Christmas Rules Changes

If I had 8 of them, it surely would have been Hanukkah Rules Changes.

A big thanks to all our Play-by-Post dungeoneers who have given Fourthcore Team Deathmatch invaluable experience outside of the chaos of live events. From their efforts, we are making two quick rules changes, which are really rules reversals. These changes affect all new matches started after today.

1). Backgrounds from Scales of War and Forgotten Realms are forbidden. (Placed in Character Creation) Bye bye, Auspicious Birth! We hope this brings back a little more of the slaughter and mayhem that we've been missing.
Yes, to those of you who have not seen the live events, that means that we usually see more bloodshed.

2). Animal Companions are unaffected by Respawn on all maps. (Placed in FAQ). They've got a perfectly valid and reusable way to be brought into the game post-mortem, they really don't need two extra lines of terrain power text on every map giving them a free handout.

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  1. Awesome! Auspicious Birth is looking a little too good now that we are into it, not that it is helping me at all :/