is dying...that might help).

    If I end up at 2, fey step to A13 and fire at Wendy and Caesar (+1 vs both b/c I am blind as a bat).

    If I end up @ 1 or 4, slap my ass and call me Shirley...
    Diabloic grasp vs Caesar -5 vs Fort 15)...then feystep into the pit around the pillar. I want this blindness gone.

  28. Ohhh, no! Respawn at Sigil (4)!

    Diabolic Grasp: (7)-5 vs. Fortitude 15; MISS!!!

    Set jumps to his doom!

    Ronald McDonald Respawns at Sigil (1).

    Map updates might not be for awhile, busy morning for me!

  29. Ronald re-appears in an explosion of grease. Diving back through the teleporter, Ronald quickly moves to one of the lightning rods, and calls out in a loud voice: "DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC?"

    Regardless of whether or not they believe, Ronald lights them up like a Christmas tree.

    Ronald will try a free teleport:

    If I land in 1 or 4: Minor: Aspect of the Cunning Fox, Move to the appropriate lightning rod and zap Zeus, use my free shift to go to D1/D14

    If I land in 3, Minor: Aspect of the Cunning Fox, move: climb to N9 (+5 to Athletics) and continue my move to N13 & zap Thor and Raiden, free shift to K14

    If I land on 2, climb to N6 (, continue to N2, Minor - grab the necklace of fireballs, and use it to blow up Raiden.

    If I miss any of those d20 rolls by 4 or less, I'll use my Augmented Adept's Insight for an extra 1d4+1. If I fail either of the climb checks, I'll use Clever Shot against Raiden (+9 to hit, 1d10+6 damage, slide to J9)

  30. I love all the conditional writeups! Makes things way easy for me.

    Teleport to Sigil (3)!

    Athletics: (16)+5; SUCCESS!!!

    Aspect of the Cunning Fox lets you shift only 2 squares; hence, you are at L14.

    Call Lightning (Thor): (3)+6 vs. Reflex 15; MISS!!!
    Call Lightning (Raiden): (10)+6 vs. Reflex 11; HIT!!!

    Raiden is blasted for (4)+(6)+(6)+5= 21 lightning damage and permanently blind!!!

    Ronald McDonald is GIBBED!!! as the Storm Lord smites him for his failures!

  31. Woah, wait...if you miss either creature you die? I was under the impression that you had to miss completely against all targets to die.

    (Also, let me go ahead and use my Augmented Adept's Insight, just in case I roll well. And Thor is blinded, so he grants CA, giving me a +2 to hit)


    Riders on the Storm are hurtin' pretty bad, but they're getting into the swing of things and can still close the gap in the next two rounds if they get a little luck and start hittin' hard.


    Join us for Round 05 at http://fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.blogspot.com/2012/01/play-by-post-match-05-round-05.html