Play-by-Post: Match 03 Round 04

05 === Playoffs! vs. QuadCore === 06
John Connor - Morthos - Raaargh - Odesso - IG-88 - CT Feltek - Dav'2 - Renato


  1. John Connor returns to the world and starts off the round!

  2. John Connor steps forth from his temporal distortion and lunges at the unconscious body in front of him, his sword disappearing as he strikes, his body following after.

    Suddenly he appears near IG88 and invisibly stalks his prey. Calling forth his powers from another time he launches nanobots into the musculature of Dav's robotic skeleton.

    He then appears from his newest temporal right and strikes at IG88, unleashing the fury of his hatred for all robots and immediately disappears again.

    Tech: It's complicated
    unAssume the Void at L11
    Standard: Vanishing Blade on Odesso. +3 v AC (+5 for Unconscious?) 2d10 damage and I teleport 5 and become invisible.

    (move and minor)I teleport to G12, use 2 squares to move to F12 and drop my Aegis on Dav2.

    (Action Point) I use Avalanche Strike on IG88 +8+2(for CA) v AC, 3d10 +5, +1d12 from Essence of Death if needed to knock him out.

    After (if)I hit, I teleport 3 to right where I'm at, get kicked around, and hopefully stopped by Odesso's body. If not, I make a saving throw to stop at L11.

  3. Also, if IG is knocked unconscious I become invisible.

    for 20 damage!

    Odesso is GIBBED!
    at -23 HP!


    (4)+8+2[invisible]=14 vs. AC 17; Miss!

    Depending on how things play out, you may be shot off to your death at the start of your next turn via the Telethrower.

    Morthos is up!

  5. Morthos casually strolls over to Renalto, and attaches a small mine to the Human's frail body. "THIS WILL BE PAINFUL."

    Trap Switch goes off automatically at the start of my turn. If Wall-e or Dav2 is in the blast they resist 5
    Minor - sustain Moment of Glory
    Move - Move to J4 (Wall-e moves to D10)
    Standard - Inevitable Doom on Renalto. The next attack made against the target before the end of my next turn deals 2d8 extra damage on a hit or a miss.

  6. Thanks to both of your guys for the fast postings today!

    Trap Switch (2)

    Most unfortunate for QuadCore, Wall-E and Dav'2 take an (effective) 5 damage!

    Wall-E is at down to 11 HP.
    Dav'2 is bloodied at 7 HP.

    Inevitable Doom dice will be rolled when triggered.

    Raaargh! starts his turn prone and in the Chasm of Discipline.

  7. Raaargh stands up and plucks the dagger out of his side letting it drop into the balor blood filled chasm below. He doesn't even hear it hit the bottom before he is jumping from platform to platform with the goal of hacking IG-88's metal body apart.

    move: stand up
    standard: charge IG-88 jumping from platform to platform. I'm +9 to athletics and it is DC 10 to clear one square so that is auto. Jump to D15, jump to E13 attack +11 (+8 normally, +1 whip, +2 CA from flanking) vs. AC 17. If I hit activate Takedown Strike as a free action.
    Damage is 1d12(high crit)+1d6+11 (+5 str, +1 whip, +5 takedown strike - not used earlier because it trigger on a hit and I rolled a 1) and knock IG prone.

  8. With a charge, you can't jump from platform to platform, you have to move in a straight line and make the entire jump, so it's a DC20

  9. Fuck yeah, we're gonna blitzkrieg this round with posts!

    @Raargh: I think Morthos has a point, as the closest square to IG-88 is D13 (2 squares away), which would clearly not be an advisable charging destination. (Charges must end at the nearest square.) You can hop to the next Bone Platform as a move and then either end your turn or action point (if you've got one) to charge from there.

  10. Charge doesn't say anything about a straight line, but it does say that each square has to move you closer to the enemy which moving from B15 to D15 doesn't do (if you go back # of squares of distance) so Raargh will do it in one mighty leap!

  11. Raaargh! shows everyone that he laughs at the risks, and thirsts only for battle!

    Jumping 2 squares: (5)+9=14; Fail!

    Raaargh! is GIBBED!

    The Heart if returned!

    Odesso respawns at (3).

  12. Odesso senses a great disturbance in the force! 00110011001111100101100101100111!

    The heart of Malcanthet is back on the pedestal! Primary objective found! His circuitry is not fully compatible, but he retains enough free RAM to leave this plane and its inhabitants behind for time being...

    Odesso runs to the heart pedestal at CS (one move action),
    uses a minor action to grab the heart,
    then assumes the void (minor action).

    Free action: Who says you need to actually hit an enemy to win?

  13. Raaargh should have followed the rules... his charge was exciting, but still illegal.

  14. Derisive laughter shakes the ambulatory.

  15. IG-88 puts his metallic finger up in a "just a moment" gesture to Feltek and John, and steps to the edge to watch Raaargh fall to his demony doom. Too bad - that was a good microblade.

    Coming back with a goody and his vibroblade ready, IG-88 thanks his prey for waiting, and commences to spin his blade around in robotic fury!

    Move: Escape Artist's Trick to shift to E-13 and back.
    Standard: MBA vs CTF, with Dark Reaping, Takedown Strike, and Sneak Attack
    Attack: +10 vs AC
    Hit: 3d6+17 damage (+7, +4 Dark Reaping, +5 Takedown Strike)

    I might AP, but that depends on the goody from E-13.

  16. My math is funny. The damage what's there is +16, but with the bear aura, it should be +18, yes?

  17. no, you need to be in the aura and attacking someone who is also in the aura. It is still +16.

  18. That's cool. IG-88 is not all that familiar with this... Wall-E model. Some kind of toxic cleanup droid?

  19. no, that's not right at all. It is a +18. the bonus to damage is against enemies in the aura. There's nothing about you needing to be in the aura as well.

  20. Ha! Jon Green is right; I misunderstood what was said in the last round when this was discussed, and didn't bother to actually look it up! Minotaur stubborness shall RULE THE DAY! (Or actually, just get himself damaged a little more.)

    +18 it is.

  21. Whoa that was a lot!

    Things are heating up as the Heart is grabbed for (likely) the last time this match!

    Power-Up (10): QUAD DAMAGE!!!

    This PowerUp is the kind of table-turning thing that happens in these FTDM events. As you all are starting to see, planning your turn out more than one or two dungeoneers ahead of you is pretty much pointless; everything changes so damned fast!


    OH SNAP!!! That's another one of those crazy die roll/card draw events that keeps this game so damned exciting!

    IG-88 is sent to Bone Prison (1).

    Contemplate this upon the Tree of Woe.

  22. Well, in that case, I'll hold onto the AP. any chance I could Athletics on the shift 2 from my previous move action to get to D15?

  23. Yes absolutely! I see that your Athletics bonus is +5

    (2)+5=7; FAIL!

    IG-88 IS GIBBED!!!

  24. The pit of despair... don't even think about tryin' to escape.

  25. Raaargh and IG-88 do that whole Gandalf vs Balrog thing all the way down the pit.

    Next round, upon respawn, IG-88 will have a shiny chrome coating.

  26. CT Feltek smashes his opponent.. IN THE FACE! He then uses Chinese Remainder Theorems to explain how a planar graph works so that Schliermacher can explain true religion to the non-believing botmen... and explain he does! Take THAT Dav'2!

    Standard: Howling Strike vs Dav'2, +8 to hit, 1d12+1d6+6 damage on hit.

    P.S. If anyone is awesome at modular arithmetic, and interested in prime number theory, let me know. Exams make my bull-headedness BLEED WITH POWER!

  27. Trust in the Laplace Transform.

    (12)+8=20 vs. AC 20; Hit!
    for (5)+(6)+6= 17 damage!
    With the resistence, the bloodied, plate-armored Pixie is brought down to the ground and dropped unconscious at -5 HP!!!

    Without prior instruction, I assume he respawns


    and comes back to us at Location (4).


  28. Minor
    Shroud of Shadow
    Effect You gain partial concealment until the end of your next turn. You also gain 5 temporary hit points.

    Fly P:08->M:10

    Power Up

    Buy down to Move
    Fly and Land on L:05
    Slaming into Renato
    If the triggering creature slides into an occupied square, the forced movement ends and the occupying creature takes 5 points of damage and is pushed 2 squares.

  29. Dav'2 cloaks himself in shadow and gains the Power-Up (6): Protection. Dav'2 now has 10 temporary hit points.

    He buzzes over to land on the telethrower, provoking an OA from Renato:

    (18)+8-2[cover, hard corner]-2[concealment]=22 vs. AC 20; Hit!
    for (1)+3=4 damage.

    Dav'2 is at full HP with 10 temporary hit points, but Renato is pushed away and takes 5 damage to be bloodied at 8 HP!!!

    Renato starts his turn with enemies in the crosshairs to wrap up Round 04!

  30. forced movement doesn't provoke OA. the telethrowers are a push effect, so it doesn't allow Renato to take an OA

  31. The OA comes from moving from L6 to L5.

  32. Renato shifts to I4 and uses his daily power of Steel Avalanche on Morthos ((+4 vs Reflex; 3d8+4 dmg & -2 to attack rolls, save ends). In addition he flys into a flurry of blows ((+6 dmg on hit) as he reaches for his next natty boh...

  33. BTW I get no love for my sweet profile pic...

  34. I love me some Boh.

    Renato tags the Power-Up (5) Haste: +2 Speed

    Steel Avalanche is a close blast 3, affecting both Morthos and Dav2

    (11)+4=15 vs. Reflex 10 Hit!
    (5)+4=9 vs. Reflex 15; Miss!

    Morthos takes (8)+(6)+(6)+4-5[resist]+6[FoB]-5[resist]=20 damage!
    He is bloodied at 12 HP!

    Dav2 takes half damage; 12-5[resist]=7 damage!
    Dav2 is at full HP and 3 temporary hit points.


    John Connor's turn will start up once I have the post for Round 05 up.