Play-by-Post: Match 03 Round 03

04 === Playoffs! vs. QuadCore === 03
John Connor - Morthos - Raaargh - Odesso - IG-88 - CT Feltek - Dav'2 - Renato


  1. John Connor Respawns at Location (1).

  2. Matt (playing John Connor) just sent me a ridiculously long email about his turn with about 6 if-then statements. To save you all the headache of reading through it, we agreed that I would just post so I can spill it out as I go with the die rolls. Which is not to condone emailing me your turn whenever you feel; please post an actual comment when you can. It's more fun that way.

    John Connor appears and sees nothing in sight except desolation

    MOVE: Back and forth to re-teleport to Location (4).

    "Well that sucks!"

    STD: Move to M10. Gain Power-Up (3): Chaos Device.

    MINOR: Assume the Void, disappearing from this world.

    Morthos Respawns at Location (2), his two pets in the closest squares we can squeeze them into, and all unaffected by the flames.

    The Bears can be put into either of the locations shown.

  3. As Morthos again re-appears on the field, he notices one of the silly flesh-y beings attempting to utilize the heart as he had. While imitation of your robot superiors is something to be admired in these weaklings, this unfortunately was not allowed. Morthos sends out a deflector pulse, creating shields around himself, his robo-servants, and Dav'2 while sending the two inferior beings into a pile in the corner. Sending his robo-guards to watch the creatures and make sure they can't escape, Morthos steps across one of the triggers and sends a beam of healing energy to Dav'2

    Standard: Moment of Glory
    +5 vs Raaaaagh's Will of 12
    +5 vs CT Feltek's will of 12 (he's at a -2 from being in the Hellfire Zone, and gets no bonus from concealment against an Area Effect Attack)
    On Hit: Push 3 & knock prone
    - Push Raaaagh to A2 + prone
    - Push CT Feltek to B2 + prone
    Effect: Morthos 2.0, Dav'2 and both Bears get Resist 5 all til the end of my next turn

    - Wall-e will move to E7 (double move through the telethrower)
    - If CT Feltek was pushed, the Bear-Droid will move to B3 (incurring an OA), else it'll move to J2
    - Morthos 2.0 will move to H2 (triggering the Hellfire)

    Minor Healing Word on Dav'2 (HS+1d6)

  4. (8)+5= 13 vs. Raaargh's Will 12; Hit!
    (16)+5= 21 vs. CT Feltek's effective Will 12; Hit!

    Dav'2 heals (6)+8= 14 HP to get to 22 HP and no longer bloodied.

    Wall-E is burned for 10 fire & necrotic, resisting 5, to be at 11 HP.
    The Demon-Mouth Traps trigger on (2)

    CT Feltek (I would assume) makes the OA
    (4)+8-2[prone]= 10 vs. Wall-E (Owlbear)'s AC 14; Miss!

    Raaargh is prone, and it is his turn.

    I'm missing some of my graphics at the moment, like the flames, but they're there and they'll be back soon.

  5. (Dav'2 should be at 17 hp, as he gave himself 5 thp, took 5 damage from the thunder scream, and 30 damage from traps, and healed 14. I've sent a message to you about raaargh possibly not being pushed due to cover from the hard corner). CT Feltek roars in anger at being pushed away from his victim! Morthos must PAY!

  6. Raargh stands up and winds up and tries to decapitate the bear heedless of the consequences.

    Move: Stand up
    Standard: Avalanche Strike on the bear next to me, +9 (+8 and +1 from the whip) to hit vs. AC 14. Damage is 3d12+6 (+5 str, +1 whip), high crit
    Effect: attackers get +4 to hit me.

    If that kills the bear then use swift charge as a free action to charge Dav'd2. Howling strike, +10 to hit (+8, +1 whip, +1 charge) and maybe -2 to hit but I don't see the zone anymore. Damage is 1d12+1d6+12 (+5 for str, +1 whip, +1 for 2h weap expertise feat, +5 take down strike), high crit. And use take down strike as a free action for 5 more damage (included above) and knock him prone.

  7. (15)+9=24 vs. AC 14; Hit!
    for (1)+(8)+(4)+6=19 damage
    Each other enemy takes 5 damage, but it is resisted away.

    Swift Charge!

    You are sent to bone platform (2) at B15.

    Map updates in the morning

    Otherwise, Odesso returns from the Void within 3 squares of where he left off at E11.

  8. I just realized, I'm three rounds in and have yet to make an actual attack on anything.

    BTW, I'm super impressed with the builds I'm seeing from QuadCore. I don't know if they were this good last round and we just never got to see it, but you guys really put some cool stuff together for this one!

  9. We have learned from both our own positives and negatives (like Moment of Glory = awesome) and from the other teams. QuadCore v1 was reliant on team tactics for radiant vulnerability, but QuadCore v2 blends WetwORCs' nova potential with Playoffs!' higher defenses and hybrid techniques.

    ... Now I don't think I gave away anything there you didn't already know...

  10. Odesso steps back in from the void, covered in void stuff to help guide his attacks. He calculated his world-fall correctly, landing on the telethrower in crouch and letting it throw him to hit Renato squarely before following up on him blade twirling in rhyme as speakers flip up out of my shoulder compartments heralding his doom.

    Free action to reappear at F12, on the telethrower, letting it push me east and then north, hitting Renato, dealing five damage and pushing him to L9, ending my movement in L12.

    Minor action: Bladesong (+2 to hit, +5 to damage until EONT), +2 to all defenses.

    Move action: Move from L12 to L10

    Standard action: Melee basic attack Renato
    +11 vs AC (+6 str and sword +2 from bladesong, +1 from elemental echo, +2 from CA for being invisible).
    2d12+11 damage +2 force damage and slide Renato to L6.
    1d12+4 normal, +5 bladesong, +2 elemental echo, +1d12 from student of evard theme, +2 force/slide 3 from using unseen hand if I hit.

    Free action: Got all that?

  11. Oh, and I take 1d6 necrotic from student of evard...forgot about that for a second.

  12. Hahaha, that was an awesome move! I like things moving and hitting other things.

    Renato takes 5 damage to be at 13 HP.
    (3)+11=14 vs. AC 18; Miss!

    IG-88 respawns at Location (1).

  13. "What a strange environment; the walls themselves are designed to kill the occupants." IG-88 muses as he comes out of hyperspace. His sensors detect his previous bounty Raaargh, still alive but completely removed from any of his allies. Excellent!

    As IG-88 stalks towards his prey, his forearm spins to lock a firing mechanism in place - a couple of microblades click into the chamber. Focusing on the sliver of Raargh he can see around the hellish architecture, IG-88 aims and fires!

    Move: to E-12
    Standard: dagger RBA at Raaargh, spending Backstab
    Attack: +11 vs AC (+8, +2 CA from Cunning Stalker, +3 Backstab, -2 cover)
    Hit: 1d4+3d6+14 damage (1d4 dagger, 2d6 SA, 1d6 Backstab, +7 normal, +7 Dark Reaping, which was already rolled)
    Free: (provided this drops Raaargh) activate Dark Reaping again

  14. (17)+11=28 vs. AC 16; Hit!
    for (2)+(4)+(4)+(3)+14=27 damage!

    Raaargh is holding on to dear life at -14 HP!

    Dark Reaping for (1)+3=4 damage to the next damage roll.

    CT Feltek takes 5 cold & necrotic damage to drop to -1. Still being the start of his turn (and with no prior instruction), I assume he chooses to Respawn at Location (1).

  15. "GAARRGH! Foolish metal-men! You must PAY FOR THIS!" CT Feltek rematerializes once again, a hatred spewing creature of primal urge and religious power! Finding the metal-man, the Minotaur sees Raaargh, slumping down on the job. "Void-Creature! Wake up and Kill these foolish monstrosities! You must make it to the Playoffs!"

    Move: To E11
    Minor: Healing Word on Raaargh healing 8+1d6 hp (note that I can see him from the bottom right corner of E11 to the bottom right corner of B15, although he has superior cover against me.), who once again has +2 to hit until the end of my next turn
    Standard: Avalanche Strike vs IG-88, +8 to hit, 3d12+6 damage, opponent's have +4 to hit until the end of my next turn

  16. Edit: opponent's have +4 to hit me until the end of my next turn from Avalanche strike, not +4 to hit in general

  17. Raargh heals (4)+8=12 HP!
    Raargh has +2 to hit, but is still suffering the "Avalanche Strike" penalty to defenses

    (2)+8=10 vs. AC 17; Miss!

    After a near-death experience, Dav'2 is up!

  18. oh; question, since Dav'2 did 5 damage to me from ongoing, does he trigger my stormhawk's vengeance?

  19. Oh snap, thanks for reminding me!

    Dav'2 takes 10 thunder and is bloodied at 7 HP.

  20. "Do you think we were all created for a purpose?" DAV'2 ponders as he notices the bioradiant trail of C T FELTEK on the floor. "I'd like to think so."

    Turning onto the Telethrower's denser alloy, DAV’2 draws his rapier "My father gave it to me. I think he wanted me to kill you."

    FLY F:02->E:05
    TELETHROW E:05->E:08 into the WALL-E
    WALL-E slide him to D:09

    Charge CT FELTEK E:08->E:10
    +9 vs 19 AC [+6 STR, +1 Charge, +2 Combat Advantage with flanking IG-88]
    1d8+13 [+3, +4 Dark Menace, +4 Spirit of Vice, +2 Owlbear Aura]

    Prepares for post post posts!

  21. Owlbear takes 5 damage to be at 11 HP.

    (7)+9= 16 vs. AC 19; Miss!

    Renato to wrap up the match!

  22. Owlbear doesn't take damage because of the resist 5 all, he's supposed to be in square D9, not E9; and CT Feltek's Avalanche Strike gives another +4 to hit him so Dav'2's attack should connect.

  23. Quite!

    Owlbear is at full HP, and I'll update the push to be diagonal.

    The Avalanche Strike penalty will indeed make the attack hit!

    CT Feltek takes (1)+13=14 damage!
    He is down to 19 HP.

  24. CT isn't in the owlbear's aura so he shouldn't take the +2 damage from that. pbp is fun...

  25. Ah, he's actually correct. It's an aura 1, but I had read it as "Allies withing the aura deal +2 damage" but it's actually "allies deal +2 damage to enemies within the aura." That being said, since you rolled a 1 on the damage roll, I'm sure you can cut us some slack.

  26. I'll cut you some slack on that roll of a 1 if you do the same for the roll that got Raaargh landed in the Chasm of Discipline.

    CT Feltek is at 21 HP.

  27. Sorry for the delay, I got Renato's posting via email awhile ago (Hap hadn't counted on his office's impenetrable Firewall of Denial when he signed up), but had been away from my desk.

    "I'm going to light up Odesso with Open the Gates of Battle. +4 vs. Reflex, Heroic Effort +4 if I need it, 3d10+4 damage on a hit +6 for Flurry of Blows, Takedown Strike for an extra 4 damage and knocked prone. Then I'll move (Gates of Battle allows him to move without provoking from the first enemy he moves away from) towards Morthos to K5."

    (18)+4=22; Hit!
    Heroic Effort kept for future use
    for (3)+(8)+(8)+4+6+4=33 damage!

    Odesso, having not benefited from the rest of his team's resist, is dropped at -3 HP!