Play-by-Post: Match 08 Round 06 MORTAL KOMBAT



  1. Mario starts us off powered by the THUNDER GOD RAIDEN!!!

    Through email, his rivals have denied his request for seppuku and he starts his turn alive and un-gibbed.

  2. Oh dear....

    Mario looks around frantically, trying to find a kart or a tennis racket or a golf club or one of the many other odd items he'd used over the years. Eventually, he finds a lightning bolt. Oh well, time to make due with what the gods have given. Mario disappears in a flash, before hopping down, and channels the power of the Thunder God

    Move: Teleport (as per the Kombat Kard) to Column 1
    Minor: Ninja Leap down to the spiked Pit Stage
    Standard: Thunder Tempest vs. Red Hood and Excell
    Close Blast 3, +6 vs Reflex, 2d6+9 Lightning and Thunder Damage (Miss Half)
    Special - If I uppercut Excel, I'll go take her down to the Deadpool Stage.

    1. ZAP! ZAP! ZAP!

      vs. Red Hood: (9)+6 vs. Reflex 18 -5; HIT!!!

      vs. Excel: (13)+6 vs. Reflex 15; HIT!!!
      for (2)+(2)+9= 13 lightning damage! She is down to 14 hp.

      Mario wins.
      ... he also takes 10 thunder damage from SHV to be at 16 hp.

      Link is dazed, but ready to go!

  3. This guy again? He's worse than Ganondorf!

    Bond of Retribution: +10 vs AC, 1d12+5 damage on hit and the first time an enemy other than him hits or misses me before the end of my next turn he takes 3 radiant damage.

  4. Hmmm... I've got your attack bonus at +7 (and an additional +2 for combat advantage), but Nihil hasn't died since you Oath'ed him, so you're double rolling. Correct me if I'm wrong!

    (6) or (8)+7 +2 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
    for (8)+5= 13 damage! Nihil is bloodied at 12 HP!

    Save (20); CRITICAL SAVE!!!

    Catwoman enters into the arena for one last purrrfect attack! (Couldn't help it.) She takes Kombat Kard (10); Raiden. We're looking at a teleporting lightning kitty!

  5. Catwoman rumbles into existence. She holds her whip out and says, "Nah, I've got better plans." She pulls out a tazer and blasts lightning across Link and the prone form of Nihil. She looks back at Excel and says, "Like that one girly? Then you'll love this set up."

    no action: Spawn in the square to the direct left of Link.
    standard action: THUNDER TEMPEST, across Link and Nihil, +6 vs. Refex (bonus to prone target?), 2d6+9 lightning and thunder damage in hit. Miss: Half damage.

    if one drops to 0, use Convocation of Shadows for insubstantial and phasing until end of my next turn.
    if both drop to 0 or below and I gain action point for Killing Spree, use action point to use Spirit Flay on Nihil and Excel. +8 (+2 on prone target) vs Reflex, 1d10+8 necrotic and psychic damage on a hit and target is dazed until end of my next turn. Effect: I gain concealment until the end of my next turn.

    Move action: Teleport to the square to the direct left of Excel.

    1. Combat Advantage is granted to melee attacks against adjacent enemies. No dice, Stroup! Comfort yourself by basking in the radiance of a momentous ending to a 30 month D&D campaign ending triumphantly and gloriously at the enviable Level 30!!!

      vs. Link: (8)+6 vs. Reflex 14; HIT!!!
      for (2)+(5)+9= 16 damage! Link is dropped to the floor at -8 HP!
      Convocation of Shadows triggers, wrapping Catwoman in magic ... magic stuff ... darkshadow.

      vs. Nihil: (14)+6 vs. Reflex 14; HIT!!!
      Firedeath drops the damage down to a mere (1)+(1)+9= 11 damage; HE IS HANGING ON BY A MERE THREAD AT A SINGLE HIT POINT!!!
      And yes, I checked, Nihil hasn't used Firedeath since his one and only Respawn back in Round 2!

      Joker is up!

    2. Don't forget the 3 radiant damage Nihil takes from me being hit as a result of my power.

    3. I spoke too soon! Killing Spree requires you to be the guy doing the killing. The two characters dropped (Link and Nihil) were dropped by seperate other dungeoneers; Catwoman and Link respectively.

      No Killing Spree. Excel is doin' just fine.

      GAME ON!

  6. Mr J. drops down into the carnage, "So kiddies, do you know what's inside a nihil pinata? Neither do I. LETS FIND OUT."

    Shift over a square, ninjajump down to Links current square, then use sly flourish vs Nihil (+10 vs AC). 1d6+7+2d6 (sneak attack).

    Free action: Lament how this turn could have gone IF I had been able to respawn...

  7. (8)+8+2 vs. AC 17 -5; HIT!!!
    FATALITY!!! The Immortals have lost the lead!

    Joker wins.

    And Nihil Respawns with Kombat Kard (5); Kano

    1. Joker wins: Here is my fatality:

    2. I was thinking more like this, but whatev's


  8. Nihil returns as if nothing had happened, other than a grim cast to its eyes. "You will be remembered as only the first of many."

    [No Action] Respawn Spiked Pit Stage column 7 (immediately to the right of the square containing Link and Catwoman).

    [Minor Action] Inspiring Word targeting Excel. (He recovers 1d6 + Healing Surge).

    [Standard Action] Coup de Grace targeting Link using the Kano card attack. [+8 vs. Reflex. (+6, +2 for CA)-5 to his defenses for unconscious. Hit: Automatic Critical]

    If this attack hits I will slide the corpse with Uppercut to the 12th column of the Warrior Shrine stage (the rightmost)and slide myself to the 11th column next to him. Then I will [Move] Ninja Leap to Spiked Pit column 11.

    If this attack misses, then I will do something else with my move.

    My instructions regarding Firedeath will remain as they have.

    1. Nihil's indomitable spirit inspires Excel to fight on!
      Excel heals (2)+6 HP to be at 22 HP, near full health!

      Nihil then takes a vice-like grip to choke Link to death, squeezing tighter until the little Elf's eyes pop right out!

      (20)+8 vs. Reflex 14 -5; BRUTALITY!!!
      Link takes 17 damage as Nihil throws his lifeless corpse up to the Warrior Shrine.
      Nihil wins.

      Red Hood Respawns for this one last time, grabbing a hold of Kombat Kard (3); Scorpion

  9. Red Hood spawns next to Nihil, once again wielding his wicked blade. "Time for you to die, Immortal!" Red Hood says before disappearing before his opponent's eyes.

    Minor: Vanish (Theme Power) - Red Hood is invisible until the start of his next turn.
    Standard: MBA vs Nihil (+10 vs AC, 1d6+7 damage, 2d8 Sneak Attack damage)
    Free: Backstab - Previous MBA is now +13 vs AC, 1d6+7 damage, 2d8 Sneak Attack damage, 1d6 extra damage
    No Action: Heroic Effort (if appropriate)

    Standard: Scorpion Kombat Kard - +6 vs Red Shirt's Reflex, 10 ongoing Acid at the start of its turn
    (No Action: Heroic Effort (if appropriate and unused previously)

  10. Did ... did anyone else see Sorcerer Blob's post? I saw an email, deleted it, checked here, and now it's gone?

    1. That's... odd. I will repost it here in a second.

  11. Red Hood spawns next to Nihil with his wicked blade once again in his hand. "I'm the only true Immortal here, Nihil, I who have mastered the Lazarus Pit!" hisses Red Hood before vanishing before his opponent's eyes.

    Minor: Vanish (Theme Encounter Power) - Red Hood becomes invisible until the start of his next turn.
    Standard: MBA vs Nihil, +10 vs AC, 1d6+7 damage, 2d8 Sneak Attack Damage
    Free Action: Backstab turns the previous MBA vs Nihil into +13 vs AC, 1d6+7 damage, 2d8 Sneak Attack damage, and 1d6 extra damage.
    No Action: Heroic Effort (if appropriate)

    Standard: Scorpion Kombat Kard vs Red Shirt, +6 vs Reflex (+8 is Red Hood still has CA), Red Shirt takes 10 ongoing Acid Damage at the start of his turn til he dies.
    No Action: Heroic Effort (if applicable and unused in the previous MBA vs Nihil)

    (OOC: Ross, I'm going to email this to you as well so it doesn't get magically deleted again!)

  12. Seemingly out of nowhere, Red Hood jumps from the shadows and stabs Nihil through the heart!

    (6)+13 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
    for (4)+7 +(8)+(3) +(3) = 25 damage!

    Which would drop Nihil, but I do believe this qualifies for some condersoul Firedeath shenanigans, reducting the damage to (1)+7+(1)+(1)+(1)= 11 damage! Nihil is at 14 HP.

    Red Hood sprouts a hand-javelin (not a spittle of acid), shooting out across the Stage to impale Red Shirt, oh how those red shirts get impaled! Nihil, tricked by the illusions of the spellplague, does not see the opening for attacks.

    GET OVER HERE!: (5)+8+2 +4 heroic effort vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
    for (4)+7= 11 damage! Red Shirt is coincidentally also down to 14 HP.

    Excel's turn is up, and she is ready to break some nuts with Johnny Cage's Kombat Kard!

  13. Excel lifts up a manhole cover looking for the fat plumber who ran. Spotting him she leaps down. With a moronic grin filled with drool she says, "Itadakimasu!"

    Minor Action: Ninja Leap down to the Dead Pool stage
    Standard Action: Stalk and Strike shift into and back out of Mario's Square + 8 vs. AC 3d8+6 damage if I miss by 3 or less use heroic effort, if I bloody him trigger disciple of destruction, if I drop him to 0 or fewer use your soul is mine.

    End Turn.

    1. (20) BRUTALITY!!!
      for 35 damage! Mario is gibbed at -19 HP! and I'm going to Uppercut you right back to Spied Pit Stage. That hurt so bad I cringed.

      Excel wins.

      Young Link, it's all up to you now!

  14. A glowing circle appears in the air in front of the young warrior and Toon Link quickly smashes it open. Feeling the power flowing into him, he lets out a yell, unleashing the last of his strength into one final attack on the person in front of him.

    Minor: Warlock's Curse on Red Shirt

    Standard: Eldritch Strike
    +8 vs AC
    1d8 +1d6 +6 (+1d8 on crit) damage

    Move: Wait and see if my Daily's attack finally gets a use (1d6 +5 cold damage at the start of Red Shirt's turn)

  15. (15)+8 vs. AC 17; HIT!!!
    for (5)+(3)+6= 14 damage!

    Red Shirt is brought to the brink of defeat at 0 HP!!! SHV triggers, dropping Young Link down to 23 HP.

    Red Shirt will then start his turn, self-gibbing to Respawn with Kombat Kard (7); Reptile.

    Victory is all but assured for The Immortals as they finish the final round ahead by a single death!

  16. Red Shirt spawns returns to the map, contemplating his future for the first time he can remember, as he gazes out on the carnage below him.

    Spawn in location 1
    Free action: win!

  17. That's it everybody! Thanks to all for a tremendously fun time with FOURTHCORE TEAM DEATHMATCH!!!

    PbP Scores are updated with the results of Matches 07 & 08. Match 09, not starting for a few weeks, is already filled up. Those with the hunger for more Deathmatch should get in touch with me if they have the hankering to run a match, aka "juggle cats".

    Please feel free to use here or the E2M2: Mortal Kombat map page to discuss the critique of the map and the match.

  18. Wow, well fought Gents! It truly was tooth and nail and that was a blast!

    And Ross, awesome fun man! I look forward to future FTDM fun!

  19. Indeed. Great game everyone!