Play-by-Post: Match 08 Round 04 MORTAL KOMBAT



  1. For clarity, the bottom-most Stage, left-to-right, is:
    Six empty squares
    Unconscious Catwoman
    Empty square
    Unconscious Link AND Red Shirt
    Empty square

    Mario Respawns and picks up Kombat Kard (10); Raiden. He now has a teleport speed of 3 and can use THUNDER TEMPEST.

  2. Mario, in the moments before respawning looks at Nihil and Joker standing so nicely down in the bottom corner, but with a sigh of responsibility pops onto the spiked pit stage. "Here we goooooooo!"

    Spawn in Column 3
    Minor: Master's Eye
    Standard: Elemental Bolt + Elemental Escalation
    +5 vs Reflex (using Elven Accuracy if I miss)
    1d12+1d10+1d8+1d6+7 fire damage

    1. I want to take a minute here and just highlight the how over the top and zany this character build is. If we were at a table together, Jon would have just rolled one of every type of standard die, except the d4 (although on most maps, he would have just rolled a d4 for Respawn location). My hat off to you, good sir!

      (4) or Elven Accuracy (19) BRUTALITY!!!
      for 12+10+8+6+7= 43 fire damage!
      Excel is gibbed! Excel had just a hair of damage already, so no Flawless Victory.


      Link Respawns with Kombat Kard (9): Shang Tsung. Link has phasing, is immune to untyped weapon damage, and can steal people's souls at-will.

    2. Oh yes, this is what happens when Mario picks up a Fire Flower! Glad it wasn't me!

    3. I'll go ahead and use Dark Reaping.

    4. I think not. Revenant's can only use Dark Reaping or their past life racial power (in this case, Elven Accuracy) each encounter, not both.

      Check Page 3 of your char sheet, under Feats. Pretty explicitly calls this out.

  3. [tech]

    Spawn next to Catwoman
    Oath of Enmity vs Catwoman
    Bond of Retribution vs Catwoman for the CdG, +10 vs AC since she's prone, roll twice and take higher result, if I somehow still miss even though she's unconscious Elven Accuracy. Would be 1d12+5 maxed, high crit +1d12, enhancement +1d8

    (Sorry for the delay, travel throws everything way the hell off.)

    1. (15) or (19) BRUTALITY!!!
      for (2)+(7)+17= 26 damage!

      Your Soul Is Mine!

      Link wins.

      Catwoman Repsawns with Kombat Kard (7); Reptile

      OOC: It'd be awesome if you guys started putting all that fluff text energy into describing badass fatalities instead of the intros. Example:

      Link impales the dying Catwoman in the gut with his blade. Crackling purple lightning arcs out from the sword and engulf her body, drawing her material being into the steel ... forever!

    2. Sorry, I was tired, been depressed pretty bad, and just wanted to make sure I posted in time. ;)

    3. No prob, man. As per usual, you're posting in plenty of time, keeping the game moving fast and fun, and have nothing to worry about.

      About the fluff text, play by post is a funny thing. If you have't seen from the youtube videos, live play has quite a bit less of the pomp and circumstance of the PbP. There's no fluff text, no introductions. Characters don't even get named. The tidal wave of roleplaying and characterization that has come out of the PbP games took me completely by surprise when we started this, in a good way. I was just suggesting that if one is going to go through all the effort of posting a bunch of fluff, a post-mortem description of the Fatality is much more fitting to the theme of the match. So, if you're scrimping on time, or just out of creative juice, there's no need to bother with the fluff at all. It's just gravy, and the only thing I really care about is laggards who delay the game and break the 24-hour rule.

  4. Catwoman swings into position on the lowest platform next to the red-shirted ensign. Her whip cracks twice with a snap of blackened energy as it singes across the two so-called Immortals wrapping around their necks and snapping their heads back violently.


    Free action: Spawn on lowest level next to Red Shirt

    Standard Action: Spirit Flay on Nihil and Red Shirt, +7 vs Reflex to both, 1d10+7 pyschic and necrotic damage on a hit and target is dazed. Effect: I gain partial concealment until the end of my next turn. If hit Red Shirt, use Takedown Strike to also do extra 5 damage and knock him prone. Also if I drop either to 0hp (unlikely), use Convocation of Shadows to gain insubstantial and phasing until end of my next turn.

    1. Whip it, whip it good!

      Nihil: (10)+7 vs. Reflex 14; HIT!!!
      Red Shirt: (11)+7 vs. Reflex 13; HIT!!!
      both take (4)+7= 11 damage!
      Red Shirt takes an extra 5 damage and is knocked prone. Red Shirt is bloodied at 9 HP, Nihil is at 16 HP.


  5. While that whip cracks, the joker is tying a blindfold on...WHY WOULD HE DO THAT? IS HE MAD? He shimmies up to Nihil, who is always so confused, and right before he swings away (Meryl), he PEAKS OUT FROM UNDERNEATH! WHAT A CHEATER! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Shift over to Nihil, use Opening Move +10 (+8+2 from CA) vs AC, 4d6+5 damage on a hit.
    Effect: +4 AC/Reflex until EoNT.

    If I gib Nihil, my finishing move bursts him into candys all over the board. And I call the tootsie rolls!

    1. D'oh! I dropped the ball here. I checked through my records and Nihil used second wind last round, bringing his Reflex up to 16, and then he has cover from Ctwoman's spirit flaying whip, making the attack roll a total of 15.

      Joker can post a different set of actions, or just give me a thumbs up on the one he has, although no combat advantage against the non-dazed opponent. Timer reset.

    2. OOC:
      Then I'll go for the easier target...
      Ninja jump up to the spiked stage, move next to link, use opening move. +8 vs AC 16, 2d6+5 on a hit, +4 AC/Reflex until EoNT.

  6. Whoa! Thanks for all the patience, guys, I just got back from a hellish day at a construction site / meetings for future construction sites.


    (12)+8 vs. AC 16; HIT!!!
    for (1)+(1)+5= 11 damage!

    Link is down to 15 HP and Nihil's turn is upon us!

    1. Wouldn't that be untyped weapon damage? And I'm only counting 7 damage regardless from that. *confuse*

    2. Oh man, someone needs to flag the DM!

      The damage numbers were a typo/slip of the finger. I rolled (1) and (5). But that doesn't much matter, as The Joker's attacks did indeed deal all untyped weapon damage, hence! the blade flashes through the spirit form of Shang Tsung, dealing ZERO damage to Link.

      Nice catch, Ian!

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  8. (My apologies in advance for the dearth of flavor text. I've had kind of a long day.)

    "All of you, everything in this world, it is mine."


    Minor Action: Evil Eye of the Vistani targeting Catwoman [+4 vs. Will (+6, -2 for concealment), Hit: grants CA to me and cannot come closer to me until the end of my next turn].

    Standard Action: Four-Armed Beatdown targeting Red Shirt [+9 vs. AC (+7, +2 for CA from prone), Hit: 1d8+4 damage]. I will continue making attacks until Red Shirt is unconscious, but not dead.

    For an instant, the few dim flames that surround Nihil fade away and Catwoman can see the true form of the creature facing her. What she sees there is terrible beyond words.

    Nihil raises his corroded blade. "Do not think that I am sorry for you. As far as I am concerned, you are an animal that must be trained. Consider this while you reside in oblivion."

    Move Action: Ninja Leap to Dead Pool level, column 10.

    1. Sorry, that was supposed to be Spiked Pit stage.

      Like I said, long day.

    2. Pfff, all that fluff text is just gravy! Don't ever worry yourself about it. Worry about killing!!!

      Speaking of which, time for the inter-team FOUR-ARMED BEATDOWN!!!
      (15)+9 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
      for (4)+4 damage
      (13)+9 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
      for (7)+4 damage
      (1) HUMILIATION! <-- I should have stopped the attacks here, but since it didn't make a difference, I wanted to shout out HUMILIATION!
      (8)+9 -2 vs. AC 17; MISS!!!
      Red Shirt takes a total of 19 damage to be at -10 HP.

      Move to stand, Minor to Ninja Leap

      Red Hood Respawns with Kombat Kard (4); Jonny Cage, the perfect compliment to the CA-happy thief!

    3. Nihil's attacks should have really stopped after that second one, leaving him with an actio so he could use his stated Evil Eye!
      (16)+4 vs Will 16; HIT!!!
      Catwoman grants combat advantage to Nihil and can't move any closer to him.

  9. The Red Hood once again respawns, perhaps a little slower this time than the last few times. "You cannot kill me," he yells to no one in particular, "I who have unlocked the secrets of the Lazarus Pit, I who have cheated death." With that last line he locks eyes with the Joker and despite the mask any onlookers can feel the grin underneath the mask as well as Red Hood's slow decent into madness.

    No Action: Respawn on the third level (the one with Joker and adult Link) in position 1.
    Move: Ambush Trick to move onto the otherside of Link, flanking with the Joker and ensuring CA vs Link
    Standard: MBA vs Link, +10 vs AC, 1d6+7 damage, 2d8 Sneak Attack damage
    Free Action: Backstab vs Link, updates the MBA to +13 vs Link's AC, same damage as above but with an additional 1d6 extra damage
    No Action: If for some reason the MBA w/ Backstab misses, use Heroic Effort (within reason, of course)
    Minor Action: Use my Spellscarred Harbringer theme feature, Vanish, as a minor action and become invisible until the start of my next turn.)

    1. And before I forget, as I am wont to do:

      As a Free Action I'd like to make use of my Kombat Kard which allows me to daze my target and deal an additional 5 extra damage upon a hit.

      Ideally I'd like this to take place before the minor action to become invisible.

    2. Oh no! A tactical error made during the heat of battle, when all is raging around you, and nothing seems right. The reincarnated Red Hood's expertly wielded bladed passes through Link's defense, the Elf's shield kicked aside, a knife pressed into the jugular ... and passing through like a wisp of smoke.

      Link, with Shang Tsung's Kombat Kard, is immune to untyped weapon damage.

      Excel Respawns with Kombat Kard (3); Scorpion. She is immune to fire and can have people Get Over Here!

    3. Wouldn't the daze from his Kombat Kard still work, though?

    4. Yes, although the extra damage is tied to the initial attack (weapon, untyped), so Link is still unharmed in that regard.

  10. The soothing voice of the Great Will of the Macrocosm speaks, "Excel, wake up Excel. You must not die the moment the show starts. Now with my Great powers, let us start the story over again."

    With the sound of a spittoon Excel reappears ready to fight.

    Respawn in section 2 of the spiked pit stage
    Standard action: Get over here Link. Link is granting combat advantage from dazed but has cover from Red Hood. As this is not a weapon attack it should be able to hurt him. +8 vs. AC 1d10+7 Damage and Link is pulled to section 3. Use Heroic Effort if I miss by 4 or less.
    Move Action: Shift to Section 1 of the spiked pit stage.
    End Turn.

    1. (11)+8 +2 -2 vs AC 16; HIT!!!
      The Scorpion javelin sails through the air, passes by Red Hood, and into Link's gut! He takes (6)+7 damage to be bloodied at 13 HP! Red Hood is in the way, stopping the pull effect.

      Young Link, avenge thy elder self!

    2. If I bloodied him that would trigger Disciple of Destruction giving him 5 more damage.

  11. Sensing the other tuniced hero in danger, Toon Link rushes off to offer what aid he can.

    Move 5 squares to the right
    Ninja drop down two platforms to flank Joker

  12. Red Shirt Respawns and grabs a new Kombat Kard (6); Goro!

    Time for a beatdown!

  13. Mister Hendorff's log, 3715.0 : I'm stuck on security detail for our mission to Gamma Trianguli VI, but I'd rather be in the horticultural lab. Hopefully my friend Kaplan will be joining us. I wonder if there are any interesting plants on this supposed paradise....


    Spawn next to Young Link. Draw a Trident using Kombat Kard feature.

    Use Four-Armed Beatdown
    vs Young link using Fullblade
    +9 vs AC 20
    d12 + 7 damage
    Use Power Strike on the first hit for an extra d12.
    Use as many attacks as it takes to cause a Fatality.
    Use Heroic Effort if needed on any attack.
    Coup de Grace if he is Unconscious at any point.

    If this causes an Uppercut, slide him down one level and land next to Catwoman.
    Keep attacking Young Link, unless he is dead then attack Catwoman with Fullblade.
    Use Heroic Effort if necessary/available.

    If no Uppercut and Link is dead with attacks remaining, throw Trident at Joker (OOC: Four-Armed Beatdown says unspecified Basic Attack)
    +8 vs AC 17
    d8+ 7 damage (extra +1 for versatile? Not sure if that works with thrown weapons)
    Use Heroic Effort if necessary/available.


    Red Shirt sympathizes with the young swordsman's death as he incinerates him with his phaser, leaving a hazy Link-shaped afterimage in the air.

    1. For clarity: Yes! Four-Armed Beatdown is any type of basic attack. I have visions of four-armed Wizards casting a swarm of magic missiles.
      Brownie Points go to BFlat (which is Brendan's rapper name) for a detailed post/comment and description of a possible Fatality. I always found the myriad of Fatalities to be so very interesting in Mortal Kombat.

      On Red Shirt's starship, the beatings continue until morale improves!

      vs. Young Link: (14)+9 vs. AC 20; HIT!!!
      for (10)+(11)+7= 28 damage! The young ensign obliterate's the boy-elf's defenses, smashing through temp HP, and dropping Young Link to -1 HP!

      vs. Young Link: (19)+9 vs. AC 20 -5; BRUTALITY!!!
      UPPERCUT!!! for 19 damage!

      FATALITY!!! Young Link is vaporized into a red haze. Cue up the 'Chekov Scream' www.youtube.com/watch?v=qE3jS1sl-So
      Red Shirt wins.

      vs. Catwoman: (8)+9 +4 heroic effort vs. AC 19; HIT!!!
      Second Chance: How about a (3)?! +9 +4 vs. AC 19; MISS!!!

      vs. Catwoman: (18)+9 vs. AC 19; HIT!!!
      for (2)+7= 9 damage! Catwoman is down to 14 HP.

      Whew that was a hell of a post!


    The Immortals pull ahead again this Round, although their lead is razor thin and bolstered only by a lucky Kard draw at the very end. Can they keep up this brutal onslaught? Doubtful.

    That's right, I said it. The gauntlet has been thrown! Prove me wrong and annihilate your foes!

    The saga continues in Round 5: