Welcome to the dark recesses of the Underdark! Deep within the bowels of the earth, the Vault of the Spider Queen houses the infamous artifact, the Egg of Lolth. It's ebon surface pulses with the abyssal energies of the Demon Queen of Spiders, corrupting the minds of anyone foolish enough to draw near. Who among you is bold enough to seize this powerful relic? More importantly, who has the strength to hold onto the fragile ovum of power?

The race is on as each team nudges past each other death by death, struggling to get to the endgame, which is now in sight. Either side could pull a victory here, it's anyone game!


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    1. Oh man, so disappointing! Mysterio has let time slip by and delayed the game. GIBBED!!!

      Score is now 11:8 and Ariel's turn is up!

    2. Um...WTF. What about the weekend rule?

    3. There is no weekend rule in Fourthcore Team Deathmatch, you're probably thinking of Lost Crown of Tesh-Naga.

      If the other team is cool with it, though, I'd be fine with chalking this up to miscommunication and letting you take your turn in the next 22 hours.

  2. Yeah, that's fine. I sure hope we don't lose by 1 though. ;-)

  3. I'm against it, we took our delay gib like men, but I'll defer to the team. ;P

  4. I'm thinking Mysterio better just get his turn in before we have a tie vote here. ;-)

  5. Calm your Horses...wasting going to waste posting actions if my opponents weren't going to be so gracious.

    My actions were going to be Howling wall vs Mulan and tink; +5 vs Fort 15 and 12, respectively. Use MoTL if need be to hit. On a hit, slide them into the pit. Use my minor action to wizards fury Aurora for 7 damage. End.

    1. All right let's get knee-deep in the dead!

      Aurora takes 7 force damage to be bloodied at 12 hp.

      Howling Wall vs. Tinkerbell: (13)+5 vs. Fortitude 12; HIT!
      Save vs. Death (18); Save!
      Howling Wall vs. Mulan: (20) CRITICAL HIT!
      Save vs. Death (9); FAIL!

      Mulan plummets to her doom! Score is now 10:9, Team Princess leading with only the slimmest of margins. IT IS ANYONE'S GAME as Ariel takes her turn.

      Map updates in the morning.

  6. Ariel's cutesy pouty face melts away as she watches Mulan plummet to her death. "All right boys this s#%& just got REAL." She points her father's trident at the Green Goblin and then at Carnage, an orb of water streaking out of it each time. Then, she strides quickly through the webs and leaps across the chasm to face Mysterio. "And how are you at hand to hand combat, air breather? Or are you an air breather? Perhaps you're a ....FISH!!" Ariel swings the trident at Mysterio's head....

    Magic Missle on Green Goblin and Carnage for 7 damage each
    Move G17, H17, H16, H15 (Athletics +4, so I tap the jump)
    *Killing Spree AP*
    Beast Switch on Mysterio, and he might grow some gills...
    +5 vs 10 FORT
    HIT: 1d8+5 psychic damage, and I slide him off the edge. He also can't take any OA's but I don't think that's going to be an issue.

  7. Whups, forgot I was prone. The move action will be to stand up and the AP will be Charm of Misplaced wrath instead. I think it's vs will instead of fort. I will try to pull mysterio towards me off the edge so if he saves, he falls prone on spawn point 3

    1. The Green Goblin and Carnage drop to the ground like sacks of potatoes under the dual-fisted watery missiles of Ariel! (NOTE: Since this is final round, please let me know if you would like your dying characters to make death saves or to respawn.)

      Charm of Misplaced Wrath: (17)+5 vs. Will 15; HIT!
      Save vs. Death (12); Save!
      Mysterio gets slid across the scree-covered floor, scrambling to hold on to dear life. He makes it, pulling himself up from the depths (at G15), feeling the tingling sensation of imminent telefrag ....

      Venom returns at Location (2) in a sickening splatter of gore!

    2. Ariel flicks a tiny chunk of flesh off of her arm, and looks up at Venom. "You again. We really must stop meeting like this."

    3. Quick question: Ariel's prone in the web, shouldn't she be poisoned and the move would have had to have been an escape instead of a stand? (Notably, Mysterio's still telefragged.)

    4. Yes! Thanks for the sharp eye, I'd forgotten about the effect since we haven't seen it in action in awhile.

      Ariel can still stand up, but she is now grabbed.

      Ariel is poisoned down to 26 HP and makes a save (15); Success!

  8. Venom's cry shakes the cavern as the reverberating sounds of the last round resonate in his head. His entire body morphs into an ooze state and he begins ricocheting around the room. Tendrils come lashing out first at Ariel, trying to draw her into the pit and to her doom. As the blackened filth hurls itself across the expanse, it encapsulates the fiendish egg of Lolth and lunges at Tinkerbell trying to heave the fairy into the land of never-believed-at-all. His bestial roar cries out and as he takes humanoid form once more, his violent, heaving breaths are all that break the stillness in the Spider Queen's Vault.


    standard action: Flesh Rend on Ariel, +7 vs. AC, hit 1d10+8 necrotic damage and slide one square to F16, also target takes -2 to attack rolls until start of my next turn.

    move action: running start (H15-G14) then jump (+4 to athletics) to H12.

    minor action: grab EGG OF LOLTH

    ACTION POINT: Flesh Rend again on Tinkerbell, +9 vs. AC, 1d10+8 necrotic damage and slide target one square to I12. (embrace the possible double kill, also embrace the possible triple kill)

    Free Action: ready Convocation of shadows if Tink goes to 0 to gain insubstantial and phasing.

    Free Action: pray to the dice gods both new and old that the attacks roll high and the saves roll low.

    1. Flesh Rend vs. Ariel: (5)+7 vs. AC 16; MISS!
      Flesh Rend vs. Tinkerbell: (16)+7 +2 {CA from prone} vs. AC 17; HIT!
      She's in range for Aurora's Virtue of Prescience, but that's not gonna do her much good here.
      for (9)+8 necrotic damage, dropping Tinkerbell to negative HP and triggering a death!
      Save vs. ACTUAL Death (6); FAIL!!!!

      !!! TIE SCORE !!!

      Aurora's turn is up. It's all on you!!! No pressure!!!

  9. Aurora has had quite enough of all this. She just wants to get out of this miserable place and back to Prince Phillip where she belongs. She shoots one final arrow of magic and runs off to weep.


    Standard: Cutting Words on Green Goblin, +4 vs Will, on hit 1d8+4 and pull to H9
    Minor: Healing Word for 10 HP, slide to G5
    Move: To L5, skirting the back of the cave wall.

  10. Sorry for lack of flair, Im away from the desktop at the moment, map updates in the morning, but for now : KILLING!

    (10)+4 vs Will 10 -5 {unconscious}; hit!
    For (5)+4 damage and save vs. death (7); Fail!

    Mulan respawns at Location (3)!

  11. Move: Move to F4.
    If I score Lolth's Sting I do this;
    Minor: Respawn Mushu right above me.
    Standard: Two-Fanged Strike against Venom (+7 vs AC; 1d10+15, then +7 vs AC; 1d10+15. If at least one attack hits he takes an additional 1d8+6 damage).
    If I don't get Lolth's Sting, then this;
    Minor: Quarry Venom.
    Standard: Two-Fanged Strike against Venom (+7 vs AC; 1d10+5, then +7 vs AC; 1d10+5. If at least one attack hits he takes an additional 1d8+1d6+6 damage).

    1. EEEP! (yay for insubstantial!)

    2. Wait, is Venom insubstantial? That could change my turn.

    3. Whew! I had everything written out and almost posted. Time to save that as a text file....

      Venom gains insubstantial and phasing from dropping Tinkerbell to 0 hp, which triggered Convocation of Shadows.

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  12. Just an update for everyone: I've got everything ready to roll and am waiting on some confirmations (or not) from private emails before proceeding.

  13. OK, I haven't heard any more objections/requests for clarification in quite some time, so I will proceed with the posting:

    Mulan receives Blessing (6): Faerie Fire.
    Darn the luck! I'm very disappointed in my dice, I was hoping for MULTIPLE Lolth's Sting's throughout this match.

    She used the illuminating glow to hone in on her target, blasting the insubstantial-yet-vulnerable Venom with a face full of arrow.

    One-Fanged Strike: (7)+7 +2 {CA} vs. AC 16; HIT! Just barely!
    Two-Fanged Strike: (13)+7 +2 {CA} vs. AC 16; HIT!

    for (8)+5 +(5)+5 +(7) +6 necrotic +5 {vulnerable} = 41 damage, THEN half all of it due to insubstantial {per WotC FAQ, insubstantial always gets applied at the end} for a net total of 20 DAMAGE!!!

    Venom is hanging in there at 3 HP!
    Green Goblin respawns to his rescue at Location (2)!

  14. Fluff:
    Green Goblin reappears a bit tired for having to keep respawing. He runs and jumps around. “Let’s see if this will open a hole to get out of this cave. Mulan, time for you to get stoned!” Green Goblin lobs a pumpkin bomb at the ceiling causing rubble to rain down on Mulan.

    Move: H15->G14 to get a running start and then jump to F12 (+6 athletics) and Move to F10.

    Minor: Quarry on Mulan.

    Standard: Skirmish shot move to B10 to grab a final blessing. Attack Mulan +8 (7 +1 prime shot, if Mulan has Mushu Pork with her only +6) vs. AC On a hit I use Furious Assault and quarry to do a total of 3d10+1d6+5 damage (praying to the Lady to roll 11s on those d10 and hoping that my +20 shirt of smiting will add 20 to my damage roll).

    Free: Put my “bow” away.

  15. The Green Goblin makes one last pass at the Green Spider, gaining Blessing (2): Spider Climb.

    Furious Skirmish Shot: (19)+7 +1 {prime} vs. AC 18; HIT! Nearly a critical!
    for (9)+(8)+(5) +(4)+5 = 31 damage! An incredible shot, absolutely PUNISHING amounts of damage, setting Mulan back to -3 HP (from full!) in one fell swoop! (SHV sets the Goblin back 10 thunder damage as well.)

    Carnage has not spoken up otherwise, and his team will assuredly lose the game if he does not act, so he will Respawn at Location (1)!

  16. OOC: For at least as many marbles (if not all of them).


    Move: Fly to B12 and through GG's square for a blessing.

    Standard: Cutting Words vs. Mulan
    +8 vs Will (6 + CA)
    Hit: 1d8+5 psychic and pull 3 into the pit

    If successful, Carnage's bloodlust will know no bounds.

    Minor: sustain Crown of Stars and attack his ever-nemesis, Venom.
    +7 vs. Will (6+ 1 Shadow Twist; -5 to defense for willing ally?)
    Hit: 5 damage (5 +5 vulnerable -5 insubstantial)

    If Venom drops to 0hp:

    Free: Shadow Warp vs Ariel, and slide into the pit via (roll and two and drink the effing hooch already).

    Free: sigh....

    1. Oh man, I'm shaking with anticipation! I've got my die-rolling site up (www.random.org) and I've got to take a breath before I start hitting the buttons.

      Carnage knows the end is nigh, he knows that time is short. He leaps across the darkened caves, the Green Goblin pressing his own body against the nearby wall to avoid a collision. For his daring, Lolth blesses Carnage with (6): Faerie Fire. Oh, so popular.

      Carnage unleashes his assault!
      Cutting Words: (7)+6 + 2 {CA} vs. Will 10; HIT!
      for (5)+5 psychic damage (Carnage takes 10 thunder) and pull to her death? ... (7)! GIBBED!

      OH MAN! Betrayal! A cunning tactical move, assuming it pans out. Bravo, good sir! There is some pretty solid FTDM precedent to allies attacking each other willingly giving the Helpless condition, so the -5 to Venom's defenses applies.

      (4)+6 +1 {Shadow Twist} vs. Will 16 -5 {helpless}; HIT! JUST BARELY! WHAT!!!??!?!?
      Venom takes a net of 5 damage (5 radiant + 5 vulnerablility, divided in half for insubstantial) and drops to dazed at -2 HP, dealing 10 thunder damage to Carnage via SHV, and triggering KILLING SPREE!!!

      Shadow Warp slides that smarty-pants Ariel towards the pit......

    2. EDIT: No Killing Spree, my bad, it triggers on enemies deaths.

    3. No SHV either, not that it matters.

  17. (15)


    The fucking dice have fucked you guys AGAIN! Ariel hangs onto the ledge, prone and un-gibbed, as Tinkerbell respawns into Location (3) to a victorious fanfare.

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  19. Holy crap, that was intense! I was literally on the edge of my seat... it all came down to ONE roll!! What a gambit!

    1. That it did, mon cheri... Too bad for that frigging horseshoe up Ariel's, er, fin.

    2. Hey now, if there had been a horse shoe up her "fin" she wouldn't have been immobilized for half the match. If you ask me, she was due for a successful save. :-)

    3. ONE ROLL!!

      The whole thing was a blast to watch! Thanks, guys!

    4. Yeah, maybe she found that horseshoe halfway through the match :p

  20. Tinkerbell moves forward a space and high fives Aurora

  21. Green Goblin start looking at the want ads... seems like being a villain is just a loosing prospect.

    Good game all.

    1. And shameless plug, please check out FTDM which is scheduled to start late this month.

  22. Good game all. Very close match, was touch and go for a while there.

  23. Indeed. Congrats Princesses. That was well fought.

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  25. Damn fine match Spider-Killers, damn fine.

  26. Aww yeah, w00t. Well done, everyone. *high fives all around*

  27. Well fought, everyone; that was epic!

  28. A very fun match for me as well, everyone was jovial, accommodating, and pretty quick on posting. Not to mention a good map to play on.

  29. I too enjoyed the map. I may have a blue foam terrain project in my future...