Play-by-Post: Match 03 FINAL ROUND

11 === Playoffs! vs. QuadCore === 08
Dav'2 - Renato


  1. John senses the robots are close to extinguishing all life as he knows it. Clenching his fists he prepares a final onslaught to defy the machines their moment of glory.

    He kicks off the robot clutching at his ankles and moves down toward the pit (Tech: move to L10, provoking from the prone robot, who I think is at -1 to hit me? -5invis, -2cover, -2prone? and he is +6normal, +2CA? I'm pulling this from other posts so I could be wrong. Also, along the way I hit M10 for the power up)

    From L10 I use a free action to encourage my allies to never give up the fight before pushing them out of my way to go charging to M13, sword raised to spilt IG88 in twain!
    (Tech: Charge with Howling Strike +11 (+8normal, +1charge, +2CA for being invis) 1d10+1d6+5, I then teleport behind Odesso, reappearing in M16.

  2. I don't believe invisible characters provoke OA's, so you're cool there.

    PowerUp (7): Protection. Gain 10 temporary hit points.

    At L10, you have 2 squares between John Connor and IG-88. Moving into L11 makes that 1 square (so far so good). but then at L12 you still have 1 square between you and your target; hence, not an acceptable charge.

    Dungeon Master's Decree: In the interests of wrapping things up, I declare that you run to attack IG-88.
    Thus, the attack becomes loses the +1 for charging (no longer a charge) and gains a -5 for running

    (11)+5= 16 vs. AC 17; SO CLOSE!!!

    Morthos starts his final turn on the floor.

  3. Dangit, would M12 have worked? I freakin hate Charge rules!

  4. The holidays, curse their names, are causing all sorts of trouble by keeping people away from their desktops. Morthos writes in:

    So my phone is having trouble loading the site, so I figured I'd email my turn. Basically, I want to summon the bear as a minor, and use my move & standard action to move the animal companions. I want wall-e to go to the southernmost telethrower & slam into CT Feltek; and I want the mouse Droid to move around to the square just north of Renato to block that path (spending the extra square of movement to get past the telethrower. Basically, I'm moving them to block the path to the pit room.
    - Jon

    Morthos stands up, I assume.

    Bear is summoned at 8 HP and moves to L10.

    Wall-E ends up adjacent to CT Feltek, hitting him for an automatic 5 damage at K12.
    CT Feltek is at 23 HP.

    Raaargh returns from the Void within 3 squares of location I4.


  5. Raaargh appears at G4.

    Standard: Avalanche strike on Morthos +8 vs ac, 3d12+5 high crit damage
    If that drops him then free action swift charge Dav'd2 ending at J4 with howling strike, +11 (+8, +1 charge, +2 prone) to hit for 1d12+1d6+5

    On both maps gibs were dominated by the map features so the games ended up being about the map rather than the players. On this map I think the whip actually ended up being too weak. To be certain there were some awesome builds and great moves, the first heart dunking in particular was brilliant. I think the bear build was also smart in exploiting the fact that respawn gives back all healing surges.


    (10)+8= 18 vs. AC 19; Miss!
    You take a penalty to defenses, although I have a suspicion that won't matter much.

    Odesso, please post your dunking!

  7. I just saw that Morthos started his turn on the trap trigger (5)!

    At the time, the only creature close enough to that one was Renato, so he takes 10 damage and is down to 13 HP.

    Again, not like that will really matter soon.

  8. KERRSPLAT!!!!

    Just got the email, Odesso swan dives into the pit of Wombs, all four members of Playoffs! are grossed out and split apart by demon-babies. Thunderous shriek echoes through the chamber dealing 5 thunder damage to IG-88 (everyone else has resist) and Odesso respawns at (4).


    IG-88, dazed and dying at -10 HP, GO!

  9. Before his Swan dive, Odesso does turn to the humans near by and shouts "Yippee Ki Yay Motherfuckers!" before taking his plunge!

  10. IG-88, renewed and revigored by the thunderous... "applause" from the succubus, carefully cuts an ear from each of the three exploded corpses at his feet. He strides with confidence towards the final bounty.

    Standard: Second Wind - regain 8 HP, +2 defenses UENT (no longer dazed)
    Minor: collect ears as RP
    Move: to L-7 (avoiding telethrow)

    Re. healing surges: they're totally currency on E5M2, and don't recharge on spawn.
    Re. heart and whip: simply swapping the locations of these two might do the trick.

  11. I was thinking the same thing about having the Heart be harder to get to via traveling through the gate!

    CT Feltek respawns at Location (1) for a last, final hurrah!

  12. mmmmm CT Feltek is humming as he reappears. "Hey! Where did pretty lady go who I was having babies with?"

    Seeing no one in the vicinity, CT Feltek teleports into a spray of gore, and then meanders over to a trap location in case he can hurt anything.

    Move: Teleport to #4
    Move: Walk to N5
    Minor: Throw dice at the wall.

    Comments: I would leave the gate where it is, but put the womb behind it; and put the teleporter to the whip alter where the womb currently is, possibly with an extra telethrower aiming west located at M12. Due to Voidsoul Genasi, getting the heart in the center would be very easy, and then you teleport out and you're almost back to the womb already.

  13. Indeed you do, rolling a (4) you splat Odesso!


    Going out with a fight, I like it! And he deserves to be gibbed, what with getting all four of you at once.

    I won't be able to update the map until tomorrow morning, but Dav2 is up! We await your and your team's gloating!

  14. I just realized that we have a very good chance of going through an entire play-by-post round in 24 hours. HUZZAH!!!

  15. Would I have gotten an OA against Odesso as he swan dove? It obviously matters not at this moment, but had I been a fighter it could've been handy.

  16. "My micromechanism thanks you, my computer tapes thank you, and I thank you."


    +8 HP
    +2 All Defenses


  17. Renato Spawns on #4 with a look of failure and disgust... Realizing defeat he self gibbs with a flurry of blows to himself!!! HARI KARI!!!!!