Play-By-Post: Match 02 Round 04

09 === WetWorks vs. Breakfast Club === 04

Umbra 24 -
Shazi 18 - Margorach 16
- Co
unt Chocula 15 - Booberry 11 - Lucky 8 - Frankenberry 4 - Damakos 1

Round 4 - Fight!
Umbra respawns on location 1 and sends their bat to feast on the Count's chocolaty bits, knocking him unconscious!
Shazi jumps up to the platform and drives a spoon shaped stake into Count Chocula's heart.

The Count is GIBBED!
Margorach respawns on location 2, and not to be outdone by Shazi, swings with every fiber in his being, crushing Frankenberry into a bloody pulp, giving his team a resurgence of momentum.
Frankenberry is GIBBED!
Count Chocula respawns in location 1 telefragging Umbra! Lashing out but missing at Margorach, he moves through his foes to feast on chocolaty milky goodness from Damakos!
Umbra is GIBBED!
Damakos is bloodied.
Booberry, while hurtling down the mine shaft, attempts to hypnotize Damakos, attempting to send him to his doom, but he's able to resist the allure of breakfast!
Lucky sends out a rainbow of bolstering power to energize Count Chocula, and hits with such force that it knocks Damakos unconscious!
Frankenberry respawns in location 4, and charges up the stairs to deliver a strike with his massive spoon to Shazi that relatives beyond the grave felt bad for missing their breakfast.
Shazi is unconscious!
Damakos takes the point and respawns in location 2. He then climbs the wall and unleashes a hellish fury in a blaze of pyrotechnics around him, burning Count Chocula and Frankenberry. By merely being in the presence of a rock star, Shazi is uplifted to join the fight once again!
Count Chocula is bloodied.
The minecart with Booberry and Lucky hurtles down the rest of it's path. Two High Explosive Barrels are picked up, and they approach the platform.

End of Round!


  1. Who's is the Northernmost Cloud of Darkness again?

  2. I believe that was Margorach; it should have been gone a while ago.

  3. hmm...I think the second Phantom Chasm (centred on G9) is missing on the map

  4. Umbra's shadowy form flickers into sight in the SW corner and drifts to the right. Lightning flashes behind her foes as the spirit bat erupts from the ether from which it has been summoned.

    Spawn to 1
    Shift to G11
    Summon the bat to G9
    Stormhawks Vengeance! +4 vs Choc's Reflex (which is -2 from the Hellfire & Brimstone.)2d8 +4 lightning damage and until the end of my next turn, when an ally hits an enemy adjacent to my spirit companion, that enemy takes an extra 4 lightning damage (affects Choc, Frank, & Sugar).

  5. OOC: You can roll the Athletics check (+5, I think; don't have sheet with me now) for Shazi to climb the wall in front of here as well, just to save some time. How much movement does that spend, 2 or 4?

  6. Wait, what power is Umbra using? Stormhawk's Vengence is the one that does automatic damage when you die, I believe.

  7. Tech:
    Stormhawk's Fury vs Count Chocula
    (19)+4= 23 vs Reflex 15(-2)= 13 Hit!
    (6)+(7)+4= 17 Lightning Damage!

    Count Chocula is unconscious at -5 HP!

    map update later today.

  8. Correction stormhawks fury is only 1d8
    Keeping the first die of (6)
    Count chocula is aT 2 HP

    Please double check your powers, I don't keep close track.

  9. +2 damage from my aura of death songy goodness!

  10. And I still need my Athletics check to climb. I'd like to know if I make it. :)

  11. Ugh, thse effects that carry through death are really messing with me...

    +4 damage for being bloodied from Skald Aura, The Count is unconscious at -2 HP

    Umbra is still immobilized from the Phantom Chasm from Booberry in Round 3. This ends at the end of his turn.

    Athletics Check (12)+5= 17

    Think that's everything.

  12. Shazi steps out of the darkness and takes a few steps forward, stabbing hard in to the Count and willing the shadows to mask her presence.


    Move: Move to I9

    Standard: Coup de Grace on Count
    Using Gloom Thief ...
    +10 vs AC (+8 base, +2 CA), vs AC 10 (17 base, -5 unconscious, -2 H&F)
    Automatic critical, Total damage: 29 (maximized 2d6+5+1d8, +4 Skald aura), enough to turn him to paste.

    Until the end of the next turn, if I'm within 2 squares of the count I am invisible. I'm going to leave it to you to determine if I'm invisible right now because the count's body is paste, but as soon as he spawns the rule applies.

    Triggers Lava Plume ... I really hate to this, but it's the best tactical choice since Umbra's gonna get telefragged anyway: Drop it on G11, hitting Frankie, Sugar Bear and Umbra for 10 damage. Should eliminate Sugar Bear.

  13. Tech:
    Coup de Grace vs Count
    (12)+10= 22 vs AC 17-5-2= 10 HIT!
    29 damage

    The Count is GIBBED!

    Lava plume erupts on G11 dealing 10 fire damage.
    Sugar Bear is dead
    Frankenberry is at 19 HP
    Umbra is at 20 HP


    WetWorks is back in the game!

  15. Margorach wants blood. And Frankenberry, your name is on my list!

    Spawn at telepad 2, wielding greatsword.
    Shift to G11 (move action);
    Summon Cloud of Darkness (minor action);
    Blood of the Mighty versus Frankenberry
    +8 vs AC 13, 4d10+5 damage, I take 5 damage. If I hit but don't gib, add +1d12 necrotic damage from Student of Evard, and I take an extra 1d6 necrotic damage.

  16. Tech:
    Blood of the Mighty vs Frankenberry
    (11)+8= 19 vs AC 13 Hit!
    (4)+(8)+(7)+(2)+5= 26 damage
    Frankenberry is unconscious at -7 HP
    Student of Evard
    (8) damage to Frankenberry
    (4) damage to Margorach

    Frankenberry is unconscious at -15 HP
    Margorach is at 22 HP

  17. Bah, as soon as i posted, remembered:

    Skald Aura, +2 damage to Blood of the Mighty's attack

    Frankenberry is at -17 HP


  18. Also, Stormhawks Fury would have applied an additional 3 lightning damage since Frankenberry was adjacent to the bat.

    Overall, no change.

  19. Re-appearing on the battlefield, Count Chocula looks down at the sticky mess beneath his feet. "Oh dear. I've seen Soggy Life Cereal hold together better than that!" It's difficult for the Count to see in the darkness around him, but based on where the darkness is centered, he makes a quick guess, and shoves whomever is in front of him.

    Relying on his luck, the Count steps out of the darkness, and looks around. Casting a chocolaty curse on Damakos, the count attempts to extract any milk that may be hiding in the creature's blood.

    Spawn on F11 - telefragging Umbra & getting rid of the Spirit companion
    standard Vampiric Slam on Margorach +0 vs Reflex (+5 to hit, -5 for darkness) 1d10+8 damage, & push to H11
    move Move to G9, using Second Chance against anyone who hits me with an OA
    Assassin's Shroud on Damakos (who was only invisible to Frankenberry)
    Action Point Taste of Life on Damakos +5 vs Fort, using Blood Drinker & Invoking Assassin's Shroud. 1d8+1d10+1d6+8 damage & I gain 5 THP.
    If Damokos doesn't drop, use Hidden Strike +8 vs his passive insight. If successful, he treats me as invisible til the start of my next turn.

  20. A few notes:

    - My CoD is no longer there.

    - As soon as the Count gets to G9, I'm invisible (Gloom Thief) until EONT.

    - If you're a Hybrid Assassin, you can only invoke shrouds when attacking with an Assassin power.

  21. - Your CoD isn't there, Margorach's is (it's just not on the map)
    - In that case I'll continue my movement from G9 to H9 and use it on Shazi instead. No big deal, someone is dieing regardless
    - I'm not a Hybrid Assassin. Multiclass, sucka! No such restrictions, there.

    *Bam!* Serve returned! (We're talking Tennis, right?)

  22. - I know it has no impact. Just pointing it out for map's sake.

    - OK. Either way, I'm still invisible if you get within 2 squares of me. :)

    - I wasn't sure if you were hybrid or not; just pointing it out in case you were. I haven't seen your sheet, so I had no idea. :P

    Let's stop playing tennis... It's a silly sport. ;)

  23. wait, is it regular tennis, or table tennis? Because one of those is silly, but the other is serious. Deadly serious.

  24. Tech:
    Vampire Slam vs Margorach:
    (5)+0-2(Hellfire and Brimstone)= 3 vs Reflex 14 Miss!

    OA from Margorach:
    (11)+7= 18 vs AC 17-2= 15 (Hellfire and Brimstone) Hit!
    Second Chance
    (5)+7= 12 vs AC 17-2= 15 (Hellfire and Brimstone) Miss!

    OA from Damakos:
    (17)+7= 22 vs AC 17-2= 15(Hellfire and Brimstone) Hit!
    (8)+7= 15 damage

    Count Chocula is at 17 HP

    Shazi is invisible to Count Chocula when he moves to G9

    Taste of life vs Damakos
    (15)+5-2(Hellfire and Brimstone)= 18 vs Fort 10 Hit!
    (2)+(4)+(3)+8= 17 damage!

    Damakos is bloodied at 3 HP!

    Hidden Strike:
    (10)+8= 18 vs Insight 10 Success!
    Count Chocula is Invisible to Damakos until the start of his next turn.

    (13)+2= 15

    Think that's it.

  25. As he hurtles toward the kobold cache, Boo once again clouds the mind of his enemy. In his boo-guiled mind, Damakos sees an irresistable image of a complete breakfast including delicious Booberry cereal.

    Hypnotism vs. Damakos +5 vs. Will
    Hit: Slide to F11

  26. Tech:
    Hypnotism vs Damakos
    (6)+5= 11 vs Will 16 Miss!

  27. Lucky perches on the edge of the hurtling cart, and rummages through his cereal box. "They're always after me lucky charms! Why, I 'ardly have any left! We'll just 'ave to try..." He pulls out a beating heart. "Corkers! I forgot I 'ad this!"

    Sprinkling a little leprechaun dust on the heart, Lucky lets it loose. It soars right into the clutches of Chocula, who suddenly seems to be bursting with energy!

    Standard: Thundering Armor on Chocula/Damakos
    Effect: Chocula has +1 power bonus to AC UENT
    Attack: +6 vs Damakos' Fort (ignoring any cover or concealment)
    Hit: 1d8+5 thunder damage, push 1 (F-9, I suppose?)

  28. Tech:
    Thundering Armor vs Damakos
    (13)+6-2(Hellfire and Brimstone)= 19 vs Fort 10 Hit!
    (2)+5= 7 damage.

    Damakos is unconscious at -4 HP


    Spawn at 4



    Charge I9
    Life Ending Strike!
    +8 vs 17 AC [+7 & +1 for Charge]
    8d6+5 [half on miss]

    #depending on result may use action point.

  30. Life Ending Strike vs Shazi
    (15)+8= 23 vs AC 17 Hit!
    (2)+(3)+(2)+(1)+(3)+(5)+(6)+(6)+5= 33 damage!
    Shazi is unconscious at -3 HP!

  31. I was still invisible due to Gloom Thief (-5 to attack), but I guess that hit anyway.

  32. You were invisible only against the target of that power, Count Chocula. Unless I am reading it wrong

  33. "Until the end of your next turn, you are invisible while within 2 squares of the target."

    RAW, so long as I'm within 2 of the count, I'm invisible to everyone. It doesn't specify who I'm invisible to.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Well, to be fair I was invisible... I wasn't "hidden". I never made an appropriate Stealth check, and I became invisible as part of my attack action after movement so he knows exactly where I'm at.

    I'm willing to allow him hitting me in this circumstance.

  36. And with this "result" for lack of a better word I will save my action point. PLAY ON!

  37. Everything is cleared up:

    Shazi is unconscious at -3 HP

    Play On.

  38. To better appreciate this post, you may want to open the following link in an extra window.


    Damakos bursts into flame and incinerates in place. As his spirit leaves his body he can feel himself drifting and falling and then he coalesces in position on one of the teleportation pads.

    He raises his head and opens his mouth to sing, but stops and lifts his hand. He can see that his ally is in need of some help, so he rapidly tries to climb the wall.

    Scrambling next to his fallen friend, he pauses and considers his choice. Burst into flame, or help his friend? Choices indeed.

    okay, this one is kinda complicated.

    Self-gib and respawn at point 2.
    Move action, climb wall ending in square I10
    Athletics +4
    (use Standard to make move action as well if needed)

    If check made on first try, then use minor action Hellfire and Brimstone to set zone up again. 5 fire damage to all in close burst 2 and zone of -2 to attack rolls and defenses of my enemies only. Then use minor action Skald aura healing on Shazi, surge +1d6.

    If two checks needed to climb then instead use healing from Skald's aura on Shazi (healing surge +1d6).

    If both climb checks fail, then make Hellfire and Brimstone burst from teleportation square and cry.

  39. Tech:
    Athletics check: (15)+4= 19 Success!

    Hellfire and Brimstone:
    Count Chocula is bloodied at 12 HP
    Frankenberry is at 30 HP

    Skald Aura healing:
    Shazi heals 6+(3) HP
    Shazi is bloodied at 9 HP

  40. DM's turn:

    The minecart continues on it's path. Both Lucky, and Booberry pick up High Explosive Barrels, and make their way to the central track.

    End of Round!