Play-by-Post: Match 03 Round 05

07 === Playoffs! vs. QuadCore === 07
John Connor - Morthos - Raaargh - Odesso - IG-88 - CT Feltek - Dav'2 - Renato


  1. John Connor senses the disruption in the time space continuum and prepares to send an inverted tachyon pulse through the deflector array before realizing he's thinking of the wrong sci fi franchise.

    Forced movement kicks in. John attempts to save to stop at L 12. If successful he will move to M12 and total defense.

    If I fail, I get flung around to L6 and smack into Dav who gets pushed 2 and takes 5 dmg (though I think he might have resist). I then charge to K5 while screaming 'Death to the Machines!' as I aim my blade at Morthos.

    Tech: Howling Strike +8v AC 1d10 + 1d6 + 5
    if I hit throw in Essence of Death for another 1d12 (and 1d6 to me)

    On a hit I teleport 3 squares to L8. If I knocked him to 0 or fewer I am invisible when I get there using Hidden Lore.

  2. I just hit the damned back button!!!

    Long story short; JOhn fails the save (3); crits at (19), teleports and invisble at L8.

    Morthos takes a shitton of damage and is GIBBED!!!

    JOhn Connor takes (6) from Essence of Death and 10 from Stormhawk's Vengeance to be at 19.

    Morthos respawns at (2).

    Map updates sooner or later.


  3. Morthos springs into action, sending one minion to set off the explosive traps while the other moves to the telethrowing, trying to send CT Feltek into the boiling blood below. Meanwhile, Morthos moves forward and uses an electrified hand against Renato, detonating the missile from earlier.

    Minor - sustain Resistance
    Move - Bear will move to E5, hitting CT Feltek and pushing him diagonally into square D13 & into the Boiling Blood below. The Owlbear will move to square B9, triggering the explosions, and will finish his move by going back to B10. Morthos will move to H4
    Standard: Attack Renalto with Blessing of Light: +7 vs AC, 1d12+5 damage & if he hits me or any allies before the end of my next turn he takes 3 radiant damage.
    Hit or Miss, he takes 2d8 Damage from Inevitable Doom

  4. CT Feltek takes 5 damage ... and is GIBBED!!!

    Trap (3) is set, dropping Renato to Negative Duece, and (after resist) Dav2 to 31 HP.

    Morthos strides in to crunch the ashes under his feet, and slashes at the dying Renato.

    (9)+7+2[prone]=18 vs. Unconscious AC 13; Hit!

    for (2)+5+(5)+(2)=14 damage!

    Renato is GIBBED!!!


    Raaargh respawns at (2), SEIZE YOUR DESTINY!!!

    (Sorry for cutting off column A; will be back for next map update.)

  5. CT should get a save to go prone before getting pushed into the abyss, shouldn't he?

  6. Afraid not; the map's terrain powers specifically call out for no saving throw to avoid going into the Chasm of Discipline, but has added a save to stop being slid by the telethrower. Feltek was pushed by the bear, so no save for him.

  7. Raaargh reforms after his long long fall into the Balor blood swimming pool. Ah, refreshing. Raaargh intends to get angrier than usual this round.

    Move to G4
    Attack Morthos with pressing strike shifting two squares through his square (getting the power-up, come on quad-damage!) to I4.
    str. vs. AC +8 vs. Morthos' AC of 19, damage is 1d12+5 + 5 (takedown strike), high crit and knock prone.

    Action point!
    Fly into the Macetail's Rage attacking close burst 1. Morthos +7 (or +9 if he is prone or I got invis power up) vs. Morthos' reflex of 10. and vs. Dav'd2's reflex of 15.
    Damage: 1d12+5 (high crit) and knock prone.
    Miss: half damage

    Effect: until the end of the encounter gain (str mod) 5 temp HP when you hit with an attack. So if either attack hits I will gain 5 temp HP.

    Minor: Assume the void.

  8. PowerUp (2): Chaos Device.

    (12)+8=20 vs. AC 19; Hit!
    (7)+5+5=17 damage!
    after resist, Morthos is down to 20 HP and knocked prone.

    (15)+7+2[prone]=24 vs. Reflex 10; Hit!
    (10)+7=17 vs. Dav2's Reflex 15; Hit!
    for (8)+5-5[resist]=8 damage!

    Morthos is bloodied at 12 HP!
    Dav2 is down to 23 HP!

    Raaargh gains 5 temps and disappears.

    Odesso RE-appears, within 3 squares of C2, Heart in tow!

  9. "Who, what, where?" a shocked Odesso-bot can be hear as he reappears right on top of a telethrower! The mouse droid breaks his fall, saving the confused droid from the pit of certain doom. Odesso recovers, but his gyro-sensors have been jammed, and he lurches over and onto another telethrower! His metal frame is thrown around a corner, and before he knows it, he collides with John Connor. As Connor is flung away, Odesso-bot recovers from the uncontrolled flight, activates his digital recording app and fills the ambulatory with a thunderous "Get down" before marching himself south and into the chamber housing the Pit of Wombs...

    Reappear on E5 telethrower, slide South, hitting the mouse droid companion for 5 damage and stopping in E9.
    Move 4sq to telethrower @ F12, get thrown in line East then North, dealing 5 damage to John Connor and pushing him to L6 (and stopping myself in L9). Use final 2sq of movement to walk to L11.
    2nd move action: Double stamp the telethrower @ L12, finish movement in M15.


    +2 Bonus to All Defenses: You gain a +2 bonus to all defenses until the start of your next turn.

    Free action: "What are purple teams worse at? Hand-egg or deathmatches?"

  10. mouse Droid still has resist 5 all

  11. John Connor is bloodied at 14 HP!

    IG-88 respawns at (4)

    Map updates will be late this morning.

  12. IG-88 hits the deck ready for action! He flips on all his sensors, since his optics aren't giving him any targets at all.

    Minor: Perception +5 vs John's Stealth

    (will conclude turn after check is made)

  13. (11)+5 vs. (16)+0

    IG-88 perceives the location of John Connor and can make ranged and melee attacks against him, albeit at a -5 penalty.

  14. Noting that the invisible (but loud and thermally present) John Connor is in such a position as not to impede his advance, IG-88 slips around the corner to examine the mystical artifact.

    Move: P-8 to L-10, by way of M-10

    (I swearz this turn will finish after the powerup is revealed)

  15. i won't be able to update till tomorrow morning (or possibly very late tonight), just so everyone knows

  16. Exactly what I needed for this ridiculousness!

    IG-88 rolls forward, then springs at the indeterminate John Connor. He doesn't wait to watch the blood spray from the invisible form, and ducks back towards the Pit of Wombs, to lie in wait for anyone trying to get to Odesso.

    Standard: Charge John
    Attack: +9 (+8, +2 CA, +1 charge, +3 Backstab, -5 concealment) vs AC
    Hit: 4d6+7 (SA, Backstab, but no takedown)
    Action Point: Move to M-12

  17. In case it wasn't obvious, IG-88 is using 2 squares to go through the telethrower. And will activate Dark Reaping if John goes down.

  18. (2)+9=11 vs. AC 12
    Yes, 12.
    MISS! Incredible!

    Moving provokes an OA...

    (3)+8=11 vs. AC 17; Miss!

    CT Feltek rejoins the game at Location (1), locking eyes with the growling Wall-E.

    Phil emailed me way back when to let me know that he might have to take awhile to post around this time due to his Finals schedule.

  19. CT Feltek appears and howls. Death continues to come in numerous unexpected ways! And now the others threaten to destroy life as we know it! DIE! A cunning plan forms in his mind, cunning as only Baldric could concieve...

    Move: Walk to E8 (yup, provoke an OA)
    Move: Walk to E5, telethrow south, smash the bear into oblivion, continue walking to F12, telethrow to L12, telethnorth and Stop! In the name of Love! On L12, if I can pass a save.

    If I pass the save:
    Minor action Healing Word on myself, healing 8+1d6 (if I took any damage from the OA), and granting myself +2 to hit until the end of my next turn
    Action Point: Avalanche Strike vs IG-88! +10 to hit, Crit! 3d12+6 damage (since I'm going to crit, 38+1d12+1d8 damage!)
    John Connor, kill Odesso!

    If I fail my save: smash into for 5 damage, sending him into the telethrower, who then smashes into Dav'd for 5 damage!
    Minor: Healing Word on John Connor for 8+1d6 healing, who gets +2 to hit until the end of my next turn.

  20. Opportunity Attack: (17)+6=23 vs. AC 19; hit!
    for (2)+0 damage

    The Mouse Droid Bear is pushed into the burning lava!

    CT Feltek grasps wildly onto something to stop his catapulting body: (17) again
    He stops at L12, eye-to-electromagnetic spectrum sensor with IG-88.

    Healing Word to heal back to full HP.

    ACTION POINT: (7)+10=17 vs. AC 17; Hit!
    for (8)+(4)+(5)+6=23 damage! no resist
    IG-88 is bloodied at 9 HP!

    Dav2 starts his turn prone and marked!

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  22. I think you might be caught in the dreaded "doughnut hole" of 4E charging rules. I believe, and someone back me up or disprove me here, that charge attacks must both

    A). End at the closest square to the target, and
    B). Move at least 2 squares

    Going by that, the closest square you can move to get at John Connor would be K5, however that would have you moving only 1 square away.


  23. Each square of movement must bring him closer to the target and he has to end his movement at least 2 squares away from where he started. L5 is not closer than K5, thus he can't charge.

  24. " Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I'm half crazy all for the love of you. It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage. But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two. "

    Crawl to I:04

    Will continue after I get my Teleport power up...

  25. “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. I'm half crazy all for the love of you. It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage. But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two.”

    Crawl to I:04

    Wait for Teleport Power up….

  26. PowerUp (4): Haste (+2 Speed)

    and because I know this is coming up

    Perception (12)+0 vs. Stealth (2)+0

    John Connor's invisible form is spotted and able to be targetted.

  27. Standard
    Charge JOHN CONNOR at K:05
    Melee Basic Attack
    +5 vs. 12 AC [+6, +2 for Combat Advantage from Cunning Stalker, +1 for Charge, -2 for mark, -2 for prone]
    1d8+9 [+3, +4 damage against an enemy granting combat advantage to you - Dark Menace, +2 to damage rolls while you have combat advantage against an enemy

  28. -2 for cover from hard corner and -5 for John Connor being invis.

  29. I do believe this will actually be +0 vs. AC

    +6(base) +2(CA) +1(charge) +0(no mark penalty, he's the one marking you) -2(prone) -5(invisible) -2(cover, which stacks with the "concealment" of invisibility)

    Right? Everybody cool with that? It's a lot of modifiers going on here.

    Thank Christ he has such a terrible AC, right?

    (11); Miss! Damn!

    Otherwise, Renato finishes out the round!

  30. Seriously, my PC wirh an AC of 12 has died fewer times than the PC I had with an effective AC of 24... what the deuce?

  31. A) you have half the people trying to kill you.
    B) totally totally luck of the draw. IG-88 needed a three to hit!

  32. Oh, I'm aware. Just using anecdotal evidence to support my hyperbole! /roll 1d20 Awesome check

  33. OK so I'm going to move from A10-E10 and use my fallen needle move action (move 3) to get to the telethrower on F12. If I'm reading the rules right this should put me adjacent to CT Feltek on K12. At which point I'll use a standard action to get to L11. Action point and do crane's wings w/ a heroic effort and Flurry of Blows.

    Yeah I'll take an attack from the owl bear and IG-88, but I'm awesome so I should be safe.

    Owlbear OA: (17)+6=23 vs. AC 18; Hit!
    for (5) damage; Renato is at 18 HP!

    CT Feltek takes 5 damage to be at 28 HP.

    IG-88 OA: (2)+8=10 vs. AC 18; Miss!

    Crane's Wings: (10)+4-2[cover]=12 vs. 10 Fortitude; Hit!
    for (4)+4+6=14 damage and pushed 1 square.

    IG-88 is dazed, but not unconscious, at -5 HP!


    We go now to the final round, a neck-and-neck tie game, as QuadCore tries to seal the game with their second Heart run while Playoffs! keeps up pace on the kills and is pulling out all the stops to keep this game going!