Welcome to the dark recesses of the Underdark! Deep within the bowels of the earth, the Vault of the Spider Queen houses the infamous artifact, the Egg of Lolth. It's ebon surface pulses with the abyssal energies of the Demon Queen of Spiders, corrupting the minds of anyone foolish enough to draw near. Who among you is bold enough to seize this powerful relic? More importantly, who has the strength to hold onto the fragile ovum of power?

Team Princess has started this round out with a decent lead, fueled by some rather impressive die rolls. Let's see if the Spider-Killers can pull things around now that they're not totally screwed by initiative and, hopefully, bad luck.


  1. "Tell me princesses, are you afraid of the dark?" Just then, there is a long howling wind, the ghosts of oriental fairies levitating out of the pits around them chanting....Su ni oj...Su ni oj"

    Musical accompaniment:

    Minor action to wizards fury at Tinkerbell for 7 force damage (hopefully its a moot point).

    Move action: Move back and forth on Spider Symbol, M8->N8->M8 to receive a blessing.

    Standard Action: Howling wall (wall 6 w/i 10), from H11-H16, attacking both Tink and Mulan. +5 vs Fort, slide 2sq (both off into the pit). Use MotL if need be, especially against Mulans higher Fort Defense.

    1. Mysterio blasts Tinkerbell, the pain inflicted is found to be most pleasing to Lolth and she grants Blessing (5): Spell Resistance.

      Howling Wall vs. Tinkerbell: (19)+5 vs. Fortitude 12 +5 {Evasion}; HIT!
      Howling Wall vs. Mulan: (4)+5 +2 {dazed CA} vs. Fortitude 15; MISS!
      Memory of 1000 Lives +(4); HIT! Save vs. Death (12); SAFE!

      Tinkerbell grasps at the cliff edge, struggling for life, Save vs. Death (1)! TINKERBELL FALLS TO HER DOOM! (the floor of the pit is a very large number of feet down, so with a max altitude of 1, the DM rules that this causes gibbing)


      Ariel's turn is up, forever stuck in that goddamn web and with LOS to no enemies! Ugggggggg!

  2. Yes, I believe all my attacks require line of sight, so I guess I may as well second wind back up to full HP, and then try to save vs. immobilize.

    Ariel shrugs, and peers into the darkness. "Cowards," she mutters.

    1. Quite! Those s.o.b. spider-killers really got you in a pickle!

      Save vs. Immobilize (17); SUCCESS!!!!

      Venom's turn is now up!

    2. OOC:I believe that formerly pickled princess chose her destiny...And we all know who the brains behind Ariel's fame is: Flounder!

    3. Hey now, those webs weren't there when I got there, they were dropped on me. But of you'd like to "test the waters" I invite you to give me some line of sight. >:-)

  3. "Let's get down to business. I've got to defeat yah, hun." Venom's lips curl back and the inky blackness of his symbiote suit lashes out at Mulan's fallen form.


    standard action: Flesh Rend against Mulan, +7 vs. AC (stupid concealment). Hit, 1d10+8 necrotic damage and you can slide the target 1 square (into pit). Target also takes a -2 to attack rolls until the start of my next turn.

    move action: move H14, G14 and jump to G12, Athletics +4.

    minor action: drop prone.

  4. A solid hit followed up by a

    (16)+7 +2 {CA} -2{conceal} -2 {prone} vs. AC 18; HIT!
    for (4)+8 necrotic damage to Mulan and 10 thunder right back at Venom! Mulan is GIBBED by the attack, but at a dear price!

    Still prone, Venom does not have enough speed to get a running start, so the Dungeon Master rules that he attempts a crawl-jump from where he is; Athletics DC 10.

    (15)+4; SUCCESS!

    Aurora reappears at Location (3) to take vengeance and close down the runaway lead that the Spider-Killers have made for themselves. GO FORTH YE NOBLE PRINCESSES!

    I just realized: no princess Zelda? For shame!!!

  5. Aurora blinks the sleep out of her eyes again.


    Move: F4
    Standard: Cutting Words on Mysterio. +4 vs Will, on hit 1d8+4 which should drop him anyway, but if it somehow doesn't pull him to J8.
    Action point: Blunder on Carnage. +4 vs Will, on hit 1d6+4 and I slide him to I8
    Minor: Sing a pretty song.

    1. Hells yeah going for the double-kill KILLING SPREE!!! YOU GOT THIS!!! ALL YOU!!!

      Aurora picks up a quick Blessing (3): Child of Night.

      Cutting Words: (12)+4 vs. Will 15; HIT!
      for (7)+4 damage, dropping Mysterio (not quite gibbed) and sending him to his doom, Save vs. Death (1)+5; OH THE FUCKING HUMANITY!!!! Your words have been cut, good sir!


      Blunder: (9)+4 -2 {ranged v. prone} vs. Will 16; MISS!

      A solid kill and a ballsy move that, to be honest, got me pretty damn excited. NO GUTS NO GLORY!!!

      Mulan comes back to us at Location (2), Mushu circling overhead right next to her!

    2. OOc: mysterio sets off one last fire work...STORMHAWKS VENGEANCE. Mainly for having to sit through another Disney song.

  6. Move; G14>H15>I16>J16>K17>K18 (mushu follows, ending in L19)
    Minor; Quarry Venom
    Standard; Twin Strike vs Green Goblin (+7 vs AC 1d8+1d10) and then Venom (+7 vs AC 1d6+1d10).

    1. By Green Goblin I of course mean Carnage, because that one is actually possible.

    2. A running jump, a decent Athletics, no check required. Arrows rain from the high vaulted ceiling as fine feathered fingers of final death.

      Twin Strike vs. Carnage: (9)+7 vs. AC 14; HIT!
      for (3)+(9); pounded to within an inch of his life!
      Twin Strike vs. Venom: (6)+7 -2 {ranged/prone} vs. AC 16; MISS!

      The Green Goblin returns at Location (4), face-to-face with that thorn in his die, Mulan!

  7. Fluff:
    “Hey Mulan; I’m going to put you in a whole new world of pain. Yeah, I know that’s not your movie, but hey, who does remember anything from your movie… other than maybe cross-dressing can save the world.”

    Minor: Quarry Mulan.

    Standard: Skirmish shot moving GG to M17 (grab a blessing) and then back to L14. Attack Mulan +6 (7 + 1 prime shot -2 concealment) vs AC. On a hit I use Furious Assault and Hunter’s Quarry to do a total of 3d10+1d6+5 damage.

    Move: Put my back against the wall at L11.

    Free: Put my “bow” away.

  8. The Green Goblin receives Lolth's Blessing (2): Spider Climb. Tough luck there, probably not what you were hoping for. When we gonna get some Lolth's Sting up in here?

    Skirmish Shot: (5)+7 +1 -2 {conceal} vs. AC 18; MISS!

    Carnage is up!

  9. Brendan is out of town and (per prior conversation) has had his turn emailed to me last night:

    Well ain't that a coincidence, because I was just opening my e-mail to
    send you that:

    Standard: Use Thunder’s Calling vs. Aurora. +1 (6 – 5 for total
    concealment) vs. Fort. On a his 1d8+5, slide her to E5 for which she
    take 5 points of acid reflux damage from eating bad jelly (E4 if E5 is
    not adjacent to the Jelly), and Venom gets a range basic attack on
    Aurora (Eldritch Bolt, -2 (5 – 5 concealment - 2 prone :( ) vs.
    Reflex, 1d10 + 8 damage).

    Move: to M8 to get a better blessing

    Minor: Sustain Crown of Stars by attacking Mushu. 5 (6 +1 for Shadow
    Twist – 2 for concealment) vs. Will. On a hit, 5 damage.

    1. A shot in the dark, Thunder's Calling: (2)+6 -5 vs. Fortitude 12; MISS!
      Roll a 2, drink the hooch!

      Scurrying away, he receives a new Blessing (1): Whip of Agony. Threatening reach indicated in red.

      Crown of Stars: (6)+6 +1 {shadow twist} vs. Will 13; HIT!
      for 5 damage; he is down to 11 HP.

      Tinkerbell respawns just at the edge of the whip's crack at Location (3)!
      concealment only applies to Mushu's allies, not Mushu himself, correct?

    2. Correct, it does not apply to Mushu.

  10. Seeing the twisted, evil pixie, Tinkerbell attempts to make a dash to safety with Aurora, having to squeeze past the outer reaches of its tentacles. Feeling a blessing come over her from being around her friends, Tinkerbell then charges at the one using such delicious food for such nefarious purposes.


    Move to I2, then F4 for the blessing, drawing an OA from Carnage but with superior cover from the wall.

    Standard: Charge with Backstab to K10 against Green Goblin
    +14 v AC
    4d6+7 damage

    1. Tink dodges and weaves through the battlefield to gain Blessing (6): Faerie Fire. How very appropriate for the Pixie, although getting combat advantage hasn't been much of a problem for this pint-sized prncess.

      Opportunity Attack: (8)+5 vs. AC 17; MISS! missed by more if you consider cover
      Charge!: (16)+14 vs. AC 18; HIT! That would be a THIRTY versus armor class.
      for (2)+(3)+(5)+(2)+7 = 19 damage


    The two teams are neck and neck, straining every effort to get just a little more ahead and seal their victory for the end. WHO CAN DO IT?!?!?!

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