Play-by-Post: Match 06 Round 01


Macho Man Randy Savage enters the fray at Location 3, and quickly calls out to Miss Elizabeth and Vince McMahone, the spirit of Athas, to aid him
MachoMan Elizabeth SoA
He grabs a rocket launcher, and shillelagh's!
From the Blue Team, Keith Richards spawns in location 3 and summons a groupie!
Keith ACKeith
He grabs the Mask of the Spy and breaks into a run.
Sgt. Slaughter spawns in Location 2 and grabs the cloak!
The Sergeant runs up and down the center tower, before striking at Keith and disappearing!
Joey Jordison spawns in location 1 and summons a groupie, before heading to the sniper tower.
Joey JoeyGroupie
El Santo spawns in location 4 and attacks his "ally."
Keith Richards is BLOODIED!
Dave Matthews spawns in Location 3, but his attack goes wide.
Kurt Angle spawns in location 1, grabs personal shielding, and attacks Keith!
Keith Richards is GIBBED!
Les Claypool spawns in Location 4 and summons a "Group E" before attacking Kurt!
Les Les
Kurt Angle is BLOODIED!
Thus ends an exciting first round of 2F4C!


  1. Randy Savage starts the game in location 3!


  2. Got an email from Ross. He'll be moving to D9 to get the item, and will post in the morning:

    Macho Man Randy Savage gets: 1d10(1): A Rocket Launcher!

  3. Ooooohh, yeah!

    Macho Man calls upon his true love in life, the lovely Miss Elizabeth, to appear at D10.

    That's how Animal Companions are working, right? Minor Action to summon adjacent? If not, I'll revise.

    The Madness is runnin' wild!
    Macho moves through the powerup at D8 to get to C5; Elizabeth RUNS to get to B8.

    Calling upon the arbiter of the ring, the undisputed judge, jury, and executioner: Vince McMahon.
    Summon spirit of athas in square B7.

    I'm too hot to handle and too cold to hold!
    Cast the shillelagh evocation on my mace.

    Ten thousand years as Intercontinental Champion, Oooooh yeeeah!

  4. I'll be updating the map in a few hours

    OH YEAAAHHH!!!!!

    As Miss Elizabeth and Vince McMahon join the red team, Rock Legend Keith Richards spawns in Blu location (3)

  5. Map is updated. Keith Richards is up!

  6. Forgive me, but don't Animal Companions use our actions? Would both Savage and Elizabeth be able to move?

  7. Companions can take a Move Action whenever I do; otherwise, yes you're correct. That's why I summoned the lovely Miss Elizabeth first thing, to share in the Move Action.

    And to share in our lives together forever in holy matrimony, oh yeaaahhhhh!!!!

  8. PCs and animal companions can use simultaneous move actions. (When you move, your Animal Companion can move). However, for Elizabeth to take a Standard Action, Randy Savage would have to give up one of his.

  9. Ninja'd! Also, to make things a bit easier when looking at the map, Animal Companions and summoned creatures will always have their color circle around them broken up into quadrants, as seen above.

  10. Roight then, let's get this show on the road. Now, where did I put me bottle o' gin? Mick? Where's me gin, you limey arse? You, groupie, come give ol' uncle Keith a kiss.


    Minor action: summon groupie in U10
    Move action: move to U6, via U9 to pick up backpack. Send groupie running in terror to W4.

    I'll wait to see what I get before finishing my action.

  11. Keith summons an eager, red-haired groupie and sends her running before picking up 1d10(10): Mask of the Spy

  12. Minor action: activate Infiltrate (trained in Bluff).
    Action point: run to N6.

  13. Keith books it! Infiltratingly!

    Sgt. Slaughter spawns in Location 2!

  14. Also, to save some time since I'm assuming that everyone will be running through a backpack when they start, I'll start rolling a d10 at the beginning of the turn. So if Sgt. Slaughter runs through a backpack, he'll be getting: 1d10(9) - Cloak of Competency!

  15. Alright, follow me on this:
    Movement: through D3 for the backpack, then up to E5 where I take a jump (athletics of 22 with the cloak), more than enough to get to G6.
    Standard: Move to M6 using 'Surefooted Stride' which lets me move my speed over difficult terrain and gain a +2ac/ref while on diff terrain uent.
    On the way I pick up the backpack at J6
    Minor: Aegis of Assault on Keith Richards
    Action Point: Vanishing Blade, a whopping +3v AC for 2d8 dmg and marked. More important I get to teleport 5 squares and become invisible, so move me to M10 where I will gladly sit underwater as I can breathe just fine.

    Also: If my backpack is something cool and it's a free action to deploy, I do so before attacking Keith.

    And both Aegis and Vanishing Blade have a target: one creature so I can attack my 'allies'

  16. Sgt. Savage runs through the backpack, and takes a flying leap with his new cloak!
    Athletics: 1d20(6)+22= 28 to jump up.

    (Note: there's no difficult terrain here, so I'm assuming you're using Surefooted Stride for the bonus to defenses) Sgt. Savage jumps down to the courtyard below, taking 2d10(3)(4)=7 damage (assuming Acrobatics check to negate the falling damage: 1d20(11)+15=26/2 = 13 damage negated. Sgt. Savage does not fall prone), and continuing on to attack Keith Richards:

    1d20(5)+3=8 vs AC 17 [MISS]
    Keith Richards takes half damage on a miss: 2d8(6)(8)=14/2 = 7 damage
    Keith Richards is at 17 HP

    Sgt. Slaughter teleports to M10 and is invisible!

    Joey Jordison enters the battle in location 1! If he grabs a backpack, he'll get: 1d10(8) - Ablative Field!

  17. Woah, hang on, made a mistake. That tower is 20' up, so a jump check to get all the way to the top is not possible. There's no way to move as far as you did without using at least one of those move actions to run, (assuming you did Surefooted Stride first to get on the stairs, and then ran the rest of the way); so that attack was at an additional -2, and you're granting CA.

    Map Update will be later tonight

  18. I count as his ally, so is he able to make the attack?

  19. yes, his attack targets a creature, and doesn't specify enemy or ally. As an ally, you get to benefit from auras, zones, turrets, etc, and can move through enemy spaces without issue.

  20. I stated I would pick up the backpack at J6 on my movement through so I suppose I should get the Ablative Field?

  21. nope, you can only get 1 backpack item per turn.

  22. My optimized elf druid fast runner takes three run actions to wiggle back and forth between D3 and E3... I get 20 backpack items, right?

    Boy, I'm in a snarky mood this morning. Don't take it personally.

  23. Joey appears on his drum kit rising high up drumming away. . He looks for his fans and points the lucky winner back stage.


    Minor: summon panther/groupie to T2.

    Double move to Q2
    Pet double moves to W 11

  24. Joey directs his groupie, before taking a stand on the sniper tower and grabs the Ablative Field.

    El Santo spawns in location 4, and his backpack item will be: 1d10(5) - Energizer!

  25. Hi all, quick rules clarification for everybody:

    I verified with Angille, and Animal Companions cannot pick up the flag.

  26. Thta's how I was figuring it, although it's good to have the clarification out there since I can see how that could be interpreted a number of ways.

    @James Barlow: Could you maybe go through the terrain power and remove all usage of the word 'you'? It's not quite specific enough for something like FTDM. Use 'dungeoneer' or 'creature'.

  27. En la esquina roja pesa doscientas ochenta libras de músculo mártir, y una altura de siete pies dos pulgadas de santa justicia, luchando por los niños pobres en su ciudad natal. Tenemos el dolor de pastor, el obispo de la brutalidad, el hombre que lucha por el bien de todos la LUUUUUUUCHAAAAA LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIBRE!! Yo te doy ELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNnnTOOOOOOOOOO


    *los aplausos del público al unísono:*

    Move: El Santo runs to J6 to pick up the Energizer
    (nothing says they're hard corners, so I don't think cutting corners is an issue)

    Minor Action: Stone's Endurance
    I gain resist 5 until EoNT

    Standard: Charge Keith Richards with Knockdown Assault
    +10 (9+2+1-2) vs Fortitude 12 Target: One Creature
    Hit: 5 Damage and Keith is knocked prone

    Serpent's Coil vs Keith Richards (I'm using a flail)
    +10 (8 + 2 energizer + 2 CA - 2 run) vs AC 17
    Hit: 1d8+5 damage, and Keith is Grabbed until EoNT
    (DC 19 to escape)

  28. HAHAHAHAHA that entrance was fucking hilarious!!!

    Wait, did someone say something about midget Mexican wrestlers ... ?


  29. Also, hard corners or not I'm pretty sure El Santo can make a Move & Charge.

  30. With hard corners I don't think he could charge and get a backpack.

  31. Yes I could, grabbing a backpack doesn't take an action, I could move through the square and still gain a backpack.

  32. It depends on the starting point of the charge. Moving from J7 to J6 doesn't bring you closer to me.

  33. Children! El Santo to J-8 via D-9. Eight squares and a 'pack. Charge J-8 to M-6, satisfies all rules of charge.

    For what it's worth, the gray walls are intended to be hard corners, and ramps and the bridge are soft.

    Duty Calls!

  34. ELLLLLLLLL SAAAAANNNNTTOOOOOOO enters the ring to thunderous applause and mariachi music, and charges his ally? What madness is this?

    1d20(19)+10 = 29 vs AC 17 [HIT]

    Keith Richards takes 5 damage and is knocked prone!

    Action Point

    Serpant's Coil attack! 1d20(13)+10+2(CA from Prone) = 25 vs AC 17 [HIT]
    Keith Richards takes 1d8(3)+5=8 damage and is grabbed

    Keith Richards is bloodied at 4HP!

    In a burst of sporadic high notes, Dave Matthews appears in location 1d4(3)!

    If Dave runs through a backpack, he'll get 1d10(6) - Personal Shielding

  35. * Keith Richards takes an additional 2 damage from the energizer enhancement, and is at 2HP

  36. Dave appears in a heavy sweat, his guitar ragged from the ridiculous concert he just finished. The smell of questionable smoke is heavy in the air and as the teleporter winds down, the sound of strong bass guitar fills the air.


    He proceeds forward and sees Keith Richards struggling and pinned down by a bulky wrestler in ridiculous raiments. "hey man, let's keep it cool. watch out. i don't want to have to come over there and CRUSH you."

    Dave lifts his guitar over his head, strings flailing and begins to stagger across the arena. Obviously more than a little tipsy, the musician stumbles through a backpack and a glistening shield arcs over his form. He moves forward and just as he seems ready to stumble he breaks into a dead run and comes slamming into El Santo cracking the strings of his battered instrument across the giant driving him away from his ally.

    Move action: Move through backpack in U9 to end in square R9.
    Standard action: Charge El Santo, ending in square N7 using Flesh Rend. +8 vs. AC (if a miss within 4 use Heroic Effort), on hit El Santo takes 1d10+7 necrotic damage, he takes a -2 penalty to all attack rolls UENT, and I slide him to M7 (off of bridge and breaking grab if he fails save).
    No action: IF (and very unlikely I will), but if I bloody El Santo, I use Ruthless Demonstration. All enemies that can see me take a -2 penalty to attack rolls against me until I am hit by an attack or until end of encounter. I also may make an Intimidate check (+5) to force him to surrender (HA!)

  37. In a thrum of bass, Dave Matthews charges forwards towards El Santo and attacks!

    Flesh Rend: 1d20(3)+8 = 11 vs AC 18 [MISS!]

    It looks like for now, Latin American defenses will beat South African wrath!

    Kurt Angle enters the match at Teleporter 1!

    If he grabs a backpack, it will be: 1d10(6) - Personal Shielding!

  38. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3TS-WXS9m8

    Kurt Angle appears as inspiring music begins to play, striding forward as the lame groupies begin a chant of 'You suck!'. Whatever, he's here for the fans! And... What the hell man, Dave Matthews? THAT guy sucks. But dude, it's that creep-ass Keith Richards. Ew.

    Double move to N8, grabbing the backpack on the way. Yes, this is valid for me and I'm not hitting any hard corners.

    Action point
    Vengeance Strike on Keith Richards
    +7 vs AC
    Also Dread Smite, he takes 5 cold and necrotic damage regardless and gains ongoing 5 cold and necrotic if I hit.
    On hit: 1d8+6 damage

  39. Kurt angle grabs the Personal Shielding Unit, and runs across the bridge to strike Keith Richards!

    Opportunity attack from Dave Matthews:
    1d20(6)+2=8 vs AC 20 [MISS]

    I'm assuming that Keith Richards will take an OA as well, since he'll lose his backpack item when he dies anyway.

    Opportunity Attack from Keith Richards:
    1d20(19)+2=21 vs AC 20 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d8(6)- 1= 5 damage

    Kurt Angle is down to 21 HP!

    Attack vs Keith Richards:
    1d20(14)+7 = 21 vs AC 14 [HIT]
    Damage: 1d8(7)+4=11 damage + 5 necrotic + 5 ongoing cold/necrotic. (Note: It's only +4 damage because you have no enemies adjacent to you for the bonus from Vengence Strike)

    Keith Richards is GIBBED!



    Les Claypool spawns in Location 4

    His Backpack Item is 1d10(4) - Defense Turret

  40. Correction: With Personal Shielding, Keith Richard's OA will MISS Kurt Angle, so Kurt is stil at Full HP

  41. Kurt Angle takes 10 damage from Stormhawk's Vengence!

    Kurt Angle is at 16 HP!

    (Also, I'm doing the scoring a bit differently. I'm giving a point to the team who does the killing, so in this instance you want a high score)

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkS11FsA2cs&feature=related

    Les Claypool steps onto the stage wearing a green tweed suit and aviator goggles. He waves to the screaming masses as he struts forward. The rock legend then tunes his bass down and starts pumping out a rumbling bass line to liquefy the bowels of his hulking adversaries.

    “It’s pudding time, children!”


    Minor Action: summon groupie

    Move Action: move to Q9 (picking up defense turret), sending my groupie to W4

    Standard Action: Plant the defense turret at P9 (aura 5, force field gives +3 defenses)

    Action Point: charge Kurt Angle with howling strike (moving to N6)
    +10 vs. AC (+7, +1 charge, +2 CA) – use heroic effort if needed
    1d10+1d6+4 damage

  44. [Kurt Angle] Don't you worry, little man! Macho is comin' at ya, oh yeah!!!!

  45. Les Claypool calls out to his fans, but instead of the normal sex-crazed girl, the only thing to arrive are three men in blue paint. The rock legend looks at them curiously. "Are you the group from New York?" The three men look at each other, then back at him and shake their heads. "L.A.? Chicago? Vegas?" Three heads shake. "Oh, you're the fifth group out in Boston." The three men nod, and the Blue Man Group E moves off to block a tunnel.

    Setting up a turret, Les charges the man in spandex!

    Attack vs. Kurt Angle:
    1d20(9)+10 = 19 vs AC 22 [MISS!]
    Heroic Effort: 19 + 4 = 23 vs AC 22 [HIT!]
    1d10(5)+1d6(1)+4 = 10 damage

    Kurt Angle is bloodied at 6 HP!

  46. Round 1 comes to a close! Round 2 starts HERE: http://fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.blogspot.com/2012/02/play-by-post-match-06-round-02.html