Play-By-Post Match 18 | Round 03


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    1. Some minor bookkeeping from the last round - you wrote: [TECH]
      MBA: (12)+2 +2 {combat advantage} vs. AC 15; miss!
      However, (12)+2+2 > 15, so it should be a hit, yes?

    2. Oh crap, I'm a dummy. Let's roll some damage!

      Xann deals (3)-1 damage to himself to be at 22 HP.

  2. In Soviet Russia, Yakov Smirnov is greatest villain ever known, even greater than Crimson Dynamo! He tortures millions with his terrible jokes!

    Tech: Spawn at H4.
    Standard - Escalated Elemental Bolt targeting Anwar Sadat and Kathy Griffin.
    AS - 1d20+6+2(CA for Dazed) vs Ref - (10)+6+2 = 18 HIT!
    KG - 1d20+6 vs Ref - (18)+6 = 24 HIT!
    Damage - rolling 1d12+1d10+1d6+11
    (5)+(3)+(6)+11 = 25
    AS is gibbed. KG is bloodied.
    Slide to I5.
    Move - Activate the teleport portal and move Xanadu to (1).
    Minor - Appreciate the DM's praise "that's a kick to the nuts".

  3. The bloodlust consumes Xann, interfering with his ability to do aught but sustain his tornado of (im)pending vengeance.

    Minor: Sustain Whirlwind, slide Kathra into Captain's chair.

    1. I willingly let you slide Kathra

  4. Pimp Ernell arrives in a cloud of Xann-flavored smoke and, having lost his, avails himself of one of the conveniently abandoned gats lying around the place. Now properly strapped, he notices Kathy Griffin sitting on his chair. "Trick, only I get to steer this ride, and where's my money!?" he shouts as he swaggers up and gives her a mighty backhand.

    Spawn in G6, telefragging Xann.
    Move to E7
    Minor: Pick up gravity gun
    Standard: Charge Kathy. (7)+11 vs AC = pimp slap
    Activating Furious Assault (3+3+6+2+1)+6 = 21
    Kathy is at -11. Does that count as a Killing Spree?

    1. 1) Not enough movement to charge
      2) Telefrags don't count towards killing sprees because technically you didn't reduce the person below 0 HP (a discussion that we had back in match...1, I think)

    2. (ignore point 1 above, I was looking at the wrong map. Sorry about that)

  5. [Lyth]

    A cocoon falls from the sky and cracks open, revealing a furry figure holding an axe, her body and face covered in placental slime. Her eyes open, the fiery green pupils focusing into a rage yet unknown to this world. Her eyes may be green, but she only sees Red.

    Mother Monster closes in on her prey, bringing down her axe in one smooth, solid arc that leaves the mortal in a gory stain on the floor. "Servant, take my strength, and smite thine enemies." Her primal fury flows into her ally, restoring life to his brown leaves.


    Spawn in D4

    Move: E5>F6>F7>E7, moving through Red Baron's space as per rage.

    Standard: Healing Strike [11]+7=18, HIT! Add in furious assault and bonus rage damage, that makes [9+9+12+8(rerolled from 2 for brutal)]+5=43 radiant damage, and Kathra spends a healing surge and is conscious at 8 hp.


    minor: Healing Word on Kathra, surge+(3)=healed for 11 more to 19 hp, and he has a +2 to attack rolls until the end of my next turn.

    1. Also, Red Baron gets a OA when I pass through his space.

  6. !!! BRUTALITY !!!

    Opportunity Attack: (11)+3 vs. AC 18; miss!


  7. [OOC]
    In a hurry today, so no time for long-winded English/German exposition today! Sorry to disappoint my loyal fans!

    *Respawn Teleport Pad 1
    *Minor: Pick up Portal Gun
    *Move: Fey Step to C5, Free MBA vs Kathra
    *Free MBA: +6 +2 (CA) vs AC +8 vs AC, 28 (CRIT) vs AC 17, Super Hit for 11 damage.
    *Standard: Blazing Pursuit vs Kathra, +7 +2 (CA) vs AC, 22 vs AC 17, HIT for 1d8 +4 fire damage (9 fire) and Kathra is at -1 HP.
    *Free Teleport from Melee attack to B5, standing above Kathra's Helpless/Unconscious Body (Though if for some reason Kathra has the same/similar shenanigans as Asar-Segt last round, Teleport to D8)

  8. An excellent double attack by Red Skull closes the Death-Gap down to only 1 kill!

    Kathra dies and Respawns.

  9. "What the hell is going on here?" She shakes her head from the last pumelling and ports into battle and looks at Pudding Face and Wide brim, reaches into the battle cabinet next to her. "FEEL MY WRATH" She then launches the rocket centered on Skull.

    I don't know how to roll so I will leave it up to the dm

    Kathra the Beautiful moves in to confront them hand to hand in total battle lust gaining their attention.


    Respawn D4
    Minor: Reach and pickup rocket Launcher
    Standard: Launch the Rocket centered on Skull to hit both pimp and skull
    Move: Shift to C5
    Free: Mark both Skull and Pimp
    AP Standard action: Roots of Stone,Close burst 1 +6 vs AC, 2d6 + 6 damage (Brutal 1 weapon)
    Effect:The target is knocked prone when it leaves the zone.
    Earthstrength: The target also takes damage equal to your Constitution modifier +4 when it leaves the zone.

    done. I think that's it.

    1. Rolling d20 on roll20. don't know how to do it.

    2. just to be clear, Skull is first and pimp second.

  10. Ohhhh, too bad, I just read: "Requirement: You must be in the armory." The armory is the red hazed 3x3 area to the left hand of the ship.

    Because time is so close, the Dungeon Master will interpret the actions to FIRST into the armory, then grab a rocket luncher, then attack.

    (10)+8 vs. AC 19; miss!
    (9)+8 vs. AC 14; hit!
    for (1+3+6+6+4+5) = 25 fire and thunder
    half damage is 12

    At this point Kathra is too far away to make an effective Roots of STone attack, so hold onto the action point.

    Running late, map update later.

    Red baron is up!

    1. By the way, that puts Red Skull at 15 HP and the Scarlett Pimp hanging on at 3 HP.

      Map updated!

  11. Translated from German:
    The Red Baron is having internet woes and will have to skip the flavor this round.

    Tech: Respawn in Orange circle.
    Standard - Charm of misplaced Wrath against Lady Gaga. (9)+6=hit. Slide to blue teleport circle to make basic attack against Kathy Griffin. Unmodified d20 roll: (17). Assuming that's a hit, will let DM complete.
    Move - activate teleporter and put Kathy Griffin on pad 3.
    Minor - sustain Whirlwind moving into a teleport circle and reappearing in E7.

    1. With no Ranged attacks at hand, Lyth uses her AXE OF EXECUTION (+7 attack bonus) to cleave through Kathra's neck, dealing (1)+5+2 damage to put Kathra at 27 HP.

      Asar-Segt rises again from the cold grave!

    2. Shit, you're right. I had it in my head that they were ONLY high crit.

      Rerolled damage (10); Kathra is at 18 HP.

  12. Asar-Segt reappears in a burst of flame. "We shall soon see if your blood is as crimson as your namesake dynamo, but you have spent all your energy, and are not yet worthy of my attention!"

    Turning his gaze towards one who thinks himself worthy of sitting in the captain's chair, the Hand of Ritual Sacrifice utters a fell word and a six fingered hand springs out of the ground to crush his foe

    Spawn in 1
    Move: To E3 (gaining concealment)
    Minor: Curse the Red Skull
    Standard: Grasp of the Iron Tower vs Red Skull +5 vs Fort. Hit: 2d10+5+1d6 damage & Red Skull cannot willingly move closer to me til the end of my next turn.
    Miss: I take 1 damage & repeat the attack against the pimp. Hit: (2d10+5)/2 damage & the pimp cannot willingly move closer to me til the end of my next turn.


      Iron Tower: (13)+5 vs. Fortitude 13; hit!
      for (5)+(5)+5 +(4) = 19 damage!
      Red Skull has been DROPPED to -4 HP!!!

    2. Darkspiral Aura increases to 1.


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