Fourthcore mention in Penny-Arcade

We're very pleased, positively tickled, to hear that Fourthcore got a small mention in today's Penny Arcade post. Please, Fourthcore Crusaders, go out and spread the good word of our most cherished philosophies to all whom might ask.

And to all those Penny Arcade readers who are stumbling upon this blog: Welcome! Fourthcore Team Deathmatch is one of the most fun, action-packed, and exciting ways to play with the Dungeons & Dragons system. We will be taking our little venture out to meet you at PAX East this year; shooting for a tournament on that Saturday around 1:00pm. Turn your gaze here for more information as the event schedule becomes known.

If you are curious about FTDM, but would like to just get your toe wet before jumping in whole hog, please sign up for the next Play-By-Post match by emailing Dungeon Master Muttonchops and telling him that you want in. Registration closes Monday December 5th, and the next Match will start recruiting soon after New Years.

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