Play-By-Post: Match 02 Round 1

Match 02: Start!
01 === WetWorks vs. Breakfast Club === 00

Umbra 24 - Shazi 18 - Margorach 16 - Count Chocula 15 - Booberry 11 - Lucky 8 - Frakenberry 4 - Damakos 1

Wetworcs have decided to keep initiative as-is. Lets get this party started! Good luck teams! FIGHT!

Umbra appears in Location 4, Moves to the top of the platform, and lays down a field of earthly growth hampering their enemies.
Shazi appears in Location 1, shifts back and lays down a cloud of darkness while they await the enemy.
Margorach appears in Location 3, and follows suite by shifting back and laying another cloud of darkness down while he sharpens his blade!
Count Chocula appears in Location 4, and unleashes the first attack of the match, a wave of swarming shadows before teleporting away and becoming invisible. In the attack, he Bloodies Umbra, and knocks Margorach unconscious from a lava plume erupting nearby.
Booberry appears in Location 4, and unleashes a ghostly chasm that opens up on the platform. He then hops in a mine cart and starts along his course. Umbra is hit by the attack, and falls prone, but is still alive.
Margorach is GIBBED! FIRST BLOOD!!
Lucky appears in Location 4, and flies out to a remote section of track. From distance, he unleashes an artillery barrage of firey death knocking Umbra unconscious.
Frankenberry appears in Location 1, and summons a shadowy Maul. Shifting around his target, he finds an opening to strike, but swings wide, missing Shazi.
Damakos in a display of pyrotechnics and blazing music appears in Location 2, climbs up on the "stage" and makes a break past Sugar Bear and "The Count" Chocula to flip the switch!


  1. I like that the teams have Christmas colors.

  2. I love the breakfast theme! That is totally awesome!

  3. @CSR: amazing as it may seem, that was actually coordinated.

  4. I think that we are in agreement that Wetworcs will go first this time.

  5. Match 2: Round 1 FIGHT!!

    Umbra spawns on Location (4)

  6. The shimmering air darkens for a moment as Umbra takes her first tentative steps within this hellish arena. She steps lightly on to the platform and turns to examine the access points. After a few moments, she waves her spear over the southwest corner, causing the earth to ripple and flow.

    As her powers stir the earth, Umbra's spirit companion stirs, "gliding with an ancient grace... Eyes gleaming, untouched by love or joy or sorrow... Breath hot with the taste of fallen foes... The stench of dead things, damned things... Surely the fiercest survivor, the purest warrior... Glaring, hating, claiming [her] as it's own."

    The Umbra moves to J9 and then evokes the stone root spirit at K9 (burst 1).

    Effect: The burst creates a zone of protective earth that lasts until the end of the encounter. The zone is difficult terrain for your enemies. You and your allies gain cover while within the zone.

  7. And her spirit companion, a large bat, is conjured to I11.

  8. Not that it matters for THIS posting, but in the future, doesn't the Player simply CHOOSE where the character will respawn?

    GO ORCS!

  9. Bah, You'd think I know my own map...bleh. Too used to watching the other matches.


    Shazi, you're next. Spawn on whatever location you feel like.

  10. Shazi appears on the telepad with a furious battle cry, only to realize that the platform is empty.

    "You kill them all already?" she shouts at Umbra, almost proudly.

    "No matter... LET THEM COME!" She screams as she takes a step forward. The platform is suddenly enveloped in a cloud of darkness as she disappears from view.


    Free: Spawn at telepad #1

    Move: Shift to G10.

    Standard/Minor: Cloud of Darkness, centered on G10. Area from F9 to H11 is covered in darkness. Power block below, just to be official
    NOTE: I have total concealment (-5 to melee and ranged attacks) and get CA against everybody, but am not "hidden".

    Minor: "It rubs the lotion on its blade or else it gets the hose again" ... Nitharit poison applied to short sword. Stat block below.

    For the record, I will take any and all OAs that I can unless otherwise specified: base attack +8 vs AC, +2 with CA (total concealment), 1d6+5 +1d8(Attack Finesse) damage plus poison (see below).

    Minor Action Close burst 1
    The burst creates a cloud of darkness that remains in place until the end of your next turn. The cloud blocks line of sight, squares within it are totally obscured, and creatures entirely within it are blinded until they exit. You are immune to these effects.

    Nitharit Poison, Assassin's Poison
    Power (Poison) Consumable (Minor Action)
    You apply the poison to your melee weapon or five pieces of your ammunition. Until the end of the encounter, when you hit a creature with a weapon attack using the poisoned item, the creature takes ongoing 2 poison damage (save ends).
    First Failed Saving Throw: The creature instead takes ongoing 5 poison damage (save ends).

  11. Margorach teleports onto the platform, his face hidden by a skull mask smiling ear to ear. With a cackle, he is shrouded in darkness, the only sound coming from the depths of his darkness is a whisper metal as it is drawn thirsting for blood...

    Spawn at telepad 3,
    Move to K10,
    Cloud of Darkness (minor) (see Davids entry above). Burst 1, covers J10 to L10.
    Same rules apply to Margorach as Shazi right now.

    Free action: Sharpen blade for the attack.

  12. Map updated.

    Count Chocula is up next!

  13. Appearing in a burst of chocolate-y milk, the Count looks about him, confused by the darkness. "Vere are all the naughty boys who vont eat their cereal? I do not see them."

    Deciding to equalize things, the Count again disappears in a swarm of mashmallow bats swarming over the platform in front of him, and disappears into the darkness.

    Spawn on 4
    Standard Action: Swarm of Shadows against Umbra and Margorach (AoE ignores the penalty from darkness)
    +5 vs Fort
    3d6+8 damage + 5 ongoing (save ends)
    Miss: Half Damage
    Effect: I teleport to a square within the burst and am invisible til EoNT. I'll email Graham about where I want to teleport to.

  14. Let the nitpicking commence! They do have cover from Umbra's earthen ramparts. :) So concealment may not work, but cover will.

  15. *checks Rules Compendium*

    Drat, I believe you are correct. However, your feeble cover will not save you from my Chocolate Rain!

  16. Some stay dry and others feel the pain.

    -Tay Zonday

  17. Tech:
    Swarm of Shadows:
    (2)+5-2(cover)=5 vs Fort 12(Umbra): Miss
    CRITICAL HIT!! vs Margorach: Lava Plume triggered

    Damage: (5)+(5)+(6)+8= 24/2 = 12 damage!
    Umbra is down to 18 HP
    Margorach is bloodied but standing at 5 HP

    Target Lava Plume first, then...

    Leaving the square adjacent to the bat grants a basic ranged attack from an ally within 10 squares

    Let me know who takes the Basic Ranged attack.

  18. I didn't leave a square adjacent to the bat because I spawned at square 4. Lava Plume will be in square K9, which should put Margorach at -5 with 5 ongoing, nad Umbra at 8

  19. For some reason I had location 3 in my head, my apology!

    Margorach is at -5 with 5 Ongoing damage

    Umbra is now Bloodied at 8.

    If that's it, Booberry is up next!

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  21. Stealth check for Invisibility: (18)+10= 28

  22. sorry, just realized I still have a move/minor. I'll [move] up to I7 and [minor] set the minecart track to the northern path.

  23. Boo materializes in a haze of delicious blue vapour. Peering about into the supernatural darkness, he shivers. “Ooooh, spoooooky.” The apparition leans down to the crazed bear at the end of his chain and lets him sniff a handful of Sugar Crisp. “Come, Sugar Bear; we must find the naughty children. Serve me well and you’ll get your fix.” Boo releases the crazed bear from its chain. “The children must learn that Boo Berry is part of a complete breakfast!” The ghost then summons a phantom bowl of his delicious cereal and flies to a nearby cart.

    Spawn on 4
    Standard Action: Phantom Chasm (area burst 1) centered on K9
    +3 (+5, -2 for cover) vs. Will
    Hit: 2d6+5 psychic damage, fall prone, and immobilized until the end of its next turn
    Miss: half damage, and fall prone.
    Effect: zone that lasts until the end of the encounter. Any enemy that enters the zone falls prone.
    Move Action: use Windwalker to fly to G8
    I gain 8 temp hp
    Minor Action: Summon Sugar Bear in H9

  24. Edit: I'd like to move to H8 and use 'Hop In'

  25. Tech:
    Phantom Chasm
    (4)+3= 7 vs. Will 15(Umbra) Miss!
    (7)+3= 15 vs. Will 11-5(unconscious)= 6 (Margorach) Hit!

    Damage: (4)+(4)+5= 13 psychic damage (6 damage on a miss)

    Umbra is down to 2 HP and knocked prone, but is still holding on!
    Margorach is GIBBED! FIRST BLOOD!

  26. Just a quick note from an observer, usually we put the point to the team that had the death so WetWorks should have the point. And points are bad!

  27. Yep, I updated it, thanks. Brain not working today.

    Lucky is up!

  28. A bright red cereal box spawns at pad 4, and a green-garbed tiny Irishman bursts out of the top in a spray of golden oats and marshmallow charms! Of course, nobody sees this.

    "Begora! Is everyone still asleep? Nobody's around to enjoy this complete breakfast? Maybe it's time for Lucky to turn on the lights!"

    He soars off to somewhere nice and bright and sends some magic to the platform to brighten things up. A giant red balloon appears, floats back to the platform, and rains down a plethora of white-hot burning horse-shoes!

    Free: spawn at L-11
    Move: fly to Q-5
    Standard: cast Argent Rain (burst 1) centered on J-9
    Attack: +6 vs Reflex (area attacks ignore concealment, Wand Expertise ignores cover)
    Hit: 1d10+5 fire damage
    Effect: Burst creates a zone until the start of my next turn. Creatures entering or ending their turn in the zone take 5 fire damage, max once per turn.

  29. Tech:
    Argent Rain:
    (11)+6=17 vs Reflex 14 (Umbra) Hit!

    (7)+5= 12 fire damage.
    Umbra is unconscious at -10 hp!

    If that's it...
    Frankenberry is up next.


    SPAWN at 1

    Create Shadow-Wrought Maul

    Stalk and Strike
    Effect You shift up to 2 squares before the attack.
    Shift F:11 -> F09

    +8 vs. 22 AC [he has concealment, right]
    2d6+1d8+5 Damage

    Shift G:09

  31. Tech:
    (4)+8= 12 vs AC 17+5(concealment)= 22(Shazi) Miss!

  32. OOC: To properly read this, please open the following link in a separate window.

    There is the sound of coalescing energies from within the cloud of darkness to the left and a voice rises from the blackness, amplified by infernal energies, reverberating throughout the cavernous mine corridors.

    “Forged by the crow-mage from shards of darkness
    Honed by the half-breed to vorpal sharpness
    The bastards blade…”

    With these last words, gouts of pyrotechnic fire burst from the lava pit and a demonic figure launches himself over the railing from out of the shadows and onto the dais at the top of the platform. Fire pours over him from an Argent Rain, but he merely laughs at the tickling heat on his devilish skin. Riveting and ravaging music comes rampaging from this figure, his hair blowing in the wind (though there is no wind!) a gleam on his sharpened teeth as he continues to sing, jagged sword held high over his head.

    “Bane of the demon lord
    Slayer of the spider-priests
    Spiller of the silver blood”

    He crests the platform taking position nearest the controls dragging his wicked looking blade across the ground, purple sparks flying in every direction.

    “Fragments of bore infused with purest steel
    A warrior’s hand and a wizard’s mind to wield”
    Killer of Lor, avenging the accursed
    Gathering knowledge, quenching deadly thirst!”

    He stands tall, tapping his feet to the instrumental guitars and screams. “Alright boys and girls, time to ride the CRAAAAAZY TRAAAAAAIN! ALL ABOARD!”

    Free Action: Spawn at point 2
    Move Action: Climb up platform to I10
    Standard -->Move action: Strut confidently to J7 (provoking opportunity attacks, but total concealment from bear and enough speed to get there if pushed by the silly vampire)
    Minor Action: Switch controls on track to go south!

  33. Tech:
    Athletics check to climb:
    (8)+4 = 12 Success! Able to climb to I10

    Sugar Bear OA:
    (4)+6 = 10 vs AC 17 (Damakos) Miss!

    Chocula OA:
    (3)+5 = 8 vs Ref 15 (Damakos) Miss!

    Track set to south!

    DM updates incoming later tonight.

  34. Damakos resists 5 fire damage for entering the zone left behind from Argent Rain.

    No change. (Just wanted to document :) )

  35. (Also for documentation, the count had a +2 from invisible CA. With a roll of 3 it doesn't really matter).

    One thing that's unclear with the map, where does the track switch happen? Since Boo arrived in the T-intersection while the track was pointing north, does it continue North and everything arriving in the intersection after this point will go south, or will the change also include the cart that Boo is in?

  36. I apologize for it being unclear, and will update the information to be more straightforward. The section it's on right now is still the middle track, and still subject to what direction the controls are pointing. I intentionally made the track length and the Hop In! power leave you at the decision point. The arrows adjacent to the last track piece are where the controls direction is locked in.

    Sorry again for the confusion, but that's part of why we play here, to work out the kinks, and you guys have been doing a great job of helping us in that!

  37. DM's turn:

    Minecarts move

    (7)+6= 13 vs Reflex 15(Booberry) Miss!

    New post for round 2 coming up.