Play-by-Post: Match 08 Round 05 MORTAL KOMBAT

Round 5


  1. Mario takes a step to the side, before hopping down a level and tossing a fireball at Red Hood

    Move: Shift one square left
    Minor: Drop down a level
    Standard: Elemental Bolt against Red Hood
    +5 vs Reflex
    1d12+1d6+7 fire damage

    1. Mario drops down and launches a solid attack, but Red Hood's bobbing and weaving save the boy wonder ... this time.

      (13)+5 -5 [blind] vs. Reflex 18; MISS!!!

      Link starts his turn dazed!

    2. Hah. Here I was laughing at the other team for making weapon attacks against Link, and I forgot to check to see if my target was actually visible. #Facepalm

  2. What an annoying clown. It needs to go away.

    Raging Tempest vs Joker, +8 vs AC
    On hit: 1d12+5 + 1d6 lightning damage, and 1d6 thunder damage the first time he takes damage before the end of my next turn.

    1. My apologies for the delay in dice rolling!

      The tempest rages for naught!

      (5)+8 vs AC 17; MISS!!!

      Saving Throw vs. Dazed (2); FAIL!!!
      Roll a 2, drink the hooch!
      I think a lot of us have been rolling some 2's lately.

      Catwoman is up!

  3. Catwoman leaps up a level and slashes her whip at the foul creature flanked by her allies. "Nice skirt, honey. I thought you were supposed to save the princess?" With a flash, she's gone again and leaps upward another level to safety.

    minor action: Ninja Jump up one level next to Joker.
    standard action: Flesh Rend against Link, +8 vs. AC, 1d10+8 damage on a hit and target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls until end of my next turn.
    if dropped to 0 HP, unlikely, but hey it could happen.
    no action: Convocation of Shadows for insubstantial and phasing until end of my next turn.
    minor action: Ninja Jump up another level.

  4. Ninja jump provokes an opportunity attack!
    (8)+9 vs. AC 19 +2 OA; MISS!!!

    Flesh Rend: (3)+8 +2 [CA] vs. AC 16; MISS!!!
    Oh no!

    Joker starts his turn.

  5. "Link is no FUN. Lets go play with the plumber! I think I have a leak somewhere!"

    Minor action: Ninja-up to a stage (AC vs the OA is 19).
    Standard Action: Deft Strike vs Mario. Before the attack, shift two squares, then +8 vs AC. 1d6+5 damage on a hit.

    Easy turn. Maybe if SOMEONE HIT ME, This CLOWN WOULD SMILE MORE!

    1. You;ve lucked out, no opportunity attack, Link is dazed.

      Dazed and granting combat advantage.

      CA. CA for your daggers.

      Attack against Mario!
      (6)+8 vs. AC 12; HIT!!!
      for (3)+5= 8 damage! He's at 18 HP and Nihil starts his turn.

  6. Nihil follows the strange creature as it flees. "I consigned you to the pit."

    Move Action: Move 3 squares to the left.
    Minor Action: Ninja Leap up to the warrior shrine stage (just to Catwoman's left). This does not provoke an OA because Link is dazed.
    Standard Action: Warlord's Favor (encounter power), targeting Catwoman [+9 vs. AC 9 (+7, +2 from CA)] Hit: 2d8+4 damage.

    1. Nihil says goodbye to the ghost-like weapon-immune Link, inhabited by the spirit of Shang Tsung, and goes after Catwoman.

      (1) HUMILIATION!!!

      and ends up right at Link's feet!

      Red Hood starts his turn, I think the first turn he's taken that he has not Respawned.

  7. Red Hood moves past the dazed and ghost-like Link for a new target after his previous tactical error. "The Lazarus Pit has left me wanting for the sweet smell of victory for far too long!"

    (OoC: And yes, this is in fact the first turn that Red Hood has not Respawned!)

    Move: Ambush Trick towards the alone Excel (ending adjacent to the new target), setting up CA
    Standard: MBA vs Excel, +10 vs AC, 1d6+7 damage, 2d8 Sneak Attack damage
    Kombat Kard: Use the property to slide one square away from Excel following the attack.

    1. Whoa, slipped this one in just in time! I'm going to assume you want to go through all of the Kard's effects and benefits if you are able.

      (10)+8 +2 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
      for (6)+7 +(5)+(7)= 25 damage!

      That gets Excel down to -9 HP, and then she will Respawn with Kombat Kard (9); Shang Tsung

      Note: Johnny Cage's Nutbreaker can still be triggered by a post from Red Hood until Excel posts her turn.

  8. [Tech]
    Free Action: Active Kombat Kard's Nutbreaker!

    1. Excel drops to -14 HP; FATALITY!!!

    2. Red Hood used his Kombat Kard last round on Link, he can't hit me with it this round.

    3. Ah shit, my apologies. I forgot to 'tap' the kard to keep track of its use.

      The Immortals tied at 08 deaths!

  9. The sound of a spittoon sounds and a Male voice intones, "You shouldn't rely on her that much."

    Excel waves at something you can't see, "Thanks Will." and then grins madly as she goes after her next target.


    Respawn in section one of the spiked pit stage.

    Move action: Move to Section three of the spiked pit stage, this will provoke an OA from Red Hood but he thanks to Shang Sung he shouldn't be able to hurt me.

    Standard Action: Use Savage Cut on Red Hood
    +8 vs AC because I moved through him I will gain 1[W] damage making this 4d8 + 6 damage on a hit. If I miss by 4 or less use heroic effort. If I bloody him trigger Disciple of Destruction. If I drop him use Your Soul is Mine.

    End turn.

    1. Red Hood's blade passes harmlessly through Excel's delicate body as she phases right through him, gliding on a cloud. Goodbye! Her own blade materializes in Red Hood's entrails!

      (12)+8 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
      for (5)+(6)+(5)+(5)+6 +5 [Destruction] = 32 damage! Baller!
      Red Hood is thoroughly dropped at -10 HP!

      Excel wins.

      Excel steals the soul and gains Johnny Cage's Kombat Kard!

      Excel gains 10 temp HP but then immediately loses them due to Stormhawk's Vengeance.

      Young Link Respawns with Kombat Kard (1); Liu Kang! Time for Fists of Flame and Bicycle Kick, wah wah wah wah!

      Map update in the morning.

  10. A spark of light appears in the sky, followed by Toon Link falling through the air, his sword pointed straight down at Catwoman.

    Spawn at 12 on Warrior Shrine Stage

    Minor: Warlock's Curse on Catwoman

    Free: Holy Smite - Catwoman takes 4 radiant damage

    Standard: Charge Catwoman with Eldritch Strike
    +9 vs AC 19 (+4 Heroic Effort if needed)
    1d8 +1d6 +6 (+1d8 on crit) and dazed on hit

    1. Hiyaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      (19) BRUTALITY!!!
      for 4+(5)+(2)+6+(6)= 24 damage and dazed at -10 HP!

      UPPERCUT!!! DM's Fiat; since no direction was given, I'll slide down this time, keeping everyone within arm's reach of each other.

      Slide into the Spiked Pit? 5 damage!
      FATALITY!!! Catwoman is ninja-kicked into a jutting spike and impaled, the steel protruding frmo her bloody gut-wound.

      Young Link wins.

      Red Shirt is up.

    2. Oh duh, damage is maximized on a crit, so that would have been more, although the net effect of course being the same.

  11. Lieutenant Mallory's log, 3715.0: The captain is taking a rather large party down to survey Gamma Trianguli VI. I'm glad Kirk is finally giving me a chance to show him what I can do; I didn't want to have my dad call in the favor Kirk owes him. Everyone is really excited about this planet, so hopefully I won't be too bored...

    Move: walk to position 12.
    Minor: Ninja Leap up.
    Standard: Charge Young Link.
    +10 vs AC 20
    d12+7 damage

    If UPPERCUT triggers, slide him down.
    A FATALITY is doubtful, so I'll hold off on the description.

  12. I think you want to walk all the way to the right hand side before the Ninja Jump, but no matter!

    Charge: (4)+10 vs. AC 20; MISS!!!

    I've got a bunch of stuff to do this morning, but I'll be posting the FINAL ROUND later today!


    We go into the FINAL ROUND of this brutal tournament of champions, all within a single FATALITY away from claiming victory! Will we see a sudden death round? I HOPE SO! They are so much fun.

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