Play-By-Post: Match 03 Round 01 & 02

03 === Playoffs! vs. QuadCore === 03
John Connor - Morthos - Raaargh - Odesso - IG-88 - CT Feltek - Dav'2 - Renato
John Connor takes up the mantle of his fallen mother, Respawning at Location 4 into the hellish netherworld of a post-apocalyptic humanity struggling to survive against the rise of the machines and Skynet. He steps through the void of existence in front of the gate. It looks like he could be going for a trick to get around the gate, or just looking to avoid getting thwomped on the first turn.
Morthos appears, surrounded by his brethren, whom he sends to choke off the passageways leading out of the Portals, a cunning move! He starts a Heart run, hoping his multitudes of allies can keep him safe.
RAAARGH respawns at Location 3, trapped by a robotic bear! He pushes past him, using a very handy At-Will, and turns the tables by pushing the bear back into the Portal! He's setting himself up for some solid tactical choices next round, I can't wait to see how this plays out!
Odesso is up, and finds himself surrounded by friends at Location 2. He wheels past his buddies and is blessed with the coveted QUAD DAMAGE!!!
IG-88 and CT Feltek take up defensive positions, jockeying for placement. Mobility, mass, blocking, claustrophobia; these are all key factors to this high risk/high reward map.
Dav'2 as well sets up next round move.
Renato jumps into the game, bloodying Odesso to end out the round.
John Connor reappears in the safety of the titular ambulatory. He grabs the whip and fries his opponents with the demon-mouth traps, knocking Odesso out cold.
Morthos makes a brillient run for the Womb, carrying the Heart for a solid three kills.
John Connor is GIBBED!
CT Feltek is GIBBED!
Renato is GIBBED!
A brilliant play, made by abusing his character's multiple animal companions. He had to blow his action point to make it happen. Will team QuadCore be able to repeat this kind of maneuver? Morthos trades those 3 kills for his action point and a very precarious position putting him at great risk for a telefrag.
This map is shaping up to be a struggle and a game of mass, placement, claustrophobia, planning, long-term tactics. I'm very surprised to see the lack of Defenders here, I was anticipating quite a few. Also, I was expecting more builds geared towards specific goals, not unlike positions in ball and field type sports: Runner, Blocker, etc.
Raaargh makes a bold move for a Heart run of his own, using his Voidsoul powers to grab the whip and incinerate his enemies (now spread all around the otherwise empty map).
Odesso is GIBBED!
Odesso moves in for another of the long-range planning we've been seeing, using his own Voidsoul powers.
IG-88 makes a very impressive charge at the Heart carrying Raaargh, positively devastating his enemy (but not quite enough for gibbings).
CT Feltek moves in for a savage thrashing on IG-88 and drops him down! He's also in a position to help out (and has healed) his team's new Heart carrier. Playoffs have been utilizing the demon-mouth traps well, and have inflicted quite a bit of harm through this easy, "free" auto damage. Will the demon-mouths spell the end of QuadCore?
Dav'2 gets sent around the halls and into the chasm! 5th kill, thunderous orgasmic scream of pain!


  1. I'm posting a comment, because otherwise I can't subscribe to this thread.

  2. Oh shit it's on now!

    Just fyi, grabbing the Heart is a minor action. I meant to update it weeks ago but completely forgot. It's updated in the map rules.

    Can't wait to see how this map plays out. Good luck!

  3. John Connor flexes his fingers and surveys the battlefield, ready for his mechanical foes. He quickly moves across the map and inspects the portcullis. Seeing no way through he determines that sending himself back in time at a different point could ease his troubles. A quick and he ceases to exist.

    Tech: Double move to get to H13, including the extra space to get across the telethrower.
    Minor: Racial - Assume the Void
    Feat: Primordial Surge, +10thp when I use my racial

  4. Morthos (and friends) appears at Location (3)


    The Cyborg looks down at the two servant robots at his feet. "COME, LET US PREPARE FOR SLAUGHTER."

    Morthos 2.0 contines walking south until he arrives at the empowering arcane sigil.

    [move action] Move to I4 (I'll continue this move action and the rest of my action once I know what power-up I received, so I still have 2 squares of movement + standard action + minor action)

    Also, Robo-buddy defenses:
    AC:14 Fort:16 Ref:12 Will:16

  6. Powerup (7) - Protection; Morthos gains 10 temporary hit points.

  7. Morthos 2.0 gives a metal sigh "A MOST UN-OPTIMAL EMPOWERMENT." before continuing on his path. As he moves, his robo-servants quickly roll into place, blocking in any enemies who would attempt to use the teleporters, while Morthos 2.0 continues up to the Heart of Malcanthet. Opening up his chest cavity, Morthos takes the heart, and places it inside of him.

    [move - continued from above] move to G4
    send the mouse droid to J2 and Wall-e to F2
    [move] move to C2
    [minor] Take the heart of Malcanthet

  8. Morthos has the heart, and RAAARGH respawns to Location (3).

  9. I lied. No 10thp for me, I was thinking of a different build.

  10. I checked the character sheet that you provided, and Morthos has a Speed 5.

    He is thus at E2 (right next to Wall-E the Bear) and does not have The Heart.


    After Round 01 we will be dropping to a 24hr deadline for postings. Both teams have been dragging out their turns to plot and connive the "perfect" move instead of posting at a decent pace. That is counter to the kind of pace I want. If you know beforehand that you cannot meet a 24hr deadline during a certain time in the next few weeks (say, around December 25th), email me and you'll get an exemption.

    The point is to keep the pace brisk, not punish people for having lives and families.

  11. Ah, my mistake, I was looking at an older version where he didn't have heavy armor. Consider him running for this round (so he's granting CA til the Start of his next turn) and still has the heart.

  12. Raaargh, a quintessence of anger and hate, ripped from another dimension, has been summoned to join the mighty, but strangely named Playoffs! (tm) in its fight against all things ordered. Robots are ordered and therefore robots must die.

    Raaargh though he is young, hasn't made his way through the chaos of his birth place without being at least a little wily. He sees to heart of an bear snuggled strangely inside the innocuous looking mousebot. Raaargh ignores it though and moves for the controlling robot a gleam of chaotic insanity in his eye.

    Tech: Move to I2, then around the owlbear(wall-e), then to D2 (6 squares total).
    standard: Avalanche Strike on Morthos, +10 (including the +2 for CA) to hit, damage 3d12+5 (high crit) and add takedown strike

  13. Boo... so corners are hard corners. This would have been a good thing to design around, ah well.

    Standard: Use Pressing strike, before the attack shift 2 squares to J2 (yes through enemy is ok). Attack bear, +8 vs. AC, 1d12+5 damage (high crit) and push the bear one square onto J1, the teleporter.
    Move: *If* I hit move to I4 to get a Power-up.

    will finish my move and take my minor after I see the results of the attack.

  14. Pretty sure you have to push horizontally. So if your shifting to J2 (occupied, pressing strike doesnt allow for that)(K2 then?) you can't push the bear onto the telepad.

  15. Sorry, shift to J2 then to J3, and yes you can't end your shift in an enemy square per Pressing Strike.

  16. If we could only just point to where we wanted our dungeoneers to go!

    Raaargh's attack: (9)+8= 17 vs. AC 14; Hit!
    for (5)+5= 10 damage

    Move to grab Powerup (5): Haste. +2 Speed

    Finish the rest of your move (6 more squares now?) and Minor.

  17. Also, the Bear is bloodied at 6 HP.

  18. Raaargh snarls back at the bloodied road block and then vanishes back to the world he came from.

    Move to L7, spending 2 squares of movement on the telethrower to not get thrown.

    Minor action: Void Assumption,

  19. Odesso is greeted by Wall-E the Owlbear, respawning at Location (2).

  20. The new, shiny, upgraded ball known as Odesso spawns, stares down at wall-e, and teleports away from the sad little bot. Scans turned up empty for human life in the area, but detects plenty of reisdual void energy. New objective created, power up and protect the cyberheart.

    Teleport to spawn point 4,
    Move to L10 via the power up at M10 first.
    Hover patiently while scanning for human life.

  21. Teleport Archway in this map teleports you to a random respawn point. If you'd like to try and get to Location 4 with a random roll, that's cool by me, but it'll eat up a move action on your part.

    Of note, the Bears are your allies, so you can walk through their space.

  22. My bad. Then Odesso will just move to I4 to get a power up and then use another move to get to L7.

  23. Thanks for the quick turn-around!

    Power-up (10): QUAD DAMAGE!!!


    IG-88 respawns at (2)

  24. IG-88 materializes and surveys his surroundings. No enemies on the map, no bounty to collect... Sensing Morthos' new organic upgrade, he moves to guard the only open egress.

    Double Move: from F-1 to B-6, through friendly squares
    Free RP: activates his vibroblade

  25. CT Feltek appears at location (3), covered in bear-gore!

  26. CT Feltek growls, a low irritated sound. None of the metallic dimbots were about to be sliced up. Although judging by the gore, at least one metallic thing had been trying to prevent Feltek's entry into this world. No matter. Feltek lumbers forward, looking for enemies; seeing the owlbear, he decides to pursue POWER first.

    Move: To I4 (rest of move and turn to be determined by power-up)

  27. These power-ups are brutal in play-by-post! Although in real play, I would think they'd be quick and effortless.

    Power-Up (9): Invisibility!

  28. The Owlbear has a passive perception of 22 if someone decides to start sneaking.

  29. "Sneaking?! SNEAKING!?! CT FELTEK NEVER SNEAKS!" The minotaur howls maniacally as he realizes, no one can see him; he can smash anyone he'd like into bits, and they'll never see it coming. "YOU'LL ALL JUST HAVE TO HEAR YOUR DEATH!"

    Finishing move: Move to J4
    Minor: Create Shadow-Wrought Greataxe
    Move: Move to G2, triggering the Demon Mouth trap on the way. (Here's hoping for a 2, a 5, or a 6)

  30. Trap Number (3) triggers, harming none.

    Dav'2 respawns at (1).

    Map updates will be a bit, please continue as best you can.

  31. “Welcome Humans! I am ready for you!”

    1. Move FLY A:10 -> E11

    2. Standard [buy down to move] FLY E:11->E:12->E13->F:12->F:12
    Power up Result from E:13 may modify things a little
    I am attempting to use two squares of movement to avoid TELETHROW this round, but it will go off if things do not change before Start of my next turn.

    3. Minor Shroud of Shadow for the five temporary HP

  32. Power-Up (3): Chaos Device. 1/turn Free Action to teleport to a random respawn point.

  33. Just to clarify, since Renato is on the map - he did spawn at teleporter 3 correctly? That wasn't a mistake based on the Power-Up roll?

  34. Yes, sorry that was unclear, I just had a string of 3's and Renato starts his turn as indicated on the map.

  35. Renato spawns on #3 noting the convoluted maze before him he opens the gates of battle channeling his movement and combat into one fluid motion directed at Odesso. Moving towards his quarry he leaps over the hazard on L5, landing directly in front of his target on L6. Upon his landing Renato's fists of stone fly into a flurry as he follows through with a punishing assault.

    Game terms
    Heroic Effort (+4 to attack roll)
    Open the gates of battle (+4 vs Reflex; 2d10+4 damage +1d10 if the target is at full hp when attacked)
    Stone Fist Flurry of Blows (6 damage if the attack is successful)

  36. With your Athletics score you automatically leap over the Telethrower; no roll needed.

    (12)+4= 16 vs. Odesso's Reflex 13; Hit! (Keep your heroic effort)
    for (4)+(3)+(8)+4+6= 25 damage!

    Odesso is bloodied with only 5 HP left!

    I'll update the map and close out the post in the morning, with John Connor coming through the temporal void in Round 2!

  37. John appears in a ball of blue electricity, the world around him reflecting the light of the temporal displacement.

    He stands in the fires of the succubus and appears in her chamber, moving to the table to procure her whip then walking over to stand on the trap switch then steps forward one.

    Tech: Ending 'Assume the Void' on H16 jumps me to J7. I move to the table for the whip then stand on G7 to set off all the traps but #3 (was set off earlier). I then take a step forward and finish my turn.

  38. Comments aren't too long or unwieldy, let's keep this post up and maybe make it a 2-round'er.

    Traps 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 activate! The following dungeoneers are burned by hellfire for 10 fire & necrotic damage:

    Odesso; drops unconscious at -5 HP!
    Dav'2; burns through his temps and he is down to 28 HP
    IG-88 is down to 22 HP

    Morthos and Friends are up, Heart in tow!

  39. Morthos' eye LEDs change from blue to red as he sees Odesso-bot fall. He looks down at the heal-ray by his side, but his attention returns to the hu-man he saw earlier. He teleports in another droid helper, but with the passage ahead blocked by the invisible yet not very subtle Minotaur, he directs the droids to the passage to the south.

    I'll be taking a minor and the first part of a move action at the moment.
    [minor] Summon the bear Animal Companion back in square D2 w/ 8hp
    [move] Both of the droids will be moving past CT Feltek from F2->F3. I'm going to hold off on the rest of their/my move until I see the results of the opportunity attack

  40. Unless corrected, I would assume the logical choice here for Feltek is to beat the snot out of the bloodied natural bear.

    (12)+8= 20 vs. AC 14; Hit!
    for (4)+6= 10 damage
    The bear is dropped! For clarity, I will remove the bear from the map, unless specifically asked to keep track of unconscious animal companions.

  41. Hold up, are you planning on moving and possible provoke? because I believe you must declare your action at the same time (although you can resolve them in any order).

  42. Ah. Well yes, I will be moving/provoking as well. I'll also be moving past CTFeltek so he could *technically* hold off and smack me instead.

  43. Phil has finals these two weeks, so he has limited responsiveness for the time being. However, Matt has vouched for him going after Morthos.

    (8)+8+2 [CA for invisibility]= 18 vs. Morthos' AC 19; Miss!

    Continue with your zoo-keeper shenanigans!

  44. Sending his robo-buddies ahead, Morthos runs past the invisible minotaur, ducking at the lumbering creature's easily calculable attack, and onto the telethrower. Hurtling towards the pit, Morthos 2.0's journey is stopped short by the Robots he sent ahead of him. Even as his robot servants plunge into the pit from stopping Morthos' momentum, Morthos runs as fast as his cyber legs will carry him, into the pit of wombs.

    ok, this is going to be complicated.

    [Continued move action:]
    Wall-e (owlbear) will move to E-5 into the telethrower, and attempt to stop himself at square E13. If he makes it, the bear droid will move to G5. If Wall-e doesn't make it, the bear will move to E5 instead, and attempt the same thing (stopping himself at E13). For my part of the move action, I'll be running (so I'm granting CA, but that was already included in attack above) to square E5 as well.
    If either the owlbear or the bear made their saving throw, one of them will stop me from going over the edge (and will be pushed over the edge themselves). If neither of them made the save, I'll try and save at square E12.

    tl;dr - I'm using my animal companions as breaks so I don't go into the pit

    [Standard Action down to a move action] Run to square K12 (that includes the double movement needed for moving through the telethrower at F12)

    [Action Point] Run to square N14 into the pit (including double movement through the telethrower in square L12)

  45. Wall-E the Owlbear's saving throw (10); Save, just BEARly. He PAWSes at the edge. We've specified that only DUNGEONEERS can get power-ups, so he is merely protecting the pentagram.

    I hope you like bear puns, because this will be a long match full of them.

    The mouse droid moves to G5. Morthos is hurled through the air and spells the doom of Wall-E.

    "I don't blame you."

    Hustling, Morthos skids into the Womb forthe win. John Connor, Renato and CT Feltek all become preggers and die. Raargh!, not being in the arena, is unaffected physically. Emotionally ... he's pretty ok too, I guess.


    Morthos teleports to Location (4) and ends his turn.

    RAAAARGH is back up, returning from the Void.

  46. a quick note from our very own angille:


  47. Using far sight through the chaos realm Raaargh feels the rumble of the Heart of Malcanthet causing explosions as it falls into the Pit of Wombs. He knows what he must do.

    Void assumption ends and Raaargh appears at I9 claiming the whip of torment, move to the violet switch (G7), then to the grey portal (J7), depending upon where I appear I'll finish my move (5 squares used, 3 left due to power-up) and take my minor/standard.

  48. From the switch, 10 fire and necrotic damage to:

    Bear-Bot drops!

    Odesso is still unconscious, at -15 HP

    IG-88 is bloodied at 12 HP

    Dav'2 is brought down to 18 HP

    Raaargh grabs the whip and teleports to Location (3). So close!

    Continue your turn, sir.

  49. Raaargh howls and moves to finish off the unconscious bearbot.

    Moves to J4, then as my standard action charge to H4 attacking the unconscious bear bot using Howling Strike +10 total (+8, +1 for charge, +1 for whip, and bear is -5 for being unconscious) damage is 1d12+1d6+7 (+5 for str, +1 for whip, +1 for 2w expertise damage on charge) and 5 fire and necrotic damage to every other enemy on the map.

  50. Forgot the extra +2 for the bear granting CA; total is +12 to hit! CT Feltek's spirit howls for joy at the carnage!

  51. Actually, I don't think bears have an unconscious state. They are dead when they reach 0 (and disappear as the primal magic that binds them here fades). So there is no unconscious bear to attack.

  52. If there is no bear then Raaargh moves to C2 and claims the heart as a minor action.

  53. As the bear's active lights are melted to slag by the demon traps, a mote of nuclear energy glides through the walls towards IG-88. His optics glow red with the energy of the fallen.

    Free Action: activate Dark Reaping. One creature I hit UENT takes 1d8+3 extra necrotic damage.

  54. Ah, but the mystical LoE energies suffusing these hellish walls prevents the nuclear mote from ever reaching IG-88.

    Dark Reaping redacted. Next time, Playoffs!, next time.

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Sorry, had a crisis of character there (thought I was a cyberman!)

    Odesso detects the only non-bear lifeform is too far away, and his yellow cake fuel has run dry. Time for a refill!

    Run to E-13, get power up, then move to E-11 and use void assumption.

  57. Gotcha, Odesso moves to the edge of the lava pit, and get the (9) PowerUp: Invisibility.

    IG-88 is on deck!

  58. A light glints in IG-88's optics as he bears down on Raaargh, swinging his vibroblade with flawless precision. Carving his way through the hulking elemental, the assassin droid nimbly lands on the other side with a taunting motion!

    Move: Escape Artist's Trick to shift to B-5.
    Standard: Charge to B-3. I have CA from Cunning Stalker, and I'm spending Backstab and Takedown Strike.
    MBA: +14 vs AC (+8, +2 CA, +3 Backstab, +1 Charge)
    Hit: 4d6+12 (1d6 weapon, 1d6 Backstab, 2d6 Sneak Attack)+(7 weapon, 5 TdS) and prone
    Free: Escape Artist's Trick to shift to D-2

  59. (Whoa those are some impressive numbers you're cranking out! Also, for the sake of us Luddites, how does one bold and italicize text in comments?)

    (16)+14= 30 vs. RAAARGH's AC 16; Hit!
    for (6)+(2)+(4)+(4)+12= 28 damage!
    Raargh is knocked prone and down to only 7 HP!

    I've updated the map to put you at D2, but (and I'm looking towards my rules experts here) I think you may not be able to do so if Raaargh is still conscious since he would be plugging up that square.

    CT Feltek respawns at (3).

  60. Looking at the placement of everyone, if Playoffs wants to "decline the penalty" and allow IG-88 to "cheat" and get to D2, that's fine by me. Assuming I'm right in thinking he couldn't normally be able to shift past the prone Raaargh.

  61. Ah, you're totally right. If necessary, IG-88's Acrobatics is +10 - I think it's DC 19 to vault over a level 1 creature. If he doesn't make that, I'm cool with C-3.

    HTML formatting: the comment form accepts HTML tags. Like <i> and <b>.

  62. CT Feltek materializes with a throaty growl once again. Morthos would pay for his treacherous maneuvers. However, until then.. ah - another robot victim. He would do just fine... "Raaaarrrgh! Grrraaawwwgh!" Having stepped forward off the teleporter, CT Feltek launches himself full stop at IG-88, attempting to cleave the robot in twain!

    Move: Walk to H2, triggering a trap.
    Minor: Healing Word on Raaargh, healing 8+1d6 hp, and granting Raaargh a +2 to hit on attacks until the end of my next turn.
    Standard: Charge to E2, flanking IG-88 (at D2), Howling Strike +11 to hit, 1d12+1d6+6 damage on hit

  63. Trap triggered: (6) ALL TRAPS TRIGGERED!
    Dav'2 takes 10 fire & necrotic damage to be beaten down to 8 HP and bloodied!

    Raaargh heals (3)+8= 11 HP to be at 18 HP and just skirting above bloodied.

    Penalty declined, Playoffs allows IG-88 to serve himself up for FLANKSgiving!

    Charge: (18)+11= 29 vs. IG-88's AC 17; Hit!
    for (10)+(2)+6= 18 damage!
    IG-88 is dropped at -6 HP!

    Dav'2 is up and having spent the extra movement last round he starts his turn unaffected by the telethrower.

  64. Went back and saw these, in Dav'2's own words:

    [i]"but it will go off if things do not change before Start of my next turn."[/i]

    Hence, the telethrower goes off, sends Dav2 hurtling through the corridors, he attempts to save (4); Fail! Dav2 is sent into the Chasm and dies!

    Since this is all happening at the start of his turn, he then respawns at Location (3). So close to a telefrag! I can feel it!

  65. I'm assuming Odesso also got hit by that mouth?

  66. Thanks to Nelphine for the reminder, the Succubus Queen is a moaner, and hits everyone in the arena for 5 thunder damage.

    CT Feltek is at 28 HP
    Raaargh is at 13 HP (bloodied)
    Morthos is (I believe) at full HP with only 5 temp HP now

  67. Odesso is in the Void, and thus not in play.

  68. I think David sent an email about this, but his plan was to use his 1/turn Free Action to teleport to a random respawn point instead of going over the edge and dieing (since it's a free action, he should be able to use it mid-telethrower). So that should put him in Location 3 as above, but without the Gib for our team and without the 5 damage to everyone.

  69. Oh right on, I do remember him asking about that.

    Game on!

  70. Holy frackin' crap! I walk away from wifi for five hours and look what happens!

    IG-88 is not down! He may be at -6, but is merely dazed due to Unnatural Vitality. Not only that, but he should be able to trigger his own Dark Reaping this time.

  71. Hey man, FTDM moves fast!

    and quite right, IG-88 is DAZED at -6 HP

    Dark Reaping for (4)+3= 7 damage on next attack

  72. DAV’2 appears just in time to see CT Feltek needlessly destroy advanced Tech. So typical to attack that which you do not understand…“Hey buddy! How are the wife and kid? Still dead, huh?” he mocks while slowly gliding down the hall, scrapping his rapier along the wall…

    FLY to F:02

    Hellfire and Brimstone
    Creatures in the burst take 5 fire damage. The burst creates a zone that lasts until the end of your next turn. While in the zone, enemies take a -2 penalty to attack rolls and all defenses.
    CT FELTEK takes 5

    Ferocious Strike vs. CT FELTEK
    +6 to hit vs. 17 AC
    1d8+11 damage
    You gain combat advantage against the first enemy you attack before the end of your next turn

    Action Point
    Vengeance Strike vs. CT FELTEK
    +8 VS. 17 AC [+6 & +2 for Combat Advantage from Ferocious Strike if it hits]
    1d8 +13[+3 & +4 Dark Menace & +4 because I am bloodied +2 adjacent enemies]

    Dread Smite
    The target takes cold and necrotic damage equal to 2 + your Charisma modifier. If the triggering attack hits, the target also takes ongoing 5 cold and necrotic damage (save ends).
    CT FELTEK takes 6

  73. Hellfire & Brimstone: CT Feltek gets pegged back down to 28 HP, IG-88 is knocked down to -11 HP

    Ferocious Strike: (2)+6= 8 vs. AC 17 [19-2]; Miss!
    No combat advantage given.
    Roll a 2, drink the hooch!

    Vengenace Strike with Dread Smite: (19) CRITICAL HIT!!!
    for 8 [dice] +3 [stat mod] + 4 [dark menace] +4 [Spirit of Vice] +2 [+2 per adj. enemy via vengenace strike] +6 [dread smite] = 27 damage!

    wrote that all out just to make sure everyone's on the same page here.

    CT Feltek is bloodied and down to a single hit point!!! and ongoing damage coming up!!!

  74. Renato respawns at Location (4)


    5th kill; all creatures on the map take 5 thunder damage!

    Raaargh is bloodied and down to 13 HP!
    CT Feltek is DROPPED at -4 HP!
    Dav2 is down to 3 HP!
    Renato is down to 18 HP!

    IG-88 is GIBBED at -16!


    As an interrupt, CT Feltek's Ferocity can kick in. I can make some pretty safe assumptions here and think that he will beat the snot out of the Pixie hovering over him.

    CT Feltek is taken to the (3)rd bone platform prison.

    After Renato's turn we will close out this post because these comments are definitely too long now!

  75. For proper bookkeeping:

    CT Feltek would have gotten defensive bonuses for being invisible, although the 19 crit hits him nonetheless.

    Dav2 does NOT gain the +4 damage for Spirit of Vice, since there's no combat advantage in this situation, but it still drops Feltek to 0 HP.

    Hence, no change.
    Keep it movin'.

  76. Fortunately, I also do not get damage for Dark Menace, as that also requires combat advantage; which leaves me at 4, so I do not make my ferocity attack, so I do not teleport to the south column.

  77. Aha! You are at 4 HP then and restored back to square E2. I'll update the map later.

    Also of note, IG-88 is adjacent to CT Feltek during all these attacks, so Dav2's Cunning Stalker never kicks in.

  78. Renalto takes 10 damage from Stormhawk's Vengence.

  79. SHV doesn't trigger on telefrags, since your HP was never actually changed.

  80. On the plus side, I think you might technically still have your temp HP. Not sure, though.

  81. Hap had to post through emailing me again due to work restrictions.

    He is using a minor action to move 3 squares via Fallen Needle, spending a move action to move about as far as he safely can go, grabbing the PowerUp at M10, then taking a total defense at L11.

    He gains Power-Up (1): Chaos Device. 1/Life Free Action to teleport to a random Respawn point.

    Comments CLOSED.