Spring 2012 Rules Changes

The following rules take effect on Saturday April 7th 2012 at the PAX East Fourthcore Team Deathmatch Tournament:
  • NO THEMES - the complexity level of themes has escalated to the point of being onerous to keep up with, and they are a strong deterrent to new and inexperienced dungeoneers who will have a significant disadvantage in character builds from their lack of familiarity with this niche rules element. Also, the plethora of defensive themes available runs counter to the Fourthcore Team Deathmatch philosophy of "more kills = more fun".
  • NO SPELLPLAGUES - this was never meant to be included in play and was inadvertently left out of the Characer Creation page.
  • A dungeoneer with an At-Will stance or aura starts with one of each active at the start of combat, when initiative is rolled.
    All dungeoneers have line of sight and line of effect to their allies, when initiative is rolled.
    This has been an unofficial ruling for some time now, and is now more clearly stated. These mechanical elements were originally designed under the assumption that a group of dungeoneers would start an encounter with them, so that should be reflected in Deathmatch play as well.
  • Play-By-Post: The penalty for delaying the game in play-by-post (waiting longer than 24 hours to post actions) now matches the same penalty applied to stalling and indecision in live play: GIBBED!!!
  • Clarification: Respawn terrain powers have a requirement of a dead or dying dungeoneer. This has always been the de facto mode of play, we're just now cleaning up the wording to reflect this.
  • Various map tweaks. As an ongoing effort, maps are continuously tweaked by the authors to be more clear, concise, and fun. Always check the current posting of a given map before creating a character for Deathmatch play.

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