Play-By-Post: Match 02 Round 05

12 === WetWorks vs. Breakfast Club === 06

Umbra 24 -
Shazi 18 - Margorach 16
- Co
unt Chocula 15 - Booberry 11 - Lucky 8 - Frankenberry 4 - Damakos 1

Round 5 - Fight!
Umbra respawns on location 3 and provides Shazi a surge of primal healing and laying down a cloud of darkness to cover her allies.
Shazi is up next, and from the Count's own shadow, fires off a crossbow bolt hitting him and knocking him out before army crawling to the track controls and flipping the switch.

Count Chocula is unconscious!
Margorach unleashes a volley of shadowy darts that embed into Count Chocula, one going right through his temple and out the other side!
Count Chocula is GIBBED!
Count Chocula respawns in location 1, conspiracies of "Vaffle House" in his mind before attempting to exact his revenge upon Margorach, but misses!
Booberry jumps off the mine cart, mirages of breakfast goodies hypnotizing Margorach and making him walk into position before hurling his High Explosive Barrel hitting everyone on the platform!!
Shazi is unconscious
Umbra is bloodied
Margorach is unconscious
Frankenberry is unconscious
Lucky flies up and follows up with another barrage of High Explosive death, sacrificing his teammate, Frankenberry, in the process. As rainbows emanate from him, the sugary goodness of his marshmallow charms sears away at Umbra.
Shazi is GIBBED
Damakos is unconscious
Umbra is GIBBED
Margorach is GIBBED
Frankenberry is GIBBED
Frankenberry respawns in location 3 and takes Total Defense.
Damakos wipes the blood of his brow, and unleashes another rock ballad which brings both Lucky and Booberry to their knees.
Booberry is bloodied


  1. "Happy Birthday to Me!"

    On this day in 1818, the novel Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley was first published.

  2. Umbra steps lightly off the spawn point and Casts off a surge of primal energy that invigorates her allies before cloaking herself in darkness once again.

    Spawn to J11 and shift to K11.
    Healing Spirit Close burst 5. Shazi may spend a healing surge. No bonus healing for anyone because my spirit animal is not in play.
    Evoke Cloud of Darkness.

    Happy Birthday, Frank! Blow out those incoming candles, would ya?

    *glances at board* OMG, it's full of zones! Honestly, I haven't been able the keep track of anything this round. Is anyone else overwhelmed by the sheer number of effects in play?

  3. OOC: Now that I'm conscious again, am I still invisible due to Gloom Thief?

  4. A crossbow bolt seems to materialize out of thin air and race towards the count. Footsteps could be heard across the platform as Shazi appears at the far end, cursing under her own breath.


    NOTE: Still invisible due to Gloom Thief, so no OAs for me.

    Standard: Probing Strike w/ crossbow vs Count
    Attack: +10 (+8 base, +2 CA) vs AC
    Hit: 1d8 +6 +2d6(SA) damage, and I gain a +1 bonus to next attack made against him before EONT.
    NOTE: For the record, my hand crossbow is a "high crit" weapon, and in addition to that deals +1d8 on a crit (shadow wrought weapon).

    Move: Try to move to H6, avoiding the two Phantom Chasms. This will mean hopping in and out of the 2nd cart, but I assume it's going nowhere.
    If for some reason I can't get all the way there, I'll stay where I'm at.

    Minor/Free/Whatever: Switch tracks South

    Free: Complain how I wish I still had Cloud of Darkness.

    NOTE: No longer invisible.

  5. Tech:
    Shazi is at 15 HP

    Probing Strike vs Count
    (12)+10= 22 vs AC 18-2(H&B) Hit!
    (5)+(6)+(4)+6= 21 damage!

    Count Chocula is unconscious at -9 HP

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  7. Since I was unconscious, I was prone. So I'll use my move action to stand and will remain at I9... bracing for impact.

  8. Bolts of ice shoot from the darkness slicing chocula.

    Standard action: Use Shadow Darts against Count Chocula
    Three attacks +4 vs Reflex 12 (15-5 for being unconscious)
    1d8 cold damage per hit.

    Cloud of Darkness ends.

  9. Sorry, reflex is 10, I can't do math tonight..

  10. You had it right, -5 for unconscious, +2 for being prone vs a ranged attack :)

    Shadow Darts vs Count Chocula's Reflex 12 (15-5+2)
    3 Attacks:
    (8)+4= 12 Hit!
    (20)+4=24 CRITICAL HIT! - Lava Plume triggered
    (5)+4= 9 Miss!

    (8)+8 cold damage.

    The Count is GIBBED at -25 HP

  11. Plume on K9 to hit Frankenberry...

  12. In a burst of chocolatey goodness, the Count re-appears next to Margorach. "I am begining to suspect you vere sent by those bastards at the vaffle house. But know now, you vill never replace us for breakfast!" With a growl he lashes out at Margorach, pushing her into the teleportation square behind her.

    Spawn at 1
    Free: Assassin's Shroud on Margorach
    Standard: Vampiric Slam on Margorach +5 vs Reflex. Invoking Assassin's Shroud & Blooddrinker if I hit. 2d10+1d6+8 damage, & push to H11
    If Hit: Hidden Strike +8 vs his passive insight. If successful, she treats me as invisible til the start of my next turn.
    Move: if I miss, shift to F10. If I hit, move to F9

  13. Tech:
    Vampire Slam vs Margorach
    (7)+5= 12 vs Reflex 14 Miss!

    Count Chocula shifts to F10.

  14. Also,

    Lava Plume:
    Frankenberry is at 20HP

  15. “Breakfast is the most important meal of your last day!” With a look of grim determination, Booberry steps out of the cart, casts a spell and hurls his explosive barrel toward the platform.


    Move action: move to O8

    Standard Action: Hypnotism vs. Margorach +5 vs. will
    hit: slide to J11

    Action Point: use High Explosive Barrel at J10

    Free Action: Pray for Frankenberry

  16. edit: + 3 vs. Margorach because of cover

  17. DUCKING!!!!

    > Lava Plume: Frankenberry is at 20HP
    Assuming that the Lava Plume is an Attack...Resilience of Stone!

    Benefit: You can use your second wind as an immediate interrupt when you are damaged by an attack.

    gain 8hp to get me to 28 and [more importantly] +2 defenses...

  18. Jesus Christ, Leeb, you going to roll the dice or what? Can we gib the DM for delaying the game?


    Lava Plume is not an attack, it's an effect.

    Tech: Hypnotism vs Margorach
    (19)+2= 21 vs Will 11 Hit!

    Action Point: High Explosive Barrel
    (14)+7= 21 vs Shazi Ref 16 Hit!
    (7)+7= 14 vs Damakos Ref 15 Miss!
    (18)+7= 25 vs Umbra Ref 14 Hit!
    (13)+7= 20 vs Magorach Ref 14 Hit!
    (18)+7= 25 vs Frankenberry Ref 13 Hit!

    (6)+(4)+(2)+(4)+(6)+(6)= 28 damage (14 half)
    Shazi is unconscious at -13 HP
    Damakos is at 18 HP
    Umbra is bloodied at 2 HP
    Margorach is unconscious at -6 HP
    Frankenberry is unconscious at -8 HP

  20. I will take any and every opportunity to bust your balls.

    It's my At-Will power.

  21. Steve: But is it consensual? Thank god it isn't a "free" action 'cause I'ld have to tell you two to get a room.

  22. Lucky shoots out of the minecart towards the platform, with the barrel close behind, suspended by hundreds of tiny marshmallow red balloons and shooting stars! With a flick of his wrist, he directs the barrel right into the same fiery maelstrom Booberry created.

    Lucky crosses himself and says a silent prayer for Frankenberry. (an Irish Catholic creature of myth? why not?) Before the smoke has time to clear, Lucky empties his bright red box in the immediate area, and exploding whole grain bits of cereal fly out in a radial pattern!

    Minor: Shrink (if necessary) on the barrel
    Move: fly to 1 square above L-9 (will float down at EoT)
    Standard: Barrel attack on J-10
      Targets: creatures within burst 1
      Attack: +7 vs Reflex
      Hit: 6d6 fire damage
      Miss: half damage
    Action Point: (only if Damakos or Umbra are still not gibbed) Glorious Presence
      Targets: enemies within burst 2
      Attack: +6 vs Will (ignoring cover and concealment)
      Hit: 2d6+5 radiant damage, push 2
      Effect: Frank (if he's still around) and I gain 2 temp HP

  23. Tech:
    Explosive Barrel
    (5)+7= 12 vs Shazi Ref 16(-5)= 11 Hit!
    (12)+7= 19 vs Damakos Ref 15 Hit!
    (2)+7= 9 vs Umbra Ref 14 Miss!
    (13)+7= 20 vs Magorach Ref 14(-5)= 9 Hit!
    (14)+7= 21 vs Frankenberry Ref 13(-5)=8 Hit!

    (3+3+3+2+3+5)= 19 damage (9 half)
    Shazi is GIBBED at -32 HP
    Damakos is unconscious at -1 HP
    Umbra is unconscious at -7 HP
    Margorach is GIBBED at -25 HP
    Frankenberry is GIBBED at -27 HP

    Oh the Carnage!!
    (but wait, there's more!)
    Action Point: Glorious Presence - You can not reach Damakos from L9 with a close burst 2
    (13)+6= 19 vs Umbra's Will 15(-5)= 10 Hit!

    (5+5)+5= 15 radiant damage!
    Umbra is GIBBED at -22 HP

    map update incoming.

  24. Ah, I got Margorach and Damakos confused. Hey, this works though.

    I'm imagining lots of "splortchy" gibby noises coming from inside that cloak of darkness.

  25. Frankenberry spawns on location (3) and takes Total Defense.

  26. ExtendedRest reminded me that Damakos has fire resist (tiefling derp!)

    Between the two barrels, he would be 10HP higher
    Damakos is bloodied at 9HP

  27. This post is best read with the following link.

    Damakos shakes his head solemnly. He looks up at his two cart riding foes and gestures at their carts. His mouth opens and a mournful sound rises in his throat.

    "It was a relic of another time
    plundered from an ancient tomb
    wrought by forgotten arts
    inscribed with cryptic runes

    They called us fierce marauders
    Warp riders and guns for hire
    before the sky cried tears of fire."

    He continues to sing as he steps closer to the controls of the carts. Bolstered by his song.

    "Looking out across the void
    we beheld a fearsome sight
    Two armadas arrayed before us
    preparing to unleash their might

    The Lady kept her promise
    We heard the sound of a cosmic choir
    the night the sky cried tears of fire."

    When he gets to the part of his song about the cosmic choir, he strums the air in front of him with gusto and a lance of sound lashes out at the little magical leprechaun.

    "This is the hour of the Phoenix
    when all must be reborn in flame
    and though they did not know it
    nothing could remain the same

    The captain has his vengeance
    as we drift through a sea of pyres
    The stars will always remember
    when the sky cried tears of fire."

    He strums his arm again and a second lance fires out at the ghostly creature as well.

    Damakos turns and stands his back to them all, not even looking to see if they fall and a single tear burns down his face.

    Move Action: Shift to I9
    Minor Action: Use skald aura on self, healing surge +1d6
    Standard Action: Staggering Note on Lucky, +5 vs Will, 5 damage and push target off platform.
    Action Point: Repeat attack against Booberry, same damage and effect on hit.

  28. Tech:
    Skald Aura. Damakos heals (3)+8 HP
    Damakos is at 20 HP
    Staggering Note vs Lucky
    (9)+5= 14 vs Will 13 Hit!
    Lucky takes 5 damage, and is pushed into the Volcanic Lava!
    Save vs falling into Volcanic Lava (7) FAIL!
    Lucky is GIBBED!

    Action Point:
    Staggering Note vs Booberry
    (14)+5= 19 vs Will 12
    Booberry takes 5 damage and is pushed into the Volcanic Lava!
    Save vs Falling into Volcanic Lava (13) Save!
    Booberry is prone in O8
    Booberry is bloodied at 15 HP

    Hellfire and Brimstone disappears

  29. Shouldn't Lucky have a +5 bonus to that saving throw from the Safeguards map feature?

  30. Yes, forgot my safeguards, Thank you. (7)+5= 12 would keep him on the platform

    There was a way to push Lucky off with 2 squares, but specific squares were not declared.

    Lucky is prone in L9