Play-by-Post: Match 08 Round 02 MORTAL KOMBAT

Round 2



  1. Mamma mia! Frost Mario comes into play with Kombat Kard (20: Sub-Zero. Mario is immune to cold and has the Ice Prison power.

  2. Mario hops onto the stage, and swats away that pesky Lakitu cam that keeps following him. He looks at the fireflower in one hand and the iceflower in the other, and with a shrug, eats both of them. Eying the Red Shirt and Red Hood in front of him, and lets loose with a barrage of fire!

    Spawn on Spiked Pit Stage, column 4
    Minor: Master's Eye (extra 1d8 damage & 5 THP if I hit with my first attack; I grant CA if I miss)
    Standard: Elemental Bolt (using Elemental Escalation)
    vs. Red Shirt: +5 vs Reflex (using Elven Accuracy if I miss)
    Hit: 1d12+1d10+1d8+1d6+7 fire damage
    vs Red Hood: +5 vs Reflex
    Hit: 1d12+1d10+1d6+7 fire damage
    (If I drop Red Shirt down to 0 or fewer HP, I'll use Dark Reaping)
    Shift to Column 1 (as part of Elemental Escalation)
    Move: Ninja Leap down to the Dead Pool stage
    Action Point: Elemental Bolt
    vs. Excel: +5 vs Reflex (using Elven Accuracy if I miss & still have it)
    Damage: 1d12+1d6+7 fire damage (+1d8+5 necrotic damage if I used Dark Reaping on the Red Shirt)

    1. Mario is back with a MF'ing vengeance!

      Red Shirt: (16)+5 vs. Reflex 13; HIT!!!
      for (8)+(5)+(7)+(3)+7= 30 fire damage!
      with the temp HP granted by his recent Flawless Victory, the Red Shirt defies all odds and survives to see the next 6 seconds! ... albeit bloodied and at a paltry 5 HP. Mario gains 5 temp HP.

      Red Hood: (5) or Elven Accuracy (18)+5 vs. Reflex 15 {unconscious & prone}; HIT!!!
      for (5)+(9)+(6)+7= 27 fire damage!

      Excel: (18 again)+5 vs. Reflex 15; HIT!!!
      for (1)+(3)+7= 11 fire damage! , which should put Excel at 16 HP.

    2. Just checked my notes, Red Hood has Stormhawk's Vengeance, a mainstay in the FTDM community, and so Mario takes 10 thunder damage to be at 21 HP.

  3. The soft notes of the ancient ocarina are heard on the wind... Link is back! He gains Kombat Kard (7); he is immune to acid and can use the ACID SPIT power.

    Map and score updates in the morning.

  4. "Well excuuuuse me, princess! ...Prince. Whatever." Link readies his weapon and retaliates against the jerk who killed him.

    Spawn in column 9 of the Dead Pool stage to the left of Nihil.
    Minor: Oath of Enmity
    It shouldn't be necessary to recreate my weapon but if it is, I spend another minor to do so.
    Standard: Raging Tempest: +8 vs AC, I roll twice for this and use the higher result. If I miss still, Elven Accuracy
    Hit: 1d12+5 damage and 1d6 lightning damage, and if he takes damage from an attack before the start of my next turn he takes 1d6 extra thunder damage
    Action Point: Aspect of Might, +8 vs AC, I roll twice for this and use the higher roll. If I still have Elven Accuracy and I miss, I use it here.
    On hit: 3d12+5 damage
    Miss: Half damage
    Effect: Until the end of the encounter I gain a +5 bonus to athletics checks, a +2 bonus to speed and a +2 bonus to melee damage rolls.

    1. Oh no, now I'm haunted by the memories of Friday afternoons and the most annoying animated interpretation of Link. EVER!!!

      Raging Tempest: (4) or (1) or Elven accuracy(16)+8 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
      The dice-luck has failed you, but luckily your build can simply pound out a ton of d20's until you get something decent!

      Aspect of Might: (17) or (17 again)+8 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!

      between the two attack, Nihil takes (2)+(2)+5 + (4)+(8)+(10)+5 = 36 damage!


      "I'm ok with that", Jon, because Nihil uses his Firedeath racial power to drop the Aspect of Might die rolls to 1's. Nihil instead takes 17 damage to be bloodied at a mere 6 HP!!!
      A brutal back-and-forth struggle between some really good builds and really strong tactics all over the board on all three teams! This shit is awesome.

    2. "If I am hit by any encounter or daily attack that deals damage, trigger Firedeath."

      He used it on the Raging Tempest dice, per his conditions, not the Aspect of Might dice.

      And the 1d6 rider effect should have triggered as well.

    3. Oh, sharp eye! Please try and excuse some clumsiness on my part as I have quite a few char sheets to juggle in my head, and also please strive to be as clear and concise on your postings as possible.

      Thus, Nihil will have taken (1)+(1)+5 + (4)+(8)+(10)+5 +(6) thunder damage making a total of 40 damage!

      Nihil is gibbed when he hits -12 HP!!!


    4. No worries. I did clarify below on the extra d6, but it's easy to miss first thing in the morning and it's not the clearest wording. What I get for posting at nearly 4am my time. ;)

    5. Oh whoops hurr just noticed on the map, I should be on the other side of Nihil.

  5. For clarity, if the encounter power hits, the 1d6 triggers from the daily.

  6. The fire-immune Catwoman starts her turn dazed. Perhaps she will ask someone to get over here?

    1. Forgot to mention, the Dazed lasts until the end of my next turn

  7. "Ouch. Well where did everybody go?" Catwoman lowers his goggles and scans the lower levels for activity. "Oh yes, there you." She purrs with a subtle grin.

    Leaping down with a subtle roll, her whip flailing out from her with a snap it cracks at the fallen form of Young Link and the red shirted stranger..........what was his name again? Never mind. As she cracks to her feet again she lifts her googles, gives a wink and says, "Missed me, boys?"


    Minor Action: Ninja Leap down a level.

    ACTION POINT: Spirit Flay against Young Link and Red Shirt. (young Link)+9 vs. Reflex (prone) and (Red Shirt) +7 vs. Reflex. On hit,1d10+8 necrotic and psychic damage, and the target is dazed until the end of my next turn. Effect: I gain partial concealment until the end of my next turn.

    if Red Shirt drops to 0hp or less

    No Action: Convocation of Shadows and I gain insubstantial and phasing until the end of my next turn.

    1. I had to do a double-take before posting, this cat has reach!

      Young Link: (3)+9 vs. Reflex 9; HIT!!!
      Young Link takes a coupe de grace, taking 18 damage, getting UPPERCUTTED (sending Catwoman back to the Stage above), and gibbed!


      Red Shirt: (9)+7 vs. Reflex 13; HIT!!!
      for (7)+8= 15 damage and dazed! Red Shirt drops unconscious at -10 HP, triggering Stormhawk's Vengeance! Cat woman ends her turn at 6 HP and a whole mess of conditions. We've got a match just waiting for a Killing Spree!

      The Joker starts his turn poised for the kill!

  8. Oh right! You should be at 11 HP then.

  9. "One fish, two fish, red shirt, dead shirt..." The Joker chuckles and then cartwheels down to the spiked pit. He uses the red shirts blood to paint himself a mural on the spiked pillar: Kirk, Spock, and McCoy as the three stooges surrounded by tribbles!

    Ninja-jump x2 down to the spiked stage, 2x minor actions
    Attack Red Shirt with Sly flourish, +10 vs AC (+8+CA), 1d6+7 damage for the coup de grace and kill!

    1. The Joker is doing ninja jumps and flying somersaults through the air!
      (17)+10 vs. AC 12; HIT!!!


      Nihil comes back in looking for blood. He is so enraged by losing the lead that he grows some extra arms as he pulls Kombat Kard (6): Goro.

    2. Oh and since that coupe de grace did max damage, Joker makes an UPPERCUT and jumps up to the Warrior Shrine stage.

  10. A spark of heatless flame appears. "Perhaps you were confused as to the nature of submission. I am an emissary of the unrelenting dark and you are my prey."

    No Action: Appear in the bottommost level in square 10 (Immediately to the right of Link)

    Standard Action: Opening Shove vs. Link (+9 vs Reflex (because he's still granting me CA from last turn. Hit: Push 1 to square 9 and Excel will make a basic attack against Link

    Basic Attack: +8 vs AC(use Heroic Effort if this attack misses by 4 or less) Hit: 2d8+6 damage, +5 damage if this attack bloodies the target.

    I'll save the rest for after that resolves. I would set it up, but Uppercut makes that impossible.

    1. (6)+9 vs. Reflex 14; HIT!!!
      (2)+8 vs. AC 16; MISS!!!
      Roll a two, drink the hooch.

      And then from email:
      "Minor Action: Inspiring Word targeting Excel. Regain Healing Surge +1d6 HP
      Action Point: Direct the Strike targeting Excel.
      Basic Attack vs. Link +8 vs. AC (using Heroic Effort if the attack misses by 4 or less), 2d8+6 damage."

      Excel is no longer bloodied and at 22 HP.
      (11)+8 vs. AC 16; HIT!!!
      for (4)+(5)+6, which bloodies Link, dropping him an additional 5 HP. That is one baller feat! Link is in rough shape at 6 HP!

      Red Hood Respawns with Kombat Kard (6): Johnny Cage.

    2. How does Link still have the CA condition from Evil Eye of the Vistani? I thought Respawning removes non-EoE conditions like that on the respawned character.

    3. Yeah. I misread the clarification when I asked about that.

    4. Which would mean that Opening Shove misses, which means Direct the Strike can't happen (unless Excel has reach or uses a RBA?). And would Inspiring Word then draw an OA?

    5. Inspiring Word is a Close Burst.

      I'm going to assume we'll have to rewind to right after Opening Shove because everything I did was contingent from there.

    6. The Dungeon Master Hammer is coming down!

      Ruling: Kink is unhit, back where he was, and at x HP. Nihil has his Action Point unspent. Excel is at 22+(4)= Max 25 HP [I forgot to roll the bonus die last post].

  11. Wow - round two, and 13 deaths? You guys rock!

  12. The Red Hood grins beneath his mask. "Not even death can keep me away, isn't that right, Joker?" He once again draws his wicked blade and stalks towards a new target, the fire and ice spewing Mario. "Time to pay, fat man, your princess is another castle."

    Move: Move towards Mario, as he is not adjacent to any of his allies Red Hood gains CA vs him due to Ambush Trick.
    Standard: MBA +10 vs AC, 1d6+7 damage on a hit +2d8 Sneak Attack die
    No Action: If the initial MBA misses then use Heroic Effort (+4 bonus to attack roll)
    Free Action: Backstab which allows for a free MBA. +11 vs Mario's AC, 1d6+7 + 1d6 damage on a hit.

    1. Backstab isn't an extra attack, it's a massive bonus to your attack. I'm ruling that your adding that into your basic attack.

      (9)+13 vs. AC 12; HIT!!!
      That's the ticket, got after the enemy you need a 3 to hit! Tactics! Winning!
      d6(2)+d6(5)+d8(5)+d8(3)+7= 22 damage! As a Revenant, he is dazed at -1 HP.

      Excel's turn is up! Perhap now she will beat Link into a pulp.

      Oh man, I bet Jon is happy you didn't use your awesome Kombat Kard that is a triggered action from hitting someone granting kombat advantage and would have hurt him even more. ;)

    2. Not as happy as I would have been if the two teams vying for first would kill each other instead of us, but I'll take what I can get.

      Also, I'll use Dark Reaping, since a creature within 5 squares of me (me) went below 0HP.

    3. My hope was to give Excel an off-turn kill on Link so that he could grab Link's Kombat Kard and the immunity that went with it. Trust me, I want to go after Team Arkham as much as you want me to.

  13. Ecel brushes the soot from her jacket, "Thank you agent Nihil for the assist step one is now complete. On to step two, genocide to remove the corruption from this degenerate world. In the name of love and justice, for Across and Ilpalazzo-samma this will be done." She then grins happily at Red Hood.

    Move action: Move adjacent to Red Hood
    Standard Action: Use Savage Cut on Red Hood, +8 vs. AC 3d8+6 damage on a hit. If I miss by 4 or less I will use heroic Effort.
    Will complete turn after I see the results of this action.

    1. Excel is unstoppable!

      (15)+8 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
      for (3)+(8)+(6)+6 = 23 damage! That would drop him, meaning it bloodies him, dealing an additional 5 damage to Red Hodd through Disciple of Destruction to put him at -6 HP.
      Dropping Red Hood, however, triggers Stormhawk's Vengeance, bloodying Excel at 12 HP!

      Waiting on you to complete Excel's turn.

    2. Excuse me, Excel's at 17 HP, and thus not bloodied.

  14. "Wow you guys know some neat tricks! Agent Nihil don't fret help is on the way."

    Free action: Your Soul is Mine taking the Johnny Cage Card.
    Action point: Running Slash. Using the Johnny Cage Property I slide one square to position 4 I then move six squares entering Links square and then moving back out of it to put me in the flank with Nihil. With the flank this will be +10 vs. Ref 2d8+6 and slowed until the end of my next turn. If I miss by 4 or less I will use heroic effort. If the attack hits I will use Nut Breaker on Link.
    This will end my turn.

  15. sorry if I drop link to 0 or fewer I will also use your soul is mine on him.

    1. In the future, I usually assume you grab Kombat Kards with Your Soul Is Mine, I just didn't remember about it until after I posted the comment and I didn't want to clutter up the post with unnecessary comments. That said! I always appreciate the more clear and concise comments/posts that make my job as Dungeon Master easier (as in, I have to think less).

      Link's nuts are broken! A point to make for those whom don't have Excel's Char Sheet in fron of them, Running Slash's movement does not provoke OAs from the target.

      (12)+10 vs. Reflex 14; HIT!!!
      (4)+(5)+6+5= 20 damage and slowed (eont) and dazed (se)
      This would take Link down to 6 HP, but it bloodied the target, so he takes another 5 damage to be all the way down to ONE SINGLE HIT POINT!

      Young Link jumps into the match, perhaps to avenge the nuts of his future self? He grabs Kombat Kard (7): Retile. He is immune to acid and can use Acid Spit.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. A large yellow arrow appears in the air, floating above Joker and pointing down at him. From a distance, the ‘snap’ of a slingshot is heard, followed by a wooden pellet, filled with an unidentifiable liquid, flying through the air straight for the costumed clown. A flash of light is all that remains of the young hero as he vanishes off to another realm to fight another evil.

    Respawn on Warrior Shrine, column 10

    Minor: Warlock’s Curse on Joker – cursed until EoE or Joker drops to 0

    Standard: Acid Spit on Joker
    +6 vs Reflex 17
    1d6 damage from curse and 10 acid at the start of each of his turns until he drops

    Minor: Ninja-jump up to the Bridge Stage

    Free: Readies his shield for whatever comes his way

    1. Quick update, mixed up our group strategy, Respawning in column 3 and targeting Catwoman, who is already cursed from earlier, so the attack is now +6 vs Reflex 14 (+4 Heroic Effort if needed), same damage, and activate Defender's Aura after Ninja jumping.

  18. (5)+6 +2 CA +4 (Heroic Effort) vs. Reflex 14 +2 conceal; HIT!!!
    Curse damage only applies to Warlock spells, correct?

    Otherwise, Red Shirt jumps into the fight with Kombat Kard (3); Scorpion.


    1. Yeah, that's right. I knew something was still gonna make this be a lousy turn for me. Mario and Link, you better be able to follow through next round!

    2. SECOND CHANCE! reroll please. :)

    3. Dang annoying Halflings...*mumble mumble*

    4. The elf/halfling wars had some of the most confusing battles in history. It was like schoolyard games - "I hit you!" "No you didn't!" "Yes I did!"

    5. Better than Dragonborn/Tiefling schoolyard wars. "My ancient fallen empire could totally beat up your ancient fallen empire!" "Could not!" "Could too!"

    6. And then the one kid breathes fire, but the other kid resists fire ... it makes for a frustrating, flame-filled childhood.

  19. Second Chance, c'mon 3 or less ...
    (13); HIT!!!!

    I've also realized that I goofed and forgot to track Red Shirt's Stormhawk's Vengeance from his coupe de grace'ing. Joker takes 10 thunder damage to be at 13 HP. For the time being, I assume he the uses Unbalanced Mind, causing any creature entering or ending their turn adjacent to him to take 5 psychic damage.

  20. BTW, map is in error. Young Link is on the Stage immeidately above him (Bridge). Map updates ... at some point later.

  21. Hey Ross,

    I'm having sign-in trouble on my home computer, so here is my post if you don't mind uploading it for me. Also, I noticed that Unbalanced Mind triggers on Joker taking damage from an attack.


    Lieutenant Kaplan's Log, 3715.0: The enterprise is investigating a planet said to be an Eden-like paradise. With a consistent tropical climate over most of the surface, it sounds like a great place to retire one day.

    Tech: Spawn next to Joker.
    Disrupting Advance vs Joker
    +9 vs AC 17
    Hit: 2d12+7 damage, and push 2. The target and each adjacent enemy after the push are slowed EoNT.
    Use Heroic Effort if within 4.

    If Joker drops:
    Action Point: GET OVER HERE vs. Catwoman
    +8 vs AC 17
    Hit: d10+7 dmg, and pull adjacent.
    Use Heroic Effort if available/necessary.

    Regardless, use two minors to ninja jump down two levels.

    1. I'll be updating the map and making a post for Round 3 in the morning.

      (8)+9 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
      for (4)+(2)+7= 13 damage!
      Joker is dropped to zero Hit Points exactly!

      Now Unbalanced Mind triggers.

      GET OVER HERE!!!
      (13)+8 +2 CA vs. AC 17 +2 concealment; HIT!!!
      for 1/2x (8)+7= 7 damage!
      I don't have my usual notes with me, but I do believe this drops Catwoman down to -1 HP.


      Afterwards, Red Shirt skips away to be adjacent to Excel in a big ol' cluster, waiting for a close blast to wreck house.

      Mario will start his turn dazed and pseudo-dying (24 hr timer will start when I post the next round).

  22. Now that I see my notes, Catwoman has 11 HP, is now down to 4 HP, and thus no Killing Spree.

    Wha whaaaa.



    Try as they might, the trailing teams are having a tough time knocking Team Arkham out of the lead position. Can they turn it around?

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