Welcome to the dark recesses of the Underdark! Deep within the bowels of the earth, the Vault of the Spider Queen houses the infamous artifact, the Egg of Lolth. It's ebon surface pulses with the abyssal energies of the Demon Queen of Spiders, corrupting the minds of anyone foolish enough to draw near. Who among you is bold enough to seize this powerful relic? More importantly, who has the strength to hold onto the fragile ovum of power?

The race is on as each team nudges past each other death by death, struggling to get to the endgame, which is now in sight. Either side could pull a victory here, it's anyone game!


  1. And Mysterio respawns in at lonely island Location (2), surveying a "target rich environment".

  2. Green Goblin has 5 temp hp for being bloodied (not that that will save his ass).

    1. I'm afraid half-orc resilience has some precedent as applying ONLY to the "first time you are bloodied in an encounter"; hence, no temps for you.

  3. No time for fluff, only death!

    Howling wall against Mulan, +5 vs Fort, slide 2 into the pit at I16.

    Shift to G14, wizards fury against aurora for 7 damage.

    1. Mysterio's spells whip up a tornado funnel cloud around Mulan, and her little dog, too!

      Howling Wall vs. Mulan: (2)+5 vs. Fortitude 15; MISS!
      Roll a 2, drink the hooch!
      Howling Wall vs. Mushu: (15)+5 vs. Fortitude 13; HIT!
      Save vs. Death (3); MUSHU IS GIBBED! Note: Score remains unchanged.

      Ariel can now take her turn and breathe a sigh of relief, and bloodlust, as she is finally free of Venom's webs.

  4. Ariel pulls the last strands of Venom's webs off and looks around. "Oh boys!" she calls out, "You should know better than to ignore a princess!"
    Picking her way through the webs, she finally spots some grotesque forms crouching in the dim light of the cave. "There you are," she giggles. "Have you ever seen a snarfblatt?" She pulls out a waterlogged tobacco pipe and blows on it. Out shoot three tiny orbs of water...

    Move to E18
    Two magic missles on Venom (14 damage)
    *Action Point* Magic missle on Carnage (7 damage)

    "Awww... what happened? Don't you want to play??"

    1. Say it with me, "Pew pew!"

      Carnage and Venom both drop like sacks of potatoes, triggering a KILLING SPREE!!!. Ariel does not disappoint and puts on quite a fireworks show for her triumphant return.

      Venom activates Dark Reaping on himself to be able to deal (1)+5 extra necrotic damage on an attack on his next turn, which is conveniently right now!

  5. Blackened ooze is just falling off of Eddie Brock as Venom reels before the onslaught of the Princess warriors. "What?! This can't be happening! Come back suit! I need you!"

    The symbiote lobs itself through the air towards the faltering princess Aurora and tries to bond with her instead, much to her detriment.


    standard action: Eldritch Bolt +5 vs. Reflex (-2 for prone, -5 for total concealment), on hit: 1d10+8 force damage + 6 necrotic damage.

    free action: cower like a naked former journalist without the protection of my precious suit!!!!

  6. Effectively a -2 to the attack roll, hells yeah!!! C'mon Lady Luck!

    (4)+5 -5 {conceal} -2 {prone} vs. Reflex 13; MISS!
    Venom is denied with an effective roll of 02 vs. Reflex!
    Death Save (17): SUCCESS! Still dazed.

    Aurora's turn is now up, ready for the counterattack riposte!

  7. Aurora stands up, brushing herself off, and starts singing.

    Move: Stand up
    Standard: Cutting Words on Green Goblin, +4 vs Will, on hit 1d8+4 and I pull him off the edge to his doom.
    Minor: Healing Word on myself, gaining 10 HP and sliding myself to G6.

    1. A solid roll for Aurora puts the Green Goblin in the danger zone!

      (18)+4 vs. Will 10; HIT!
      for ()+4 damage and Save vs. Death (16); SUCCESS!

      Mulan is up!

  8. Whoops, Green Goblin takes (6)+4 damage to be knocked unconscious!

  9. And by G6 I mean G5. I have trouble with that font, derp. (I point this out because G6 isn't a legal move off of the slide.)

  10. Move: Move to L13, moving through the green spider there. If I get Child of the Night I'll make a Stealth check as I move, for the CA. I'll use my running start to leap over the first square of the bridge to ignore the difficult terrain. Mushu follows.
    Minor: Quarry Green Goblin.
    Standard: Twin Strike Green Goblin (+7 vs AC; 1d10+1d8+1d6) and Venom (+7 vs AC; 1d10)
    Action Point: If I someone managed to hit and kill both targets, I'll action point to Twin Strike Mysterio (+7 vs AC; 1d10, +7 vs AC; 1d10)

    1. Reg06, I don't believe you get the 1d8... I think it's from Skirmisher's Stance and stances go away when you die (otherwise I would have taken that).

    2. Mushu has actually been gibbed, as per yesterday at 11am, his various gizzards and other avian-specific organs splayed out onto the cavern floor.

      Mulan gains Blessing (6): Faerie Fire, igniting her foes in an aura of arrow attracting! Not only that, but it seems as though luck has favored ... Mulan is like a native american or something, right? LUCK HAS FAVORED THE DESCENDANT OF THE AZTECS!


      Twin Strike vs. Green Goblin: (14)+7 +2 {CA} -2 {ranged v prone} vs. AC 18 -5 {unconscious}; HIT!
      Twin Strike vs. Venom: (16)+7 +2 {CA} -2 {ranged v prone} vs. AC 16;
      for (10) damage to Venom, ghetto crit!, and [10]+(5) damage to The Green Goblin!

      A resounding DOUBLE KILL!!! (Although it does not specifically trigger killing spree).

      Twin Strike vs. Mysterio: (11)+7 +2 {CA} vs. AC 15; HIT!
      for (2) damage! A glancing blow! 'Tis but a scratch! Just a flesh wound!


      The Green Goblins returns at Location (1)!

    3. Since it didn't trigger Killing Spree (which was just my bad as I forgot the wording of KS), I didn't earn the action point with which to shoot Mysterio.

  11. Fluff:
    “Kill Spiderman… throw pumpkin… I’m the fucking Green Goblin” (It’s before 6 on the west coast, at least this is still in English.)

    Move: Through B10 (and a blessing), then C11 and jump on square D11 (Athletics 6)

    Standard: Skirmish shot move attempting to get me to I11, by jumping over the last bridge square (E11) and jumping on the first bridge square at I11 (not sure if I can be this bouncy). Attack Mulan +8 (7 +1 prime shot) vs. AC On a hit I use Furious Assault to do a total of 3d10+5 damage.

    Minor: Quarry on Tinkerbell.

    Free: Put my “bow” away.

  12. The Green Goblin flies through the air to receive Blessing (6): Faerie Fire.

    I don't think you can hop scotch like that, but you can jump the first square of difficult terrain [Athletics Check (7)+6; Success!] and finish your skirmishing movement at H11.

    Skirmishing Shot: (19)+7 +1 {prime} +2 {CA} vs. AC 18; HIT!
    for (10)+(4)+(1)+5 = 20 damage!

    CARNAGE is up, returning to the underdark cave of slaughter at Location (4), almost at arms reach from the recently bloodied Mulan!

  13. via pre-arranged email:

    "Brendan is on the road, but he has approved of this turn:

    Let’s see if Carnage lives up to his name.

    Move: Fly to H14

    Standard: Use Echoing Dirge on Tinkerbell and Mulan. Close blast 5, +6 vs. Will. On a hit 1d8+5 damage and push 2. Push Tinkerbell over the edge to K9. If Mulan goes down to 0, push her over the edge to M13 and Shadow Warp Ariel to F17 and then over the edge. If Mulan hasn’t dropped to 0 push her to the web in M11.

    Minor: Sustain Crown of Shadows +6 vs. Will and 5 damage. Who is attacked depends on who’s in the pit, but the order is Mulan (even if she’s 0 or below), Tinkerbell, Ariel, Aurora. If Mulan is dropped to 0 now Shadow Warp Ariel to F17 and then over the edge."

    1. Echoing Dirge vs. Tinkerbell: (12)+6 vs. Will 11; HIT!
      Tinkerbell is in range for Aurora's virtue of prescience, but that's not going to do much good here
      Echoing Dirge vs. Mulan: (10)+6 vs. Will 10; HIT!

      for (8)+5 damage and push 2. That'll drop Mulan to dazed, which ignites her Stromhawk's Vengeance and also Dark Reaping to grant her an extra (3)+3 necrotic damage on her next attack
      Tinkerbell Save vs. Death (19); Save!
      Mulan Save vs. Death (10); Save!

      Crown of Shadows vs. Mulan: (17)+6 +2 {CA} -2 {prone} vs. Will 10; HIT!
      for 5 radiant damage and 10 thunder damage back to Carnage. Mulan is holding on by a thread!

      LASTLY! Ariel is shadow warped over the edge; Save vs. Death (15); Save!

      Tinkerbell starts her turn prone!

  14. OOC: Caught up as I take an afternoon break from Vegas...

    Tinkerbell shakes herself off from the hit and gets back to the air. She leaps onto the bridge, striking out at the goblin.

    Move: Stand up

    Standard: Charge to I11 against GG
    +11 vs AC
    3d6+7 damage

    1. The bright light of Tinkerbell steaks forth as naught but a shooting star, smashing into Green Goblin's chest!

      (12)+11 vs. AC 18; HIT!
      for (3)+(6)+(6)+7 = 22 damage! blood sprays the cave floors once again!


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