Play-By-Post: Match 02 Round 03

07 === WetWorks vs. Breakfast Club === 02
Umbra 24 - Shazi 18 - Margorach 16 - Count Chocula 15 - Booberry 11 - Lucky 8 - Frankenberry 4 - Damakos 1

Round 3 - Fight!

takes the point for the team to respawn in Location 3. He unleashes a psychic attack that shrouds his ally from Frankenberry's sight.
Shazi respawns in Location 3, shifts back to line up a shadowy noose, and pulls Booberry into the Liquid Hot Magma!
Booberry is GIBBED!
Margorach moves into position to deliver a soul crushing blow to Frankenberry, when a kobold strapped to a barrel collides with Margorach! Margorach is bloodied.
Count Chocula advances from the shadows, and slams into Umbra, bloodying them.
Booberry respawns in Location 1, GIBBING Margorach! He then flies to the nearest mine cart, but Damakos swings true with a power chord and dazes Booberry. Booberry, pushing through his dizzied state, is still able to charm Damakos to whirl around and attack his own ally, Umbra!
Umbra is unconscious
Lucky continues to fly down the tracks, positioning himself to open another spectral chasm. The chasm swallows Umbra , and pins Damakos to the ground.
Umbra is GIBBED!
Frankenberry shifts into position to swing at Damakos and turn him into a pile of marshmallows, but misses!
Damakos stands up, and unleashes a song of hellish fury that blazes outwards.
Count Chocula is bloodied
With that, Booberry's mine cart races around the upper track, knocking Lucky into it and heading towards the Kobold Cache! Things are about to get exciting!
End of Round 3!



  2. Accelerated decomposition composts Umbra's inert form in mere moments. A few feet away and briefly wreathed in shadows, she reappears. A frustrated and shrill cry escapes her lips as the witch slices her and through the air in a banishing gesture toward Frankenberry.

    Respawn to 3 and target Frank with excise from sight (+4 vs will; 1d10+4 psychic dmg and Damakos is invisible to him). I'll spend the minor action to upgrade the power to "excise from site" and attempt to slide Frank 1 sq to G12 (I pay before the attack, and he is only slid if I hit).

    Then, I move to G9. If Frank doesn't take a lava bath, I'll have to scale the wall at I10 to do it.

  3. Tech:
    Excise from sight (+ minor) vs Frankenberry
    (11)+4= 15 vs Will 10 Hit!
    (5)+4= 9 Psychic Damage

    Frankenberry is at 26 HP
    Damakos is invisible to Frankenberry

    Save vs Slide to G12:
    (14)+5= 21 Save!

    Athletics to get to I10
    (20)+0 Success!

  4. Frankenberry's Neck Bolts Glow a strange healing dipular.

    Immediate Interrupt
    Resilience of Stone
    Benefit: You can use your second wind as an immediate interrupt when you are damaged by an attack.

    Heal 8

    Unlock awesome badge by using Security Verification Word in my post!

  5. Shazi appears once again. The anger in her eyes is even more obvious, but this time it isn't focused on one person.

    "Do I have to do *everything* myself?!? You simpletons can't do anything right!!!"

    The shroud of darkness appears once again, and this time shadow tendrils lash out over the pit of lava towards the... thing... on the Southern side of the tracks.

    "Let's see how you fly!!!" the voice rings out from the dark.

    Free: Spawn at #3

    Move: Shift to I11

    Minor: Cloud of Darkness, covering H10-J12

    Standard: Executioner's Noose at Booberry (Ranged 5) ... +7 (+5 base, +2 CA) vs Fortitude, 1d6 +5 damage, plus target is pulled 2 squares (save applicable) and slowed until EONT.
    No additional effects (stupid implement attack :P).

  6. Oh my god, Orcs, you are killing me!

    Let's noose that ghost! DIAF!!!, Booberry

  7. All allies in my aura get +2 damage. Wanted to throw that in there for both attacks so far.

  8. Thanks for the reminder Extended Rest!
    Frankenberry is at 32 HP

    Now..the Tech:
    Executioner's Noose vs Booberry
    (12)+7= 19 vs Fort 13 Hit!
    (1)+5+2= 8 damage

    Booberry is at 24 Hp

    Save vs Slide:
    (3) Fail!

    Booberry is slid to G14 and falls into the Lava! (The stalactite tiles represent the hazard above the tracks, they are not safe tiles)

    Booberry is GIBBED!!

  9. Margorach hears the scream of booberry, and is pleased...too long have the ghosts been allowed to run free on in this mine, the kobolds should have called some us earlier!

    He leaves the safety of the darkness,greatsword in hand, to see if Frankenberry has any actual berrys on him!

    Move to F10, drawing my greatsword as part of the move.

    Standard action:
    Blood of the Mighty versus Frankenberry. +6 vs AC, 4d10+3 damage. Add Student of Evard (+1d12) if I hit and don't gib him. I take 5 damage from the power, +1d6 if I get to use Student of Evard.
    BofM is reliable, if I miss, I retain the power...

    Free action:
    Margorach ain't afraid of no stay pufts!

  10. As per the update of effects persisting after respawning, Shazi would still be dazed by my charm of misplaced wrath.

  11. Since it's a status effect, I assumed it didn't persist after death... But I do need to hear a ruling on that.

    And, quite honestly, it is a bit late... If the above is the case, the DM may want to adjudicate it with some alternate method (he's awarded APs before, for example).

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  13. Sorry I was so late; I was out of town. I'm not trying to be a dick, here. I'm happy with whatever Graham rules.

  14. Ok, after talking with Ross...
    You are correct, respawn does not remove status effects. This is a recent update that I failed to learn, and I apologize. In the spirit of moving forward, I will award Booberry one action point.

  15. Tech:
    Blood of the Mighty vs Frankenberry
    (1) HUMILIATION! Suicide Kobolds launch
    Margorach takes 5 damage from the attack power.
    Margorach is at 26 HP

    Suicide Kobolds Attack vs Margorach:
    (8)+7= 15 vs Fort 15 Hit!
    (17) fire damage and pushed to F11
    Margorach is Bloodied at 9 HP

  16. Mutton: Noted for future reference, sorry about that. If it hasn't already, all the "Respawn" powers should be worded to explicitly state that.

    Rwal: I was criticizing you or anything, just stating it so that the DM's aware and can resolve in a manner they see fit. No harm done... sorta... :)

  17. The Count, seeing all his enemies crowded in one small space shrugs, flips the switch, and moves forward. "Vat are you silly people doing? Vhy do you flee from my chocolatey grasp? Do you eat bran cereal like a grandmama?" He hurls Chocolate Milk over Umbra, before smacking the Drow on the head with a disapproving glare.

    Switch the tracks to the North
    Move: to H9 (in such a way not to draw an OA)
    Free: Assassin's Shroud on Umbra
    Standard: Vampire Slam & use Assassin's Shroud.
    Attack: +5 vs Reflex
    Damage: 1d10+1d6+8. I'll forgo the push

  18. Tech:
    Vampire Slam vs Umbra
    (12)+5= 17 vs Reflex 14 Hit!
    (6)+(1)+8= 15 damage

    Umbra is bloodied at 5 HP

  19. Boo appears at location 1 in an explosion of burning marshmallow and drow flesh. Unable to locate the naughty little girl responsible for toasting his blueberries, he turns his attention to the brat making the awful racket.

    Free Action: respawn at F11
    Move Action: Use Windwalker to fly to G8 (provoking an AoO from Damakos). I gain 8 THP.
    Free Action: Use Hop-in
    Standard Action: Arc Lightning vs. Umbra and Damakos +5 vs. Reflex
    Hit: 1d6+5 lightning damage.
    Action Point: Charm of Misplaced Wrath vs. Damakos +5 vs. Will
    Hit: slide to F9 and dazed until the end of my next turn.
    Effect: Damakos makes a MBA against Umbra with a +2 bonus to damage.

  20. If I hit with my opportunity attack I would like to add my lesser flash of distraction and daze Boo.

  21. Tech:
    Boo flys to G8 and gains THP
    Booberry is at 30(8) HP

    OA from Damakos vs Booberry
    (11)+7= 18 vs AC 15 Hit!
    (4)+7= 11 Damage

    Booberry is at 27 HP
    Lesser Flash of Distraction Dazes Booberry until EoNT

    Movement ends in G8

    Booberry, let me know if you still want to use your AP, or if this will end your turn.

  22. I still want to use my AP as it was stated (CoMW on Damakos). Hop-in is a free action, so I will use that as well.

  23. Tech:
    Action Point Used
    Charm of Misplaced Wrath vs Damakos
    (13)+5= 18 vs Will 16 Hit!
    Damakos is slid to F9 and Dazed until EoNT

    MBA vs Umbra
    (10)+7= 17 vs AC 17 Hit!
    (8)+7+2= 17 Damage

    Umbra is unconscious at -12 HP

  24. Respawn Terrain Power
    "...All of your Animal Companions and Familiars are restored to full hit points and teleported to the nearest unoccupied square to you."

  25. Ah. Sorry... Animal Companion rules normally state it requires a minor action, but I wasn't aware of that terrain power. Thanks!

  26. Hmm, I think that may make a fey beast a little too good; I would usually have to spend a minor action and a healing surge to summon him.

  27. Once the current two Play By Post games wrap up, there will be some rules tweaks coming out and will include Animal Companions. Also, Backgrounds.

  28. Infernal Wrath on Boo. 1d6+5 fire damage.

  29. Okie dokie. Is everyone done with their immediates and stuff?

    Lucky floats over by the kobolds and their barrels. "Oh my, this is differen' than when we walked through before the match! How ingenious, this hook and ring system - why, you'd 'ave to be in a cart to grab a barrel! Well, as me granddad always said, continuous cheerfulness is a sign of wisdom."

    Lucky giggles a bit, flies a loop-de-loop, stops, and concentrates. Suddenly, a lucky shooting star streaks out of nowhere and strikes the platform! A veritable overgrowth of 4-leaf clover sprouts and starts pulling down on all his enemies nearby.

    Move: fly to F-1
    Standard: Phantom Chasm on G-9 (Lucky has LoS to G-9)
    Target: ea enemy in burst 1
    Attack: +6 vs Will (no penalties for concealment or cover)
    Hit: 2d6+5 psychic damage, falls prone, and immobilized UENT
    Miss: half damage, falls prone
    Effect: creates zone until end of encounter: enemies entering the zone fall prone

  30. Infernal Wrath on Boo
    (2)+5= 7 Fire damage
    Booberry is at 20 HP

    Phantom Chasm
    (17)+6= 23 vs Will 16(Damakos) Hit!
    (12)+6= 18 vs Will 10(Umbra) Hit!

    (3)+(4)+5= 12 Psychic Damage
    Damakos is at 20 HP
    Umbra is GIBBED at -24 HP

  31. Best part is, Umbra is immobilized out of the gate. Isn't that a nice incentive not to frag our guys?

  32. Frankenberry turns to Damakos "We're all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that's all."

    Shift G:11->G:10


    Stalk and Strike vs DAMAKOS
    +9 vs. 17 AC [+7 & +2 for Prone]
    2d6+1d8+5 [Berserker Fury This attack gains the primal keyword and deals 1d8 extra damage]

  33. -5 penalty to the attack cause I'm invisible to him. :)

  34. Tech:
    Stalk and Strike vs Damakos
    (7)+9-5= 11 vs AC 17 Miss!

  35. This post is best read while listening to this in a new window.

    Damakos kicks his legs apart, narrowly missing the swinging attack of Frankenberry as the mighty creature’s hammer cracks the stone where he just sat. He looks up, whipping his hair out of his face and his eyes drip with blood as he looks up at the mighty Franken creature standing over him. He opens his mouth and his song carries forth!

    It was a relic of another time
    plundered from an ancient tomb
    wrought by forgotten arts
    inscribed with cryptic runes

    They called us fierce marauders
    Warp riders and guns for hire
    before the sky cried tears of fire

    As these words echo from his mouth, his flesh sears with a demonic tattoo burning beneath his open leather jacket. The flames lick across his body and cover him completely, fire obscuring him from view of those around him and he continues to wail aloud at his foes.

    Looking out across the void
    we beheld a fearsome sight
    Two armadas arrayed before us
    preparing to unleash their might

    He points his finger accusingly at the various cereal mascots across the rails. He continues his song and points his gnarled claw up at the hellish storm clouds forming overhead.

    The Lady kept her promise
    We heard the sound of a cosmic choir
    the night the sky cried tears of fire

    This is the hour of the Phoenix
    when all must be reborn in flame
    and though they did not know it
    nothing could remain the same

    The captain has his vengeance
    as we drift through a sea of pyres
    The stars will always remember
    when the sky cried tears of fire

    With these last words, his demonic tattoo explodes into an inferno of blazing fire expanding outward and flaring across all around him searing them.

    Minor Action (since dazed):
    Hellfire and Brimstone Close Burst 2
    Effect: Creatures in the burst take 5 fire damage and the burst creates a zone that lasts until the end of my next turn. While in the zone, enemies take a -2 penalty to attack rolls and to all defenses.

    Nothing says the holidays like a little Hellfire!

    With that, Merry Christmas, gang!

  36. Offline for a couple days. I'll be back on Monday. Meanwhile, my next move:

    Good Will Toward All Men     Human Feature
    At-Will * Divine or Psychic
    Standard Action * Close burst world
    Target: Creatures in burst--regardless of alignment, race, gender, religion, politics, sexual orientation, or D&D Edition preference
    Effect: Happy Holidays! Happy Hannukah! Happy Christmas! Merry Yule! (and whatever that Festivus thing is)

  37. Tech:
    Hellfire and Brimstone
    Count Chocula is bloodied at 12 HP
    Sugar Bear is at 10 HP
    Frankenberry is at 29 HP

    Merry Christmas guys. If you will not be able to post either today or tomorrow, let me know!

  38. DM's turn:
    Carts updated

    End of Round 3