Match 10: E7M1 Danger Room Peer Review

Match 10 is over, and boy was it a dozy!  Congrats to the eXiles, winning in Sudden death style.  

Hats off to Ross and everyone who has DM’d a FTDM match before me, I knew it would time consuming, and I thought I had things streamlined, but it still took plenty of time to keep up on the rolls and condition tracking! Another hat’s off to the players, who put up with me while we tested out the new abilities, and had to keep track of them as time went on.  I had a great time DMing this match, more so than designing it.  That’s mainly because the great RP from all the players, especially Kurt and his portrayal of Deadpool. 
Even for myself, having all the data in front of me, I missed a few things like incorporating the flying rules, etc.  I am very glad that I had been in a bunch of matches beforehand, it really beefed up my understanding of the 4e rules (I thought I had had them down before…turns out I still needed to do my homework) in preparation for DMing.  This was also the first time I had run anything in a pbp format, so again, thanks guys for sticking around and not flaming me after the first few stutters.
I have my own internal thoughts about tweaking the x-genes/hazards, but for the players and lurkers out there, I have these questions for you:
1.      Knowing the x-gene cards gave you additional powers/abilities, how did that affect your character design?
2.      Was one x-gene far superior to the others?  Was one x-gene significantly weaker in your opinion?
3.      Did the fore knowledge that the terrain would be changing and hazards would be added each round change how you approached the map as a team/dungeoneer?
4.      Did an ability/power not match a character well? 
5.      Was there a synergy you looked for when designing your dungeoneer?
6.      Is there an x-gene/hazard you’d like to see in the future?
7.      Would you play again?  What do you think of these powers if they were in a non-FTDM game?


  1. I really enjoyed the match. The map and the characters were a lot of fun. If you were wondering, Deadpool didn’t appear in the final round because he was off watching cartoons.
    As for the answers to some of your questions:
    1. I didn’t really change my character build for the map. I had wanted to play this character since I first started FTDM (working character name, Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t). The cards though were a great augmentation for a character with a relatively low damage output.
    2. The Magnito x-gene is overpowered, a 3d10 area attack every turn is murder, especially with immunity to weapons; might want to remove the sustain. Rouge can be considered overpowered, because she’s the only card with a fly speed; you may want to consider giving Angle, Storm, Magnito and Phoenix a fly speed as well to counter act that.
    The two cards I didn’t want were Cyclops and Bishop. Cyclops’ random eye beam could have been more of a determent than a help; you may want to make this a player direct ray (maybe as an encounter). Bishop’s power only works with specific power types, which probably won’t be used; maybe want to make it any attack.
    3. Terrain changing didn’t really affect strategy until the appeared.
    4. As stated in 2, may want to give more people a fly speed.
    5. Not really.
    6. I’d add some flame jets, maybe something to jump over or have something to have an elevation change. Jubilee could be fun with an AOE daze effect.
    7. I’d love to play this map again. As for the card effects, you’re going to have to make sure they are level appropriate and not completely overshadow other player’s powers… also the encounter should be daily and at-will should be encounter in out of FTDM games.

  2. This match was AWESOME. I really enjoyed the dynamic changing nature the cards brought and I mean come on. X-MEN!

    1. I intentionally tried to keep my character as one that could use melee basic attacks so that any cards that referred to that would work out (Wolverine FTW!)
    2. Magneto was RIDICULOUS. I agree with Kurt that the damage output and reusability was a little crazy. Phoenix was also hardcore, but I enjoyed that. It made sense, Life and Death and all. Cyclops did feel like a liability. Having some control over it would have made it more functional, but that the thematic benefit of having no control over it was fun. :) Poor Scott.
    3. The hazards didn't quite click in the game changing effect I anticipated. The knockout gas really made the biggest difference. Man it sucks to be unconscious. But cool effect all the same.
    4. Powers made sense, great job grabbing the flavor.
    5. For me, it was all in character synergy.
    6. I liked the X-men focus of the power cards, but it would have been fun to see some more villains in there. Magneto and Juggernaut were rad, but SINISTER was who I was looking for. :)
    7. I would definitely play this map again. In a non-FTDM game, dang. I wouldn't use them for more than a limited time (very limited and complicated explaining how that happens too).

    Great map Anthony and thanks for GMing. :)

  3. Kurt and Joe,
    Thanks for taking the time, and I am glad you guys enjoyed it so much! Your reactions to Magneto, Phoenix, and Cyclops are as expected. With Mags, he's obviously a controller type, and I don't think anyone expected Trent to hold onto that card the whole damn match. It was the perfect storm for it to happen, especially with a bunch of straight-forward melee guys on the table. Funny enough, I expected someone to go monk or Psion or something to counter the Juggernaut, or having a sorc would have been Magnetos bane. Right now, I plan on dropping Mags damage to 10, and keep the burst 5. He benefited greatly from having all those voidsoul pits around, and that is not guaranteed to happen each match.
    As for Cyclops, we looked at him as a liability. He was also tough to come up with a secondary ability for, as his big thing is the blast. He really is the warlord of the x-men, tried to make it seem as such. What would you guys prefer, the blast be an uncontrolled line or auto-burst 3? I was a little disappointed when he didn't ht anyone, even when the teams were in close quarters.
    And Kurt, I think your right, I expected a few more ranged attackers, so I thought Rogue flying wouldn't be an issue (with storm to knock her down). Thinking Storm and Iceman need flight/climb speeds as well. I also wouldn't have stopped Nightcrawler from teleporting up and trying to grapple her...but I dare to dream.
    Joe, I thought about sinister! Just didn't seem to have a grasp on a power for him. He's such a great story villain, but less a fighter than most. Suggestions? Kurt, I had Jubilee at the start, dropped her b/c I couldn't think up a secondary ability besides the sparklers. Suggestions for x-gene deck welcome!
    I am a bit disappointed that the terrains came into play early but not later in the game. Besides the pits, or course. I might have to revamp that whole idea. I may take a page outta C1, and make sections that the DM can just throw down and rearrange after every round. A stack of quadrants that would keep changing...hmmm...side tracked! I had thought about pulling hazards/effects from the other FTDM maps as part of the Danger Room Charm, may have to do that (lava, chainsaw pit, telethrower, etc), but I balked at it b/c it didnt have a straight up Marvel feel for me.
    As for the last question, Chast and I were kicking around the idea for a 4e-style marvel game (but now theres the Marvel RPG), and I was even contemplating an eberron/x-men crossover. PCs mutated in the mournland, or something like that. Will probably never happen with my home group, and obviously I would have to water some abilities down (or use Ross's damage scales to keep it even). So that question was more for me to gauge a reaction to the idea,