Play-By-Post: Match 02 Final Round!

14 === WetWorks vs. Breakfast Club === 09 

Round 6 - Fight!


  1. This is the last round of this match. Part 2 of this match will take place on E4M1: Court of the Storm Lord. Details on that to follow after the conclusion of this match.

    Round 5 was the bloodiest round of the match! LETS FINISH STRONG!

  2. Is that going to be concurrent with match 5?

  3. It's what Match 5 turned into. Ross forgot that I was switching half way through, and jumped the gun. So I'm just switching to E4M1, and we're going to go another 6 rounds with you guys :)

  4. Umbra explodes out of the shell of Frankenberry in a shower of fruity gore. She carefully steps of the telepad and gazes upon the remaining cereal killers and gestures towards each. A flash of violet energy coalesces around Lucky and Umbra's spirit bat manifests beside the track where Booberry languishes.

    Umbra shudders as she contemplates the round to come. This has not gone well for her clan and she is breathless with the effort of survival. A mad, desperate look enters her eyes and she silently pleads to Damakos to give her hope.

    Telefrag Frankenberry!
    Step to K11.
    Darkfire against Lucky(+8 vs Reflex; target grants combat advantage to all of my allies and cannot benefit from invisibility or concealment)
    Spirit bat summoned to P7. If Booberry leaves an adjacent square without shifting, I can invoke Spirit's Prey to let an ally make a ranged attack against him.

    Free Action: Give up. We've been totally out-maneuvered since round 1. I wish we could have put up more of a fight!

  5. Tech:

    Frankenberry is GIBBED!
    Darkfire vs Lucky
    (13)+8= 21 vs Reflex 15 Hit!
    Spirit Bat summoned to P7

    Map update in the morning

  6. ...and why can't I subscribe to this post?

  7. I believe that CoD was Margorach's, it'll disappear this round.

    and I don't know why you can't subscribe. Have you tried pushing the button? :p

  8. I forgot to update the Minecart's position at the end of last round. The minecart will knock Booberry prone inside it, and move up. I apologize for the oversight.

    I will assume you still want your bat adjacent to Booberry in the 7 column. If not, you can revise the Bat's placement.


    You're about to break my kill-record.

  10. Suck it? Lack of commitment? Take your pick.

    Also, I did it without Killing Spree. :D

  11. Sorry, my last post seems to have disappeared.

    If I can drop the spirit bat adjacent to both Boo and Lucky, do that. Otherwise, Keep it next to Boo in row 7.


    Shazi spawns on location 1 and takes total defense.

  13. The Count eyes location 1 greedily...

  14. I guess it is Margorach's turn?

    Spawn at 2
    Move east 1, climb up platform (+8 to athletics).
    Assuming I succeed, Move around the zones to K7.
    I count 7sq, so thats a double move.
    As a minor action, Drop a new CoD on my square, b/c this room is to bright.

    ACTION POINT! (finally)
    Terrifying visage
    +6 vs will 7 (12-5 for the CoD) against Booberry, 2d8+4 damage (if I hit, add student of evard as well for +1d12, I take 1d6). He is also immobilized on a hit (save ends) or EoNT on a miss.

    Secondary attack vs Lucky, +6 vs Will 13, if I hit, push 5 squares into the lava, if I miss, push 2 squares into the lava (feel free to roll 1's on any saving throws here).

    And seriously, this post didnt have the ability to subscribe since it was posted until just this morning for me. Just Saying.

  15. Tech:
    Athletics Check to climb (17)+8= 25 Success!
    CoD centered on K7

    Terrifying Visage vs Booberry
    (9)+6= 15 vs 7 Will Hit!
    (8)+(1)+(9)+4= 22 damage!
    Booberry is unconscious and immobilized at -7 HP
    Margorach takes (5) damage
    Margorach is at 26 HP

    Secondary attack vs Lucky
    (17)+6= 23 vs 13 Will Hit!
    Lucky is pushed (power says 4 squares)
    Save vs Lava: (8)+5= 13 Success!
    Lucky is prone in his square

    * I don't know what the issue with subscribing might be, there's no special setting to turn it on or off.

  16. The Count appears in Location 1, and finds himself standing in The-Dungeoneer-Formerly-Known-As-Shazi.

    The Count Shrugs, before attacking the nearest person he can see (I'm not sure who is visible & who isn't ), using his hypnotic chocolately eyes!

    Spawn in Location 1
    Free: Assassin's Shroud
    Standard: Dark Beckoning, invoking shroud
    +5 vs Will
    2d6+6 damage & pulled 3 squares onto whatever teleporter square I can get them onto
    Move: Shift to F10

  17. Tech:
    (umbra is visible now, that CoD was Margorach's from last round, and should be gone now)
    Shazi is GIBBED!
    Assassin's Shround on Umbra
    Dark Beckoning vs Umbra
    (6)+5= 11 vs Will 15 Miss!

    Map update in the Morning.

  18. I realize it would be smarter to just keep dying, but SCREW that!

    Booberry self-gibbs and respawns at L11
    Standard Action: Charm of Misplaced wrath vs. Damakos +5 vs. Will
    Hit: slide to J11 and make a basic attack against Umbra

  19. Graham just gave me the OK to do some die rolling on this last round and help him out a bit while his work life gets a little busy. Please bear with me as I don't know a lot of you's guys' stats.

    Charm of Misplaced Wrath is a ranged attack, I believe, prompting a Basic Melee opportunity attack from Umbra. I don't know the bonuses involved, but the attack die roll is (2), so probably gonna miss.

    Charm of Misplaced Wrath (9)+5=
    14 vs. Will 16; Miss!

    What is the Effect: of the spell, if any? I'll update the map when I get confirmation of this, I have it in my head that it has a slide effect.

    If there is no effect, Lucky starts his turn. Looks like he's prone there.

  20. the effect is the basic attack (I'm not sure whether he has a ranged basic attack, but if he does, he'll use it against Umbra with a +2 to damage)

  21. Aha! Well then, Damakos' current equipped items do not lend themselves to basic ranged attacks, so he cannot make one.

    Booberry still has a Move Action and a Minor Action left. His Prone condition has not been cleared (thankfully this is the last match of that particular rules trial and error), so you are prone on teleport square #4.

  22. I'm also immobilized (save ends), so I'll just stand up.

  23. In that case (not that it will likely matter much), you roll a (4).

    Immobilized for all eternity ...

    LUCKY IS UP! or perhaps down, as he starts Prone.

  24. Lucky, sparkling with Umbra's darkfire, peels himself off the platform's safety barrier. Peering down over the precipice, he takes off his hat and kisses his lucky 4-leaf clover.

    "Well, they don't call me Lucky for noffin! Lessee, one last hurrah before headin' off to the pub."

    Glancing around at the darkness to the north and the rock star on the stage, he settles on the witch who cursed him in the first place. With no other resources left, Lucky directs Booberry to spoon-feed Umbra tons of marshmallows - the resulting sugar rush should stagger her backwards!

    Move: "stand"
    Standard: Thundering Armor on Booberry and Umbra
       Effect: Booberry gains +1 AC UENT
       Attack: +6 vs Umbra's Fort (ignores concealment and cover, though I don't think she has either)
       Hit: 1d8+5 thunder damage, push 1 to J-11

  25. I love me a good pub.

    Thundering Armor: (8)+6=

    14 vs. Fortitude 12; HIT!!!
    for (2)+5= 7 damage
    By my count, he is at 22 HP.

    Frankenberry Respawns at his choice of locations.

  26. Hey Mikey! He LIKES it!

    Spawn K:11 [Spawn 3] Telefrag UMBRA!


    Dwarven Resilience
    [Assuming the OA hits]

    Resurgent Strike vs. DAMAKOS
    +7 vs. 17 AC

    Action Point
    Charge K:08
    Life-Ending Strike vs. MARGORACH
    +8 vs.17 AC
    8d6+5 [half on miss]

  27. Umbra is GIBBED!!!

    OK, I think I figured out what you mean to do. You walk to J 10, provoking an OA from Damakos and getting adjacent to him (and in good charging range).

    Damakos OA: (3)+7=
    10 vs. AC 13; Miss!

    Then Frankenberry spends a minor action to Second Wind, gaining +2 to all defenses.

    I wasn't really paying attention to all the zones here, so you guys help me out if I'm missing something.

    Then Frankenberry attacks with Resurgent Strike: (15)+7=
    22 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!

    for (2)+(4)+(5)+(6)+5= 22 damage!

    Damakos is unconscious at -13 HP!
    I'm not dead yet!

    THEN Frankenberry charges off with Life-Ending Strike: (6)+8=
    14 vs. AC 17; MISS!!!

    for (2)+(3)+(2)+(3)+(5)+(1)+(1)+(2)+5 x1/2= 12 damage!

    Margorach is bloodied at 15 HP!


    Damakos! Play us a jaunty tune to end this most BRUTAL of deathmatches! Sing us a song to end all songs, a ballad of the ages!

    Three cheers to the most lively and EPIC AXE SHREDDING dungeoneer of the match!

    ... then decide if you want to respawn, and what you do with the rest of your turn.

  28. This post is best appreciated while opening this link in a separate window.

    As music begins to slowly rise in this darkened hall, geysers of flame shoot up in the four corners of the map and light the tracks ablaze! The music rises and reverberates off the walls, dust falling from the ceiling and the kobolds to the north drop their barrels and grab each other in a fearful embrace. An inferno licks it's way up the wooden tracks, fire blasting as the heated metal warps and bends twisting the tracks beyond usefulness.

    A small pea sized speck of glistening flame settles on BooBerry's head and sinks within his ghostly form. With a flash of catastrophic fury, BooBerry is ripped asunder as the flame explodes into the towering form of Damakos the Everliving!

    The kobold's huddled in the corner begin to cry out and add their voices to the song.

    "Feigned exultations in the court of autarch
    Proclaiming heresies sublime
    Sought by his enemies with lethal fascination
    Self-styled traveler in time

    He has learned forbidden wisdom
    not meant to be known
    His skin became a prison
    where suffers his soul"

    The infernal being standing here, arms outstretched over his head, gathers the flames consuming the platforms and draws them to himself. Fire builds over his body forming an armor the likes of which you can only imagine in your deepest nightmares and drawing his arms tight to himself he clenches his fists and thrusts them outward, fire crackling across his foes draining their life force and weakening their resolve. The kobolds quake and continue their song as the fire turns their exaltation to brutal death wails.

    "Within the chamber buried deep below
    was wrought the means of his escape
    Across the aether the other one must go
    to sleep until that distant day.

    Across the aether one must go
    to meet her fate
    The other buried deep below
    as he awaits.

    Arcane science of temporal exploration
    known to no one of his kind
    Immortality through artificial transformation
    To rule a world that soon will die."

    With a resounding chord, Damakos opens his mouth and waves of sound pulsate out from him towards the flying sprite of a Leprechaun. The sound echoing through his mind, Lucky is thrust back toward the ledge through the path of his ally while Margorach swipes at him for greatest vengeance!

    Damakos turns away flaring his coat and grabs his hat. "That's it folks. There ain't no more."

    Free Action: Spawn at 4 telefragging Boo
    Minor Action: Hellfire and Brimstone, Lucky takes 5 fire damage and all enemies within 2 squares of my current position take a -2 to attack rolls and defense.
    Standard Action: Staggering Note at Lucky
    +5 vs. Will (currently at -2 with Hellfire),
    On hit: 5 thunder damage and pushed 2 squares, I'd like to go through Frankenberry and then into square L7, hopefully off the platform, but once he enters Frankenberry's square, Margorach may make a melee basic attack as a free action. :)
    Move Action: Pose.

  29. A glorious end to this fine match, a capstone of Chronomantic proportions!

    Did you know that The Sword is from the Dungeon Master (Graham) 's current home town, yet he's never seen them live? FOR SHAME.

    Damakos self-GIBBS!!!
    Booberry is GIBBED!!!

    Lucky takes 5 damage to drop to 21 HP and lowered defenses.

    Staggering Note: (7)+5=
    12 vs. Will 11; HIT!!!

    Lucky takes another 5 damage to be at 16 HP.
    I don't know what you're talking about this Frankeberry business, but square L7 is occupied.
    Dungeon Master's Fiat: Push to square M 7.

    Can Lucky make the save to hold onto the platform tracks?

    (5) OH NO!!!

    Lucky is GIBBED!!!


    Team Breakfast Club started and ending the match with an impressive 5 kill gap, staying fairly consistent throughout. Team Wetworks struggled so hard to overcome that lead, but just couldn't make it happen. The hard, unforgiving dice have no love for the Orcs this time.

    The defeat of Team Wetworks marks not only an embarrassment for them, but also for Dungeon Master Ross. Hooch and sugary breakfast cereal have been purchased, and Hap (aka Renato) will gloat over the spoils of war. Look for pictures in a couple weeks when he returns from his combination (no shit) honeymoon/30th birthday.

    STAY FUCKING TUNED!!! We are not through here, dungeoneers! You have approximately 48 hours to regroup and reload for the next blood-soaked bout. At 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time, please have your new and improved character sheets submitted to both myself and Dungeon Master Leeb (we may be tag-teaming this next one); edited and upgraded to handle the most dangerous of delving in Robert Waluchow's Court of the Storm Lord.


  31. I almost think Damakos deserves an AP from the Fey Court for that song!

  32. This post will remain open for comments until the next match starts.

  33. so changes made to character sheets are minor changes or complete overhauls? just want to make sure I know how to adapt. Damakos must grow stronger.

  34. Big thanks to Ross for helping me wrap up this final round. BIG thanks to everyone who participated, it was a very entertaining match, and both teams really pushed this map to the limits. Thanks to you guys, I have a list of revisions that will be going into Version 2 of Minecart Massacre that will be used in next weeks Austin Live Event.

    Have feedback about the map? Feel free to send me an email about what you liked / disliked about anything during the match, and it'll help to refine it into a lean mean murder machine map worthy of FTDM!!

    I look forward to seeing what you guys can do on the Court of the Storm Lord!