FTDM Match 16, Round 8.

Previous Rounds: 01 , 02&03, 04050607

New Year's resolution:  Killing 35 PCs in this matchup!...Ok, maybe 30?! 
25 Deaths and counting! 1-3-13, 12:39pm 
Poor Cyclone, we knew ye well!  
3 days left!  Make the most of it dungeoneers!!!


  1. Odin Allfather respawns at location 4. Which son will he save from the murderous Neeson?

  2. "Fear not, sons of Odin! We shall be victorious yet!"

    Move to P11
    Minor: Inspiring Word on Loki, HS+1d6
    Standard: Direct the Strike on Thor against Ra's.

    1. [OOC]
      I assume, Jon, you mean DtS against Qui-Gon, and not Ra's?

      Loki heals for 8+(3)=11 hp. Loki up to 12 hp.

      DtS: (14)+10=24 vs AC 22-5 for unconscious...hit! for (5+3)+6=14 damage. Qui-Gon drops to -27 hp, and is GIBBED.

      Aslan, light of Narnia, respawns at location 1.

  3. "Damn you dice gods setting me down in the ass end of the map."

    Move: Open Gates of Battle and use the first 2 to do the teleport tango.

    1. [OOC]
      Dear Kurt, the dice gods frown upon you...you move to archway 2. And for the record, the archway counts as difficult terrain, so this was a three step tango...

  4. Aslan uses the remaining 6 spaces and a standard -> move to make it the rest of the way to the diamond. Come Asgardians, bow down before the will of Aslan.

    1. Oh what the hell, I'll think up the rest of the turn with conditionals.

      If The roll is 1 or 2
      Minor: sustain cyclone.

      If the roll is 3 or 4:
      Loki is @ F5, Odin @ F6, and Thor @ E6.
      Minor: Thri-keen claws on all three adjacent to Aslan +10 (+8, +2 CA for being prone) vs. AC. for 1d8+8 damage. I use Flurry of Blows on Loki if he's has 1-3 hp, otherwise I use it on Odin (3 points of damage).
      If Aslan is on a killing spree:
      AP: If Odin has 8 or more HP, Open the Gate of Battle on Odin +7 vs. Ref 2d10+5 (or 3d10+5 if I missed Odin previously).
      If Odin has less than 8 HP, Steel Wind on Odin and Thor, +5 vs. Ref. 1d8+5.

    2. [OOC]
      Now that's what I call a contingency! Aslan moves to the diamond, and all dungeoneers within sight of archway 3 are teleported next to Aslan! That means you Odin, Loki, and Thor!
      As there is no descriptor of where they land, we'll go clockwise in order of init. Odin into E4, Loki into F5, Thor into E6.

    3. Oops...Loki at F5, Odin at F6, Thor at E6. Missed that part of Kurt's post, just waking up!

      Minor action to Thri-keen claw everyone:
      vs Odin: (3)+10= 13 vs AC 17...miss
      vs Loki: (17)+10 vs AC 13...hit! for (8)+8=16 damage. Loki falls to -4 hp!
      vs Thor: (12)+10=22 vs AC 19...hit! for (4)+8=12 damage. Thor falls to -4 hp.
      Eternal Flurry of Blows against Odin, drops him to 21 hp.

      Immediate AP spent to Open the gate of battle on the prone all-father:
      (7)+7=14 vs Reflex 14...just enough to hit! for (1+5)+5=11 damage. Odin drops to 13 hp.

      Balder rejoins the fight at location 4! Map Updated!

  5. The gap is closing, 12:14, Asgard can do this!!!

  6. Move to I15
    Minor: mark Aslan
    Standard: Guardian Arrow, +7 vs AC, 2d10+5dmg, half damage on miss, +1d6 Hunter's Quarry. Effect: until the end of game, whenever Aslan makes an attack against Thor, I can make a basic ranged attack as an immediate interrupt.

    1. I'm changing my decision to protect Thor to instead protect Odin. Sorry, Brother.

    2. [OOC]
      DM back from happy hour, time to get shooting!

      From I15, Aslan has superior cover vs Balder. But the hunter wants to take his shot..

      Balder takes aim, Balder marks Aslan...

      Guardian Arrow: (13)+7=20-5 from cover=15 vs AC 19...miss!

      Loki respawns at location 2!

    3. Half damage is still a decent chunk... *whistles away innocently*

    4. [OOC]
      Oops...half damage: (10+7)+(5)+5=2/2=13 damage to Aslan. He drops to 10 hp. Continue!

  7. The smoke coalesces to the northwest, and from it a still smoking Loki emerges. Stomping forward, he calls for the blood of the first person he sees. "You, dead-man, you're DEAD!" Admittedly not his best quip, but false god grows weary of being manipulated by others.

    Move: walk to B8
    Minor: Curse Ra
    Standard: Charge to E11 using Eldritch Strike on Ra, +9 vs AC (16), 2d8+2d6+5 damage, +5 if attack bloodies.

    1. [OOC]
      Like so many times before with Thor, those walls of blocking terrain really mess up the charge rules...the DM allows running however, to get that 1 extra sq to line up the charge...

      Eldritch strike vs Ra's: (19)+9-5 for running=23 vs AC 16...that's a big fat hit! for (4+6)+3+2)+5=20 +5 for bloodying +4 for relentless wounding=29 damage. Gosh, this guy is a one-hit machine! Ra's drops to -4 hp.

      Oskar, you sit isolated from the fray, yet vital to your teams fortunes. What shall you do?!?!

      A little over 3 days left, score 14 v 12....as always, nothing is settled just yet!

    2. Oh, and Loki takes 10 from the courtyard. At 22 hp. Carry on.

    3. Shouldn't the score be 15:12?

    4. Oh right, wit Loki's respawn, its 15v12. You shouldn't drink and blog, kiddies!

    5. At what point did Loki run? He walked 6 squares, then charged 4 squares.

      And if Loki hits you, you die.

    6. Tegu, its b/c of the walls around the archway leading into the courtyard are blocking terrain (and therefore hard corners). Each step from the charge action must move you a square closer to the target. Moving solely East-West doesn't count and would therefore have invalidated your charge action. Therefore, having to Run as your first action is the only way to line Loki up properly to charge.

      And yes, Loki hits HARD. Maybe harder than Thor.....maybe...

  8. [Oskar]

    "EAT ROCKET!!"


    Start turn on Pentagram, activating it.

    minor: pick up railgun.

    Move as minor: reload rocket launcher.

    Standard: Fire rocket at E7, hitting Odin and Thor.

    1. [OOC]
      Wow, maybe this Rocket Launcher needs less ammo...but where's the fun in that?!?!?!?!

      Pentagram: all within sight of archway (4)...aka Balder...take 20 Fire damage. Balder down to 12 hp.

      Railgun picked up, Rocket Launcher reloaded. Targets acquired. Missile Launched...
      vs Odin: (9)+8=17 vs AC 17...hit!
      vs Thor: (15)+8=23+2 from dazed=25 vs AC 19...hit!
      Damage: (6+5+5+3+3+1)=22 fire and thunder damage...Odin dropped to -9 hp...Thor dropped to -26 and GIBBED, as he is already below 0 hp...no killing spree!

      Qui-Gon respawns at location 1.

  9. "We meet again, mighty hunter. I will not let my focus waver this time."

    Move to H15

    Standard: Luring Strike on Balder
    +7 vs AC
    On hit: 1d8 damage, shift to H14, slide Balder to H15, then shift 1 plus teleport 3 to E12, and place my Aegis on Loki.
    On miss: Shift to H14 and place Aegis on Balder

    1. [Carnage]
      Luring Strike: (17)+7=24 vs AC...hit! for (1) damage. Balder at 11 hp. I assume he holds his Resilience of Stone back for a more forceful hit.
      Then the dance party happens. Qui-Gon ends in E12 (over Ra's unconscious body), Balder in H15, Loki Aegis'd.

      Map updated shortly.

      Thunderous Thor, back in the game at location 4.

  10. Thor appears, a little distraught at the lack of visible targets. "How does one fight an enemy who embodies cowardice and hides on the tiny stones of the milksop!? Two can play that game! Hitting a man while he's down is not honorable, but it is effective."

    Move: run to I-14
    Minor: Healing Word on Balder
       Effect: gains 8+1d6 HP, +2 to attacks UEMNT
    Standard: Charge to F-13, using Howling Strike against Ra's
       Attack: +6 +4 (juggernaut) +1 (charge) -5 (running) +2 (CA) = +8 vs AC 16
       Hit: 2d6 brutal +1d6 +6 damage
       On a Crit: MBA vs Qui-Gon: +5 vs AC 22; 2d6 brutal +6 damage

    ... if you decide I can use Dark Reaping across spawns, use it against Ra's if he's not gibbed, and against Qui-Gon if that happens

    1. [OOC]
      Dark Reaping states "one creature of your choice that you hit with an attack before the end of your next turn." This would count as a condition (like all bonuses to damage etc), so its wiped clan via respawn.

      Healing word of Balder: (5)+8=13 hp healed. Balder now stands at 24 hp. He gains a +2 to atks UEoNT.

      Charge to F13: (1)! +8=9 vs AC 16-5 (unconscious)....well, damn, its a miss still and a !!!HUMILIATION!!!

      The Cyberdemon attacks Thor: (9)+8+2 from running CA=19 vs AC 19...hit! Thor takes 20 fire and thunder damage (and is at 8 hp), while Ra's takes 5 and falls to -9 hp. Qui-Gon also takes 10 fire and thunder damage. Falls to 21 hp. Probably not the way Thor wanted to get the job done, but DAMN.

      Thor then takes 10 fire damage from the courtyard and drops to -2 hp. BOY, THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY!
      Thor basically strapped a keg of gunpowder to his back and ran at his foes!!

      Ra's drops out of the Lazarus pit at location 1.

      Score is 16 vs 13.

  11. Emerging from the Lazarus Pit, the Demon's Head moves quickly. Although gifted with an extraordinary constitution, these godlings are easily manipulated.


    Move Action: move to B9

    Standard Action: Charm of misplaced wrath against Loki:+5 vs. will

    Hit: Slide him to C9.

    Effect: Loki Eldtritch Strikes himself with a +2 bonus to damage.

    Minor Action: sustain arcane whirlwind, sliding Mr. Schindler to L11 and back to L12, activating pentagram.

    AP: depends on outcome (too many variables for a contingency!)

    1. [Carnage]
      CoMW vs Loki: (20)+5=25-2 for cover vs Will 13. Hit, no damage on the crit though!
      Loki attacks himself: (1)!+8=9 vs AC 13...that's a miss! But technically, another HUMILIATION!!!
      Cyberdemon attacks loki: (7)+8=15 vs AC 13...hit! Loki takes 20 F/T damage and drops to 2 hp. Qui-Gon takes 10 F/T and drops to 11 hp.

      Whirlwind sustained, Oskar is thrown around to make the pentagram work again. All within sight of archway (1) take 20 fie damage... That's Ra's and Balder! Ra's drops to 6 hp, Balder to 4. I will assume at this point Balder spends his 2nd wind thru Resilience of Stone, Balder at 12 hp following the fire.

      Does thou Ghul spend his AP? Answer quickly, Santa Cyberdemon needs more target practice!

    2. Couple of Notes: Loki was slid to C9, so should have been hit by the pentagram as well.

      Also, I resist 5 of that damage, so should be at 11 hp.

      AP: magic missile Balder for 7 damage (stupid resilience of stone!)

    3. [OOC]
      Right Right, ok so a quick retcon then, I moved too fast.

      Loki is slid, so Qui-gon doesn't take the F/T splash damage...Ra's does! Between the 15 fire and 5 F/T splash damage, Ra's drops to 6 hp.
      Qui-Gon back to 21 hp.
      Loki is GIBBED by all that fire at -18 hp. Score 17 vs 13.

      It's a good thing Magic Missiles ignore superior cover! Balder is struck unerringly for 7. He is now at 5 hp.

    Time to reload, and punish all!

    vs Balder: (7)+8=15 vs AC 19...miss!

    vs Ra's: (15)+8=23 vs AC 16...hit! No staff of Defense to save the demon's head!!
    Ra's takes 15 F/T damage and drops quickly to -9 hp. One feat to save 15 hp in damage and a gib. Well worth it!

    Round 9 posted here (Map updated there):