by C. Steven Ross

Respawn Terrain Power
At-Will (teleportation)
Trigger: You start your turn dead, dying or begin your first turn of the encounter.
Effect (No Action): If you are dying, you die. You regain all hit points and healing surges, remove all failed death saves and conditions, refresh all encounter powers and power points, and teleport to a random teleport square. If the destination teleport square is occupied, that creature dies.

Killing Spree Terrain Power
At-Will (1/turn)
Trigger: You reduce 2 or more enemies with at least 1 hit point to 0 hit points or fewer during the same turn.
Effect (Free Action): Gain an action point. You may spend more than one action point per encounter, but only one action point per round.

Humiliation: A creature rolling a natural 1 on an attack roll immediately falls prone after the attack.


  1. I think you need to move what I would consider B2 so it is adjacent to D4 otherwise a person in C3 could get flanked.

  2. Haha, that's great. Four burst 1 EoE effects would be hell though.

  3. Given what happened in FTDM MAtch 4, I'd echo Angille's concerns about Area of Effect End of Encounter powers.

  4. *Sorry, not Match 4, Match 2. A number of End-of-Encounter zones were laid down in the first round, and really made things odd for the rest of the match. On a map this small, it'd be very easy for a team to plop down a few of them, and the other team wouldn't be able to move without going prone/taking damage/etc.

  5. An all melee royal rumble would be pretty fun, though.