RECRUITMENT: Play-by-Post Start Date 07/17/2012 (Match 11)

Dungeon Master Ross is eager for more carnage! 

Recruitment is now officially open for Play-by-Post Match 11! The match will start no earlier than Tuesday July 17th, with a goal of having all teams assembled by Tuesday July 10th. 

Sign up now by dropping a Comment below or emailing The Dungeon MasterOnce you have signed up, you will be set up in a team of the Dungeon Master's devising. If you have friends in mind with whom you would like to join in on your team, be sure to mention it and accommodations will be made. New players will be given preferential placement as a means of fostering a welcoming atmosphere of eternal war and hatred towards your fellow man.

Once the roster has been filled, each team will have 7 days to be able to discuss strategies and tactics among themselves. This will be a quick match, lasting a mere 6 rounds, and will consist of two teams of four dungeoneers. Why only 6 rounds? Because your teammates are sick of looking at you.

The dungeon to be delved in this next match will be a very recent contribution from Rob Waluchow, E4M2: VAULT OF THE SPIDER QUEEN.

Good hunting, dungeoneers!

Registered: A. Franchini, B. Flatt, J. Stroup, K. Hinderer | A. PenguinoI. Kun, I. Ramsey, B. Benoit

Can't get into this match? Want to play on a different map? Desperate to play some FTDM play-by-post? Email me about running a match!


  1. Awesome; I can't wait to see the carnage on this one.

  2. Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes! I'm in.

  3. I'm interested in this one.

  4. Wow, some lightning fast responses! With the Comments here and emails I've gotten, we have 6 registered Dungeoneers already. Looks like I might have to turn people away at the door come next week.

  5. I like the map! Sign me up, but totally feel free to dump me for newbs.