Play-By-Post: Match 02 Round 02

Match 02: Round 2
04 === WetWorks vs. Breakfast Club === 01

Umbra 24 - Shazi 18 - Margorach 16 - Count Chocula 15 - Booberry 11 - Lucky 8 - Frakenberry 4 - Damakos 1

Round 2!
Umbra takes the point for the team Respawns in Location 3. Then their spirit bat flys out creating an opening for Shazi to strike! Frankenberry is bloodied. Frankenberry immediatly bolsters himself against the oncoming assault.
Shazi, amidst erupting lava plumes, continues her vicious assault on Frankenberry cutting him to pieces of his marshmallow'ey goodness!
Frankenberry is GIBBED!
Count Chocula is bloodied
Margorach respawns in Location 2 and is unable to spot any sugary foes on the platform, so unleashes a series of shadow darts hitting Booberry
Count Chocula emerges from his shroud and slams into Damakos, draining some of his blood.
Damakos is bloodied
Lucky, flies over to a section of the top track, and unleashes a protective rainbow to bolster The Count. Energy leaps off Count Chocula and pushes back Damakos into a Mine Cart.
Damakos is unconscious
Frankenberry respawns in Location 2, telefragging the unfortunate Drow standing on it and takes a great swing against Umbra
Shazi is GIBBED!
Umbra is unconscious
Damakos takes the point for his team and respawns in Location 1. Shifting into position with a rockin' solo he then lays down backup riffs in support of his team.


  1. Updated Minecart Controls to reflect when minecart transitions to north or south track:

    Effect: The variable track switches to the direction of your choice, either north or south loop. The destination track will be decided after the cart moves past the last square in the central track length.

  2. A dark cry emanates from the shadows as Umbra's corporeal form returns to the earth, unobserved.

    The dark elf reappears on the lower platform between her companion's darkness. Her spirit companion wheels overhead, listening for enemies as Umbra hisses encouragement to her brethren.


    Respawn to 3.
    Summon the spirit bat to I10.
    Umbra moves to I11 and the bat drifts to H10.
    Claws of the Eagle! Shazi's choice of targets.

    Effect: One ally adjacent to your spirit companion or within 3 squares of you can make a basic attack against the target. If the ally's attack hits the target grants combat advantage until the end of your next turn.

  3. "Man? MAN?!? How DARE you call me THAT!!!" Shazi looks like she's boiling over, or at least she would if anyone could see her through the dark.

    MBA (granted by Claws of the Eagle) vs Frankenberry:
    Attack: +10 (+8 base, +2 CA) vs AC
    Damage: 1d6 +5 +1d8(Attack Finesse) + poison
    Poison: Ongoing 2 poison damage (SE). On failed save, increases to 5 poison damage (SE)

    Will wait for resolution before posting actual turn.

  4. Umbra takes the death and respawns

    MBA (Shazi)
    CRITICAL HIT!! for 19 damage! and Ongoing 2
    FrankenBerry is bloodied at 16 HP

    Lava Plume Triggered

  5. Shazi continues to let her anger get the best of her. Amidst the columns of fire enveloping the platform, the goofy little Frankenstein sees a bolt streak out of nowhere and plant itself firmly in his head.

    "Don't you DARE!!!" Shazi screams. "...call me that AGAIN!!!"

    As the darkness fades, everyone is horrified to see the woman standing over the pink blob that was once the dwarven monster, repeatedly kicking and stabbing at it with her blade. She seems to be taking great pleasure in the carnage.

    Tech: And away we go...

    Free: Drop the lava plume at H8, Hitting Frankie, Sugar and the Count.

    Minor: Create Shadow-Wrought Hand Crossbow
    For the record:
    - My hand crossbow is a "high crit" weapon and deals 1d8 base damage (Ruthless Hunter feat)
    - The shadow-wrought weapon is +1 and deals +1d8 on a crit, so my final RBA is +8 vs AC for 1d8+6 dmg.

    Standard: Quick Shot vs Frankie w/ hand crossbow (does not provoke OA)
    +10 (+8 base, +2 CA) vs AC, 1d8 +6 +1d8(Attack Finesse) damage.
    I get to shift 2 after that, so shifting to F9.

    If the Quick Shot hits Frankie, he should be unconscious (after the above plume, he should be at 6 HP), so...

    ... ACTION POINT: Coup de Grace on Frankie, +10 vs AC as above with Probing Strike, w/ Sneak Attack damage. His AC will be 8 so unless I roll a negative three I'm going to assume that I hit... :)
    As per compendium, coup de grace "scores a critical hit" ... that deals 23 damage (maximized 1d6+5 base for short sword, plus maximized 2d6 for Sneak Attack), which should turn him in to paste.
    And, as per Probing Strike, I get +1 to attacks against Frankie until the end of my next turn. Whether that sticks after gibbing him... I'll leave that up to you.
    Oh... and the gooey paste that was formerly Frankie is poisoned again... :P

    ... Free Action: *Another* Lava Plume centered on H8. That should drop Sugar Bear (down to -5) and really mess up the Count (bloodied, at least).

    If the Quick Shot, by some miracle, does *not* hit Frankie...

    ... ACTION POINT: Probing Strike (Short Sword), as above ... +10 vs AC, 1d6+5+2d6(SA) damage. He is poisoned *again* (does that stack?) and I get +1 to hit him until EONT.

    If I get any more critical hits other than the above, keep dropping the plume on H8. Let's cook that silly little bear!

    If something happens that I didn't consider, let me know.

    Free: Laugh maniacally.

    Lesson of the Day: Never piss off a drow woman.

  6. And, just to be fair, both CoDs should be gone now.

  7. Note: Frankenberry has a +1 to defenses from Sugar Bear

  8. Also, Frankenberry grants combat advantage per Claws of the Eagle.

  9. Wow, that's a lot of tech, lets see..

    Lava Plume hits for 10 damage
    Frankenberry is at 6 HP
    Sugar Bear is at 5 HP
    Count Chocula is at 22 HP

    Quick Shot Vs. FrankenBerry
    (14)+10 vs AC 13+1(Sugar Bear Bonus) Hit!
    (2)+(8)+6= 16 damage
    FrankenBerry is Unconscious!

    Action Point: Coup de Grace vs. FrankenBerry
    (8)+10 vs AC 8 Hit!
    Automatic Crit! 23 damage (Just hit his neg bloodied, close!)
    FrankenBerry is GIBBED!!

    Lava Plume:
    Sugar Bear is dead
    Count Chocula is bloodied at 12 HP

    Think I got everything

    The right Cloud of Darkness is Margorach's. It'll disappear at the end of his turn.

  10. Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone Resilience of Stone

  11. or rather, if you don't mind, Frankenberry would like to "use your second wind as an immediate interrupt when you are damaged by an attack." about twenty posts ago...

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Ok! Bear with me. A lot was going on

    Frankenberry uses his second wind as an interrupt to the Lava Plume.

    FrankenBerry regains 8 HP.
    FrakenBerry is bloodied at 14 HP.
    Sugar Bear is at 5 HP
    Count Chocula is at 22 HP

    I missed Shazi's initial attack after the 2nd Wind math.

    Shazi's Standard Action -
    Quick Shot Vs. FrankenBerry
    (14)+10 vs AC 13+1(Sugar Bear Bonus) Hit!
    (2)+(8)+6= 16 damage

    Frankenberry is at -2 HP and unconscious

    Shazi's Action Point: Coup de Grace vs. FrankenBerry
    (8)+10 vs AC 8 Hit!
    Automatic Crit! 23 damage
    FrankenBerry is at -25 HP GIBBED!!

    Lava Plume:
    Sugar Bear is dead
    Count Chocula is bloodied at 12 HP

    I apologize again for the errors, there was a lot of stuff getting triggered, and I just plain messed up on the math between some stuff. Thank you guys for helping me keep it kosher :)

  14. Margorach, eager to be back in the fight, steps on the platform and is invigorated by the smell of roasted dwarf and marshmallows. He quips "Shazi dear, I didn't know you were such a fine chef; but next time save the poison for desert..." He senses a foe nearby, but cannot see him, but it matters not. Summoning the darkness from the depths of his soul, Margorach projects this unholiness outward, creating the most terrifying vision any cereal killer could imagine: A HUGE SPOON TO FEEDING THEM ALL TO THE DEMILICH ACERERAK!

    Spawn at telepad 1,
    Move action to go from F11 to H8,
    Minor action, Cloud of Darkness (centered on H8)
    Standard action: Terrifying Visage (its a long one)
    Clost blast 5, from I7 to E7 and 5sqs north towards the kobolds (I assume they are immune to damage). And concealment doesn't apply to blasts, ya?
    +6 vs Will (on Count Chocula): 2d8+4 psychic damage and the target is immobilized on a hit.
    Effect: Make secondary attack on all creatures within the blast:
    +6 vs Will. On a hit, push target 4 sq, reduced to push target 2 sq on a miss.
    As pushes are away from me, I am attempting to push him from I7 to K5 or beyond on a hit...I realize he would get the saving throw to fall off....

    See Character sheet for details if this is confusing in any way....

  15. Hmm...while I don't have cover against the blast, according to the email that Graham sent out, in order for any creature to even target me (since technically I shouldn't be visible on the map) they needed to make a perception check against my stealth (a 28, rolled in Round 1). As far as Margorach is aware, there aren't any enemies on the platform.

  16. Perception Check:
    (5)+0= 5 vs Stealth 28: Count Chocula is invisible, and can not be targeted with an ability that requires a target.

    While concealment might not apply to blasts, Margorach failed to spot him in order to target him as the primary target.

    You can revise actions and continue with the rest of your turn

  17. Also of note: the effect of terrifying visage does not affect the primary target.

  18. Lets do the time warp again, shall we?

    Margorach reappears, still quips to Shazi, and then fires off three shadow darts towards booberry. He then makes a move to protect the controls for any unseen assailants..

    Spawn at telepad 2
    Standard action: Shadow darts at Booberry, Range 5.
    +4 vs Ref, three rolls, for each roll that hits, 1d8 cold damage.

    Move action: Move to H6 by way of G7
    Minor: Cloud of Darkness Centered on H6

    Free action: Anyone else being to feel like we're stuck in the ending for "Clue"?

  19. Tech:
    Shadow Darts vs. Booberry Ref 15
    (16)+4= 20 Hit!
    (18)+4= 22 Hit!
    (8)+4 = 12 Miss!

    (8)+(2)-(5 resist cold)= 5 cold damage

    Booberry is at 30(3 THP) HP

  20. Not that it changed the roll outcomes, but Boo also had cover in the cart.

  21. Again finding himself in darkness, the Count steps out of the new cloud raised by Margorach. The chocolate milk running through the Count's veins rejuvenate him as he moves. Finding himself next to that despicable creature he missed moments earlier, the Count glances over his shoulder at the Kobolds on the northern tracks. "Oh no! Vatch out for the reptile dog men!" Just as he calls out his false warning, the Count invokes the power of chocolate, and punches Damakos into the phantom chasm, taking a quick bite out of him in the process. When Damakos looks back to see what happened, the Count gives his most innocent look, and points at the Kobolds.

    Regenerate: 3hp (Enduring Soul)
    Move: Shift to J6
    Free: Assassin's Shroud on Damakos
    Standard: Vampire Slam against Damakos (invoking Shroud and using Blood Drinker). +7 vs Reflex (+5 base +2 for being invisible), Damage: 2d10+1d6+8, push the target 1 square into the Phantom Chasm (K8), knocking it prone. I'm not certain if it counts as hindering terrain or not. If so, he gets a save to avoid being pushed in and knocked prone. If he makes it he falls prone at the edge of the zone; if he fails he falls prone inside the zone for entering it.
    Trigger on me making an attack: Hidden Strike I make a bluff check (+8) vs Damakos' passive insight. If I succeed, Damakos believes that something or someone else was the source of the triggering attack, and he treats me as if I were invisible til the start of my next turn.

  22. Tech:
    Vampire Slam vs Damakos
    (10)+7= 17 vs Reflex 15 Hit!

    (10)+(7)+(1)+8= 26 damage
    Damakos is Bloodied

    Save vs forced movement into hazardous terrain:
    (18) Save!

    Damakos is prone in J7

    Bluff Check vs Passive Insight:
    (12)+8 vs 10 Success!
    Count Chocula is Invisible to Damakos

  23. “Whoa, this ride is too scary! Time to teach these naughty leetle girls a lesson.” Stepping off the hurtling mine cart, Boo clouds the mind of Shazi; in her poor boo-guiled mind, she sees Frankenberry pointing and laughing at her (literally in stitches). She wastes no time rushing in to shut him up.
    Standard Action
    Charm of Misplaced Wrath vs. Shazi
    +5 vs. Will
    On a hit, she slides to H11 is dazed until the end of my next turn and makes a MBA against Umbra with a +2 bonus to damage.
    Move Action
    Move to G15

  24. Tech:

    Charm vs Shazi:
    Critical Hit!!
    Shazi slides to H11, and is dazed

    Lava Plume triggered.

    MBA vs Umbra:
    (3)+8 vs AC 17 Miss!

    Move Action:
    Move to G15
    Low Hanging Stalactites Triggers
    (5)+6 vs Reflex 15 Miss!

  25. A Lava Plume erupts on I10
    Umbra is at 20 HP
    Shazi is at 16 HP
    Spirit Bat disappears dealing 5 damage to Umbra

    Umbra is at 15 HP and bloodied

  26. Lucky squints as he stares at the north end of the platform - "There's a wee bit o' strange weather o'er there. I cannae see a thing!" After flying a bit, a gigantic rainbow sprouts from the track, bridging the gap between him and the Count!

    "A lucky rainbow! That's the ticket! Here's a nip o' 'glass half full' fer ya, friend Chocula!" A thunderclap from the rainbow's formation frightens Damakos, who tries to skitter even further from the terrifying Count.

    Move: fly to L-1
    Minor: Curative Admixture on Chocula
    Effect: regain surge value +2 HP
    Standard: Thundering Armor on Chocula
    Effect: Chocula has +1 AC UENT
    Attack: +6 vs Damakos' Fort
    Hit: 1d8+5 thunder damage, and push 1

  27. @ MuttonChops

    Regarding the spirit bat, the power reads

    "If a single melee or ranged attack deals damage to the spirit equal to 10..."

    The way it is worded not, the lava plume is neither a ranged nor a melee attack. I have no problem if you want to house-rule it so you can hit the bat, but you will definitely want to update the language on lava plume so future players aren't caught out by that.

  28. You are right, I had to re-check Spirit Companion rules, they are only affected by melee or ranged attacks.

    Spirit Bat is still there, Umbra is at 20 HP

  29. Tech:
    Chocula regains 10 HP
    Count Chocula is at 25 HP
    Thundering Armor on Count Chocula +1AC
    Attack vs. Dakamos
    (14)+6= 20 vs. Fort 10 Hit!
    (4)+1= 5 Thunder damage
    Damakos is at 1 HP
    Push not specified so Damakos is pushed to I8 into the cart.

  30. The damage listed is 1d8+5, not 1d8+1, I believe, so Damakos should be unconscious.

  31. Derp mode enabled: Need to learn maths

    That was (4)+5 Thunder damage.

    Damakos is unconscious at -3 HP.

  32. Infernal WRATH!!!!!! 1d6+5 fire damage to the Count!

    OOC: Looks who's back!

  33. Ha, welcome back, we just had a email about this...speak of the Devil!

    Infernal Wrath
    (3)+5= 8 Fire damage
    Count Chocula is at 17 HP


    Frankenberry spawns at 2 [H:11]

    Minor Action
    Defender Aura
    Effect You activate an aura 1 that lasts until you end it as a minor action or until you fall unconscious. While in the aura, any enemy takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls when it makes an attack that does not include among its targets either you or an ally of yours who has this aura active. Marked enemies are not subject to this aura.

    Resurgent Strike against UMBRA
    +7 vs. 17 AC
    Gain 6 temporary hit points

    Shift to G:11

  35. Tech:
    Shazi is TELEFRAGGED!

    Resurgent Strike vs Umbra
    (15)+7= 22 vs 17 AC Hit!
    (6)+(5)+(2)+(6)+5= 24 damage
    Umbra is unconscious at -4 HP
    Spirit Bat fades away (for real this time)

    Frankenberry is at 35(6) HP

  36. OOC: To properly appreciate this post you should open the following link in a separate window

    Flames form over Damakos' fallen form and he explodes in a cloud of cinders only to reappear on the teleportation pad furthest to the east. He turns his head toward the hulking monstrosity, Frankenberry giving him a wink. He opens his mouth and a roaring song comes belting out.

    “In our time we have seen
    Untold pain and suffering”

    He reaches his hands high as his voice builds to a fiendish crescendo.

    “Our legends tell of weapons
    Wielded by kings of old
    Crafted by evil wizards
    Unholy to behold
    We seek the FIRE LANCES
    That slew the ancient race
    The world where they were masters
    Now lays in waste!”

    As his song builds in fury, he licks his fiery blade and then moves as if to attack the ferocious dwarven monster, then he swiftly sidesteps and goes into a raging solo!

    “In your time you shall see
    Endless death and misery
    Invoke myth and prophecy
    All you know shall cease to BEEEEEEEEEE!”

    Self-gib and Spawn at Pad 1
    Minor Action: Activate Skald Aura, Aura 5
    You are an ally within the aura may as a minor action may spend a healing surge and regain an additional 1d6 hit points, 1/round, 2/encounter.
    Move Action: Shift to G10
    Standard ActionMinor Action: Kick Ass SOLO aka Dirge of the Damned! Allies in the aura gain a +2 power bonus to damage rolls, or a +4 power bonus to damage rolls against bloodied enemies.



    Howling Strike Charge MARGORACH
    +9 vs 16 AC

  38. Holy crap! Did you guys just blow through ... SIX!!! players in a single day?!?

    Frakkin' awesome.

  39. Tech:
    hmm...no rolls...easy!

    There is no Killing Spree on this map. To fully appreciate that Frankenberry, open the following link in a new window: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ytCEuuW2_A

    Map update in the morning.

  40. Dm's Turn:

    Cart positions updated

    Round End.