Welcome to the dark recesses of the Underdark! Deep within the bowels of the earth, the Vault of the Spider Queen houses the infamous artifact, the Egg of Lolth. It's ebon surface pulses with the abyssal energies of the Demon Queen of Spiders, corrupting the minds of anyone foolish enough to draw near. Who among you is bold enough to seize this powerful relic? More importantly, who has the strength to hold onto the fragile ovum of power?

Team Princess has started this round out with a decent lead, fueled by some rather impressive die rolls. Let's see if the Spider-Killers can pull things around now that they're not totally screwed by initiative and, hopefully, bad luck.


  1. Mysterio Respawns at the new hotspot, Location (3)!

  2. With 1/2-orc resilience, Green Goblin now has 5 temp hps.

  3. Lunchtime Lighting Showcase! Aurora, Mulan, and Tink...come on down!

    Wizards fury against Aurora, dealing 7 force damage...should drop her.
    Move to M7...
    Standard action to MM Mulan. That's another 7 damage and should drop her as well.

    If I can use my final sq of movement: move to M8, gain Blessing. If not, no biggie.

    I assume this will get me a killing spree either way, and if so, I will burn it to use glorious presence vs Aurora and Tink (close burst 2). +5 vs Will, 2d6+5 damage and pushed 3 sq. I gain 3 THP. I should be able to push both of them into the pit from M7/8.

    Free action: take a bow. This was an Oscar-worthy performance.

    1. Oh, and drop MoTL if need be When using GP. Tink is the primary target, hitting aurora is secondary.

    2. Mysterio may be able to bend the laws of time and space, but he simply cannot break up his movement with a standard action :(

      Moving from square M6 to M7 does provoke an Opportunity Attack from the Whip of Agony wielding Tinkerbell, with cover.

      (18)+8 -2 vs. AC 15; HIT!
      for (3)+7 damage! Mysterio is already bloodied and almost dead!
      The glass-domed wizard goes on a KILLING SPREE!!!, dropping suckas left and right! Mulan, of course, hits him back with a good helping of Stormhawk's Vengeance as she is dropped to below 0 hp, but stays ..not standing, well, prone and dazed.

      Glorious Presence vs. Aurora: (20)+5 vs. Will 16 -5; CRITICAL HIT!
      for (6)+(6)+5 damage! Aurora is thoroughly GIBBED!!!
      Glorious Presence vs. Tinkerbell: (8)+5 vs. Will 11; HIT!
      for (1)+(6)+5 damage = 12 damage
      Save vs. Death (1)!!!!! OH A HUMILIATING SAVE!!!!!

      An unbelievable turn of events as the Spider-Killers catch up and tie the score!

      Ariel's turn is up.

    3. OOC: I told you it was Oscar-worthy. It had something for everyone!

  4. "Awww, why'd you run away?" Ariel pouts and puts her hands on her hips. "I was just starting to have fun!" She giggles and kisses her palm. Then, she turns her palm up and blows two "kisses" at Venom - tiny orbs of water that fly straight into his mouth, choking him. She then continues to pull at the black webby strands that hold her back.

    2 magic missles at Venom for 14 damage. And that's about all I can do since I can't see the other two enemies (bummer).
    Save vs. Immobilize

  5. Thats gonna take the big guy down and cause a respawn at the lonely island of Location (2)!

    Save vs Immobilize (3); Venom laughs from beyond the grave!

    Score is now 5:4 Princesses, map updates later tonight!

    1. Blackened inky shadows coalesce on the solitary island in the center of the cave. As it takes the form of a man, the gaping, tooth-filled maw extends outward and with a ear-splitting roar, the man/symbiote screams, "THAT FELT NICE! Where are you pretty fish lady? Venom likes."

      With a confused look on his changing and flexing face, Venom turns toward the undying Chinese warrior, Mulan. "Don't know when to say die, huh? Well let's see how you like this!" Oozing tendrils lash out from his sides and attempt to thrash both Mulan's fallen, rotting form and the grab hold of her little dragon too.


      standard action: Spirit Flay reach weapon, targets Mulan and friend. +7 vs Reflex (concealment + CA cancelling each other out). Hit: 1d10+8 necrotic and psychic damage and the target is dazed until the end of my next turn. Effect: I gain partial concealment until the end of my next turn.

      IF I drop Mulan, SHV should hurt, so...
      minor action: Dwarven Resilience, use second wind and get 5 hp back and +2 to all defenses until start of next turn.

      move action: shift to G14

      Also, still readying my Convocation of Shadow if I drop someone to 0 hp to go insubstantial and phasing.

    2. Minor Errata: Mysterio gained 3 temporary hit points from his attack.
      Venom lashes out with both claws!

      Spirit Flay vs. Mulan: (9)+7 +2 -2 vs. Reflex 15; HIT!
      for (6)+7 necrotic & psychic damage. Mulan is flayed alive and dragged screaming into the Drow Depths, sending a Stormhawk's Vengeance as compensation for bringing the score back to even.

      Spirit Flay vs. Zephyr: (1) HUMILIATION!

      Aurora Respawns at Location (4)!

    3. Aurora stalls and is delay-gibbed!

      Mulan respawns next to her old foe Venom at Location (2)!

    4. Oh man, Aurora is asleep... where's a prince when you need one? (If I get gibbed for bad jokes I completely understand.)

    5. Hey, at least you can't get penalized for being deaf in this match! Or, well, speechless. Ariel I suppose might actually have an issue there...

  6. OOC: No fluff at the moment, I've got to rush this one out.
    Move: I move back and forth across the pillar to get a running jump, and then leap across the chasm and end my move at H11. Move me through whichever squares you want; I can get there, while provoking, with 6 squares and only needing to jump one square. Mushu will follow me, and I'll have it's aura to help with the OA.
    Standard: Twin-Strike Mysterio (+7 vs AC; 1d10+1d8) and then Green Goblin (+7 vs AC; 1d10).
    Minor Action: Quarry Venom
    Action Point (if I dropped Mysterio and GG): Two-Fanged Strike on Venom (+7 vs AC; 1d10+5, attacks twice. Add 1d6 damage if either hit).

  7. Oh, and Mushu will end his movement at H12.

    1. Aha! Mushu is the name of your zephyr. Ka-kawww!!!

      With a running start, no Athletics check needed for the 1 square jump, however Venom lashes out at the opportunity and rakes Mulan with his diseased claws.
      (18)+7 -2 {prone} = 23 vs. AC 18 +2 {concealment, still within 2 of Mushu} =20; HIT!
      for (8)+8 damage and slide 1 square and takes a -2 to attacks until the start of Venom's next turn
      with Mulan's speed 6, I don't think there's any way the slide can really screw the stated actions, so I'll just continue and keep an eye on Joe to tell me otherwise

      Mulan is bloodied! She wipes away the dripping blood on her brow to send shafts of yew into the hearts of her enemies.

      Twin Strike vs. Mysterio: (10)+7 -2 vs. AC 15; HIT! JUST BARELY!
      oh, but wait ...

      THE GREAT MYSTERIO BOWS NOT BEFORE THE WEAK!!! Astral Majesty kicks in to give Mysterio a +1 to defenses against bloodied creatures, and turn the hit into a miss! That is some teamwork right there.

      Twin Strike vs. Green Goblin: (8)+7 -2 vs. AC 18; MISS!!!

      Green Goblin lives to see another day and perchance take his vengeance on the hawk-lady, ka-kawwwww!!!

    2. Venom would like to attempt to slide Mulan off the platform. To her death. This is his desire. Failed attempt equals prone. :)

    3. By the All-Father that's a beast of an OA! Penalty to attack rolls, slide, and a pile of damage.

    4. Back in the office! OK, so I guess we do in fact have a bit of retconning to do; I was unsure if (since Mulan had extra speed to spare) the slide could still stop her actions, but it seems like everyone's in agreeance there.

      So this would go, starting at G15, Mulan gets hit with an OA, then Saves vs. Death ... (16) SAFE! but prone.

      I'd then assume she would want to crawl off of the teleport destination and have Mushu fly to her square or near it ... and that would be it.

      I think we're good to go now! Green Goblin, you're up!

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  9. Fluff:

    “Hum, only one pretty, pretty princess left, and she shot an arrow at me! I wonder if she’d like a pumpkin!” The Green Goblin jumps over the bridge, grabs the egg, and hurls a pumpkin at Mulan’s feet hoping she’ll dive out of the way. “Oh, and pretty, fishy princess I haven’t forgotten you… how could anyone with the stench of fish coming from that corner.”

    Move: Move I6, H6 and attempt to jump G8, G9 to H10 (Athletics 6 w/ “running start” due to moving 2 spaces; if I don’t make it all the way I move as far as possible along the path).

    Minor: Grab the egg

    Standard: Quick draw a pumpkin in the Clever Shot attack against Mulan. +9 (7 start, +1 +2 CA) vs. AC+4 (due to concealment and pone). On a hit, 1d10+5 damage and slide Mulan to G15 and then over the edge.

    Free: Put my “bow” away.

    1. Ahhhhhh don't remind me!

      The Green Goblin takes a running leap to clear (17)+6 / 5 = 4 squares! That difficult is a distant memory spotted from atop the hoverboard.

      That's how it goes, right? The Green Goblin has like a hoverboard or something?

      Snatching up the Egg of Lolth in one hand and an exlpoding pumpkin in the other, fiery death is rained down upon Mulan!

      (3)+7 +2 {CA} -2 {prone} -2 {conceal} vs. AC 18; MISS! The luck has run out.

      Carnage may now take his turn; ready to ravage the rebellious royalty.

  10. Carnage has no time for fluff as he focuses on killing a princess (though his puppet master fondly recalls a pinball match...)


    Move: Fly to I5.

    Standard: Cutting words vs Mulan
    +4 (6-2 prone) vs Will
    Hit: 1d8+5 damage and pull her to H14 then off the ledge

    Minor: Sustain Crown of Stars vs Mulan
    +6 (-2 prone?) vs Will
    Hit: 5 radiant damage.

    If this drops her use Shadow Warp to slide Mysterio onto the power up.

  11. Addendum: Shadow Warp triggers on dropping to zero hp, not unconsciousness.

    1. Brevity, I luvz it.

      Cutting Words vs. Mulan: (9)+6 -2 {prone} -2 {conceal} vs. Will 10; HIT!
      for (6)+5 damage and Save vs. Death (19); SUCCESS! She's hanging on the edge of a bottomless pit at 1 hp. YOU CANNOT GET MORE CLIFFHANGER THAN THIS!!!

      Crown of Stars vs. Mulan: (16)+6 -2 {prone} -2 {conceal} vs. Will 10; HIT!
      for 5 radiant damage and SHV kicks back 10 thunder damage to Carnage. Mulan is now dazed at -4 hp.

      Mysterio is then slid over to the Spider Blessing, but he has not entered it himself, so he receives no benefit.

      Tinkerbell rejoins the fun at Location (4)!

    2. T-minus 2 hours, let's not keep us waiting.

  12. Steven asked one of us (via email) to relay his turn:

    Move over spider at M17, then charge Green Goblin.
    +14 vs AC, 4d6+7
    Not sure if the spider blessing will change that, as I'm not up on his build and what else he might have going on.

    1. Right on, Tinkerbell swoops down to pick up Blessing (7): Evasion, and then charges off after the Green Goblin:

      (12)+14 vs. AC 18; HIT!
      for (4)+(1)+(5)+(5)+7 = 22 damage! The Green Goblin is splatted across the cavern floor, gibbed!!! The score is tied, up to 6:6!!!


    Despite a slow start, Team Spider-Killers have managed to close the gap and tie the score with some solid maneuvering and lucking out on some painful Princess mistakes.

    Take a half-time breather and continue the match here at Round 4: http://www.fourthcoreteamdeathmatch.com/2012/07/play-by-post-match-11-round-04-vault-of.html