Pulled into the Feywild by unseelie Archfey, the dungeoneers must fight to the death to entertain of the Court of Stars.

by Jon Green
Ley Lines: The Feywild is inescapable. Row 1 is considered adjacent to row 16, and Column A is adjacent to Column P. Creatures cannot make attacks across Ley Lines, but can move across them. Zones and area bursts do not cross Ley Lines.

Humiliation: A creature rolling a natural 1 on an attack roll is cursed by the Baba Yaga. The creature is transformed into a Small pig until the start of its next turn. Its equipment becomes part of its new form and cannot be used. While in the form, the target cannot attack and has vulnerable 5 to all damage.

Bound to the Feywild: Magical items left unattended return to the appropriate Fey Relic Alter at the end of each round

Ice walls, logs, sparkling cavern walls, trees: These block line of effect, but not line of sight. You cannot move through them

Court of Stars: At the end of each round, the court of stars convenes and makes one of the following proclamations. If there are audience members, they determine the proclamation. Otherwise, the Dungeon Master will choose randomly.

  • Let the Wild Rumpus Begin: Daily Powers can be used as At-Wills for the next round. Zones and end-of-encounter effects generated by those daily powers end at the start of the next round.
  • A Year of Song: At the beginning of each dungeoneer’s turn, he or she must recite a limerick or song. Recitations deemed worthy by the Court of Stars grant the dungeoneer an action point, but recitations deemed to be in poor taste deal 15 damage to the dungeoneer.
  • The Prince of Hearts: Randomly choose any two dungeoneers from each team. They count as allies to one another, and cannot attack each other for the duration of the match.
  • Ley Lines disorientation: The Court of Stars may move or reorient any or all of the 4 quadrants. Creatures in a quadrant move with it, the Dancing Hut does not move
  • Little Red: The dungeoneers who's players are not wearing red are turned into Wolves for the next round. Wolves gain a +5 damage bonus against non-wolves, but may only make melee attacks.
  • The Babe with the Power of Voodoo: The Court of Stars chooses one dungeoneer. That dungeoneer’s race permanently changes to Goblin. This does not affect the dungeoneer’s feats, stats, or powers but the dungeoneer gains the following abilities:
    • You know the Goblin Language
    • Your size changes to small
    • weapons shrink (you may continue using two-handed weapons or versatile one-handed weapon as if you were the size of your original race)
    • gain a +2 to acrobatics
    • You may shift 1 square as an immediate reaction when missed by a melee attack
  • Fortune’s Favor: The Court of Stars rolls a die in secret and every dungeoneer must predict if it is even or odd. Each dungeoneer who guesses correctly gains 10 temporary hit points. Each dungeoneer who guesses incorrectly suffers Humiliation!
  • Reverse Time: Initiative order is permanently reversed.
  • Riddle of the Ancients: The Dungeon Master asks a random dungeoneer a simple riddle. The dungeoneer has 5 seconds to answer or is gibbed. If answered correctly, the dungeoneer gains 15 temporary hit points.
  • Memory Scramble: Every dungeoneer passes his character sheet one spot to the left. Dungoneers use the new character sheet until the end of the round.
  • Diakkas Swarm: Each dungeoneer may place 1 Diakkas in any unoccupied square on the map.

    Diakkas - Terrain Hazard

    Single Use

    A creature willingly enters or starts its turn in the same square as a Diakkas or the Diakkas takes damage (AC 9; Fortitude 9, Reflex 9, Will 9)
    Close burst 1 (creatures and Diakkas in burst); +6 vs. Reflex
    10 damage.
    5 damage.

Respawn Terrain Power
At-Will (teleportation)
Trigger: You start your turn dead, dying or begin your first turn of the encounter.
Effect (No Action): If you are dying, you die.  You regain all hit points, missing limbs and healing surges, remove failed death saves and conditions, refresh all encounter powers and power points, and teleport to a random teleport square. If the destination teleport square is occupied, that creature dies.

Killing Spree Terrain Power
At-Will (1/turn)
Trigger: You reduce 2 or more enemies with at least 1 hit point to 0 hit points or fewer during the same turn.
Effect (No Action): Gain an action point. You may spend more than one action point per encounter, but only one action point per round

Teleport Square


Fey Relic Alter: These hold the Magic Items of each quadrant . They are difficult terrain. Unless described otherwise on the card, all Magic Items are 5 lb. objects that do not require free hands to use.


Northwest Quadrant - Vale of Long Night

Winter's domination Terrain Power
The Prince of Frost's throne holds dominion over all the creatures in the Vale of Long Night

Requirement: You must be on the Ice Throne
Standard Action: You slide the Ice Monster up to 6 squares. At any point during this slide, the Ice Monster may make a claw attack against a creature of your choice as a free action
Arcana:If you are trained in Arcana, the attack gains a +4 bonus to damage


Ice Monster Medium Hazard
Bound to the Ice Throne: Unless commanded by a creature on the Ice Throne, the Ice Monster does not take any actions other than attacks triggered by its Winter’s Guardian Aura. If a dungeoneer on the Ice Throne uses Winter’s Domination to move the Ice Monster out of the Vale of Long Night quadrant, the ice monster rolls a saving throw. On a 10+, it behaves normally. On a 9 or less, the Ice Monster shifts to a square adjacent to the Ice Throne and makes a claw attack against the dungeoneer who used Winter’s Domination.
Winter’s Protection: The Ice Monster is immune to all attacks and damage.
Winter’s Guardian: Aura 1: The Ice Monster makes a claw attack against any creature that willingly enters or starts its turn in the aura
Stomping grounds:On the Dungeon Master’s turn the Ice Monster moves 5 squares towards the Ice Throne if it is not currently in the Vale of Long Night
Claw (cold)
Attack: +8 vs AC
Hit:3d12 damage and the Ice Monster rips the target’s arm off. Targets with only one arm cannot use two-handed weapons, or use anything in their off-hand. Targets with no arms are killed.


Ice Scepter Implement - Magic Item
Made from a tear from the Prince of Frost himself, this scepter freezes the heart of those it attacks
Enhancement: +2 to attack and damage rolls
Critical: The target freezes from the inside, and shatters into a thousand shards of ice. This is fatal, and deals 1d10 cold damage to all creatures in a close burst 1.
Property: The Ice Scepter can score a critical hit on a roll of 17-20
Property: Sacred weapon of the Vale of Long Night


Northeast Quadrant - Maze of Fathaghn

Dryad’s favor Terrain Power
The beautiful tree spirit promises you power, if you’re willing to provide her with sacrifices.

Requirement: You must be adjacent to the Dryad.
Minor Action:
Effect: Permanently lose 2 Healing Surges. Your speed increases by 2, and you gain resist 10 all until the end of your next turn (Save sustains). While under this power’s effect, as a free action you may permanently sacrifice healing surges to gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls for each surge lost until the end of your turn. You do not regain these healing surges upon respawning.
Diplomacy: If you are trained in diplomacy, you also gain a +2 bonus to attack rolls for each surge spent
Special: If you are killed while under this power’s effect, or have no healing surges remaining, you are immediately gibbed and your body turned into a tree. This tree is a permanent feature of the map, but you respawn as normal

The Dryad Sersa V killed me with

Lullaby Bush Terrain Hazard
Trigger: You start or end your turn adjacent to a lullaby bush.
Effect (No Action): You are slowed until you die.


Mask of the Dryad Queen - Magic Item
Head Slot Item
Property: Sacred Relic of Fathaghn
Fey Beauty(charm) + At-Will
Standard Action Ranged 10
Target: One Creature
Attack: +6 vs Will
Hit: The Target is dominated until the end of your next turn


Southwest Quadrant - The Murkendraw

Hag Potion Terrain Power
The foul-smelling liquid bubbling in the cauldron may look foul, but its powers are legendary.
Requirement: You must be adjacent to the Hag Cauldron.
Minor Action:
Effect: Roll 1d12, and gain the associated effect from the Potion List
Nature: Dungeoneers trained in nature may roll twice and choose which roll they wish to use.

  1. Potion of Love: until the end of your next turn, you count as an ally and not as an enemy to every dungeoneer.
  2. Essence of spider: Your attacks deal +2d8 poison damage until you die.
  3. Gaze of the Cockatrice: Choose one enemy you can see. That creature must immediately make a saving throw or be petrified, killing that creature instantly. The creature's petrified body remains a permanent feature of the map, and is blocking terrain.
  4. Scale of Crocodile: Gain a +4 bonus to all defenses until you die
  5. Animal Friendship: Until you die, you cannot be attacked by the Ice Monster, animal companions, or an Owlbear; and are unaffected by Spiders
  6. Friend of the Baba Yaga: You are immediately teleported adjacent to a Fey Alter of your choice, and gain the associated Sacred Relic (if it is unclaimed)
  7. Summon Diakkas Swarm: You may place up to 4 Diakkas in any unoccupied squares of your choice.
  8. True Fey Step: Once per turn as a move action, you may teleport up to your speed. This lasts until the end of the encounter.
  9. Flay the Skin: Gain Vulnerable 10 to all damage until the end of your next turn
  10. Turned to a Newt: You are turned into a Tiny newt. As a newt, you are dazed, and the only actions you can take are to move your speed or shift. All of your equipment transforms with you. If you take damage from any source, this effect ends.
  11. Ruptured Cauldron – Attack: Close Burst 5 (all creatures in burst, centered on the Cauldron) +8 vs Fort; Damage: 3d12 Acid Damage
  12. Memory Loss: You are counted as an enemy and not an ally to every dungeoneer until you die.


Quicksand Terrain Hazard
Trigger: You start your turn or willingly enter a square with quicksand
Effect (No Action): You are restrained until escape (Escape DC 18)
Special: If you end your turn in the quicksand, you die.


Periapt of animal Charming - Magic Item
Neck Slot Item
Property: Sacred Relic of the Murkendraw
Property: If you picked up the Perpiapt of animal charming from the Fey Relic Alter, you may use the Summon Owlbear ability as a free action.
Summon Owlbear(charm) + At-Will
Minor Action Ranged 10
Effect: Summon a Trained Young Owlbear. The Owlbear lasts until you or it dies. No more than one Owlbear can be summoned at any given time. This power recharges when you or the Owlbear dies. The Owlbear follows the normal rules for companion creatures.


Trained Young Owlbear Fey Beast Companion
Medium Fey Beast Minion

HP 1 (a missed attack never damages a minion)
AC 14, Fort 16, Ref 12, Will 16, Acts on your turn
Speed 6 , Darkvision
* Ferocious Companion + Aura 1
Allies gain a +2 power bonus to damage rolls against enemies in the aura.
Standard Actions:
Melee Basic + Claw + At-Will
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); + 8 vs. AC
Hit: 1d12+6 damage.
Triggered Actions
Death Screech
Trigger: The Owlbear is reduced to 0 or fewer hitpoints
Attack (Immediate Reaction): Close burst 2 (creatures); + 8 vs. Fort
Hit: 2d8 damage.
Str 20 Dex 11 Wis 14
Con 17 lnt 2 Cha 6


Southeast Quadrant - Vor Thomil

Fomorian King Terrain Power
With a wave of his hand the Fomorian King’s minions spring up around the feet of your enemies, pulling them into the Feydark.

Requirement: You must be adjacent to the Fomorian King.
Standard Action:
Attack: Area burst 1 with 10 squares (creatures in burst); +6 vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d10 + 7 damage and the target is restrained until escape (escape DC 13)
Dungeoneering: If you are trained in Dungeoneering, increase the escape DC to 21.
Special: A creature restrained by this attack may end the restrained effect as a free action, but doing so immediately grants an action point to a member of the opposing team.

Fomorian King

Spider Terrain Hazard
Trigger: You start or end your turn adjacent to a spider.
Effect (No Action): You take 10 poison damage.


Scourge of the Spider-Queen - Magic Item
Simple one-handed melee weapon
Damage: 1d12 Proficient: +3; Reach 3; Flail
Enhancement +2 to attack and damage rolls
Critical: +2d8 poison damage
Property: Sacred weapon of Vor Thomil
Property: All weapon attacks made with the Scourge deal ongoing 10 poison damage on a hit (save ends).


Dancing Hut - Large Hazard
+ The Dancing Hut starts the match between the 4 teleport circles.
+ At the end of each dungeoneer’s turn, the dungeoneer chooses a direction and moves the dancing hut 1d6 squares
+ The Dancing Hut is unaffected by blocking or hindering terrain. Any terrain features underneath the Dancing Hut are inaccessible while the dancing hut is on top of them. Any creature underneath the Dancing Hut when it stops is immediately killed.
+ If the Dancing Hut is blocking a teleport square, dungeoneers can only spawn to one of the other three teleport squares
+ The Dancing Hut is considered blocking terrain, and creatures cannot be moved inside via forced movement
+ If the Dancing Hut moves through a dungeoneer’s space, that dungeoneer is slid 2 squares towards the nearest Terrain Hazard (Including the Ice Monster).

Baba Yagas Hut


  1. This is incredibly cool - it captures the feywild and FourthCore beautifully! I'll have to read it thoroughly to figure out what might break it, but me like.

  2. Wow, this is GONZO! Very cool; any ideas on how to make court of stars PbP friendly?

  3. A-10 is adjacent to P-10's spider, yes?

    Your blocking terrain and Maiden of the Moon's Bow seem to be at odds. Does one or the other need to switch? Also, MotMB is 1h melee?

    Naiad's Kiss: if you gain THP after the initial effect wears off, do you still grant CA?

    Goblin King's Package uses the "waste" slot. I'll just be a pedant and imagine a trash receptacle.

    Quicksand is called "Spider Terrain Power".

    Hag Potion is Minor, but not limited to once per turn. Is this intentional?

    If you become a dryad's tree, do you respawn or is your PC removed from the game? I assume you create a square of blocking terrain either way.

    Little Red: red clothing requirement applies to players or characters? "My Slayer is garbed in green and my buddy's a red robed Mage."

    What happens to the Hut if it's on a Ley Line during disorientation? (I don't think there's another way to be Large at 1st level, but if there is, same question)

    Ok. There's my rules nazi litany. Hope it helps more than hinders!

  4. @Rwaluchow
    - The DM will just use dice & do things randomly. - "If there are audience members, they determine the proclamation. Otherwise, the Dungeon Master will choose randomly."


    - Yes, A10 is next to P10.

    - That's intentional. MotMB lets you effectively ignore blocking terrain. I'll fix the 1h melee thing momentarily

    - Naiad's kiss: Ah, I'll add some clarifying language

    - "Waste slot" - this is why I shouldn't post at 3am

    - Quicksand - this is why I shouldn't post at 3am

    - Hag potion should be 1/turn, I'll clarify that.

    - If you get Tree-gibbed, you respawn. I'll add in clarification

    - Little Red applies to players. The Court of Stars doesn't believe in the 4th wall.

    - Hut on a Ley Line: Ah, good question. I hadn't considered that. I'll add in clarification that it doesn't move.

  5. When you respawn, do you regrow ripped off arms? (I would assume so, but limb damage isn't part of the normal rules in any form so I thought I'd ask)

    I believe the maze is meant to be the northEast quadrant.

    Just to confirm, it's a minor action to pick up a magic item?

    Baba Yaga's hut slides you toward the nearest terrain hazard; however, you have defined no terrain hazards, only terrain powers.

    The issue with the Maiden of the Moon's bow: All of your blocking terrain blocks line of effect, but not line of sight. Maiden of the Moon's bow allows you to ignore line of sight, but not line of effect. This whole map is always within line of sight from everywhere to everyone, and so Maiden of the Moon's bow does nothing with that property.

  6. - yes, you regrow missing arms on respawn.
    - picking up items is a minor. I'll state this explicitly
    - quicksand, lullaby bush, & spiders are supposed to be terrain hazards. I'll update this momentarily.
    - Bow - ah, accidentally switched it. it should require line of sight, not line of effect. I'll update momentarily.

  7. What happens to a zone during disorientation? What happens to a zone straddling a ley line during disorientation?
    What happens if I am standing in a square at the edge of a quadrant, and the quadrant moves, and I end up adjacent to a square that has an effect if I move adjacent (such as various class powers/abilities); or if the quadrant next to me moves, and I end up adjacent to such a square (since in this case I clearly did not move adjacent to the square, the square moved adjacent to me! - by the way, I have decided I love this map just because squares can move adjacent to me.)

  8. Seeing as how this map may go live shortly, just a quick note - Riddle of the Ancients and Memory Scramble may be a little difficult in an online game.

    RotA - 5 seconds is longer than it takes me to type in the little confirmation 'I'm not a spam bot thing' after I hit publish. 5 hours would be more realistic.

    Memory Scramble is possible, but it would really bog the game down as you're now waiting for all players to receive new character sheets. Some players don't use the same programs, formatting, etc.

  9. Do you respawn if you are petrified? (Given that as far as I know there is no way to unpetrify yourself at level 1.)

  10. Oh, to confirm, I can choose which item I want when I enter the hut?

  11. ok, map is updated to deal with a lot of the issues raised aboce.

    - petrified is clarified
    - you can choose which item you want
    - Lay Line disorientation moves around the quadrants, but you stay where you are in each quadrant. So if you're sitting on the ice thrown, and the quadrants are re-oriented, you'll still be on the ice throne. If you are next to a terrain hazard because of a disorientation, you'll be subject to any effects that trigger on the start of your turn.
    - Zones can get split up because of Lay Line Disorientation.

    For the PbP game, some of the Court of Stars proclamations will be edited/removed. This will be outlined when the teams are assigned for the game. RotA, Little Red, & Memory Scramble will be included in that.

  12. Update: Diakkas now have a will defense.

  13. Added in many of the changes outlined in: http://fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.blogspot.com/2012/01/blood-sweat-and-tears-e6m1-revisions.html