FTDM Trash Talking

Once again, the dungeoneers take time out of their life-and-death struggle for supremacy to engage in some trash talk!

First up from Match 2 is "The Breakfast Club" a.k.a. Team 2:

Ooh...is Team 1 going to let that stand, or are they going to prove once and for all which team is made up of Cereal Killers?

Next up from Match 1 Part 2, Team Quadcore takes time to flaunt their recent use of the Pit of Wombs!

Was the daring use of the Heart of Malcanthet enough to seal Quadcore's victory, or was it simply setting up Team Playoff for a glorious comeback?

Both images by the very talented Angille!

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  1. Empty images:

    E1M2 The Citadel
    E2M1 Minecart Massacre
    E3M1 Ambulatory of the Succubus Queen
    Title Font

    These are layered .tif files for editing in Photoshop, as well as the font I used for the taunts. Have at, other teams' designers!

    Basically, I just scour the web for appropriate images (and if I were doing this for anything but silly fun, I'd do it with fair use and all that jazz), mask them, place them, draw shadows or other effects behind them, and voila!

    These images are all oversized, so when I flatten and reduce to 1920x1080 any strange artifacts generally smooth out.