Play-by-Post: Match 05 Round 03

Raiden - Colonel Wendy Zeus Thor Caesar Set Ronald



  1. Both the Funnel Cloud movement and Raiden's Respawn: (3) and (3)

  2. Since no one has gone yet, I'd like to use my adept's insight to give myself the extra 1d4+1 against Set.

    Also, since I knocked Set below 0 & slid Raiden into the pit, do I get another killing spree?

  3. Adept's Insight: Sho 'nuff! Set is dropped down to -10 HP.

    Killing Spree: Not quite. Dropping Raiden into the chasm doesn't drop hit points, hence no Killing Spree.

  4. Also, Set is dazed (save ends) instead of slowed until end of turn.

  5. Oh ho! Ronald did not have Line of Sight to the Colonel's delicious artery-cloggers, so he could not have shifted from Warlord's Presence. Back to E2 you go!

  6. Hmm...if the Colonel was standing on the first part of the stairs, that means he would have been several feet higher up, so i think I could have seen the top of his hea....

    Nope, nope, can't get through that with a straight face.

    Yep, no problem, I'll march back to E2. I had thought that the higher levels worked like bridges, and you could walk under them, but now I'm realizing that I had no actual basis for that belief.

  7. Stephen asked me to post this while he's at work. Here's......RAIDEN!

    (Ronald gets hit by my Armor of Wrath as an immediate reaction--3
    /radiant/ dmg and push 2--before I do my Palpatine impersonation.)

    Lightning strikes upward from the ground, branching out like an
    ancient tree toward the heavens. The living light contracts into the
    form of Raiden, arms upraised.

    Once again in the aspect of The Ancient, Raiden makes like a walking
    stick and gimps his way north. A single barked word is Thor's only
    warning as a massive concussive blast bombards the Colonel. "Duck!"

    Move to K6
    Thunder of Judgement vs The Colonel. +5 vs Fortitude, 2d6 + 6 thunder
    dmg(includes Covenant of Wrath) and dazed until the end of my next

  8. Unfortunately, the timing of your reaction is not so good. Raiden gets hit by the attack, pushed into a howling pit, dies, and then may react. Being dead, you had no actions, and hence no reactions.

    THUNDER OF JUDGMENT: (6)+5 vs. Fortitude 16; MISS!!!

    The Colonel starts his finger-lickin' turn.

  9. "What was that, sonny? Ah say, when you're 122 years old, loud noises just don't bother you the same."

    The Colonel reaches from some pocket dimension and pulls out two red and white buckets filled with poultry gold.

    "Why don't you two have some complimentary Combo Buckets? There's even Grilled, in case the Original Recipe doesn't agree with your tummies."

    While the thunder gods are distracted, the Colonel cuts his way through Thor and spills some fry-grease under Raiden, then laughs and runs off!

    "Ronald, old buddy! Ah say! Why don't you make a Snack Wrap of that gentleman there?"

    Standard: Luring Focus against Thor
       Attack: +9 vs Fort (using Heroic Effort if necessary)
       Hit: 1d8+5 damage. Pull Raiden 1 square (to J-5)
    Move: Move to J-1 (the Colonel has +2 all defenses against OAs)
    Minor: Inspiring Word on Ronald (surge + 1d6 healing)
    Action Point: Direct the Strike, with Ronald against Zeus
       Attack: +9 vs AC
       Hit: 1d10+6 damage

    Both Ronald and Zeus have gobs of cover from J-1, but LoS is enough for both those powers, and I don't think Zeus has cover from Ronald.

  10. Tech:
    Luring Focus vs Thor's Fort
    (8)+9= 17 vs Fort 14 HIT!
    Grabbing the bucket, Thor digs on on the bucket of Original Recipe! In his feasting he burns his tongue for (1)+5= 6 Damage! Oooh it burns so good...

    save vs the pit: (15)
    Raiden, diving after the bucked of grilled is able to catch himself on the ledge. Lets face it, Grilled can never match Original!

    Moving away from Thor, he attempts to swipe another wing away from The Colonel
    (4)+2= 6 vs AC 18 (+2 for OA) MISS!

    Tossing Ronald a snack wrap, he is healed for (3)+7= 10 hp!

    Direct the Strike:
    Ronald hucks a golden arch at Zeus! (2)+9 vs AC 16 MISS!

  11. Fluff
    Wendy emerges from her Defensive Corporate Retreat with renewed belief that the foundation of her success lies in her adherence to a core set of values that encompass everything she does. These simple values that Dave Thomas believed in are the foundation of culture. Wendy’s genius really was her straightforward simplicity. She has a great way of taking complex issues and making them very simple and easy to understand.

    Call Lightening vs. SET & ZEUS
    +11 vs 13 SET
    +6 vs 15 ZEUS
    3d8+5 and the target is blind

    If I take an AO attack from Shadow Beast of Set
    Immediate Reaction
    Fox's Cunning vs. SBoS
    Shift to B:14
    +8 vs. AC

    I still have a move & a minor [and likely an action point] depending on how things go…

  12. A corporate message: DIE!!!

    (14)+11 vs. Reflex 8 (unconscious); HIT!!!
    (17)+6 vs. Reflex 15; HIT!!!

    both Set and Zeus take (5)+(4)+(5)+5= 19 damage and are blinded until the end of encounter or death via windy pit!!!

    Set is GIBBED!!!
    Zeus is bloodied!

    Leaving the square you are in provokes the Shadow Beast's attack, which does a bit of damage and immobilizes, so that has not triggered.

    Move and Minor actions are thus left up to you.

  13. Fluff
    “Due to the success of my breakthrough launch, I will allocate incremental promotional support to Out To Lunch’s product line, along with advertising for the Asiago Ranch Fourthcore Death Match Chicken Club in November.

    In Round Four, I will introduce the new ‘W’ product line as a mid-tier sandwich. This will enable me to offer three product lines in my menu portfolio – signature, mid-tier and price/value. Each of these product lines has its own unique positioning.”

    Fey Step
    B:13 -> A:09

    Hunter's Quarry vs. ZEUS

    Action Point
    Twin Strike vs. ZEUS—Two Attacks
    +10 vs. 16 AC ZEUS [+8, +2 for Combat Advantage from BLIND]
    1d10 + 1d6

  14. (1) HUMILIATION!!!

    (11)+10 -2 [prone]= 19 vs. AC 16; HIT!!!
    for (2)+(1)= 3 damage!

    Zues' turn is a GO!!!

  15. OOC: I am continuing on assuming that Wendy took a flying leap in to the pit.

    Zeus continues to pound bolts of lightning at the clown that wouldn't die. His skin turns hard as stone as he yells in frustration.

    "Perhaps a different strategy is in order... I shall return!" he says as he steps in to darkness.

    Standard: Careful Attack against Ronald
    +5 (+9 base, +1 prime shot, -5 blind) vs AC 19 (17 base, +2 prone), 1d10+1d6+5 damage

    Minor: Stone's Endurance ... Resist 5 all until EONT

    Move: Walk to E5 ... With obvious consequences.

  16. Wendy is blown by the icy winds into the pit at L7. All pit effects happen at start of her turn.

    Careful Attack: (17)+5 vs. AC 19; HIT!!!
    for (10)+(5)+5= 20 damage!
    Ronald is back to being dazed at -10 HP!

    Map updates in the morning.


    ... let's make this happen.

  17. Having gorged himself on the flesh of chickens, Thor rises up the stairs rapidly bounding forward after the colonel with all his deliciousness.

    "Villainous coward who would attempt to spurn the might of the god of thunder! Turn back from thy evil deep-fried ways! Feel the mighty wrath of THOR!"

    He winds back a mighty hammer strike and brings it cracking down on the ground, thundering forward at the Colonel.

    Move: Move to K1
    Standard: Thundering Armor against the Colonel,I gain +1 to AC until end of next turn and +6 vs. Fortitude (no penalty), on hit does 1d8+6 thunder damage +3 cold damage and the Colonel is pushed to I2 (with save) As an aside, technically I'm pushing him on the icy section so I should get an extra square and I'd love to put him in square I1 if I can.

  18. Tech:
    Thundering Armor vs The Colonel
    (10)+6= 16 vs Fort 16 HIT!!
    Damage: (7)+6= 13 Thunder + 3 Cold
    The Colonel is UNCONSCIOUS!

    Save for being pushed off the ledge (12) Success!
    The Colonel is prone in J1

    Note: Pushes need to be away from you, if you push him to I1, I2 is not further away from you. The push would have gone from J1 to I2. The wording for Ice says it adds to the forced movement, not that you can move them in any direction you wish.

  19. Thor moving from K3 to K1 should have required him to move through the stairs on K2, which draws an OA from The Colonel, correct?

  20. Actually with the height differences and all, I assumed Thor went from K3 - K2 (2 sq) - L2 (2 sq)- L1 (climb/jump) - L2. Thus, no opportunity attack, but a potential for UTTER FAILURE! The climb DC for the walls isn't listed, but for this match I'll go with a Moderate DC at our usual terrain hazard Level 3. (DC 13)

    Athletics Check: (16)+0; SUCCESS!!!

    Thor's listed attack stays as-is. Riders on the Storm have picked up some momentum. Keep that train rolling!

    Little Caesar, how heavy is thine axe?


  21. Zeus gibbed himself in the central pit, correct?

  22. Oh crap, missed that too! Updated score and map. Zeus resist 5 all will clear off with Respawn.

  23. Little Caesar looks disappointingly about at his lack of godlings to destroy. "At least Zeus took the honourable way out. It is time to get to higher ground and survey the battlefield."

    Scampering up the staircase, the diminutive dictator spots the ring of the ram hovering above the central column.

    "Alas, an item worthy of my station. I WILL possess it!"



    Move action: use Acrobat's trick to climb up to I6.

    Move Action: use Acrobat's trick again to climb up the column to H7.

    Minor Action: retrieve the ring of the ram.

    Free Action: drop prone.

  24. Done!

    Set returns to the mortal world at Sigil (2)!

  25. OOC: Dropping prone is a minor action.

  26. @Flor - But when climbing to a flat surface, you may choose whether to end your movement prone or standing. So it amounts to the same thing.

  27. Sorry... Wasn't aware of that rule. I stand corrected. Carry on.

  28. Blind? You think you can blind Set and nothing will come of it! Your peddling of sour meats and "burgers" are over with!

    Teleport to N2 (Move action)
    Open the chest in N3 (minor action).

    Will make a decision based on what I draw from the deck...

  29. d12(9): Necklace of Fireballs


  30. Then Set will drop a fireball right on Ms Wendy. Fireball to M9, catch Wendy in the blast but not Raiden.

    +6 vs Reflex, 4d6+2 damage (1/2 of a miss).

  31. True to his name, Duece drops a (2).
    (2)+6 vs. Reflex 17; MISS!!!

    dealing out 1/2x (5)+(5)+(4)+(1)+5= 10 fire damage!

    Ronald, refusing to die, takes his turn dazed, prone, and slowed.

  32. Ronald crawls to the teleportation Sigil.

  33. Are you activating the random teleportation terrain power of the Sigil?

  34. Yes, activating the teleportation sigil.

  35. I'll assume so, because that's the more fun route.

    Ronald teleports, stumbling about, to Sigil (4) and then makes a death saving throw (1); HUMILIATION FAILURE!!!

    Ronald now has 2 failed death saving throws and is scooted over to the pit at square L11.

    THUS ENDS ANOTHER EXCITING ROUND OF FOURTHCORE TEAM DEATHMATCH!!!The epic struggle for survival continues!
    Join us in Round 04 at http://fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.blogspot.com/2012/01/play-by-post-match-05-round-04.html